ebizQ eGuide: Use change management to minimize BPM chaos, maximize gains

This collection of articles offers a broad look at why and how to use change management to enhance your process improvement efforts. Content includes:

*BPM and change management: Using one to enhance the other. BPM often goes hand-in-hand with the art of change management--and with good reason. But as ebizQ contributor Alan Earls explains in this feature, while BPM and change management share similar goals, each needs its own role and approach.

*Careful change management can help ensure BPM success. As any executive knows all too well, a badly managed change business can have devastating consequences. That’s why effective governance is so critical to change management, especially where BPM is concerned. In this feature, Alan Earls explores roles, responsibilities and other issues involved in successfully managing change.

*Effective change management prevents disruption in BPM. Change management, as Gartner analyst Elise Olding has pointed out, may not be too far from being an oxymoron. So is it really possible reduce, or even eliminate, disruption in BPM? In this feature, Alan Earls does his best to answer that question.

*Managing change in process improvement: Why and how to do the job well. In this Q & A with ebizQ's Peter Schooff, Connie Moore of Forrester Research offers insights and advice designed to help minimize disruption in process improvement projects.

*Change management for BPM: Two real-life stories. Connie Moore and Peter Schooff continue their conversation, discussing two very different organizations that have used change management to enhance their BPM initiatives.

*BPM and change management: Meeting the challenge. In this podcast, Peter Schooff and Connie Moore discuss best practices for managing change in BPM projects, then discuss case histories of companies that have used those techniques successfully.

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