Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?: Trends and Commentary

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Types of Event Processing
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Trends and Commentary

Event Processing Roundtable: Managing Events in an Eventful Year (ebizQ)
Listen to our panel of experts in this cutting-edge roundtable explore ways in which enterprises can learn how to improve bottom line results and achieve competitive leadership with CEP.

2010 Prediction: The Rise of Event Processing (ebizQ)
In this resource-packed blog entry, ebizQ commentator Brenda Michelson explains her first and only prediction for 2010: that we'll (finally) see the "Rise of Event Processing."

Event Processing Market Pulse (ebizQ)
Event-driven architecture is on the rise. Tune into this podcast for insights on the current state of Event Processing adoption, the connection between CEP and SOA/BPM, what kind of real-life benefits CEP adopters realize and more.

The Role of Event Processing in Modern Business (ebizQ)
Everybody wants a "smarter" company, and Event Processing can often help fill that need. This article by Dr. K. Mani Chandy from California Institute of Technology and Roy Schulte from Gartner examines the potential benefits in terms of operational business intelligence, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) dashboards and other modern business information channels.

Business Event Processing: The 'When' to BPM's 'What' (ebizQ)
This popular webinar picks the brains of Paul MacKay from IBM and Principal Systems Architect Dick Brooks from ISO New England on all things Event Processing. Learn how to tune your CEP solution to both respond quickly and take effective action here.

Simplifying the Complex (ebizQ)
Want to learn more about the real and potential impact of CEP on today’s vast amounts of business data? This insightful analysis of CEP in a business intelligence (BI) context discusses how to best leverage high-speed event and data streams, pre-coded dashboards, and RFID and sensor events.

Taking People Out of the Equation (ebizQ)
Should we blame technology for not helping us respond fast enough to unexpected events, or should we blame ourselves for insisting on staying in the loop rather than trust technology to make the correct decision in nanoseconds? That cuts to the core of some perceived Event Processing shortcomings…but are we truly ready to let go of the reins?

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