ebizQ eGuide: Decision management: Reap the rewards; avoid the pitfalls

Decision management is on plenty of companies’ radar screens these days.

In ebizQ’s most recent reader survey, 74% of the participating business and IT managers said they’re using, planning to implement or considering decision management technology, which automates and streamlines the decisions underpinning daily business operations.

Not surprisingly, the primary driver for adopting decision management—also cited by 74% of respondents, across all industries—was “improving operational efficiency.”

This growing collection of articles, edited by Site Editor Anne Stuart, offers insight into how companies can achieve that goal by—among other things--harnessing the latest decision management trends, launching initiatives on the right foot and accurately measuring the results.

*Decision management: Gauging success requires considering many factors
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo offers advice from the experts on how to measure the effectiveness of decision mangagement initiatives.

*Discovery: A critical first step in decision management
Assistant Editor Stephanie Mann examines the role of discovery, the all-important first step in effective decision management.

*Business rules, analytics meet at the forefront of decision management
Here, Chrstine Parizo gives an introduction to decision management as an approach driven by demand for real-time responses and the growing use of predictive analytics and business rules.

*Decision management and event processing: Measuring success
In this Business Agility Insights feature, ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber shares expert advice on gauging the effectiveness of decision management and event processing.

*Event processing and decision management: Best practices, best outcomes
In another Business Agility Insights feature, Lynn Haber describes how organizations can obtain more agile, precise and consistent results from event processing and decision management.

*Decision management: Moving toward measurable business results
In this feature, Site Editor Anne Stuart explores how effective decision management can create serious competitive value.

*Decision management adds agility to customer-facing processes
Lynn Haber discusses several key trends driving the growth of decision management, such as automation, mobility and increasingly sophisticated analytics.

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