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Welcome to ebizQ’s library, where you’ll find plenty of original editorial content covering business process management (BPM) and related topics. Please browse our collection of tips, features, book excerpts, Q & As, special reports and other free content. And if you’ve got BPM best practices, time-saving shortcuts or hints that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them. For questions about editorial content, please contact editor@ebizQ.net.

08/02/2013 ebizQ eGuide: Cloud BPM
06/05/2013 Build an event-driven business culture to move toward 'right-time' operations
05/18/2013 Real-life examples of dynamic case management in action
05/18/2013 Use dynamic case management to achieve dramatic business results
04/18/2013 Event processing and activity monitoring: Differences, benefits and best practices
04/05/2013 Considering cloud-based BPM? Keep these expert tips and insights in mind
04/02/2013 Gartner 2013 BPM Summit: Insights, tips and highlights
03/26/2013 ebizQ eGuide: Use DCM to streamline workflow and boost productivity
03/22/2013 Harness big data's power to dramatically improve BPM
03/19/2013 BPM & ROI: Raising the returns, reducing the risk
03/14/2013 Sustainable BPM: Strategies for creating continuous process improvement
02/28/2013 BPM and big data: Exploring the relationship between two key technologies
02/27/2013 Processes, content and mobility: Strategies for successful combinations
02/27/2013 ECM at the 'tipping point:' Managing enterprise content in the mobile era
02/14/2013 Want to dazzle customers? Business processes are key
02/14/2013 TechTarget survey: Demand for mobile creates challenges for business, IT and BPM
02/08/2013 ebizQ eGuide: Start gearing up for mobile BPM
02/08/2013 Beyond 'mobile for mobile's sake:' Deciding which processes to tackle first
01/31/2013 ebizQ eGuides: A library of content on BPM and beyond
01/30/2013 Prepare now for five major trends that will 'reshape BPM excellence'
01/28/2013 ebizQ podcasts: Experts share insights on BPM, cloud, mobile, social and more
01/16/2013 What's ahead for BPM? Experts weigh in on mobile, social and cloud trends
01/11/2013 Workflow automation empowers academia, financial services and engineering
01/10/2013 BPM, IT and business teams must forge new partnerships to generate real change
01/08/2013 Break through BPM hype with mobile, social and communication
01/08/2013 BPM 2013: Case management, embedded BPM take the stage
12/28/2012 The 'intelligent' BPM suite: Options for smarter process-management software
12/27/2012 BPM in the C-suite: A look at the emerging CPO role
12/14/2012 Use BPMS and SOA to leverage legacy assets—and move to 'world-class' systems
12/13/2012 Banking on BPM: One bank's long journey to successful process improvement
12/12/2012 BPM can bring big value to big data initiatives
11/29/2012 For better BPM outcomes, consider a project management approach
11/28/2012 To benefit from mobile BPM, keep it simple and avoid 'human-centric' pitfalls
11/20/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Teaming BPM and ECM for more effective content management
11/14/2012 BPM for SMBs: Done right, process work brings big benefits to smaller players
11/13/2012 Use mobile BPM to link people and processes anytime, anywhere
11/02/2012 Taking a process-oriented approach to enterprise content management
11/01/2012 Serving the 'work-anywhere' workforce while saving your systems of record
10/30/2012 How BPM helps companies create stronger global and local ECM strategies
10/25/2012 BPM & mobile content management go hand-in-hand
10/19/2012 Forrester: Four disruptive forces will change business—and your role in it
10/16/2012 Getting ahead of digital disruption: Business process in a big data world
10/15/2012 Aiming for business transformation? Consider a 'target operating model'
10/05/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Combining BPM and CRM for a better customer experience
10/04/2012 The enterprise service bus can be a useful antidote to cloud BPMS headaches
