IBM Smart Strategies for Web 2.0 Newsletter
Is it possible for business users to design their own applications? Are Web 2.0 methods and mashups ready for the rigors of enterprise-scale computing?
In recent years, many organizations have become acquainted with the power and agility of service-oriented architecture (SOA), in which enterprise applications are abstracted as flexible, standardized and componentized services available to other systems or applications. Now, as organizations become more service enabled, they are recognizing that a new generation of approaches - often referred to as either "Web 2.0" or "Enterprise 2.0" - can now extend this flexibility and agility seen on the back end to the front end.

IBM Smart SOA Strategies Newsletter
In this issue of Smart SOA Strategies newsletter, you will hear from one of IBM's key thought leaders on how reuse is being put to use in organizations today, as well as best practices essential to SOA reuse success. In addition, you will learn about key solutions available now to make reuse a reality in your business.


IBM Connectivity Newsletter: Putting Backbone into Enterprise Connectivity
In this issue of Connectivity Strategies newsletter, we explore solutions available now to make faster and more seamless connectivity a reality in your business. You will also hear from a leading industry thought leader on connectivity strategies that can be applied today to assure the fastest and most cost-effective integration within multi-system and multi-application enterprises that are employing new strategies such as SOA, virtualization, integration, and Web 2.0.


Webinar On-Demand: "Innovate don't duplicate! Asset reuse strategies for success"
Asset Reuse is a key strategy for companies looking to create innovative solutions to solve complex software development problems. Searching for, identifying, updating, using and deploying software assets can be a difficult challenge. This presentation looks at strategies and tools that can be leveraged for a successful project, including Rational Asset Manager, Rational Software Architect and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository.
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Application and Web Service Developers
Challenged to add new services and applications using the latest technology and standards, but to keep it simple and robust? You are ready right now with WebSphere Application Server and FeaturePacks for Web 2.0, Web services and EJB3
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Integrating Web Services?
Deploying Web services, but need to connect them together with other IT assets? Looking to use JMS messaging, preferably with pre-built mediations? Learn more about WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus
*WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Overview
*On-Demand Webcast: IBM Software for SOA and Business Flexibility
Leverage Federated ESBs to benefit from Smart SOA
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Webcast On-Demand: The Application Server Revolution: Simple access to robust features. Ready for change? We're ready when you are. Find out how with Feature Packs.
Tired of monolithic, relentless 12-24 month release cycles? Get the latest technology enhancements, available quickly and selectively to be deployed efficiently without having to retest everything with WAS V6.1 Feature Packs.
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Enterprise Architects
SOA Messaging Backbone
Want to use the latest standards and Web 2.0 approaches to quickly build and present to users customized data from enterprise systems in an SOA environment? Use WebSphere MQ V7.0, the latest release with enhanced support for Web 2.0, JMS and Pub-Sub messaging.
*Download the WebSphere MQ Version 7.0 Data Sheet
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Web 2.0
*On-Demand Webcast: Panel Discussion: Web 2.0 and SOA
*Want to understand Project Zero? Watch the following videos to see things in action!

*Boost Online Sales with Customer-centric Commerce
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*IBM Business Application Modernization Services