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01/05/2009 Comprehensive SOA Governance Gold Club Protected
Learn how effective SOA governance enables SOA success, and how to evaluate technologies that support your SOA governance strategy.
ZapThink considers runtime SOA governance a requirement of successful SOA, greatly increasing the chances that the SOA implementation will have business value. Indeed, the lack of adequate runtime SOA governance greatly reduces the chances of success. The ability to create and monitor policies, manage performance, secure the system, and provide self-healing mechanisms means the SOA implementation will provide ongoing value through productivity benefits. However, most SOA stack vendors do not address many of the key requirements of SOA, including solution patterns around runtime SOA goverance. Considering this limitation, it’s important to address these issues with the proper technology, leveraged in the proper way. Thus, the purpose of this paper.
08/11/2008 Increasing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of SOA Through Governance - 2008 SOA Governance Survey Report Gold Club Protected
SOA is an important architectural direction that’s impacting IT organizations from top to bottom. As more and more companies move toward implementing services-oriented architectures for new (or existing) solutions, IT organizations have to learn how to deploy, manage and update SOA-based infrastructures effectively and efficiently. That’s where SOA governance comes in.

A new survey conducted by ebizQ finds that SOA governance is critical to any SOA strategy. SOA governance provides organizations with the processes, policies and solutions/technologies that can help to manage increasingly complex SOA deployments in an effective and efficient manner.

The survey, covering 118 companies, reveals that most organizations believe that SOA governance is a critical part of their SOA strategy, with 49% believing that without governance their SOA plans will fail.

Download this white paper to learn more...
08/05/2008 How Much Business Value is Your SOA Delivering?
2008 SOA Governance Survey Report
Gold Club Protected
ebizQ hosted a 21-question online survey on SOA and related service governance strategies. A total of 124 companies responded to the survey. Analysts from ebizQ performed survey data analysis. What they found is that SOA has been gaining steam in many organizations, with promises of increased business agility and integration. The survey findings indicate that even companies with the most advanced SOA deployments – in terms of enterprise reach and number of reusable services – have yet to formulate governance strategies or methods to measure the value of their SOA to the business.

Download this report to read more.
05/29/2008 How Much Business Value is Your SOA Delivering? Gold Club Protected

SOA has been gaining steam in many organizations, with promises of increased business agility and integration. However, SOA also spurs a proliferation of Web services and composite applications that introduce new complexity that could cancel out its promised advantages.

A new survey conducted by ebizQ finds that even companies with the most advanced SOA deployments – in terms of enterprise reach and number of reusable services – have yet to formulate governance strategies or methods to measure the value of their SOA to the business.

The survey, covering 124 companies, reveals that most organizations are still just getting their arms around SOA

Download this White Paper to learn more about this survey's findings.

03/03/2008 The Forrester Wave™: Standalone SOA And Web Services Management Solutions Gold Club Protected
Forrester evaluated leading standalone service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services management solution (or simply, SOA management) vendors across 100 criteria and found that Progress Software and AmberPoint, by virtue of their singular focus on the space, have the richest and cleanest solutions. IBM’s offering is also strong, and it has many points of integration with the rest of IBM’s Tivoli product line. SOA Software’s solution includes SOA governance, but it lacks deep visibility into service implementations. Hewlett-Packard’s solution has the best monitoring console and availability reporting, as well as integration into the vendor’s IT management products. Java and .NET users will find much to like in CA’s solution, which has the deepest visibility for service implementations centered on Java and .NET. When evaluating options for SOA management, in addition to these standalone solutions, it is very important to consider the embedded SOA management features of your existing application platform and integration platform vendors.
02/01/2008 Integrated SOA Governance Gold Club Protected

Many large organizations are reducing costs, improving agility and reducing risk with enterprise SOA programs. In order for SOA initiatives to succeed they need to follow sound Enterprise Architecture practices. Companies realizing the most success are those that have built an Integrated SOA Governance infrastructure that governs a wide range of assets and processes through their lifecycles.

This whitepaper examines the ideas, objectives and use-cases behind Integrated SOA Governance, and the evolution of the SOA Governance marketplace.

