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07/02/2009 How Much Governance is Enough? Part II of II  
The answer depends on what your organization is trying to achieve -- but achieving success at all is unlikely without appropriate governance.
06/25/2009 How Much Governance is Enough? Part I of II  
The answer depends on what your organization is trying to achieve -- but achieving success at all is unlikely without appropriate governance.
02/28/2009 Is SOA Dead? Long Live SOA! Part 2  
According to Beth Gold-Bernstein, SOA isn't dead -- but different organizations need to take different approaches to SOA. There is no one size fits all.
02/19/2009 Is SOA Dead? Long Live SOA! Part 1  
According to Beth Gold-Bernstein, SOA isn't dead -- but different organizations need to take different approaches to SOA. There is no one size fits all.
09/24/2008 Application Servers in Emerging Service Oriented Architectures Gold Club Protected
In a new survey of 110 companies, ebizQ explored how enterprises plan to implement new types of applications such as SOA, Web 2.0, mashups, open source, etc. Will they continue to use application servers? If so, what kinds?
12/06/2007 A Look Back at 2007: Governance is Key to SOA Success  
Don't build what you can't manage. But that's precisely what many are doing today with SOA.
11/20/2007 ebizQ's InfoWorld SOA Supplement  
ebizQ’s Beth Gold-Bernstein and Joe McKendrick interviewed the industry’s top practitioners to reveal the best practices, customer case studies and industry surveys that you can use to transform you tactical SOA systems into the right strategic mix of governance, and integration with complementary technologies like BPM that will increase the depths and directions of your business agility.
11/14/2007 The Inside Scoop on IBM-Cognos Gold Club Protected
Beth Gold-Bernstein moderates an enlightening discussion with IBM's Mark Andrews, OnStrategies' Tony Baer and Aberdeen Group's Michael Dortch, all about IBM's acquisition of Cognos.
05/21/2007 The Changing Dynamics of Business Intelligence  
ebizQ's Peter Schooff highlights a recent business intelligence podcast, moderated by Beth Gold-Bernstein, with vendors comments from HP, LogiXML, Hyperion (Oracle), Business Objects and SAS.
04/19/2007 Welcome to the Top Three, Software AG!  
ebizQ vice president Beth Gold-Bernstein utilizes her extensive background on Software AG and webMethods technology to explain why the acquisition is so compelling, and why Software AG is now positioned in the top three of SOA/BPM providers.
12/12/2006 Build Your SOA: Creating Reusable Service Patterns  
Beth Gold-Bernstein and Brenda Michelson propose an event-driven service design method to help business analysts, architects and developers design services optimized for agility and reuse.
11/14/2006 Mature SOA Requires Governance  
As everyone shrieks about benefits of SOA, actually implementing an SOA infrastructure is proving to be very challenging. This is where governance comes in.
06/29/2006 Book Review: Integration and SOA  
OnStrategies' Tony Baer reviews a new book by Beth Gold-Bernstein and Gary So.
01/29/2006 Speeding toward business visibility with BAM  
The state of the BAM market (at the time).
09/04/2005 SOA Fundamentals  
With service-oriented architectures entering large-scale deployment, ebizQ’s own Beth Gold-Bernstein takes us back to the basics.
07/24/2005 Results of ebizQ EAI and EII Buyer's Choice Awards  
An in-depth look at our Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Buyer's Choice Awards.
04/11/2005 Explanation of ebizQ's Buyer's Choice Awards!  
Click here for an explanation of the Buyer's Choice Award criteria, developed with ebizQ reader input by Vice President of Strategic Services Beth Gold-Bernstein.
04/10/2005 Designing Agile Business Services (Part II) Gold Club Protected
Companies will achieve a greater ROI from their SOA initiatives if they build adaptable and reusable systems, says Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQ’s own Vice President for Strategic Services, in this premium content on event-driven service design methods. Part two of a two-part series.
04/03/2005 Designing Agile Business Services (Part I)  
Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQ’s own Vice President for Strategic Services, presents an event-driven approach to designing adaptable and reusable business services.
