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06/05/2013 Build an event-driven business culture to move toward 'right-time' operations  
In this Q & A, Gartner Inc. Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Janelle B. Hill talks with ebizQ's Peter Schooff on complex event processing--particularly, how to establish an event-driven business culture.
04/18/2013 Event processing and activity monitoring: Differences, benefits and best practices  
In this Q & A and an accompanying podcast, Forrester Research Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about the growing convergence of complex event processing (CEP) and business activity monitoring (BAM). Gualtieri also offers real-world examples of the technologies in action and offers best practices for companies interested in adopting either one.
10/16/2012 Getting ahead of digital disruption: Business process in a big data world  
In this Q & A, Michele Goetz, a Forrester Research senior analyst, speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about digital disruption. Goetz shares business approaches for avoiding information corruption while reaping the rewards of "big data" and analytics.
09/13/2012 Business rules, analytics meet at the forefront of decision management  
In this feature, part of a larger package, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo introduces decision management as an approach in transition, driven by demand for real-time responses, “customer-centric” processes and growing use of predictive analytics and business rules.
07/09/2012 Event processing and predictive analytics: BPM's next big thing?  
Event processing and predictive analytics may change how business decisions are made, and together they can enhance a range of applications and vertical niches. But as ebizQ contributor Jack Vaughan explains, success hinges on linking the approaches to strategic goals—and finding people with the right blend of skills.
06/22/2012 Decision management and event processing: Measuring success  
Decision management and event processing share one key component: Their marketplaces are shifting dramatically. Given all the change, how can organizations gauge the effectiveness of their initiatives in either discipline? ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber shares expert advice in this Business Agility Insights feature.
06/21/2012 Event processing and decision management: Best practices, best outcomes  
Events, decisions, actions--planned and unplanned--happen thousands of times daily throughout every organization. But too few companies have comprehensive strategies for managing them. In this Business Agility Insights feature, ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber describes how organizations can obtain more agile, precise and consistent results from all this activity.
03/29/2012 Complex event processing: An emerging necessity for today's businesses  
In this Q & A, ebizQ’s Peter Schooff talks with David Luckham about trends in complex event processing (CEP). Luckham, emeritus professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University, is most recently the author of “Event Processing for Business: Organizing the Real-Time Enterprise” (Wiley, 2011). This Q & A, excerpted from a longer podcast, has been edited for clarity, length and editorial style.
02/22/2012 Decision management adds agility to customer-facing processes  
Automation, mobility and increasingly sophisticated analytics are just a few of the trends driving the growth of decision management in key areas across the enterprise.
02/14/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Harnessing the power of analytics in DCM  
In this eGuide, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls describes and provides examples of how analytics can be used to enhance dynamic case management (DCM) and offers advice from the experts on using the approach wisely and effectively.
02/04/2012 DCM and analytics: Michael Dortch looks at the big picture  
This eGuide continues ebizQ’s exploration of the role of analytics in successful case management. In this installment, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls talks with consultant and analyst Michael Dortch, who shares insights and advice about DCM, analytics and a bigger-picture view of case management.
02/04/2012 Analytics in dynamic case management: Strategies, tactics and expert insights  
This feature continues ebizQ’s exploration of the role of analytics in successful case management. In this installment, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers strategies and tactics for successfully combining dynamic case management (DCM) and analytics.
01/26/2012 Complex event processing boosts agility to create competitive advantage  
There’s nothing complex about event processing’s simple payoff: When properly integrated with other systems, it adds considerable value. And, as SearchSOA Editor in Chief Jack Vaughan explains in this feature, those benefits are increasingly accessible to companies of all types and all sizes.
12/21/2011 Linking DCM and analytics for maximum impact  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses practical aspects of combining dynamic case management and analytics, zeroing in on common development and implementation issues.
12/21/2011 Using analytics in DCM: Techniques and tips for doing the job well  
Many companies are taking their dynamic case management (DCM) efforts to the next level by applying analytics technology. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers practical advice for using analytics to glean insights from their case information.
12/21/2011 DCM and analytics: Better together—and better for customers, too  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls introduces a growing trend: the use analytics to enhance dynamic case management.
12/21/2011 Try these tips for successfully using analytics in DCM  
A growing number of companies are pairing their dynamic case management efforts with analytics technology to help detect patterns, spot trends and gain other insights from case information. Here, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers expert advice on combining the two technologies for maximum benefits.
12/08/2011 Try business rules and predictive analytics for better decision management  
In this Q & A, ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff interviews consultant James Taylor about business rules and predictive analytics in decision management.
12/02/2011 Software complexity, integration drive business rules automation adoption  
In this Q & A, Jan Stafford of ebizQ and John Rymer of Forrester discuss areas where business rules technology is being used, including decision management, event processing and case management.
11/08/2011 Try these 7 tips for successfully combining analytics and DCM  
In Part II of this series, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers seven issues that must be addressed to use analytics in dynamic case management.
11/03/2011 DCM and analytics: A combination with high value for customers  
In Part I of this two-part series, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers an introduction to the growing trend of using analytics for more effective dynamic case management.
06/08/2011 Closing the 'insight-to-action' gap with analytics and decision management  
Consultant and author James Taylor explains how using analytics not only drives greater efficiency, but improves operational effectiveness as well.
04/18/2011 How event processing can help boost your company's operational IQ  
In this tip, the first in a three-part package on operational intelligence, Gartner Distinguished Analyst W. Roy Schulte defines event data and discusses methods for capturing it.
04/05/2011 Toward more intelligent operations: BPM in Action event highlights  
ebizQ contributor Joe McKendrick shares highlights from ebizQ's sixth annual virtual conference, which focused on developing more intelligent operations. Included are updates on event processing, business rules management, decision management and dynamic case management.
03/11/2011 Operational intelligence + event processing = smarter, faster business  
In this interview with ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, Gartner distinguished analyst W. Roy Schulte discusses the growth of both intelligent operations and business event processing, and offers advice for tackling both.
03/02/2011 Analytics, decision management and more intelligent operations  
In this Q & A, Peter Schooff speaks with decision-management expert--and BPM in Action speaker--James Taylor about analytics, decision management, BPM and intelligent operations.
02/17/2011 Using process analytics for more dynamic BPM  
In this Q & A, Peter Schooff speaks with Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson about process analytics and the 'three Bs': BPM, BI and business rules.
07/01/2010 Deploy Real-Time Analytics Applications in Record Time While Slashing Costs  
With continuous intelligence increasingly becoming an essential business capability, the only question is how best to achieve it. Using a CEP platform may well be the best answer for you and your organization.
06/15/2010 Driving More Value from BI  
Whichever emerging technology approach you choose for analytics, it’s great to know there are alternatives that offer a win-win for business users and IT. See how analyst resources provide a fresh look at these important factors to consider.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
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BPM in Action

