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In the White Paper Section you’ll find white papers and research on issues related to emerging computer technology, business communications management, in-depth TCO analysis of different technologies and strategies, open source systems, datacenter best practices, and virtualization solutions. The specific topics with their own dedicated Resource Centers include SOA solutions, IT offshoring benefits, SaaS, VoIP systems, and Sarbox compliance.

White Papers posted to the ebizQ Web site are supplied by analysts, industry experts, and technology vendors. They are not created by the ebizQ editorial staff. ebizQ is not responsible for their content.

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SaaS White Papers

Comparison Guide: IP Phones

Compare side-by-side functionalities of seven leading IP phones. When it comes to choosing what's right for your company, the specifics are what determine what phone best suits your needs. We've done all of the research for you in this IP Phone Comparison Guide. You'll get exact details on specific IP Phone features such as function buttons, display resolution, weight, and price.


Audio Conferencing 2.0: Control Costs & Simplify Administration

Audio conferencing has seen very few innovations in recent years — unless you consider complicated operations and added expenses to be significant milestones. Simply put, the industry has been stagnant. Until now. Download this paper to learn how you can get more (and truly know what you are getting) from your audio-conferencing investment, including Innovative Web-based administration to monitor audio usage and control costs, intuitive call controls to easily customize conferencing experience, and greater value for your investment with free call recording and customization.


Next Generation Audio Conferencing

While the advent of the Web changed the way we do just about everything, audio conferencing kept a steady low profile. Buckle up: Audio conferencing is about to hit warp speed on the information superhighway. This Wainhouse Research application brief explores the results of a groundbreaking survey on the next generation of audio conferencing. Get acquainted with Web-controlled audio conferencing, including business benefits, real-world impact and recommended best practices.


Controlling the Cost of Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing is a vital tool for business communication but the fees most services charge for operator-assisted calls can really add up. This Wainhouse Research application brief explores the costs of audio conferencing – specifically whether organizations consider cost to be a problem and what they’re doing to control it.

Download this brief and learn what to look for in an audio conferencing service plan, which tools best control costs, why some organizations are opting to consolidate usage to a single supplier, and how Web-based call controls, online reports and recording help maximize use while controlling costs.


Solving Cloud Data Integration: A Key Challenge for SAAS Providers

The growth of Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) is predicted to climb at an aggressive, accelerated pace through the rest of this decade and beyond. This growth makes sense given SAAS advantages, however recent trends and industry information show that SAAS providers may face a fundamental roadblock to their future growth: a lack of data integration. This paper outlines key challenges facing SAAS application providers, hurdles impeding selling and delivering a complete solution, and current approaches. It also looks at Informatica’s unique, proven solution to overcome these hurdles and help SAAS providers use data integration as a competitive advantage.


Magic Software's uniPaaS Provides Flexible Rich Internet Application and SaaS Platform for ISVs and Enterprises

Jeff Kaplan of THINKstrategies talks about uniPaaS, and the advantages of metadata-driven approach for RIA and SaaS development .

Jeff Kaplan recommends that ISVs and enterprise software developers consider SaaS platforms which permit the greatest flexibility in addition to their scalability and security considerations. 
Kaplan believes we are quickly approaching an era in which customers will demand a choice of acquiring SaaS solutions delivered in the ‘cloud’ or deploying the solution behind the firewall on-premise. In response, ISVs and enterprise software developers are recommended to start thinking about SaaS platforms which permit the greatest flexibility in addition to their scalability and security considerations.

In this context, Kaplan examines the merits of Magic Software’s uniPaaS application platform in offering a single development paradigm with multiple deployment modes. He thinks that uniPaaS represents an attractive platform for ISVs with existing single-tenant applications who want to migrate to a multi-tenant approach without ending up with two code bases and platforms to support. This can save ISVs significant monies and accelerate the time to market and ROI. 
Kaplan also thinks that Magic Software’s uniPaaS provides flexible Rich Internet Application and SaaS platform for ISVs and enterprises, by offering a metadata-driven alternative to typical code-centric software development solutions. uniPaaS provides ISVs and enterprises with the tools they need to cost-effectively develop RIA and SaaS solutions to cater to their varying requirements. It could help open up the SaaS market to more ISVs who otherwise would not attempt to carry on-premise and on-demand solutions, and could encourage additional market growth and innovation.


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