10/03/2012 Get smart: Explore intelligent operations and 'iBPM' suites
09/25/2012 DCM and enterprise social platforms: A winning combination
09/19/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Decision management: Reap the rewards; avoid the pitfalls
09/19/2012 Business rules and BPM: Insights and advice from consultant Kathy Long
09/17/2012 Decision management: Gauging success requires considering many factors
09/14/2012 Discovery: A critical first step in decision management
09/13/2012 Business rules, analytics meet at the forefront of decision management
09/07/2012 BPM and CRM: Real-life success; pitfalls to avoid
09/07/2012 BPM's starring role on the customer-satisfaction stage
09/05/2012 Add BPM to CRM to improve customer service, strengthen loyalty and boost profits
09/04/2012 BPM and CRM: Two technologies learning to play well together
08/24/2012 Case management in transition: How businesses can benefit
08/24/2012 Using case management in ever-changing environments
08/23/2012 DCM drives change, new opportunities for business
08/22/2012 Before picking a DCM platform, know cases and processes inside and out
08/21/2012 Forrester's 2012 BPM Forum: 'Embracing Digital Disruption'
08/20/2012 Mobile BPM: Today's trends, tomorrow's prospects
08/09/2012 Get smart: Explore intelligent operations and 'iBPM' suites
08/07/2012 The BPM certification maze: Picking the right program
08/06/2012 Use workflow automation wisely--and know how it differs from BPM
07/26/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Use change management to minimize BPM chaos, maximize gains
07/25/2012 Change management for BPM: Two real-life stories
07/24/2012 Managing change in process improvement: Why and how to do the job well
07/11/2012 Capgemini: BPM seen as offering businesses relief from recession
07/11/2012 Mobile computing drives dramatic change in ECM
07/09/2012 Event processing and predictive analytics: BPM's next big thing?
06/28/2012 Going wireless: Ready or not, here comes mobile BPM
06/28/2012 Incorporate mobility into BPM one step at a time
06/28/2012 Develop clear mobile BPM strategies for use both today and down the road
06/22/2012 Decision management and event processing: Measuring success
06/21/2012 Event processing and decision management: Best practices, best outcomes
06/15/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Banking on the benefits
06/14/2012 Beyond fun: Try gaming to engage business process participants
06/12/2012 BPM in financial services: Drilling down to specific applications
06/11/2012 BPM, banks and compliance: A combination for success
06/03/2012 ebizQ eGuide: BPM, social networking and collaboration
06/01/2012 BPM champs in financial services
05/31/2012 Focusing on the 'm' in BPM for financial services
05/30/2012 BPM 2020: Looking ahead to the process-driven enterprise
05/29/2012 BPM, the cloud and innovation: Peter Fingar's insights and advice
05/18/2012 Capgemini: Businesses call BPM crucial to recovery
05/17/2012 Choosing BPM suites: A checklist for success
05/16/2012 High-performance architecture: Key to enterprise transformation
05/15/2012 Integration is key ingredient in formula for mobile BPM
05/15/2012 Going mobile: 'Portable' approach to process improvement
04/27/2012 BPM's future: Smarter, faster, more dynamic processes
04/26/2012 Social BPM: The new frontier for better business
04/25/2012 Gartner: BPM for highly adaptive organizations
04/23/2012 People, politics and process: Gartner's 2012 BPM Summit
04/23/2012 Business rules and BPM: Benefits and barriers
04/20/2012 Proof of concept: A new tactic for BPM success
04/19/2012 Business rules management: Tools, techniques for success
04/13/2012 The process management sales pitch: Winning buy-in for BPM
04/06/2012 BPTrends: BPM maturity, BPM tool use on the upswing
04/05/2012 Social BPM, collaborative BPM: Sorting out which to use when
04/05/2012 Forrester: Social enables broader engagement in BPM
04/04/2012 BPMN 2.0: A key modeling standard continues to evolve
03/29/2012 Complex event processing: An emerging necessity for today's businesses