11/30/2007 Get Serious About SOA Governance: A 5-Step Plan for Architects Gold Club Protected
Whether your organization's Service- Oriented Architecture (SOA) has 50 services in use by one customer, or 50 customers using one service, you need SOA governance in order to fully benefit from your SOA. Increased business and IT agility depends on SOA governance: the ability to quickly and continuously translate and transmit business strategy and requirements into the policies and standards that will guide the evolution of the SOA—and your enterprise. Get Serious About SOA Governance: A 5-Step Action Plan for Architects, will help you get SOA governance right, and get what you expect out of your SOA.
08/20/2007 The Value of SOA Governance Gold Club Protected

The definition of corporate governance is creating, communicating, and enforcing policies in a corporate environment. Governance is the key to balancing executive control with employee and customer empowerment across the enterprise. While many corporate governance activities don't directly involve the information technology (IT) department, the enterprise does call upon IT to provide tooling for automating policy creation and enforcement, when itÍs possible to represent policies in a machine-understandable format.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an approach to organizing IT resources to meet the changing needs of the business in flexible ways. Governance is an essential part of any SOA implementation, because it ensures that the organization applies and enforces the policies that apply to the Services that the organization creates as part of its SOA initiative. But more importantly, organizations can leverage SOA best practices to represent policies broadly in such a way that the organization can achieve better policy management, flexibility, and visibility into policy compliance across the enterprise.

08/07/2007 SOA Governance Framework and Best Practices Gold Club Protected
This whitepaper outlines best practices and a six step process to achieve successful SOA governance. Based on analysis of the eight critical dimensions of SOA adoption, this paper describes appropriate policies to govern your SOA initiatives that will enable you to deliver on your SOA strategy and business objectives.
06/04/2007 SOA Governance: Rule Your SOA Gold Club Protected
This whitepaper underscores the fact that SOA Governance is no side issue -- but rather the key factor to overall SOA and business success! Effective SOA Governance supports your IT oprganization, aligns business and IT, and provides the foundation for compliance management. Business benefits from your SOA initiative can be monitored and optimized, providing you with traceable business goals and the appropriate service implementations and operations. A well-founded and executed SOA Governance avoids the "chaotic growth" of an enterprise's SOA and allows an organization to supervise and manage the entire SOA lifecycle.
05/29/2007 Runtime Governance Across the SOA Lifecycle Gold Club Protected
Organizations that implement runtime governance late in their migration to SOA forego many significant advantages and efficiencies. This paper shows why it's critical to avoid this mistake. It starts with an overview of the software lifecycle and then delves into the specific contributions of runtime governance at each of these stages. The paper then explores a vital capability—dynamic discovery—as it applies across the lifecycle, and illustrates this point through the example of a large financial institution. The paper concludes with an executive-level overview of the bottom-line impact of deploying SOA runtime governance at the outset of an SOA initiative.
05/01/2007 SOA Organization & Governance: Ensuring Successful Adoption Gold Club Protected
This IDC white paper, "BEA Systems: Expediting SOA Governance Initiatives" provides an in-depth third-party review of the importance of SOA governance, with two customer case studies plus commentary on the BEA approach to SOA and solution capabilities.
03/15/2007 Optimize the Business Outcome of SOA Gold Club Protected
Organizations without an SOA strategy risk being outpaced and outperformed by competitors who are better equipped to serve customers, seize opportunities, and respond to change. But SOA brings new challenges that must be addressed and new complexity that must be managed. HP provides a full set of integrated products and services for SOA governance, SOA quality and SOA management. Implemented together, these offerings can support a complete lifecycle approach for managing SOA implementations. This paper summarizes the business benefits of adopting SOA, describes the obstacles that must be overcome and outlines the BTO approach that HP uses to optimize the business outcome of SOA.
02/01/2007 BEST OF: SOA WORST PRACTICES Gold Club Protected
Progress Software has collected observations of some of the most common yet most easily committed SOA bloopers they have seen in the field. They knew that sharing best practices was important - we all do that - but we also realized that knowing what not to do when building an SOA can be just as valuable. SOA Worst Practices Vol. 1 focused on tactical and strategic aspects of implementing service-oriented architectures: employing SOAP standards, the limits of XML firewalls, Web-services reuse and so on. Hot on the heels of SOA Worst Practices, Vol. 1, we published SOA Worst Practices, Vol. 2, and zeroed in on the worst practices of organizations that attempted - or attempted to avoid - SOA governance. Download this white paper to learn more.
01/09/2007 SOA Governance: Enabling Sustainable Success with SOA Gold Club Protected

