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01/25/2010 Demo: Test and simulate rules using WebSphere ILOG Business Rules Management System Gold Club Protected
Learn how WebSphere ILOG Business Rules Management System (BRMS) allows organizations to easily adapt business rules while ensuring compliance with policy requirements and analyzing the business impact of changes against key performance indicators. You will see how the BRMS is used in the back office to create eligibility rules that will be used to automatically screen auto insurance applicants.
01/25/2010 Demo: Author and deploy rules using WebSphere ILOG JRules Business Rules Management System Gold Club Protected
Learn how the WebSphere ILOG JRules Business Rules Management System (JRules BRMS) can automate decision making for data validation, eligibility and pricing in a real-world scenario. This demo shows how JRules BRMS allows organizations to gain a competitive advantage by adapting business systems to evolve with changing business policies and decisions.
07/29/2009 Free 90-Day Trial Evaluation of FICO Blaze Advisor Business Rules Management Gold Club Protected
Download a free 90-day trial of FICO Blaze Advisor 6.6. Blaze Advisor is the world's leading business rules management system, maximizing control over high-volume operational decisions. Blaze Advisor provides companies across industries with a scalable solution that delivers unprecedented agility and actionability for smarter business decisions.
08/17/2009 Why Business Rules? Gold Club Protected

Has your organization run into difficulties adapting to evolving business conditions? Is there interest in being able to increase the efficiency of your operational processes? Are your business experts looking to more easily control the decisions within mission-critical systems? If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above, you may benefit from integrating a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) into your organization’s overall enterprise architecture. A BRMS provides dramatic improvements to applications, increasing the ability to rapidly adapt to the needs of your business.

In this introduction to BRMS, you’ll learn:
  • What are the key components of a BRMS?
  • How a BRMS enhances the ability to adapt to change
  • How a BRMS can simultaneously increase revenues and decrease costs
  • The key considerations when evaluating BRMS products
08/17/2009 Why Business Rules? Gold Club Protected
How-to vidoes explain the inner workings of JRules and BRMS, from writing rules to invoking decision services. Become an instant expert!
08/17/2009 Why Business Rules? Gold Club Protected
Much of the value of BRMS is achieved when it is combined with a larger SOA strategy and BPM. This video demonstrates clear requirements for reuse using the multichannel use case for retail banking.
01/16/2007 Airport Security and BPM: Both Winging It? Gold Club Protected
A recent trip through several US airports really made me think about processes and business rules. The specific event that triggered my reflection on processes and rules was the repeated announcements that all bags must be attended at all times, and that any unattended bag should be reported immediately to help ensure the safety of all concerned.
10/14/2009 BRMS Webinar: Equip Business Users to Effectively Manage Rules Gold Club Protected
IBM WebSphere ILOG Rule Solutions for Office meets the demands of business users by integrating Microsoft Office Word and Excel with the market-leading WebSphere ILOG BRMS. See Rules for Office in action during this one-hour webinar, including a live demonstration.
04/03/2007 SAP Special Supplement: How To Structure Difficult-to-Automate Processes Gold Club Protected
Philip Kisloff explains how he designed automated systems with a high level of user interaction and exceptions during a rollout of a shared service center providing back-office support to more than 15 European subsidiary companies.

The project was a great success, but challenges and compromises had to be made in order to realize the business benefits in an acceptable time frame. They included:

  • Major subsidiaries had a legacy of different solutions, requiring modeling of diversity with little influence on forcing the adoption of common procedures.
  • The best business-processes design had to take second place to meeting project deadlines. The bigger picture took precedence over the details, and the workability of some of the solutions suffered as a result.
  • A hard-working and stretched Enterprise Systems Service Center staff had to deal with complicated procedures due to the lack of coordination in design and many manual procedures to be followed.
Halfway through the rollout, Kisloff advocated the abandonment of the first attempt to support a critical business process and a re-implementation with a different solution. The novel process-modeling methodology proposed here was created from the resulting successful implementation.

In the second part of the supplement, ebizQ's Dave Kelly takes a wider view at the different kinds of longer-term objectives these BPM initiatives can support.

01/04/2007 Gold Club Protected
ebizQ's IT Innovations blogger Keith Harrison-Broninski argues in this article that non-technical business people feel that BPM/SOA tools bear no reality to the world they know.
01/25/2008 Full Transcript: The Business Process Expert and the Future of BPM: A New Role, Matched to New BPM Tools Gold Club Protected
12/17/2008 BPM Resource Center Gold Club Protected
Learn more from the experts about BPM. This resource center includes whitepapers, expert videos, podcasts, webinars and demos to help you learn the basics and best practices of BPM.
01/25/2010 Healthcare Case Study: The Doctor Will B.R.M.S. You Now (New York Times article) Gold Club Protected
Learn how Vanderbilt University uses business rules in complex, critical patient care decisions to deliver increased speed and accuracy and arrive at better outcomes.
04/02/2007 BPM Technology: From Best- of-Breed Tools to BPM Suites to Business Process Platforms Gold Club Protected
This is the question and answer portion of the webcast "BPM Technology: From Best- of-Breed Tools to BPM Suites to Business Process Platforms" with Gartner's Janelle Hill.
01/16/2009 The BPM Kit Gold Club Protected
The BPM Kit is a compilation of articles on the evolution, usage, and benefits of business process management. It addresses the definition and value of BPM, the extent of its role across the enterprise infrastructure, how to assess your level of BPM need, and what can be expected from continuous process improvement initiatives.

02/13/2008 Complete Transcript: Technology Trends for 2008: BPM and SOA Gold Club Protected
02/27/2007 Full Transcript: Podcast with BPM Expert Derek Miers Gold Club Protected
02/15/2007 Dr. Bruce Silver of BPMEssentials.com on BPM Training Gold Club Protected
01/29/2004 Vitria:BusinessWare BPM Whitepaper: Process Without Programming Gold Club Protected
06/25/2007 Full Transcript: Dunes' Stefan Hochuli Talks to ebizQ's Krissi Danielsson Gold Club Protected
06/04/2007 Full Transcript: IONA's Eric Newcomer Talks to ebizQ's Joe McKendrick Gold Club Protected
06/04/2007 Full Transcript: webMethods' Miko Matsumura Talks to ebizQ's Joe McKendrick Gold Club Protected
06/04/2007 Full Transcript: Oracle's Ashish Mohindaroo Talks to ebizQ's Joe McKendrick Gold Club Protected
05/30/2007 Full Transcript: BEA's Charles Stack Talks to ebizQ's Joe McKendrick Gold Club Protected
01/16/2009 Go from BPM Beginner to BPM Brainiac Gold Club Protected
BPMbasics.com is an independent resource for IT and business users to understand the benefits of business process management software, obtain industry specific examples of BPM applications, and experience in-depth learning through newsletters, seminars and training.
05/31/2007 Full Transcript: Lombardi's Phil Gilbert on 'Blueprinting' BPM Solutions Gold Club Protected
05/29/2007 Full Transcript: Forrester's Ken Vollmer on Real-World BPM Gold Club Protected
03/23/2007 Full Transcript: BPMG.org's Terry Schurter on BPM Training Gold Club Protected
11/07/2007 Special InfoWorld-ebizQ Podcast Series: How To Build a Foundation for Continual Change Gold Club Protected
06/14/2007 ebizQ podcast: TEC's Lyndsay Wise on Choosing Web-Based BI Applications Gold Club Protected
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