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Designing BPM

Advancing System Design & Data Management Through Process Modeling
Process models are an integral ingredient in any SOA implementation. In this article, Michael Deskis steers you through the pitfalls of designing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications using Business Process Execution Language or BPEL models.

Process Simulation Modeling: Predicting the ROI of Change
Read this ExecutiveBrief report on how Process Simulation Modeling (PSIM) can provide real business value to organizations that are trying to change processes.

A Brave New Process Design Paradigm (ebizQ)
Is your organization creating new or redesigning existing business processes? Take a few minutes to read this paper by Forrester analyst Randy Heffner, where he outlines a new approach to smart business process design.

Best Practice Business Process Design (SM Thacker & Assoc.)
Design in general is both an art and a science. While this site may be light on the former, they have plenty of the latter to make up for poor site design. Browse more than 200 Best Practices articles and some 80 training courses, many of which may be directly relevant to your BPM project.

Learn Process Modeling Basics (IBM)
Need to get up to speed on BPM modeling quickly? This introductory crash course intended for analysts explains basic concepts like the analyst-developer relationship, how to enforce policies, using performance indicators and much more.

The Seven Fallacies of Business Process Execution (InfoQ)
The BPM promise is largely unfilled due to the widespread failure of management to approach the issue from an execution point of view. Read the reasoning behind this and six more critical fallacies in blogger Jean-Jacques Dubray's in-depth analysis of the current BPM market shortcomings.

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