Many companies are still in the early stages of SOA adoption and so the practice of SOA governance - and likely the concept itself - will be new territory for many IT professionals. And yet, if companies are to realize any meaningful and lasting impact from SOA, then governance is a fact of life that enterprises are going to have to become comfortable with. More than any other factor over the long term, governance will make the difference between SOA success and failure, and proficiency in governing the SOA environment will distinguish IT leaders from laggards.

So what exactly is SOA governance, why is it important, and how do you make it real? Download this white paper and learn the answer to these questions.

12/18/2006 ZapThink Report: Filling in the Pieces of the Service Lifecycle Puzzle - Mercury's Comprehensive Approach to the Service Lifecycle Gold Club Protected

As companies roll out their SOA offerings, they quickly realize that to achieve the benefits promised by SOA, they must manage and govern the entire service lifecycle. Managing the Service lifecycle involves more than simply making sure that a Service and its interface can respond to queries.

Maintaining a successful SOA infrastructure and architecture means managing the entire lifecycle of Services, from the time they are conceived, to when they are deployed into operation, to their continuous change that is part and parcel of a Service-oriented environment. This whitepaper explores the full range of considerations for SOA Governance, Quality and Management. Secondarily, we analyze the merits of Mercury's strategy and suite of products that address quality at each phase of the Service lifecycle.

Download this whitepaper now to learn why a holistic approach to Service Lifecycle addresses some critical aspects of SOA quality and management not addressed by point-product solutions

10/16/2006 The Current State of SOA Governance Gold Club Protected

As organizations adopt SOA, the topic of SOA Governance is receiving an increasing amount of attention. SOA Governance refers to the articulation and enforcement of policies related to service lifecycles, implementation protocols, service access, information protection and service level agreements.

To get the practitioner's point of view on SOA adoption and SOA Governance, ebizQ conducted an online survey during August 2006. This paper shares the results of the SOA Governance Survey, along with ebizQ's observations on this critical current issue for organizations.

06/02/2006 The SOA Killer APP Gold Club Protected

Most organizations have moved well beyond thinking of SOA as "just a bunch of web services" and are moving to a service-enabled infrastructure that delivers significant improvements in business agility and efficiencies. Such a highly scalable SOA places increased demands for governance, modeling, metadata management, policy enforcement and reporting. Today, the demand for a comprehensive SOA tool is emerging, and the requirements and characteristics of this sort of tool are now becoming clearer.

Business needs the SOA Killer Application: an architectural platform with a flexible information model and a set of governance reporting tools that enables organizations to ensure complete visibility, trust and control of their SOA. ZapThink's "SOA Killer App" is a clear representation of what matters most for SOA initiatives today.

Webcast: ZapThink and Systinet, a Mercury Division
What Business Needs from SOA: The SOA Killer Application

A highly scalable SOA places increased demands for governance, modeling, policy enforcement and reporting. The demand for a comprehensive SOA tool is emerging, and the characteristics of this tool are becoming clearer. Learn why ZapThink's "SOA Killer App" is what matters most for SOA initiatives today.

Register Today: http://www.ebizq.net/to/syskillerappweb
05/19/2006 Policy Based Governance for the Enterprise Gold Club Protected
The rise of policy-based governance is the result of the proliferation of heterogeneous and highly distributed computing infrastructures that make it impossible for IT leadership to exert the kind of control and influence over the work necessary to support the business. IT is being tasked with supporting new business initiatives without the ability to enforce the policies that have been established to ensure their implementation; as a result IT is literally “flying blind,”—investing millions of dollars in one-off projects that do not add to the enterprise IT assets of the company. In this white paper you will learn how, through ease of integration, enterprise reuse and the seamless enforcement of policies, IT organizations can realize the value and agility promised by Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
05/05/2006 Why Runtime Governance Is Critical For SOA Gold Club Protected
Learn how runtime governance can protect production environments from undocumented services and policy non-compliance, eliminating associated risks of business service failures and violations of government regulations.

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