03/28/2012 Gartner BPM Summit 2012: People, Politics, Process
03/23/2012 Building agile systems: Strive for simplicity, transparency
03/23/2012 Agile systems improve process and business agility
03/23/2012 Collaborative BPM: Key components for success
03/22/2012 Considering social BPM? Try these tips and best practices
03/20/2012 Decision management: Moving toward measurable business results
03/16/2012 BPEL trends update: We’ll always have orchestration
03/09/2012 BPM and cloud computing: Steer clear of these pitfalls
03/09/2012 BPM’s biggest threats: Lack of knowledge and value
03/08/2012 BPM centers of excellence offer tools for effective process improvement
03/05/2012 ebizQ eGuide: BPM heads for the cloud
03/01/2012 BPM across boundaries: Expert advice for enterprise-wide success
03/01/2012 BPM in the cloud: Identifying benefits, addressing concerns
02/29/2012 Cloud-based BPM pioneers describe steps for success
02/29/2012 Process management and the cloud: Challenges and risks
02/23/2012 Effective change management prevents disruption in BPM
02/23/2012 Careful change management can help ensure BPM success
02/22/2012 Decision management adds agility to customer-facing processes
02/20/2012 Transforming processes with social BPM: Clay Richardson explains
02/14/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Harnessing the power of analytics in DCM
02/09/2012 BPM and change management: Using one to enhance the other
02/04/2012 DCM and analytics: Michael Dortch looks at the big picture
02/04/2012 Analytics in dynamic case management: Strategies, tactics and expert insights
02/01/2012 For many businesses, BPM ranks as a top priority for 2012
01/27/2012 Moving DCM beyond healthcare: Steven Spear takes a broader look
01/27/2012 How DCM helped one global company improve customer service
01/27/2012 Building on a BPM framework: Can it work for DCM?
01/27/2012 To build a DCM architecture, start with the big picture
01/26/2012 BPM and the cloud: Steve Weissman goes beyond the hype
01/26/2012 Complex event processing boosts agility to create competitive advantage
01/23/2012 Communication and flexibility: Building blocks for solid DCM architecture
01/13/2012 Integrating BPM and EA: Tips for doing the job well
01/13/2012 BPM and enterprise architecture: The case for integration
01/13/2012 Two keys for DCM success: Technology choices, business buy-in
01/06/2012 Designing a DCM architecture that enhances collaboration
01/06/2012 Crafting a DCM architecture: Principles, priorities and components
01/05/2012 BPM moves to the cloud: Jeff Kaplan explains
12/22/2011 Collaboration: The critical extra 'C' in dynamic case management
12/21/2011 Linking DCM and analytics for maximum impact
12/21/2011 Using analytics in DCM: Techniques and tips for doing the job well
12/21/2011 DCM and analytics: Better together—and better for customers, too
12/21/2011 Try these tips for successfully using analytics in DCM
12/21/2011 The business side of case management: Separating fact from fiction
12/21/2011 Reaping business value from case management: Real-life examples
12/18/2011 Hurdle these five common case management barriers
12/18/2011 Want better outcomes in case management? Follow this advice
12/16/2011 DCM takes the lead in domesticating 'untamed' processes
12/14/2011 Avoiding collaboration challenges in DCM: Five guidelines
12/14/2011 Collaboration capability: A new imperative for information workers
12/08/2011 Try business rules and predictive analytics for better decision management
12/06/2011 Business rules automation offers greater efficiency for case management
12/02/2011 Software complexity, integration drive business rules automation adoption
12/01/2011 The evolution of human-centric BPM
12/01/2011 Quick tip: Measuring the results of human-centric BPM
11/30/2011 BPM + SCM = New efficiencies across the enterprise—and beyond
11/29/2011 BPM governance: The foundation for true business transformation
11/29/2011 Quick tip: BPM governance guidelines
11/21/2011 BPM plays a critical role in healthcare compliance
