ON-DEMAND Webinar: Global Launch - SAP REACH Compliance Solution Demo
newsletterby Dr. Marko Lange
Join SAP and ebizQ for the global launch of the first SAP REACH Compliance solution demo. This Webcast signals the official unveiling of the first demonstration of the SAP REACH Compliance application, presented by Dr. Marko Lange of Industry Business Unit (IBU) Chemicals at SAP AG. The Webcast promises to clarify the impact of REACH on business processes and also show how IT can help to manage compliance.
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SAP Newsletter - Marketing Insights - Making Trade Promotion Pay Off
newsletter When done right, trade promotions can help encourage consumers to try (or switch) brands. They also help build brand awareness with consumers and extra value for retailers. Read this newsletter and delve into effective trade promotions and their payoff.
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SAP Newsletter - The Second Step of CRM
newspaper Deploying a successful CRM solution is more than simply purchasing and installing the CRM software even with investments of CRM solutions, some companies are finding they're still facing customer relationship management issues -- the evry types of problems that the CRM solution was supposed to fix!
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Eclipse Activation Goes Live with SAP CRM 2007 Mike Burianek
Eclipse has been live on one version or another of SAP CRM 3.0 - CRM 4.0, since 2003. We rolled out the SAP GUI based Interaction Center for Sales, and Customer Service in order to track prospects and customers and all associated activities. We also rolled out Campaign management early on in order to send out email blasts to our account base and to replace a less than reliable ACT! system.
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Drive Sustainable, Profitable Growth Through CRM: 8 Golden Rules to Turn Your COmpany into a Customer-Centeric Enterprise Mike Burianek
Driving growth has become a business imperative, so companies are seeking new ways to exploit untapped market opportunities and make the most of their relationships with customers (see sidebar below). As a result, customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives top the agendas of many of today's business leaders.
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Register for the SAP
TechEd Comunity Day

Register: Las Vegas
Register: Berlin
YouTube Community DAYS @ TechEd Las Vegas and TechEd Berlin. An exciting preconference program for TechEd attendees that gathers our most active contributors, SAP mentors and innovative community members (including ASUG members!). It is the place where highly innovative concepts are discussed, creativity is unleashed, brilliant ideas are uncovered, and collaboration and co-innovation among the community network promoted.
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Enterprise Twitter - the BPX View
twitterTwitter has unquestionably evolved way beyond the original 'what are you doing?' idea. Its greatest strength has been that its open API's allow the development of all kinds of applications. PB Wiki has a list which seems to grow almost daily. Our own Craig Cmehil has built an application based on Twitter but which has become a social object aggregator: eventtrack. Craig has also developed an enhanced Twitter clone, ShoutIt, which is now being ported to the NetWeaver platform.
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Business Process Experts Speak - Benefits of Membership
YouTube Video

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