IT’s True Worth

Information Technology (IT) organizations are rarely appreciated for their true worth to the companies they serve. Some of this fault can be laid at the doorstep of the technologists, themselves. Other portions lie squarely on the shoulders of the business users within the company. And, some of the fault can be attributed to the company’s senior management. Regardless, IT is all too often misunderstood, under-appreciated, and most importantly, underutilized for corporate gain. The question is, “How do you fix the problem?”

About the Author

John Stelzer is Director of Industry Development for Sterling Commerce. Since 1984, he has been providing education and consulting on electronic commerce—to date, educating more than 27,000 professionals from over 16,000 companies. For more information on electronic commerce in the retail industry or data synchronization specifically, John can be reached at 614.793.7046 or

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Sterling Commerce is one of the world’s largest providers of business integration solutions. For more than 25 years, thousands of companies have depended on Sterling Commerce expertise to optimize collaborative relationships through the integration of applications, external partners, suppliers and customers. With more than 25,000 customers worldwide, Sterling Commerce is the dominant business integration solutions provider in retail, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, financial services and telecommunications.