ebizQ eGuide: Harnessing the power of analytics in DCM

In today’s customer-centric environments, companies in a variety of industries increasingly use dynamic case management (DCM) to streamline workflow, enable collaboration and, ultimately, serve their customers and clients better and faster than ever before.

Now a growing number are revving up their DCM efforts with analytics technology, which helps users detect patterns, spot trends and gain other insights from their case information.

In this eGuide, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls introduces the trend, provides examples of how analytics can be used to enhance DCM and offers advice from the experts on using the approach wisely and effectively.

Content includes:

DCM and analytics: Better together—and better for customers too. This overview offers an introduction to combining DCM and analytics, with an eye toward improving customer service as well as internal operations.

Analytics and DCM: Michael Dortch looks at the big picture. In this Q & A, consultant and analyst Michael Dortch takes a step back to provide a holistic view about case management in general—and his vision for a particular approach to combining DCM and analytics.

Linking DCM and analytics for maximum impact. This feature explores where the DCM-analytics combination is likely to work best. It also addresses the question of where BPM fits into the picture and offers advice on avoiding pitfalls and problems in implementation.

Analytics in dynamic case management: Strategies, tactics, insights. This feature offers tried-and-true advice on combining the two technologies for maximum benefit.

7 guidelines for using analytics in DCM. Experts say that when it comes to combining analytics and DCM, success hinges largely on starting from the right place. This feature offers seven practical guidelines for developing the proper strategy.

Enhancing DCM with analytics: More tips and techniques. This feature offers practice advice for companies looking to use analytics to glean critical insights from their case information.

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About the Author

Alan Earls, a journalist who specializes in writing about technology and business, is based in the Boston area.

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