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In the White Paper Section you’ll find white papers and research on issues related to emerging computer technology, business communications management, in-depth TCO analysis of different technologies and strategies, open source systems, datacenter best practices, and virtualization solutions. The specific topics with their own dedicated Resource Centers include SOA solutions, IT offshoring benefits, SaaS, VoIP systems, and Sarbox compliance.

White Papers posted to the ebizQ Web site are supplied by analysts, industry experts, and technology vendors. They are not created by the ebizQ editorial staff. ebizQ is not responsible for their content.

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Enterprise Information Integration White Papers

Data Mash-ups Trigger Innovation and Productivity

What are Data Mash-ups? It is certainly not a familiar term in enterprise software and might even send a shiver down the spine of a datablase administrator. Yet some large corporations and government agencies are using this concept to get closer to their customers, have a better pulse on their business, monitor and understand external threats and opportunities, or simply get access to information that cannot be obtained any other way. Download this white paper and learn more!


Real-Time Recovery

Business today is bombarded with messages that data must be protected. But organizations today are beginning to understand that backup is not the key process; it is the recovery of systems and data that is now critical. Whether it’s small business, medium size companies or large corporations and government entities, all should be able to restore key data in a matter of minutes, not days. This white paper explains Real-Time recovery and its advantage over traditional backup methods.


Overview of Architecture for Enterprise Data Warehouses

This paper looks at the implementation of Enterprise Data Warehouse solutions in large organisations using a design pattern approach. A design pattern provides a generic approach, rather than a specific solution. It describes the steps that architecture, design and build teams will have to go through in order to implement a data warehouse successfully within their business.


Integration Appliances: The Fastest Track to Master Data Management

Learn how Integration Appliance technology greatly simplifies, accelerates, and reduces the cost of Master Data Management (MDM). This white paper details where integration appliances fit within an MDM architecture and uses detailed case studies to answer implementation questions.


Essential Integration for Resource Constrained Companies

How can a mid-size company remove the barriers to connecting their various applications, business processes and systems? And then add in their customers, partners and suppliers? This white paper reveals the way to rapidly deploy complex integration solutions.


Channel Management and Product Information Integration

This paper discusses how to implement real-time integration between commerce platform and back-end systems of record for orders, contracts, pricing and item availability.


Guide to Enterprise Information Integration

Enterprise Information Integration (EII) is a new technology that allows companies to combine data from disparate sources into a single application. Executives can use the information from an EII application to drive operational business decisions based on current information. This guide provides a pragmatic approach to using EII in your enterprise. It includes: an overview of EII, applications where EII can add value, a discussion on calculating ROI, criteria for selecting an EII solution, suggestions for starting an EII project, and a list of pitfalls to avoid in any EII implementation.


Web-Enabling Self-Service Business Processes

The benefits of moving manual processes to the web are well understood. But very few organizations have web-enabled product returns, bill disputes or other complex business processes. This paper discusses requirements for web-enabling complex processes and new technology from BroadVision that allows organizations to deliver self-service processes through existing websites.


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