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Company: Attachmate
Address: 3617 131st Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98006
Phone: 1 800-426-6283
Fax: 425 747-9924
e-mail: presales@attachmate.com
Company Overview

Attachmate understands the value of enterprise information, and of extending that information wherever and however it is needed. For over 22 years, Attachmate has provided the vital link to information and applications on IBM® and Unisys® mainframes, as well as a breadth of mid-range systems, for 80 percent of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies.

Over 10 million users around the world rely on Attachmate to supply the mission-critical host access solutions that run their businesses. Attachmate Corporation is helping organizations leverage SOA as a platform for the User-Organized Enterprise -- delivering solutions that overcome infrastructure and technology barriers to meet user demands. From composite applications to efficient user interfaces, Attachmate technology helps companies and government agencies service-enable disparate systems while safeguarding existing business logic.

From comprehensive consulting and superior customer service, to cost-effective maintenance and technical support, Attachmate continues to be an IT leader and innovator.

Attachmate Professional Services offer comprehensive, secure custom solutions for business applications, integration and wireless implementation. Superior customer service is an integral part of Attachmate's global support infrastructure, and Attachmate's Maintenance and Technical Support Subscription program offers a cost-effective way for customers to protect their Attachmate investment.

Vendor Products
Attachmate Synapta Services Builders

Synapta Services Builders deliver comprehensive connectivity to host data and business logic. By providing a wide range of standard interfaces to host-based data sources and applications, Synapta enable any client to access any host resource, ensuring that the solutions you develop today will work tomorrow.

Synapta Services Builder:
  • Implements a service-oriented architecture to granularly access legacy data (Adabas, DB2, IMS/DB, VSAM) business logic (CICS, IMS), and screens (3270, 5250, UTS, T27, VT) for reuse in new application development.

  • A graphical, drag-and-drop tool securely encapsulates host data and transactions as reusable objects, imports and edits COBOL copybooks for rapid development, easily configures access to host-based data sources, and manages runtime access and optimization.

  • Management and Control Services provide centralized management of callable services so that developers can share them, and administrators can remotely manage Service Builder security and monitor activity.

  • Supports industry-standard load balancing and cluster methods common to middle-tier implementations. Services Builders are portable so they can run on larger, high-end systems, including the mainframe to leverage its security, reliability, and scalability.

  • Supports two phase commit and host-initiated events to capture data changes.
Attachmate Synapta Presentation Builder

Synapta Presentation Builder transforms host applications into host-based composite applications for the Web while reducing development time from weeks to hours. The results are intuitive, easy-to-use Web presentations for untrained, non-host users such as partners and suppliers.

  • Remodel 3270 and 5250 host applications to Web applications – no host changes required.

  • Rules-based engine quickly converts your host applications to Web presentations for rapid deployment.

  • Graphical development environment makes it easy to design intuitive, easy-to-use Web presentations.

  • Transform host screen fields into drop-down lists, radio buttons, tables, and check boxes.

  • Protect your business by controlling the host information that goes outside your firewall for external use.

  • Create custom views and re-arrange application workflows in ways that make sense for each user group, which also provides an additional layer of security.

  • Convert host data into tables for improved usability.

  • Consolidate the fields from multiple screens into a single screen to streamline operations and reduce errors.

  • Extend the original host application by integrating data and business logic from external sources using Web services and Attachmate Synapta Services Builders.

  • Make small, iterative changes to gently introduce change without disrupting business.
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