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05/13/2009 2009 Event Processing Roundtable: Managing Events in an Eventful Year Gold Club Protected
This cutting-edge roundtable will explore how companies can improve bottom line results and achieve competitive leadership with complex event processing (CEP).
04/22/2009 Rethinking Data Virtualization: Get the Data You Need and Trust—Now! Gold Club Protected
02/12/2009 Bringing Corporate Reconciliation into the 21st Century: Leveraging Technology to Automate Reconciliation Management Gold Club Protected
For many enterprises, the reconciliation process is expensive, slow and error prone -- but it doesn't have to be. Tune into this webinar to learn how automated reconciliation provides a mature solution.
12/03/2008 Next-Generation BI Gold Club Protected
To survive in today's ever-accelerating intelligence environment, you'll need BI, BPM, and BRE running together smoothly. Attend this Webinar to find out exactly what architectures and approaches will keep your company moving forward.
05/15/2008 Avoid the SOA Pitfalls that Prevent ROI Gold Club Protected
In addition to choosing the right SOA platform, it's also critical to have a plan in place for SOA Governance in order to reach your ROI goals. Join this Webinar to find out more.
05/01/2008 When Exceptions Are the Rule
How to Lower Mean Time to Repair for SOA Applications by Detecting and Resolving Exceptions
Gold Club Protected
Join eBizQ analyst, Beth Gold Bernstein and representatives from SOA pioneers AmberPoint and Vitria for an informative webcast on how to develop a means of detecting exceptions in real time and then resolving them as quickly as possible.
02/12/2008 BAM: The Killer App for CEP Gold Club Protected
Business Activity Monitoring ups the ante on the event processing and complex event management infrastructure, making it significantly more critical for companies to invest in the information driven through their CEP layer. Join this webinar for high-level discussion of BAM as a potential killer app for the event processing arena.
01/29/2008 BPM Has ROI Priority for Germania Insurance Gold Club Protected
Hear how, by leveraging business process management technologies, Germania Insurance has improved service quality and consistency throughout their business as well as accelerated pass rates on renewals and endorsements to over 90%.
12/13/2007 BPM Inside - Best Practices for Embedding BPM in Business Applications Gold Club Protected
In this Webinar, Colin Teubner, BPM Analyst at Forrester Research, will discuss the key factors to consider while making a decision around incorporating business process management functionality into your applications.
12/11/2007 The Legacy Modernization Imperative: Who will maintain your legacy systems when the Baby Boomers retire? Gold Club Protected
Tune in to learn how to modernize your legacy while mitigating associated risks, and ensuring the continuity of business operations.
10/18/2007 Harness the Power of Content: Enterprise Report Management Gold Club Protected
Listen in to find out how to harness the power of content and make it work for you to make your business more agile, streamline business operations, execute on compliance initiatives and empower users with the right content, at the right time, in context.
06/14/2007 Extend and Enhance the Power of BPM with Workflow and Business Rules Gold Club Protected
Join this webinar to learn how workflow and business rules technologies can streamline processes, helping businesses improve their agility and increase responsiveness to customers.
05/29/2007 Data Services: the Missing Link in Your SOA Strategy? Gold Club Protected
One of the key areas missing from many SOA strategies is the data services layer for extracting and mapping semantic meaning, managing data quality, and data policies. Tune into this webinar to find out how to fix this missing link.
02/28/2007 Case Study - Quickly Integrate SaaS Applications Gold Club Protected
Attend this Webinar to hear Chip Vanek, winner of salesforce.com's prestigious "top customizer" award, share insider integration secrets and tips on fast SaaS integration.
12/13/2006 How to Integrate People and Information with SOA Gold Club Protected
This webinar will feature how-to discussions of key foundational SOA projects that show how to get the right people the right functionality at the right time, for optimal business results for customers.
05/17/2006 Getting Started with BPM Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to learn how leading companies are using BPM technology to streamline costs and reduce cycle-times every day. Because the session is live and interactive, your questions will be answered in real-time during the event.
02/21/2006 Case Study Webinar: BPM Best Practices Gold Club Protected
Attend this Webinar to hear BPM best practices from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) who recently received the Global Excellence Award in Business Process Management and workflow implementations. Find out how taking processes to the edges of the network, including intermittently connected users, can deliver significant ROI.
