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10/16/2012 Getting ahead of digital disruption: Business process in a big data world  
In this Q & A, Michele Goetz, a Forrester Research senior analyst, speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about digital disruption. Goetz shares business approaches for avoiding information corruption while reaping the rewards of "big data" and analytics.
04/26/2012 Social BPM: The new frontier for better business  
Can you combine social media and process improvement into something that delivers real business value? Gartner analyst and author Anthony J. Bradley says “absolutely yes.” ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart reports from the Gartner BPM Summit.
09/22/2011 Forrester: BPM pros need to become customer-engagement experts  
At the Forrester Business Process Forum, analyst William Band explains why BPM professionals need to zero in on providing a great customer experience.
02/17/2011 Using process analytics for more dynamic BPM  
In this Q & A, Peter Schooff speaks with Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson about process analytics and the 'three Bs': BPM, BI and business rules.
08/20/2008 Breaking Down the Oracle-BEA Product Integration Gold Club Protected
One of the key questions about Oracle's acquisition of BEA Systems is how they will deal with some significant product overlap.
01/03/2007 Full Transcript: First Look Podcast with SAP's Mark Yolton  
Years of bridging the functional and cultural gap between the business and IT sides of organizations have sparked development of a new breed of professional. Business Process Experts combine a wide and ever-evolving array of business and technical skills that enable truly effective integration projects. They also face the challenge of the getting business and technical sides to appreciate and amplify each other’s skill sets. Back in May of 2006, SAP launched a specialized online community called the Business Process Expert Community. It provides an impressive combination of information, instruction, interaction designed help both business and IT professionals share best practices and become Business Process Experts -- and also help their companies evolve.
07/03/2005 Process Improvement -- Do As I Say, Not As I Do  
ebizQ analyst Dave Kelly says far too many companies have business processes where fidelity between stated policies and actual processes doesn’t exist.
10/25/2004 Is Speed the Measure of Success?  
Real time means real fast, right? But hold on a second. In the business context of the real-time enterprise, speed isn’t always the correct measure. Author and visionary Peter Fingar explains what real time really means in business and why.
10/04/2004 The Challenge of Making Real-Time Business Decisions  
Making the right business decisions means either having the right information when you need it or simply being very lucky all the time. For most companies, the former strategy is difficult and expensive, and the latter is exciting but extremely unlikely, says ebizQ’s own analyst David Kelly. In this enlightening article, Kelly discusses the risks of gambling on your company’s event-driven solutions.
09/20/2004 Event-Driven Applications: Isolation Isn’t A Viable Solution  
Sharing lessons from his own frenetic life, ebizQ analyst David A. Kelly provides his unique take on the real world implications of technology and workflow, explaining how it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to continue to define and build applications and business processes from the top-down. Instead, moving to business event-driven applications and business process management solutions can give companies the freedom to alter and modify when business conditions warrant, thus producing a more peaceful business environment.
12/15/2003 Where Business Rules And BPM Intersect Gold Club Protected
What is “integrated separation” and what does it have to do with the dynamics of BPM and business rules? ebizQ analyst David A. Kelly explains that it can make all the difference in the world, between BPM systems that are essentially stuck in stone and those that are readily and easily adaptable:
08/04/2003 Patching Revenue Holes Gold Club Protected
Is your revenue pipeline springing leaks? If so, your bottom line could be taking needless hits. In this column, ebizQ analyst David A. Kelly explores the ways holes pop up in such pipelines, and ways to plug them up and assure a smooth flow of profits to company coffers:
07/28/2003 Some Characteristics of High-ROI BPM Projects Gold Club Protected
Some BPM projects produce better ROI than others. The trick is being able to know which is which. And in this column, ebizQ analyst David A. Kelly helps you sort them out:
06/30/2003 Integration Technologies Converging On 'Best Of All Worlds'? Gold Club Protected
Application construction, data integration, application integration, process management and workflow used to be seen as separate problems demanding separate solutions, says analyst Rob Hailstone in this IDC Opinion. But now, he notes, formerly divergent technologies are beginning to come together, in part because Web services are making it possible, as business demand increases for end-to-end IT coverage of all activities. And this, Hailstone asserts, may make plausible “the best of all worlds” of end-to-end adaptability, seamless integration, and performance. This study also describes how a service-oriented architecture (SOA) fits in the mix of the all-inclusive view of business functionality:
06/30/2003 Finding Gold In Them Thar BPM Projects  
It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game, right? By the same token, ebizQ analyst David A. Kelly explains here, it’s not as much the BPM solution you pick that matters as much as the nature of the game you’re playing. He says what you’re automating could determine whether your company is a long-term winner in the BPM game:
06/09/2003 Will BMC’s BSM Focus Fly? Gold Club Protected
