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02/28/2013 BPM and big data: Exploring the relationship between two key technologies  
In this Q & A, excerpted from an accompanying podcast, consultant Steve Weissman speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about the complex, still unclear, relationship between business process management and big data.
01/28/2013 ebizQ podcasts: Experts share insights on BPM, cloud, mobile, social and more  
ebizQ's Contributing Editor Peter Schooff regularly interviews industry experts, seeking their insights and advice about business process management and related topics. This one-stop guide links to both podcasts and edited transcripts of those discussions.
12/28/2012 The 'intelligent' BPM suite: Options for smarter process-management software  
In this product roundup, based on a Gartner Magic Quadrant market analysis, ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann explores the options for intelligent business process management suites (iBPMSs) in both the "pure-play" and "stack" categories.
12/14/2012 Use BPMS and SOA to leverage legacy assets—and move to 'world-class' systems  
In this guest tip, consultant Nathan Schmitz describes how combining service-oriented architecture (SOA) and a business process management suite (BPMS) can help your organization leverage its existing IT assets while moving toward "adaptable, world-class IT systems."
11/14/2012 BPM for SMBs: Done right, process work brings big benefits to smaller players  
In this guest column, consultant Austin Rosenfeld discusses best practices for small and mid-sized businesses interested in reaping the rewards of business process management (BPM).
04/06/2012 BPTrends: BPM maturity, BPM tool use on the upswing  
Organizations worldwide are using BPM more frequently and in more sophisticated ways, and they're more interested in investing in BPM technology. Those are among the key findings in BPTrends' "State of Business Process Management 2012" report, based on a worldwide survey of business executives, IT managers and BPM professionals.
03/22/2012 Considering social BPM? Try these tips and best practices  
Social business process management remains the subject of plenty of hype, and the industry surrounding it is still maturing. But it's still not too early in the game to gain value from the approach. ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber offers tips and best practices for doing the job well.
02/29/2012 Process management and the cloud: Challenges and risks  
When it comes to doing business process management (BPM) in the cloud, business and IT managers must address many of the same questions about security, cost and integration that come with any cloud-based application. At the same time, cloud-based BPM comes with particular challenges of its own. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Adam Riglian explores some of the biggest ones.
02/01/2012 For many businesses, BPM ranks as a top priority for 2012  
Today’s companies not only need to do more than ever before—they need to do it all faster, cheaper and with higher ROI. For that reason, many are looking to improve their business processes. In fact, in two recent surveys, a majority of respondents ranked business process management (BPM) as among their current top priorities.
01/27/2012 Building on a BPM framework: Can it work for DCM?  
In this feature, also part of ebizQ’s deep dive into dynamic case management (DCM), ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo tackles the tricky considerations involved in deciding whether to base a DCM architecture on a business process management (BPM) framework.
11/30/2011 BPM + SCM = New efficiencies across the enterprise—and beyond  
Process improvement can boost performance all along the supply chain—if you follow some important best practices. ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell explains how to successfully combine business process management and supply chain management.
08/19/2011 DCM: Today's tool of choice for subduing untamed processes  
In many ways, "wild" processes represent the last real barrier to business process automation. ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart discusses how to track down such processes and use dynamic case management to tame them.
10/06/2010 Lean Six Sigma: An intelligent Business Process Management asset  
Organizations create processes to establish a consistent and efficient way of performing tasks. Over time, however, processes can become ridden with errors and redundancies as employees fall into ritualized habits and communication breaks down. Lean Six Sigma, a combination of the industry-recognized Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies, is a rigorous, data-driven, result-oriented approach to process improvement. Using Lean Six Sigma to optimize processes can deliver benefits across the business.
08/11/2010 How to Empower Your Business Innovators to Make the Most of Business Process Management Gold Club Protected
We need to find a new wellspring of innovation in our business practice if we are to begin to kick start the kind of growth and competitiveness that can truly make a difference to our economy.
08/04/2010 Business Process Management and Individual Empowerment  
Learn how BPM is utilized as a tool that brings forth individual empowerment.
05/28/2009 So What Does BPM Mean?  
With all that's ahead for business process management, Dennis Byron takes a quick look back at the history and meaning of BPM.
02/02/2009 Understanding Common Data Integration Challenges Can Improve BPM: A Salesforce-Quickbooks Integration Example  
How sales and accounting managers can synchronize their data for better business process management
01/28/2009 How Good Does a Process Definition Need to Be?  
If BPM systems are so perfectly aligned with process-oriented organizations, then why aren't all businesses using them?
01/13/2009 Looking Ahead at Business Process Management, 2009  
Following up on the 2008 BPM market review, Dennis Byron looks at the leading trends in business process management over the next few years.
12/23/2008 The 2008 Business Process Management Software Landscape  
2008 BPM lookback: Some of the names were new and the software is getting closer to where you want it to be.
10/22/2008 Building The Instantly Responsive Enterprise  
Integrating BPM and CEP gives you intelligent business processes that can react to rapidly changing business conditions with continuous visibility.
10/08/2008 Aligning Strategy with Business Processes  
Taking the time to re-evaluate and re-align your business processes can pay big dividends.
09/17/2008 Emerging Technology Trends CIOs Should Care About  
According to Forrester Research, we're in the initial phases of a major technology growth wave called "IT everywhere," and here's what you need to know about it.
09/10/2008 Do You Need BPM for SOA Governance? Gold Club Protected
BPM can play an important role in an enterprise's IT or SOA governance strategy -- but only if BPM also plays a key role in the enterprise's overall strategy.
08/13/2008 Adobe Goes Alfresco Over Content Management Gold Club Protected
In June, Adobe Systems chose Alfresco for BPM. The 451 Group gives its take on this noteworthy move.
08/04/2008 How to Be a Good IT Customer  
Whatever software solution you are looking for, it's always good to know what steps to take to make sure you get the most out of that solution.
07/30/2008 BPM Changes the Game for Financial Services  
BPM is transforming the financial services sector, with features designed specifically for banks, insurers and other financial functions.
07/16/2008 What Will Become of Weblogic Under Oracle?  
Tony Baer's take on Oracle's plans for BEA and the big unanswered question: what will become of Weblogic?
07/10/2008 SOA Market to Hit $51.9B in 2012 Gold Club Protected
AMR Research reports the SOA software and services market is growing rapidly, and predicts that SOA will soon become a core requirement for most projects.
07/02/2008 Aligning IT to Business Processes: How BPM is Complementing ERP Gold Club Protected
Aberdeen findings show that the top pressure driving enterprise organizations is the need to support new, agile business processes. That's where implementing BPM and SOA can help -- by reducing costs, improving management visibility, and decentralizing decision making.
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Joe McKendrick: Part II of II: Designing Evolve-ability into SOA and IT Systems

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Scott Hebner, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for IBM Rational, discusses a topic on the top of every company's mind today: getting the most from IT investments.

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In BI, this tough economy and the increasing role of Web 2.0 and MDM are certainly topics on people's minds today. WiseAnalytics' Lyndsay Wise addresses each of them in this informative podcast.

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Dennis Byron: Talking with...Deepak Singh of BPM Provider Adeptia

Deepak Singh, President and CTO of Adeptia, joins ebizQ's Dennis Byron in a podcast that gets its hand around the trend of industry-specific BPM.

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