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11/18/2010 Bringing the best of BPM to the process manager  
In the second part of this series, author Terry Schurter outlines trends that are making BPM far more valuable to managers.
10/08/2010 Making network management simple, effective and rewarding  
Managing a network can be daunting, especially if your small or mid-sized business (SMB) lacks a full-time IT expert or dedicated IT department. It is not unusual for the role of "network manager" to be added to an employee’s real title – as in President/Network Manager, Sales Rep/Network Manager, or Administrative Assistant/Network Manager.
08/26/2008 Demand for BPM Skills Heating Up Gold Club Protected
Forrester looks into the IT crystal ball to see what skills will be in demand for the next big IT wave.
08/20/2008 Breaking Down the Oracle-BEA Product Integration Gold Club Protected
One of the key questions about Oracle's acquisition of BEA Systems is how they will deal with some significant product overlap.
04/30/2008 How Real Time Analytics Delivers Significantly Better BPM  
A truly successful BPM system acts as an extension of a business manager’s brain. It delivers process management intelligence, contributing to informed, real time decisions.
03/10/2008 Avoiding Master Data Management False Starts  
Here's how to make sure your Master Data Management project doesn't get stuck at the starting line.
01/04/2008 Application Management: Consider the End User Gold Club Protected
David Kelly says applications have traditionally been designed from the perspective of the IT manager, not the end user.
11/19/2004 Targeting Execs With Plain Language  
The CIO and the IT manager need to effectively find common ground between tech- and exec-speak, in order to communicates their goals and needs.
11/01/2004 An Introduction to Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy (Part 4 of 4) Gold Club Protected
In the fourth and final installment of ebizQ's unified content management feature series, Ann Rockley, Pamela Kostur and Steve Manning discuss the role of XML in the context of structured content and metadata. Also included is a discussion of other enterprise content management technologies and a summary of all of the ideas discussed over the previous three installments. The last pages include an appendix with recommendations for further reading and research.
10/18/2004 Unifying Your Customer-Facing Application  
In recent years, companies have turned to three common technologies to create solutions for customer data integration. Data movement tools such as Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), data query and aggregation tools such as Enterprise Information Integration (EII) and Data Quality (DQ) tools deliver results for CRM to customers in a timely fashion. However, what the tool vendors aren’t telling you is that these tools are inadequate for developing a reliable Customer Data Integration (CDI) platform.
10/18/2004 Something Old, Something New: Integrating Legacy Systems  
There are both cost and competitive challenges in maintaining legacy systems. Large deployments can be costly and investment for new or replacement solutions can be expensive as well. From a business and competitive perspective, Dr. Bob Sutor of IBM says the requirement can be summed up in one word: speed. Businesses need to respond rapidly to market opportunities and be first to market. At the same time, businesses need scalable, reliable and secure production applications.
10/11/2004 An Introduction to Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy (Part 1 of 4) Gold Club Protected
If you’re looking for ways to shave unnecessary expense and boost your bottom line, take a look at the way you create, manage and deliver content. If your organization is like most, you probably have no idea how much your content creation, management and delivery costs you. And, it’s pretty likely you don’t have a unified content management strategy to help you control those processes either, but you should.
09/13/2004 Linux Grows Up Gold Club Protected
From the participants of the recent ebizQ webinar, "The Linux Explosion -- How Linux is Changing the Landscape of IT and Business," LinuxWorld Magazine Editor in chief Kevin Bedell and IBM Advisory Product Manager Mark Verplaeste answer questions related to obstacles Linux is facing in terms of being adopted for the desktop, highlighting challenges presented in terms of Linux's maturity and its readiness and stability for corporate use.
04/12/2004 'Simply Smart' BPM Gets Smarter  
Rules-based BPM helps make enterprises more agile, so they can adapt to change more readily. That rule-of-thumb was described in detail in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, in which Pegasytems strutted its newest BPM stuff:
03/24/2004 The High Points Of WebSphere 5.0  
Its new features promise significant payback for enterprises. And in an ebizQ webinar, summarized here, Candle Corp.�s Warren Macek details what WAS 5.0 has to offer, and runs down best practices for assuring its peak performance:
11/10/2003 Turning WebSphere Complexity To Capability  
Ensuring WebSphere component availability is essential to the many companies that build their most business-critical systems on the WebSphere foundation, said BMC’s Jim Byrd during a recent ebizQ webinar, described here. And he showed how to use Business Service Management and more, to do just that:
09/22/2003 CPOs and Black Belts: Process Improvement Missing Links?  
