ebizQ eGuide: Cloud BPM

Moving business processes to cloud environments may sound like a reasonably simple undertaking. But deciding which processes to migrate--and when and how to do so -- involves some complex questions.

This guide aims to provide some answers by compiling expert advice from ebizQ and other TechTarget sites. Read the content, listen to the podcasts, browse the glossary--and then test your knowledge with a quick, easy cloud BPM quiz.

Get a better understanding of cloud-based BPM in these ebizQ articles, tips and Q & As on the benefits and pitfalls of moving BPM to cloud computing.

--BPM in the cloud: Identifying benefits, addressing concerns
--Process management in the cloud: Challenges and risks
--BPM and cloud computing: Steer clear of these pitfalls
--BPM pioneers describe steps for cloud success
--SaaS and business process management systems close but not quite there
--A move to cloud computing should include BPM and SOA
--How to decide when to move BPM to the cloud
--Considering cloud-based BPM? Keep these expert tips and insights in mind
--BPM and the cloud: Steve Weissman goes behind the hype
--BPM moves to the cloud: Jeff Kaplan explains

Get advice straight from the experts in this collection of podcasts about cloud processes. Learn the latest on cloud computing innovations and enterprise views on BPM.

--Cloud-based BPM is better than ever: Jeff Kaplan explains
THINKstrategies analyst Jeff Kaplan discusses the latest cloud BPM trends, considerations for choosing and deploying the right cloud-based BPM suite, and common pitfalls to avoid.
--BPM in the cloud: Going beyond the hype with Steve Weissman
Holly Group analyst Steve Weissman talks about the opportunities, challenges and management issues involved with moving toward cloud-based BPM.
--The acceleration of BPM in the cloud: Talking with Jeff Kaplan
THINKstrategies analyst Jeff Kaplan discusses how the cloud is changing the way enterprises view and use BPM.
--How the cloud can supercharge innovation: Peter Fingar explains
In this podcast, consultant, author and BPM thought leader Peter Fingar shares his thoughts about BPM, cloud computing and innovation.

What is BPM? What is cloud computing? Fine-tune your knowledge with this glossary of cloud processing terms.

--Business process management (BPM)
--Cloud computing
--Cloud migration
--Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
--Platform as a Service (PaaS)
--Public cloud
--Private cloud
--Software as a Service (SaaS)

How much do you know about business process management in the cloud? Test your knowledge with this quick, six-question cloud BPM quiz.

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