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05/18/2013 Real-life examples of dynamic case management in action  
In this two-part Q & A, Neil Ward-Dutton, co-founder and research director of MWD Advisors, speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about ways to get concrete business results from dynamic case management (DCM). Here, in Part II, they discuss real-world examples of DCM in action.
05/18/2013 Use dynamic case management to achieve dramatic business results  
In this Q & A, consultant Neil Ward-Dutton speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about ways to use dynamic case management (DCM). Here, in Part I, they define case management and talk about options for using the approach to help companies meet bigger business goals.
03/26/2013 ebizQ eGuide: Use DCM to streamline workflow and boost productivity  
For companies in financial services, healthcare, insurance, government and other industries, dynamic case management (DCM)offers a way to streamline workflow, improving efficiency, productivity and customer service. This collection of articles, edited by Site Editor Anne Stuart, examines dynamic case management trends and offers expert advice on reaping the approach's benefits.
01/28/2013 ebizQ podcasts: Experts share insights on BPM, cloud, mobile, social and more  
ebizQ's Contributing Editor Peter Schooff regularly interviews industry experts, seeking their insights and advice about business process management and related topics. This one-stop guide links to both podcasts and edited transcripts of those discussions.
01/16/2013 What's ahead for BPM? Experts weigh in on mobile, social and cloud trends  
In this feature, leading BPM experts share their predictions for the hottest business-process trends for 2013 and beyond. Their advice: Business and IT professionals should pay special attention to developments in mobile, social and cloud computing.
01/10/2013 BPM, IT and business teams must forge new partnerships to generate real change  
True business transformation requires "an unprecedented level of collaboration" among business owners, IT and BPM teams, says Forrester Research's Connie Moore. The three players must move from being soloist acts to a well-coordinated orchestra to thrive in the era when process-driven environments are increasingly essential to marketplace success.
01/08/2013 Break through BPM hype with mobile, social and communication  
In this two-part Q & A and accompanying podcast, consultant Neil Ward-Dutton shares predictions for BPM and related technologies in 2013. Here, in Part II, he and ebizQ's Peter Schooff discuss trends in mobile BPM, social BPM and BPM suites.
01/08/2013 BPM 2013: Case management, embedded BPM take the stage  
In this two-part Q & A, analyst Neil Ward-Dutton speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about what's in store for BPM during the coming year. Here, in Part I, they discuss what's ahead for mainstream BPM technology, including top trends in case management.
09/25/2012 DCM and enterprise social platforms: A winning combination  
In this Q & A, Forrester Research's Craig Le Clair speaks with ebizQ's Stephanie Mann about combining enterprise social platforms and dynamic case management (DCM) for improved business agility, collaboration and communication.
08/24/2012 Case management in transition: How businesses can benefit  
In this feature, ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart offers an overview of dynamic case management's(DCM) ongoing transformation from a custom-built technology for niche markets to a widely used approach with a growing number of off-the-shelf options.
08/24/2012 Using case management in ever-changing environments  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses the use of dynamic case management in rapidly changing environment--and shares expert advice on choosing the right employees for DCM work.
08/23/2012 DCM drives change, new opportunities for business  
Dynamic case management (DCM) is the new kid on the block in the case management community—but it’s already driving other new trends as well. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses some key developments affecting a variety of industries.
08/22/2012 Before picking a DCM platform, know cases and processes inside and out  
In this feature, ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann shares advice from industry experts on what to consider when choosing a dynamic case management platform.
06/03/2012 ebizQ eGuide: BPM, social networking and collaboration  
Collaborative BPM. Social BPM. What’s the difference between them? Which should you use when? This collection of a dozen articles, Q & As and expert guest columns offers a broad look at taking social and collaborative approaches to process improvement
04/26/2012 Social BPM: The new frontier for better business  
Can you combine social media and process improvement into something that delivers real business value? Gartner analyst and author Anthony J. Bradley says “absolutely yes.” ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart reports from the Gartner BPM Summit.
