ebizQ eGuide: BPM heads for the cloud

Cloud-based BPM isn’t yet ubiquitous in practice—but the approach is certainly a widespread topic of conversation among business and IT professionals involved in process improvement.

As ThinkStrategies consultant Jeff Kaplan puts it: “The question about ‘What is the cloud and why should I care’ is giving away to ‘Where, when and how do I take advantage of the cloud in my business?’”

This special report on BPM and cloud computing focuses on helping BPM specialists answer that question. Content includes:

* BPM in the cloud: Identifying benefits, addressing concerns. ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart provides an introduction to and overview of cloud-based BPM.

* Process management and the cloud: Challenges and risks. ebizQ contributor Adam Riglian takes a look at security, cost and integration and other issues that must addressed when moving processes to the cloud.

* BPM, the cloud and innovation: Peter Fingar's insights and advice. ebizQ's Peter Schooff speaks with author, consultant and thought leader Peter Fingar on BPM, cloud computing, innovation and related topics.

* Cloud-based BPM pioneers describe steps for success. The most likely path to success with cloud-based BPM: Start with a clear strategy. ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo offers advice from experts and BPM specialists who have begun doing BPM in the cloud.

* BPM and cloud computing: Steer clear of these pitfalls. Combining process management and cloud computing creates some unique challenges that business and IT managers—especially BPM specialists--should consider before moving forward. ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell explains.

* BPM and the cloud: Steve Weissman goes beyond the hype. In this Q & A and accompanying podcast, consultant Steve Weissman and ebizQ's Peter Schooff discuss opportunities, challenges, myths, roles and other issues involved in moving to cloud-based BPM.

* BPM moves to the cloud: Jeff Kaplan explains. In this Q & A and accompanying podcast, consultant Jeff Kaplan talks with Peter Schooff about the cloud's growing influence on business in general--and on BPM in particular.

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