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The WebSphere Insider is an electronic newsletter that provides best practices, tips and tricks, and real-world case studies on building, managing, and deploying applications on the IBM WebSphere Software platform. This publication is written and produced by ebizQ, and is freely available to all members of the ebizQ Gold Club. ebizQ provides the contact information of everyone who reads the newsletter to the sponsor.

IBM Corporation is the sponsor of the WebSphere Insider newsletter. The newsletter represents specific customers' and consultants' use of IBM's products and experiences with WebSphere environments. Because each customer's systems, uses and needs are different, IBM does not guarantee comparable results. IBM does not warrant the accuracy of information provided by customers, consultants or IBM's business partners. If a product mentioned herein is not yet generally available to IBM's commercial customers, IBM has no obligation to develop the product, to commercially release it, or to incorporate any features or functionalities of the product into any future commercially released product.

IBM and WebSphere are trademarks of the IBM Corporation in the U.S. and other countries and are used herein with permission of IBM Corp. IBM does not warrant and is not responsible in any way for Web site content, which is the sole responsibility of ebizQ.


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