“BMC believes it has a clear strategic focus for the first time in ten years.” So says William Fellows, Principal Analyst At Large of the451 Group. “The idea,” says Fellows, “is that BSM will manage from the business process first and the technology second.” But does Fellows think that notion will measure up?:
06/02/2003 How Much Process Improvement Is Enough? Gold Club Protected
Automating a process once can save organizations lots of money. Selecting a BPM solution that can enable continuous process improvement, when needed, can save (or perhaps generate) even more. In this column, ebizQ analyst David A. Kelly tells you how to determine the extent of business process change your company needs and, if it’s significant, how to be sure the solution you turn to can fit the bill:
03/17/2003 Squeezing Ambiguity Out Of The Business Process  
While human solutions are fine and even encouraged in the course of day-to-day business, they can be downright disruptive if their impact isn’t taken into account when process management technology is implemented or applications are integrated. With that in mind, ebizQ analyst David Kelly opines in this column about the process of automating processes:
02/24/2003 ERP Heavyweights Target Real-Time Enterprise Needs Gold Club Protected
ERP vendors, now entrenched in their customer bases, are taking the next step by providing a path for their customers to attain the level of process and application integration that will fulfill the requirements of the extended enterprise, according to analyst firm the451. It says users are looking to ERP application developers to help deliver on the original promise of better visibility into real-time corporate data and tight integration of disparate applications, which can provide end-to-end business process support. So far, the451 points out in this report, this hasn’t happened. But the future may well be different:
12/21/2002 Integration Matures With Business Activity Monitoring  
Business activity monitoring and business process management are widely viewed as the next big steps in integration, making it an even more valuable business tool. Here analyst Dave Kelly takes a look at how real-time business activity monitoring can help companies, their partners, suppliers and even their customers:
05/13/2002 Business Process Management Requires a Commitment to Components  
Business process management is a hot topic in EAI fields today. But to truly realize the benefits of BPM tools, an organization must be committed to component-based development. IBM consultant Douglas Allen explains why:
04/29/2002 Business Process Management 2002: Market Milestone Report Gold Club Protected
This research report on business process management is the latest in the Delphi Group's "Market Milestone Reports" series. It combines research conducted with technology vendors and end users for a comprehensive view of the BPM technology market--including spending habits, growth areas, customer needs and vendor solutions:
04/08/2002 The Emergence of Business Process Management Gold Club Protected
BPM will fundamentally alter the way companies do business, argue the authors of this white paper by CSC Research Services. Here, they explain the challenges and opportunities inherent in business process management, the steps needed for implementation, the key features of BPM products and the role of the Business Process Management Language:
04/08/2002 T+1: Just Another Automation Project Gold Club Protected
Required implementation of trade-day-plus-one capability for processing financial transactions is just around the corner for brokerages and other financial services companies. In this paper, Ray Nissan of Cybermation outlines the requirements and challenges involved in implementing T+1 systems:
04/01/2002 EAI: The Business Drivers and Technical Challenges Gold Club Protected
"The building blocks for competitive success are not products or markets but business processes." According to University of Maryland assistant professor Sanjay Gosain and EAI Technologies CEO Velan Thillairajah, that's the fundamental premise behind most corporate EAI projects. In this white paper, the authors outline the competitive drivers of EAI and the key challenges that organizations face in designing and implementing an EAI strategy:
03/25/2002 SCOR, Part 2: Supply Chain Management Intelligence and Improvement Roadmap  
In the conclusion of our two-part series on the Supply Chain Operations Reference model, Tamer Chavusholu of Promatis Corp. explains how SCOR can help companies improve their supply chain process management and provide them with a valuable reference for SCM best practices:
03/17/2002 SCOR, Part 1: An Introduction to the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model  
These days, supply chain management requires the design of processes that can span the IT systems of multiple business partners and provide competitive advantage through optimal efficiency in just about every aspect of product manufacturing, sourcing and distribution. The Supply-Chain Council's SCOR model aims to help companies do just that. Here's Part 1 of our two-part series on the model:
03/17/2002 A Six-Step Business Process Model for Eliminating ERP Chokepoints Gold Club Protected
This article by Optika CEO Mark Ruport identifies the most common obstacles associated with transaction processing, including some newly identified problem processes associated with ERP and other line-of-business systems. It also provides a step-by-step method for modeling those business processes to eliminate obstacles and reduce transaction cycles:
02/25/2002 The Impact of the Internet on Supply Chain Logistics Providers Gold Club Protected
The Internet and e-business are increasing the need for sophisticated logistics services, such as real-time status information and collaboration capabilities, and placing new demands on third-party supply chain logistics companies. In this paper, David Porter of Yantra describes how logistics providers must utilize technology to offer superior fulfillment and optimize their clients' supply chains:

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