02/13/2005 Simplifying Your Integration Choices  
While there are now many integration solutions on the market, deciding which integration technology is right for each integration problem is no easy decision. ebizQ’s own Beth Gold-Bernstein, citing poll results from a recent Webinar, highlights the opinions of the ebizQ community in how they choose integration tools.
12/07/2004 Webinar Recap: Critical Issues in J2EE Application Management  
In a recent Webinar, “Critical Issues in J2EE Application Management – Manage What Matters,” ebizQ’s Beth Gold-Bernstein and Robert Anderson from BMC Software discuss the wide range of sources for performance problems in Java enterprise applications, and provide concrete ideas for how to combat those problems.
11/15/2004 Taking a Holistic Approach to Business Performance Management  
Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQ's Vice President of Strategic Services, interviews Kevin McAuliffe, Director of Strategy and CTO for IBM Business Performance Management about IBM’s Business Performance Management Solutions.
11/10/2004 A Holistic Approach to Business Performance Management  
Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQ's Vice President of Strategic Services, interviews Kevin McAuliffe, Director of Strategy and CTO for IBM Business Performance Management about IBM’s Business Performance Management Solutions.
11/01/2004 Is an ESB Critical To Your Future?  
Just as application servers started out by providing connection, transaction, instantiation and other programming services that freed the programmer from having to write the code for each application, an enterprise service bus provides common communication and integration services. ebizQ’s own Beth Gold-Bernstein discusses why companies building service-oriented architectures and loosely coupled event-driven applications need an ESB.
09/27/2004 Semantic Integration: The Next Quantum Leap Toward Business Agility Gold Club Protected
Semantic integration requires knowledge of the meaning of data within the systems, including integrity rules and the relationships across systems. ebizQ’s own vice president for strategic services, Beth Gold-Bernstein, says business agility will be greatly enhanced when the semantic meaning of data is managed and reused. "Companies that view integration only as a task on a tactical project, will not be able to leverage the discovery and coding of semantic meanings across systems," she says. "In contrast, companies that blaze the trail of semantic integration will reap the rewards of increasing business agility."
08/30/2004 The Growing Imperative For Business Process Monitoring and Management  
Business process monitoring and management are “becoming prerequisites for business competitiveness. Companies who ignore this trend may be doing so at their own peril,” stresses ebizQ’s Beth Gold-Bernstein. No wonder then, that she sees them as evolving into enterprise essentials. “The good news is that there are a large number of solutions on the market. The bad news is that the shake-out has not yet occurred, and there is also a great deal of confusion.” All the more reason to read on:
07/26/2004 Integration Best Practices: Beyond The SOA, Composite Apps And Web Services Hype  
Done right, SOAs, Web services and composite applications can greatly enhance enterprise agility and hence, the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions, says ebizQ�s Beth Gold-Bernstein. But she cautions that the operative words there are done right, and that even then, those hot technologies and concepts aren�t magic bullets:
07/05/2004 Back To Basics: Building An Application Integration Architecture  
It doesn�t get much more basic than that, yet many companies take less than ideal approaches, according to ebizQ�s own Beth Gold-Bernstein and Candle Corp�s Peter Rhys Jenkins in a recent ebizQ webinar, highlighted here. So they offer an overview and numerous suggested best practices, along with a peek at ebizQ�s Roadmap to Integration Technology:
06/28/2004 The Role Of EII In SOA  
Enterprise Information Integration is unique unto itself, but helps organizations leverage other types of integration technology, according to ebizQ�s own Beth Gold-Bernstein. Here, she explains how, offering insight on EII�s history and growing role in the integration space, particularly as a catalyst for companies seeking maximum agility and reuse from SOAs:
06/07/2004 Service-Driven Enterprises: Aptly Named  
The so-called service-driven enterprise is geared toward providing just that: service, to customers, trading partners and internal users alike. And in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, our own Beth Gold-Bernstein and BEA�s Erik Frieberg explained that being one is as much a matter of corporate culture as IT infrastructure:
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