ebizQ eGuide: Combining BPM and CRM for a better customer experience

More and more companies are successfully using BPM for customer relationship management (CRM).

By applying BPM tools and methodologies to customer-facing processes, organizations are finding they can dramatically improve the customer experience. But reaping the greatest benefit involves minimizing risks and sidestepping potential pitfalls.

This growing collection of articles offers insight into how companies can best combine BPM and CRM to boost productivity, cut costs and, ultimately, build better customer relationships.

*BPM's starring role on the customer-satisfaction stage
In Part I of this two-part Q & A on BPM for CRM, ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff speaks with analyst Neil Ward-Dutton about BPM's emerging role in improving customer experiences.

*BPM and CRM: Real-life success; pitfalls to avoid
In Part II of the Q & A, Neil Ward-Dutton shares examples of a company successfully using BPM for CRM, and offers advice on avoiding common stumbling blocks.

*Add BPM to CRM to improve customer service, strengthen loyalty and boost profits
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell explains why a successful BPM/CRM initiative requires a new mindset that many companies may find challenging.

*BPM and CRM: Two technologies learning to play well together
Here, ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber gives an expert overview of how BPM can optimize the customer experience.

*Better together: BPM and CRM
In this feature, Lynn Haber reports on the emerging trend of enhancing CRM with BPM technology and practices.

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