ebizQ eGuide: Start gearing up for mobile BPM

Mobile BPM connects people with their organizations’ processes, even when they’re on the move. This collection of articles, edited by ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, shows BPM professionals how to effectively incorporate mobility into both new and existing business processes.

*What's ahead for BPM? Experts weight in on mobile, social and cloud trends
In this feature, leading BPM experts share their predictions for the hottest business-process trends for 2013 and beyond. Their advice: Business and IT professionals should pay special attention to developments in mobile, social and cloud computing.

*Beyond 'mobile for mobile's sake:' Deciding which processes to tackle first
This feature by ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann offers read ers expert advice on how to set priorities for deciding which business processes to mobilize first--and which won't benefit from mobilization at all.

*Mobile BPM: Today's trends, tomorrow's prospects
In this Q & A, ebizQ’s Peter Schooff and Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson discuss the benefits, current status and projected future of mobile BPM.

*BPM and mobile content management go hand-in-hand
Mobilizing content can create numerous business benefits, with productivity gains being chief among them. But obtaining those benefits requires developing a successful strategy--including taking a hard look at underlying business processes. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell offers expert advice on doing just that.

*Going wireless: Ready or not, here comes mobile BPM
In this feature, ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann offers an overview of the move toward mobility in BPM.

*Mobile BPM: Today's trends, tomorrow's prospects
In this Q & A, ebizQ’s Peter Schooff and Forrester Research’s Clay Richardson discuss the benefits, current status and projected future for mobile BPM.

* Incorporate mobility into BPM one step at a time
ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers a step-by-step guide to making business processes more portable.

*Break through BPM hype with social, mobile and collaboration
In this Q & A and accompanying podcast, consultant Neil Ward-Dutton discusses trends in mobile BPM, social BPM and BPM suites.

*Develop clear mobile BPM strategies for use both today and down the road
In this feature, Alan Earls shares advice from the experts on taking a strategic approach to mobile BPM.

*Integration is key ingredient to formula for mobile BPM
ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber offers advice on the challenges of integrating mobility into business processes.

*Mobile BPM: Linking people and processes anytime, anywhere
In this two-part Q & A, Holly Group analyst Steve Weissman speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about the benefits and challenges of keeping mobile users connected to critical business processes. Here, in Part I, Weissman provides an overview of how mobile BPM works in today's business landscape.

*To benefit from mobile BPM, keep it simple and avoid ‘human-centric’ pitfalls
In the second half of this two-part Q & A, ebizQ's Peter Schooff and Holly Group analyst Steve Weissman talk about avoiding BPM's biggest pitfalls--and discuss a real-life success story.

Mobile computing is affecting other areas, including enterprise content management (ECM):

*Mobile computing drives dramatic change in ECM
John Mancini, president of AIIM, the global association of IT professionals, tells ebizQ's Peter Schooff that he expects mobile to drive more change in ECM over the next few years than in the previous two decades.

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