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White Papers

In the White Paper Section you’ll find white papers and research on issues related to emerging computer technology, business communications management, in-depth TCO analysis of different technologies and strategies, open source systems, datacenter best practices, and virtualization solutions. The specific topics with their own dedicated Resource Centers include SOA solutions, IT offshoring benefits, SaaS, VoIP systems, and Sarbox compliance.

White Papers posted to the ebizQ Web site are supplied by analysts, industry experts, and technology vendors. They are not created by the ebizQ editorial staff. ebizQ is not responsible for their content.

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Business Intelligence White Papers

Smarter Systems for an Uncertain World

In an increasingly uncertain world, businesses require agility more than ever. But no organization can be more agile than its systems. This white paper from James Taylor explains how Decision Management transforms your hard-to-change IT applications into action–oriented, flexible, predictive, smarter systems that learn and adapt.


Putting Predictive Analytics to Work

Predictive analytics applied to operational decision making is the next wave of business innovation and the next major source of competitive advantage. In this white paper from James Taylor, read how the most successful practitioners are using Decision Management to put predictive analytics to work powering the day-to-day decisions that impact performance most.


Optimize Processes and Reduce Costs with Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence is an advance in business and technology. This new approach can enable people to take effective actions and make better decisions, making both business and IT more intelligent in managing business operations.


Operational Intelligence: Correct Problems Before They Occur

In this white paper, we discuss the burgeoning concept of Operational Intelligence, a new approach for decision-making that allows the optimal response at the right time. It draws upon concepts and technologies currently in use, augmented with new analytical technologies and delivered as a unified solution.


BI for Telecom

By: Don Tapscott THE ONCE SLOW, REGULATED, and predictable telecommunications industry is receiving a serious wakeup call. Recent increases in bandwidth, ubiquity of access, and multiplication of devices have enabled a plethora of new applications and opportunities, once unimagined, to develop. At a time when understanding the customer is key to competitive advantage, many incumbents are still struggling to distill actionable intelligence from their accumulated data. Those organizations that can capture, coalesce and synthesize this information into actionable intelligence will thrive, staying ahead of their competitors by discovering, enabling, launching, and tailoring the next generation of products and services.


BI for Retail

By: Don Tapscott THE RETAIL SECTOR was one of the first sectors to make significant investments in collecting and integrating customer data in data warehouses. In the future, firms will need to continue to be cost effective but increasingly will need to focus on using data to drive revenue by better understanding their customers’ needs. Enterprises that effectively harness the vast quantities of information that IT systems generate⎯both within the corporation and outside its walls⎯are poised to gain competitive advantage.


BI for Process Industries

By: Don Tapscott FIRMS IN PROCESS INDUSTRIES have made significant investments in information technology to increase the efficiency of their operations and supply chains. One side effect of these investments has been the creation of vast stores of valuable data. achieve insight, transparency and competitive advantage.

Enterprises that effectively harness the vast quantities of information that IT systems generate⎯both within the corporation and outside its walls⎯are poised to gain competitive advantage.


BI for Health Care

By: Don Tapscott HOSPITALS FROM ACROSS the world are facing increased pressure to improve operations from multiple directions. Legal requirements, an aging population in many developed countries, and an ever-increasing need to be service-oriented are forcing hospitals to do more with less. Those that learn to effectively harness the information generated by their IT systems will enjoy substantial productivity improvements.


BI for Decision Makers

By: Don Tapscott ALTHOUGH MANY organizations have made significant investments in data collection and integration (through data warehouses and the like), it is a rare enterprise that can analyze and redeploy its accumulated data to actually drive business performance. In the years to come, as globalization and increased reliance on the Internet further complicate, accelerate and intensify marketplace conditions, actionable business intelligence promises to deliver a formidable competitive advantage to firms that leverage its power.


BI for Consumer Packaged Goods

By: Don Tapscott WHILE HISTORICALLY consumer packaged goods (CPG) organizations have made significant investments in data collection and integration, much of the data stored in their IT infrastructures has not been analyzed or deployed to further the firms’ business performance. Those enterprises that learn to effectively harness the vast quantities of information generated by their IT systems— both within and outside the corporation—will enjoy a substantial competitive advantage.


The Next Generation of BI

Business Intelligence 2.0 (BI 2.0) refers to the next generation of BI, just as Web 2.0 has come to refer to the next generation of the Web. The focus, like Web 2.0, is on people, empowering users to express their creativity, allowing them to freely access information and produce something meaningful from it while focusing on information sharing, communication, and collaboration. This White Paper explores the BI 2.0 concept and offers a perspective on real world solutions.


BI and BPM Trends in the Mid-Enterprise: March 2007 Survey Results

Gain insight into key influencers for consideration of Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management tools in the Small - Mid-Sized Enterprise (SME) space. Download Now!


Three Keys To BI Success: Information Management, Production, And Delivery

If your organization is like the majority of mid-sized to large enterprises, it runs like a wide and disparate set of business intelligence (BI) systems-implemented on a piecemeal basis as separate business needs appeared. While your IT organization may have overseen some of those initiatives, most were probably led by line of business management with little to no IT oversight.

This White Paper emphasizes the need for business professionals to approach BI with a new outlook. Many professionals struggle with discovering the most efficient BI system for their business. Developing a comprehensive understanding of Information Management, Information Production and Information Delivery is fundamental to achieving a successful BI system.

Download this White Paper to learn the three important steps for achieving BI success.


Achieving A Single Customer View

This paper takes a closer look at the impacts of dispersed customer information, as well as the potential benefits of implementing a single-customer view. It presents the approach to achieve a single customer view: building composite applications on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) - an approach that overcomes the complexity and limitations of previous tactics. The paper also provides cross-industry examples of companies that have achieved the benefits of implementing a single customer view.


Data Mash-ups Trigger Innovation and Productivity

What are Data Mash-ups? It is certainly not a familiar term in enterprise software and might even send a shiver down the spine of a datablase administrator. Yet some large corporations and government agencies are using this concept to get closer to their customers, have a better pulse on their business, monitor and understand external threats and opportunities, or simply get access to information that cannot be obtained any other way. Download this white paper and learn more!


Contract Management: Control Value and Minimize Risks

Business contracts play a pivotal role in how your business is conducted and in the results it achieves. You cannot claim to be in control of your business if you are not in control of the contracts it depends on. Contrat Management should therefore be a priority.


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