04/05/2012 Social BPM, collaborative BPM: Sorting out which to use when  
If you're confused about the difference between social and collaborative approaches to BPM, you're far from alone. In theory, they're similar; in practice, they're not. This feature offers advice from the experts on telling the two apart--and deciding which one to use.
04/05/2012 Forrester: Social enables broader engagement in BPM  
In this exclusive guest column, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson describes how forward-thinking business and IT professionals are adding social tools and techniques to their BPM toolboxes to add more voices to their BPM initiatives.
03/22/2012 Considering social BPM? Try these tips and best practices  
Social business process management remains the subject of plenty of hype, and the industry surrounding it is still maturing. But it's still not too early in the game to gain value from the approach. ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber offers tips and best practices for doing the job well.
02/20/2012 Transforming processes with social BPM: Clay Richardson explains  
Social BPM remains a hot topic as debate continues over whether social is effective--or even compatible--with BPM. In this Q & A and accompanying podcast, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson talks with ebizQ's Peter Schooff about the approach's current and potential benefits.
02/14/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Harnessing the power of analytics in DCM  
In this eGuide, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls describes and provides examples of how analytics can be used to enhance dynamic case management (DCM) and offers advice from the experts on using the approach wisely and effectively.
02/04/2012 DCM and analytics: Michael Dortch looks at the big picture  
This eGuide continues ebizQ’s exploration of the role of analytics in successful case management. In this installment, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls talks with consultant and analyst Michael Dortch, who shares insights and advice about DCM, analytics and a bigger-picture view of case management.
02/04/2012 Analytics in dynamic case management: Strategies, tactics and expert insights  
This feature continues ebizQ’s exploration of the role of analytics in successful case management. In this installment, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers strategies and tactics for successfully combining dynamic case management (DCM) and analytics.
01/27/2012 Moving DCM beyond healthcare: Steven Spear takes a broader look  
Editor’s Note: As dynamic case management (DCM) moves into the broader business world, one of its biggest drivers is the need to ensure that knowledge workers have access to the right information at the right time. In this Q & A, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo speaks with author and professor Steven J. Spear about key trends in DCM’s expansion and evolution.
01/27/2012 How DCM helped one global company improve customer service  
This feature continues ebizQ’s exploration of best practices in architecture and other aspects of case management. In this case history, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo describes how one global institution financial institution built a DCM architecture to better serve its customers worldwide.
01/27/2012 Building on a BPM framework: Can it work for DCM?  
In this feature, also part of ebizQ’s deep dive into dynamic case management (DCM), ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo tackles the tricky considerations involved in deciding whether to base a DCM architecture on a business process management (BPM) framework.
01/27/2012 To build a DCM architecture, start with the big picture  
This feature continues ebizQ’s deep dive into approaches for constructing sound case-management architecture. In this installment, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo explains how to begin with the big-picture look that’s critical for successful case-management initiatives. She also offers advice for making the right technology choices.
01/23/2012 Communication and flexibility: Building blocks for solid DCM architecture  
Dynamic case management (DCM) can provide companies with a variety of benefits--if it's based on a solid foundation. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo describes how to use communication and flexibility to create an effective DCM architecture.
01/13/2012 Two keys for DCM success: Technology choices, business buy-in  
When it comes to using dynamic case management (DCM) successfully, a great deal hinges on choosing the proper architecture. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo offers readers advice on addressing critical technology questions and winning business support for--and involvement in--DCM.
01/06/2012 Designing a DCM architecture that enhances collaboration  
Designing a case management architecture is really more of a business challenge than a technology challenge, according to ebizQ contributor Alan Earls. In this feature, he describes key considerations for designing a framework for improved collaboration capability.
01/06/2012 Crafting a DCM architecture: Principles, priorities and components  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls describes key considerations for designing an effective case management architecture--including how to build "bridges" that extend case management capability across the enterprise.
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