AMR Research’s Eric Austvold would likely answer, “Yes.” In a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here, Austvold explained why he thinks Chief Process Officers and “black belts” are among the emerging trends companies can get in on to extend their ERP systems and become process-oriented and agile:
05/13/2002 Enhancing VPN Security with Digital Certificates Gold Club Protected
Many organizations have turned to VPNs--virtual private networks--to secure their communication lines between branch offices and remote employees and partners. But while VPNs provide basic encryption, additional strong authentication is needed, argues Alison Benson of Baltimore Technologies. Here, she explains how digital certificates improve VPN security:
05/13/2002 Demand Chain Management: The Future of Supply Chain Planning Gold Club Protected
Manufacturers and retailers are leveraging increasingly sophisticated techniques to help them anticipate customer demand and incorporate it into their supply chain planning. This paper, by Andrew Wilson of Demantra, explains what companies are doing to optimize their supply and demand chains:
05/06/2002 TNT Logistics Streamlines Supply Chain Management  
When TNT Logistics, a major provider of supply chain logistics and transportation services, wanted to streamline its contract management system, it opted not to scrap its tried-and-true AS/400-based system but instead to put a friendlier Web interface on it. Here, David Holmes of Jacada explains how TNT made its supply chain management applications more assessable to clients and employees:
05/06/2002 Customer Analytics Software: The Quest for Cohesion  
What's ahead for the CRM analytics market? The Yankee Group's Robert Mirani, director of CRM strategies, offers his insight into current and future trends in customer analytics software:
05/06/2002 Developing a Security Infrastructure  
Security has become a critical issue for all organizations. Too often, though, companies employ a mishmash of security systems, burdening employees with multiple passwords and sign-ons, and taxing IT administrators with the constant updating of redundant user profiles. What's needed, says Arvind Krishna of Tivoli Software, is a single security infrastructure. Here, he lays out the whys and hows of a unified security architecture:
04/29/2002 Securing Communications Over an Intranet: Part 2  
In Part 1 of Mindbridge Software's feature on Intranet security, the authors explained the uses and protocols for cryptography. Now they look at various cryptography deployment scenarios and trade-offs:
04/22/2002 Plug-and-Play Portal Standards on the Horizon  
Enterprise portals initially promised to be the perfect corporate integration solution, uniting multiple applications and data sources behind a single user interface. But IT managers are learning that portals pose their own integration challenges. Here's a look at the problem and two standards initiatives that offer a solution:
04/22/2002 Securing Communications Over an Intranet: Part 1  
Cryptography plays a pivotal role in safeguarding enterprise networks, and our two-part feature from Mindbridge Software looks in-depth at its use. In this first part, the authors discuss the motivations and protocols for deploying cryptographic technology throughout the enterprise:
04/15/2002 The Practical Application of Managed Security Services Gold Club Protected
Increasingly, companies are turning to managed security services to help them safeguard their e-business operations. This paper by Vigilinx Digital Security Solutions examines why companies are adopting MSS and explains the requirements for designing a successful MSS strategy and selecting the right provider:
04/08/2002 e-Payments: Credit Cards on the Internet Gold Club Protected
Credit card payments have remained fundamentally unchanged since the early '80s--and so have the risks, notes Aconite consultant Richard Jewson. In this white paper, he offers insights on how vendors can work to reduce the risks associated with online card payments, explaining the basic components of an e-payment system and the protocols by which the payer and payee establish trust:
04/01/2002 The Importance of Managing Structured Content in B2B Commerce  
It's often difficult to understand the business value locked away in structured and unstructured content scattered across various enterprise systems. In this article, Jeff Kavanaugh of Inforte discusses the need for content maintenance and offers a diagnostic exercise for evaluating your own content management requirements:
04/01/2002 Why We Need Web Services Networks  
For Web services to offer practical benefits, says Dave Spicer of Flamenco Networks, they need to be accompanied by an infrastructure that can provide enhanced security, management capabilities and guaranteed, real-time delivery of messages. Here, he explains how Web services networks can provide just such an infrastructure:
03/25/2002 Konica Business Technologies XML-Enables Its Legacy Dispatch System  
Providing remote access to legacy mainframe systems isn't a simple undertaking. Here's how one manufacturer of digital imaging equipment approached the challenge:
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