09/29/2005 A Smarter Way to Manage Exceptions in Business Processes Gold Club Protected
Tune in to hear how specialized business exception management solutions have recently become available to address the challenges presented by process exceptions.
08/30/2005 Understanding the Complexity of Automating Human-Centric Business Processes Gold Club Protected
Tune into this Webinar to understand the value and complexity of automating processes that involve people, to learn the implications that human-centric processes have on technology selection, and identify some specific capabilities that make handling the dynamics of people easier.
06/30/2005 BPM and Business Rule Management Systems: How to Streamline the Process From End to End Gold Club Protected
Tune into this Webinar to walk through the different aspects of the more agile decision automation with BPM and BRMS functioning inside the enterprise.
06/15/2005 Selling the CIO: Are You Believable? Gold Club Protected
'Selling The CIO' is a special Webinar presented by executive consultant Bob Gold, and it will provide special behind-the-scenes insight into the C-level mindset, key values and themes, vendor portfolio strategies and decision process.
04/12/2005 The Next Level of Business Partner Integration Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to learn how SAP business packages, based on industry standards like RosettaNet or CIDX, can dramatically reduce your implementation times for B2B scenarios.
04/06/2005 The Business Value of Process Standards Gold Club Protected
Learn how your company can be a beneficiary of effective business process management, and get an expert perspective on recent standards organizations' decisions on the conceptualization of BPM standards.
03/30/2005 Enterprise Information Integration - Delivering the Next Level of Business Agility Gold Club Protected
Find out during the Webinar about the new breed of Enterprise Information Integration (EII) tools that are designed to provide a platform for aggregating enterprise information for easy access. Experts share why flexible management of enterprise metadata is providing the next giant leap forward in making integration easier, faster and cheaper to implement.
03/09/2004 Empowering the Enterprise with Simply Smart BPM Gold Club Protected
Learn how Pegasystems new rules-based BPM system can streamline processes, ease BPM app development, and enhance the customer experience across enterprises.
11/20/2003 Future-Proofing the Enterprise for Business Change Gold Club Protected
This webinar will provide a set of best practices for creating an agile enterprise that will enable change, not impede it.
10/23/2003 Innovating To Enhance Underwriting Performance And Drive Distribution Gold Club Protected
Tune into the webinar and learn how a rule-based BPM solution can help you work smarter
10/16/2003 Future-Proofing the Enterprise for Business Change Gold Club Protected
This webinar will provide a set of best practices for creating an agile enterprise that will enable change, not impede it.
04/01/2003 Getting Executive Buy-In For Integration Initiatives Gold Club Protected
This webinar is dedicated to providing tools and approaches that will dramatically increase the likelihood that your integration initiatives will be met with the understanding, appreciation, and approval that they deserve from senior decision makers.

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Joe McKendrick: Part II of II: Designing Evolve-ability into SOA and IT Systems

In part two of Joe McKendrick's recent podcast with Miko Matsumura, chief strategist for Software AG, they talk about how SOA and IT systems need to change and grow and adapt with the organization around it.

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Phil Wainewright: Helping Brands Engage with Social Media

Phil Wainewright interviews David Vap, VP of products at RightNow Technologies, and finds out how sharing best practices can help businesses understand how best to engage with online communities.

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Peter Schooff: Making Every IT Dollar Result in a Desired Business Outcome: Scott Hebner of IBM Rati

Scott Hebner, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for IBM Rational, discusses a topic on the top of every company's mind today: getting the most from IT investments.

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Jessica Ann Mola: Where Will BI Fit In? Lyndsay Wise Explains

In BI, this tough economy and the increasing role of Web 2.0 and MDM are certainly topics on people's minds today. WiseAnalytics' Lyndsay Wise addresses each of them in this informative podcast.

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Dennis Byron: Talking with...Deepak Singh of BPM Provider Adeptia

Deepak Singh, President and CTO of Adeptia, joins ebizQ's Dennis Byron in a podcast that gets its hand around the trend of industry-specific BPM.

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