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02/23/2012 Careful change management can help ensure BPM success  
As any executive knows all too well, a badly managed change business can have devastating consequences. That’s why effective governance is so critical to change management, especially where BPM is concerned. This feature explores roles, responsibilities and other issues involved in successfully managing change.
01/05/2010 Did Your Value Proposition Resonate?  
Understanding the business executive's idea of measuring the success and their pain points will lead to a better value proposition writing.
10/30/2008 SOA and Web 2.0 - Who Cares? Gold Club Protected
Time to get back to basics and translate next-generation technology into a value proposition a business executive can embrace.
02/27/2007 Evolution Beats Revolution  
The deployment of executive dashboards.
11/01/2006 RFG's Guide to BPM Solutions and Vendors Gold Club Protected
Robert Frances Group's executive guide to the BPM competitive landscape.
10/10/2006 Eyes Off the Prize  
While the consequences of the HP case may prove far more severe than a blown budget or project schedule, the scenario should still look rather familiar to any seasoned IT executive.
05/15/2005 ESB and BPEL: Changing the Rules of Integration  
The Enterprise Service Bus and Business Process Executive Language make it easier to deploy Web services, making the promise of SOA a reality.
01/18/2005 The Transformational CIO  
Adopting transformational rather than traditional transactional leadership styles has become a cost-effective way for CIOs to reconcile the conflicting objectives of driving growth, increase agility and improve customer experiences while cutting back on expenses, says ebizQ’s managing editor Gian Trotta, reporting on the first of ebizQ’s executive Webinars.
01/10/2005 The Next Big Thing  
John Stelzer's new regular monthly column, CIO Edge, is dedicated to addressing the many issues CIOs are facing in today's rapidly changing world. We know that one of the greatest challenges CIOs have is how to find a way to regularly outdo what they just accomplished. After all, it can be argued that continually producing at the same level is stagnation.
10/25/2004 An Introduction to Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy (Part 3 of 4) Gold Club Protected
In part three of ebizQ's unified content management feature series, Ann Rockley, Pamela Kostur and Steve Manning discuss the structure of content management, and the imperative for changes in process, as well as to changes in the the specific roles and skill sets necessary to adopt a unified content management strategy. The authors, in the next edition, continue to discuss the importance of defining metadata, and add to that the importance of considering dynamic content and workflow as part of your unified content management strategy.
10/18/2004 Something Old, Something New: Integrating Legacy Systems  
There are both cost and competitive challenges in maintaining legacy systems. Large deployments can be costly and investment for new or replacement solutions can be expensive as well. From a business and competitive perspective, Dr. Bob Sutor of IBM says the requirement can be summed up in one word: speed. Businesses need to respond rapidly to market opportunities and be first to market. At the same time, businesses need scalable, reliable and secure production applications.
10/18/2004 An Introduction to Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy (Part 2 of 4) Gold Club Protected
In part two of ebizQ's unified content management feature series, Ann Rockley, Pamela Kostur and Steve Manning discuss recent changes in the business environment to make the case for having your company adopt a unified content strategy. In this part, the authors discuss the influence that the Web and metadata have had on content management. As web information and e-commerce initiatives have grown, the authors say, Web content management has become an important part of corporations' content management strategy. However, corporate content spans the entire enterprise, so merging Web content management into your company's other data management initiatives is key.
05/10/2004 Will Your Next Appointment Be A CPO? Gold Club Protected
As businesses become more process-oriented, and managing those processes becomes more critical, the need is arising for a new C-level executive, the Chief Process Officer. Here, Chris Phillips of Staffware argues that creating such a role makes compelling business sense.
03/08/2004 The BPM Greenhouse  
While the benefits of BPM are plentiful, say BPM gurus Howard Smith and Peter Fingar, executive stung by past tech implementation may be skeptical. So, say Smith and Fingar, some approaches are better than others when it comes to introducing BPM into a company�s culture, and enabling it to grow:
07/21/2003 Upping The Ante On Compliance-- And Improving Your Business Performance  
Complying with the ever-growing mountain of new laws and regulations is a daunting task for businesses, but IBM executive Brett MacIntyre says compliance and the technology meant to assure it can have positive side effects, such as better-run businesses:
06/09/2003 Using Composite Applications to Lower Integration Costs Gold Club Protected
Composite apps could be just what the doctor ordered for business managers and IT professionals alike, says Aberdeen Group Vice President Thomas Dwyer, in terms of making integration less costly, complex and time-consuming. “Companies can now rapidly build composite applications that traverse application and information silos to deliver line-of-sight customer views into critical information and events,” Dwyer says in this Aberdeen Executive White Paper. And in it, he describes the current state of app integration, defines composite apps, and explains their benefits:
03/17/2003 Moving Away From XSLT? Gold Club Protected
ebizQ is happy to welcome a new columnist, renowned integration expert David Linthicum, CTO and Executive Vice President of R&D of Mercator Software. In his first column for us, Linthicum looks at XSLT and explains why the standard is appealing, where it falls short and, most importantly, the lessons it can teach us about applying standards in general, and technology in particular:
02/03/2003 Integration's Increasing Importance Gold Club Protected
Companies continue to turn to integration as they seek a competitive edge by becoming more flexible and efficient. They move toward real-time infrastructures so they can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and serve their customers better. Yet, integration has inherent challenges. All these trends and more are borne out in a recent survey by ebizQ and the analyst firm IDC. In this executive brief, IDC reviews the highlights of that survey, one that chronicles an ever-growing trend:
04/22/2002 Why Web Services Will Gradually Dominate e-Business Development  
Web services may be pitched as a radically new development paradigm that will suddenly transform the way we conduct e-business, but Nigel Thomas of SpiritSoft predicts that the adoption curve will be much more gradual. In this article, he presents his vision of the incremental but inexorable impact that Web services will have on e-business application development:
04/01/2002 Beyond Management Software Toolkits  
Network and systems management tools continue to evolve and advance, but simply adding more tools will not meet the needs of companies doing business over the Internet. This article from InterOPS Management Solutions describes the tools available and shows why IT organizations need to invest not just in better tools but also in the human element behind them:
03/04/2002 Ensuring e-Business Continuity for Financial Services Gold Club Protected
Even the best business continuity plan is of little value if it can't be successfully managed during an actual emergency. e-Business operations management demands its own strategy, particularly for high-risk, mission-critical operations such as financial services. Here, InterOPS Management Solutions explains the key requirements for such a strategy:
03/04/2002 The Road Ahead for MSPs: An Interview with NaviSite CEO Tricia Gilligan  
Managed services provider NaviSite has so far survived the high-tech shakeout of 2001, albeit with a smaller staff, fewer customers and millions of dollars in the red. But in this interview, CEO Tricia Gilligan explains why, despite the setbacks, she's much more optimistic about NaviSite's--as well as the overall MSP market's--outlook for 2002:
02/25/2002 Mobile Data's Effect on Business Productivity and Response Times  
Mobile commerce is expected to be the next major trend in e-business. But managing mobile data requires more savvy than just trying to rewrite a Web site for wireless access. David Rippetoe of Retrieval Dynamics explains the opportunities in the wireless data market and the key questions companies must ask before implementing wireless access:

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