11/18/2011 Building bridges in case management: Neil Ward-Dutton explains
11/18/2011 Social/collaborative trends in DCM: Stephanie Quick explains
11/14/2011 BPM offers healthy prognosis for improving electronic health records
11/11/2011 BPM: Healthcare's prescription for serving patients better
11/08/2011 Try these 7 tips for successfully combining analytics and DCM
11/03/2011 Enterprise integration offers a bundle of benefits for BPM
11/03/2011 DCM and analytics: A combination with high value for customers
11/02/2011 Quick tip: Sidestepping two major BPMS traps
11/01/2011 Better together: BPM and CRM
10/28/2011 Keep it simple: Cut the complexity out of BPM
10/28/2011 Streamline your BPM initiatives: 5 quick tips
10/28/2011 BPM metrics: 7 best practices
10/28/2011 BPM metrics: To reap BPM’s benefits, measure its results
10/18/2011 By enhancing 'knowledge work,' DCM generates new value for businesses
10/18/2011 Reality check: Debunking myths and misconceptions about DCM
10/15/2011 DCM: A valuable tool for tackling problematic business processes
10/15/2011 Expert advice: Managing change in case management
09/22/2011 Forrester: BPM pros need to become customer-engagement experts
09/16/2011 Collaborating in the cloud: Tips for choosing online collaboration tools
09/16/2011 People and processes: Taking a human-centric approach to BPM
09/16/2011 Avoid these 10 common business process discovery mistakes
09/16/2011 Forrester's BPM, Content & Collaboration Forums: A handful of highlights
09/12/2011 Mobile collaboration: Harnessing the next phase in mobility
09/09/2011 Great collaborative communities begin with good governance
09/07/2011 Generate real business value with collaborative online communities
08/23/2011 Better process discovery and modeling lead to better BPM
08/19/2011 DCM: Today's tool of choice for subduing untamed processes
08/18/2011 ebizQ Guide: Use DCM to battle untamed processes
08/16/2011 Use integration to rein in untamed processes
08/15/2011 Quick tips: Taming wild processes
08/12/2011 DCM helps control untamed processes in ERP systems
08/10/2011 Key players in process governance drive better BPM
08/02/2011 ECM in the cloud: Promises and pitfalls
08/02/2011 Portals and collaboration: Tools for a dynamic 'information workplace'
07/21/2011 How to become a 'decision-centric' organization
07/19/2011 Will the next generation of ECM solutions be in the cloud?
06/29/2011 Looking to optimize ECM? Consider using BPM
06/17/2011 Do SaaS and BPM belong together?
06/17/2011 BPM and SaaS: Tips for a more perfect union
06/16/2011 The rise and rise of BPMN for process modeling
06/13/2011 'Just-in-time' data is just fine for business intelligence
06/08/2011 Closing the 'insight-to-action' gap with analytics and decision management
06/03/2011 Process governance: One concept, multiple approaches
06/03/2011 Decision management technology enters the mainstream
05/28/2011 On the money: DCM deployment in financial services
05/27/2011 DCM in financial services: Bank on the benefits
05/26/2011 To prevent BPM failure, focus on process design and quality
05/26/2011 Dynamic duo: Dynamic case management and financial services
05/13/2011 Operational intelligence: Turning data into definitive business action
05/13/2011 Process governance: Why it matters and how to do it right
05/12/2011 Crowdsourcing analysis helps light the way to BPM success
04/21/2011 Want smarter business operations? Analyze your event data
04/18/2011 How event processing can help boost your company's operational IQ
04/12/2011 The state of the BPM value proposition—and of BPM suites
04/12/2011 Keys to BPM success—and a few BPM predictions
04/07/2011 Doing BPM well: Anatoly Belychook on best practices and pitfalls
04/05/2011 Toward more intelligent operations: BPM in Action event highlights
03/14/2011 Book excerpt: Creativity and Six Sigma don’t mix
03/11/2011 Operational intelligence + event processing = smarter, faster business
03/03/2011 'Lean' with a capital 'L' meets BPM, Part II
03/02/2011 Analytics, decision management and more intelligent operations