March 10, 2011

The sixth annual BPM in Action 2011 Virtual Conference will explore cutting-edge market developments in BPM and describe how to leverage them for improved business operation and performance. More

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Date:Nov 05, 2009
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Joe McKendrick: Part II of II: Designing Evolve-ability into SOA and IT Systems

In part two of Joe McKendrick's recent podcast with Miko Matsumura, chief strategist for Software AG, they talk about how SOA and IT systems need to change and grow and adapt with the organization around it.

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Phil Wainewright: Helping Brands Engage with Social Media

Phil Wainewright interviews David Vap, VP of products at RightNow Technologies, and finds out how sharing best practices can help businesses understand how best to engage with online communities.

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Peter Schooff: Making Every IT Dollar Result in a Desired Business Outcome: Scott Hebner of IBM Rati

Scott Hebner, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for IBM Rational, discusses a topic on the top of every company's mind today: getting the most from IT investments.

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Jessica Ann Mola: Where Will BI Fit In? Lyndsay Wise Explains

In BI, this tough economy and the increasing role of Web 2.0 and MDM are certainly topics on people's minds today. WiseAnalytics' Lyndsay Wise addresses each of them in this informative podcast.

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Dennis Byron: Talking with...Deepak Singh of BPM Provider Adeptia

Deepak Singh, President and CTO of Adeptia, joins ebizQ's Dennis Byron in a podcast that gets its hand around the trend of industry-specific BPM.

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Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?

Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies. Learn More

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