ebizQ eGuide: Use DCM to streamline workflow and boost productivity

For companies in financial services, healthcare, insurance, government and other industries, dynamic case management (DCM)offers a way to streamline workflow, improving efficiency, productivity and customer service.

This collection of features, Q & As and podcasts, edited by Site Editor Anne Stuart, examines dynamic case management trends and offers expert advice on reaping the approach's benefits.

*DCM and enterprise social programs: A winning combination. In this Q & A, Forrester Research's Craig Le Clair speaks with ebizQ's Stephanie Mann about combining enterprise social platforms and DCM for improved business agility, collaboration and communication.

*Case management in transition: How businesses can benefit. In this feature, ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart offers an overview of case management's ongoing transformation from a custom-built technology for niche markets to a widely used approach with a growing number of off-the-shelf options.

*Using case management in ever-changing environments. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses the use of DCM in rapidly changing environments--and shares expert advice on choosing the right employees for DCM work.

*DCM drives change, new opportunities for business. DCM is the new kid on the block in the case management community—but it’s already driving other new trends as well. In this feature, Alan Earls discusses some key developments affecting a variety of industries.

*Before picking a DCM platform, know cases and processes inside and out. In this feature, Stephanie Mann shares advice from industry experts on what to consider when choosing a dynamic case management platform.

*Harnessing the power of analytics in DCM. In this mini-eGuide, Alan Earls describes and provides examples of how analytics can be used to enhance DCM and offers advice from the experts on using the approach wisely and effectively.

*Moving DCM beyond healthcare: Steven Spear takes a broader look. In this Q & A, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo speaks with author and professor Steven J. Spear about key trends in DCM’s expansion and evolution.

*Building on a BPM framework: Can it work for DCM?. Here, Christine Parizo tackles the tricky considerations involved in deciding whether to base a DCM architecture on a BPM framework.

*Communication and flexibility: Building blocks for DCM architecture. DCM offers plenty of benefits--if it's based on a solid foundation. In this feature, Christine Parizo describes how to use communication and flexibility to create an effective DCM architecture.

*Two keys for DCM success: Technology choices, business buy-in. When it comes to using DCM successfully, a great deal hinges on choosing the proper architecture. In this feature, Christine Parizo offers readers advice on addressing critical technology questions and winning business support for--and involvement in--DCM.

*Collaboration: The critical extra ‘C’ in dynamic case management. In this feature, Anne Stuart explains how collaboration empowers not only caseworkers (and other information workers), but a company's customers as well.

*Avoiding collaboration challenges in DCM: Five guidelines. Here, Anne Stuart shares advice from the experts on how to steer clear of common collaboration headaches in dynamic case management.

*Social/collaborative trends in DCM: Stephanie Quick explains. In this Q & A, ebizQ’s Peter Schooff speaks with consultant Stephanie Quick about trends and hot technologies in collaboration, social networking and dynamic case management. With accompanying podcast.

*By enhancing ‘knowledge work,’ DCM generates new value for businesses. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber offers advice on gaining C-level support for dynamic case management by emphasizing its benefits for today’s information workers.

*Reality check: Debunking myths and misconceptions about DCM. In this feature, Lynn Haber separates fact and fiction about dynamic case management.

*Use DCM to battle untamed processes. This mini-eGuide, edited by Anne Stuart, introduces readers to dynamic case management, defines untamed processes and explores such processes in the context of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and integration.

*Dynamic duo: Dynamic case management and financial services. In Part I of a three-part series, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell provides an overview of DCM's growing importance in the financial-services industry.

*DCM in in financial services: Bank on the benefits. In Part II of a three-part series, Crystal Bedell outlines the chief benefits that financial-services firms can expect from DCM.

*On the money: DCM deployment in financial services. In Part III of a three-part series, Crystal Bedell describes key best practices and pitfalls for adopting dynamic case management in financial-services firms.

*A dynamic approach to case management: Craig Le Clair explains. In this Q & A, Forrester Research's Craig Le Clair talks with Peter Schooff about how to get started with DCM. With accompanying podcast.

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