02/24/2011 'Lean' with a capital 'L' meets BPM, Part I
02/24/2011 Special Report: Dynamic BPM: Picking the right platform
02/23/2011 Keeping process discovery simple: Kathy Long explains
02/18/2011 A dynamic approach to case management: Craig Le Clair explains
02/18/2011 BPMN 2.0: The emerging star of business process modeling
02/17/2011 Using process analytics for more dynamic BPM
02/10/2011 Special Report: Dynamic BPM: From simple to sophisticated
02/10/2011 Special Report: Dynamic BPM in action
02/10/2011 Adaptive process guidance: Andrew Smith explains
02/04/2011 Book excerpt: 'How Work Gets Done:' Anatomy of a process, Part I
02/04/2011 Book excerpt: 'How Work Gets Done:' Anatomy of a process, Part II
01/31/2011 Preparing the BPM professional
01/28/2011 Best practices for keeping BPM projects moving forward
01/28/2011 Want competitive advantage? Make BPM a core competency, Gartner says
01/20/2011 Setting performance targets that make sense for BPM
01/11/2011 Book excerpt: 'Faster Cheaper Better,' Part I
01/06/2011 Building bridges between BPM and data governance initiatives
01/05/2011 Taking a holistic approach to BPM: Andrew Smith explains
12/20/2010 Guidelines from Gartner for winning with BPM
12/17/2010 Taking an enterprise architecture approach to BPM
12/16/2010 Special Report: Document-centric BPM and the emergence of case management, Part II
12/13/2010 A look at agile BPM
12/10/2010 Special Report: Document-centric BPM and the emergence of case management, Part I
12/08/2010 How SaaS is transforming BPM
12/03/2010 Cloud computing hits the ‘tween’ years
12/02/2010 Creating a BPM center of excellence
12/02/2010 Book excerpt: Growing your business by supporting your ‘HEROes,’ Part II
11/24/2010 Getting started with social BPM: Forrester's Clay Richardson provides a primer
11/24/2010 Book excerpt: Growing your business by supporting your HEROes, Part I
11/19/2010 Bringing the best of BPM to participants
11/18/2010 Bringing the best of BPM to the process manager
11/11/2010 Bringing the best of BPM to the process builder
11/08/2010 Is BPM right for your organization?
10/28/2010 Taking a project-management approach to BPM
10/22/2010 Book excerpt: Business in the Cloud, Part II
10/21/2010 Book excerpt: Business in the Cloud, Part I
09/23/2010 Forrester's Connie Moore: Prepare for the BPM professional
09/15/2010 Increasing IT’s role in business process improvement
07/07/2010 Bringing the best of BPM to the customer
06/17/2009 Process simulation modeling--predicting the ROI of change
03/20/2009 Maximizing your business rules investment
11/24/2008 The BPM value proposition pays off best in an SOA environment
07/22/2008 Fertile ground for ROI in BPM: Three unlikely areas
07/09/2008 Workflow and integration meet in the middle, Aberdeen says
02/01/2008 Simplifying the complex--a look at complex event processing
01/29/2006 Speeding toward business visibility with BAM

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Joe McKendrick: Part II of II: Designing Evolve-ability into SOA and IT Systems

In part two of Joe McKendrick's recent podcast with Miko Matsumura, chief strategist for Software AG, they talk about how SOA and IT systems need to change and grow and adapt with the organization around it.

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Scott Hebner, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for IBM Rational, discusses a topic on the top of every company's mind today: getting the most from IT investments.

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Jessica Ann Mola: Where Will BI Fit In? Lyndsay Wise Explains

In BI, this tough economy and the increasing role of Web 2.0 and MDM are certainly topics on people's minds today. WiseAnalytics' Lyndsay Wise addresses each of them in this informative podcast.

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Deepak Singh, President and CTO of Adeptia, joins ebizQ's Dennis Byron in a podcast that gets its hand around the trend of industry-specific BPM.

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