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12/17/2010 Taking an enterprise architecture approach to BPM  
ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff discusses corporate BPM strategies with enterprise architect Alexander Samarin.
04/16/2009 Architecting Collaborative Applications (Part I of II)  
Despite a plethora of available communication tools, company teams still fail to connect at critical junctures in the business process. Enterprise architects are keenly aware of this problem -- but how can they architect collaboration-enabled business processes that help break down silos?
02/11/2009 SOA Governance: Not Just an Architect's Plaything  
Conventional SOA governance wisdom that calls for a "big bang" top-down approach has proven ineffective for most enterprises. A new paradigm is needed for today's organizations to see real value in the real world.
08/13/2008 Are ESBs Evil?  
ESB architecture is often poorly planned, fragile and static -- the very opposite of what SOA promises, says David Linthicum.
01/09/2008 Firing Your Enterprise Architect Gold Club Protected
David Linthicum: If your existing enterprise architect canít take you where you need to go, you have to either to give them the tools they need, or give them a pink slip.
10/10/2006 SOA's Business Value (Part III of III)  
Neil Ward-Dutton says an IT architectís job is to work with a range of stakeholders to bring IT and business needs together in the development and implementation of IT solutions.
09/11/2005 Toward a Pattern Language for Service-Oriented Architecture and Integration (Part II)  
IBMís chief SOA architect says SOA solutions should be tailored to ensure a smoother path to adoption and success.
07/03/2005 The Value of the Enterprise Architect Gold Club Protected
AMR advises not to embark on transforming your supply chain without an enterprise architect setting strategy.
02/27/2005 How to Identify, Specify, and Realize Services for your SOA (Part III)  
SOA is about bridging the gap between business and IT through a set of business-aligned IT services using a set of design principles, patterns and techniques, says Ali Arsanjani, chief architect at IBMís SOA and Web Services Center of Excellence. In this final portion of a three-part ebizQ series, Arsanjani discusses the attributes of top-down, bottom-up and cross-sectional goal-model analyses for service identification.
02/21/2005 How to Identify, Specify, and Realize Services for your SOA (Part II)  
SOA is about bridging the gap between business and IT through a set of business-aligned IT services using a set of design principles, patterns and techniques, says Ali Arsanjani, chief architect at IBMís SOA and Web Services Center of Excellence. In this part two of a three-part ebizQ series, Arsanjani provides an architectural template for an SOA.
02/13/2005 How to Identify, Specify and Realize Services for Your SOA (Part I) Gold Club Protected
Analysts have predicted, pundits have professed, professors have lectured, companies have scurried to sell what they had, as SOA products -- often missing the point that SOA is not a product. Itís about bridging the gap between business and IT through a set of business-aligned IT services using a set of design principles, patterns and techniques, says Ali Arsanjani, chief architect at IBMís SOA and Web Services Center of Excellence. Part one of a three-part ebizQ series.
01/03/2005 Your Pocket Guide to Semantics and Ontologies (Part Two)  
When we last discussed ontologies, we covered how they help the SOA architect prepare semantic generalizations that make the problem domain more understandable. This month, letís take a deeper dive into the enabling standards.
12/05/2004 Your Pocket Guide to Semantics, Ontologies, and Application to SOA Gold Club Protected
Itís no secret that developing service-oriented architectures are among the most complex and difficult projects for the enterprise integration professional. With thousands of data elements to track, whatís an architect to do? David Linthicum says ontologies will make problems more manageable.
09/06/2004 The Evolution of the Business Integration Architect Gold Club Protected
As enterprises shift their focus beyond mere application integration to getting processes to work and play well together, they need specialists who can see the big picture to assure they get things right, says IBMís Douglas W. Allen. What makes a good business integration architect, and why are they so important? Allen knows:
05/24/2004 Metaservices: The Way Out Of The 'Wild West Of Services' Gold Club Protected
As the use or contemplated use of both public and private services in IT infrastructures accelerates, enterprises need get a much better handle on services, according to integration guru and ebizQ columnist David S. Linthicum. He proposes that a big help in that regard would be 'metaservices,' which would essentially be to services what metadata is to data:
04/12/2004 Stand Out, With BPM  
ItÔŅĹs easy to buy packaged solutions that lead to your company behaving much as its competitors do, even if those packages are later customized. But BPM expert John Hamilton of Computer Sciences Corporation says the key to your organization distinguishing itself lies in unique business processes, which are most readily achieved through BPM:
07/07/2003 Taking Web Services To The Next Level: Taxonomy Needed Gold Club Protected
Despite the great promise of Web services and Service Oriented Architectures to enhance integration efforts, and despite emerging standards that should hasten their adoption, more is needed to move organizations into the services arena, says Software AG Chief Services Architect JP Morgenthal. And, he notes here, that catalyst could come in the form of a Web services taxonomy. Simply put: broad agreement on the organization and categorization of Web services:
06/04/2003 Performance Tuning To Make WebSphere App Servers Sing  
The persistence layer offers scores of opportunities for optimizing your WebSpere environment. Candle architect Michael Pallos suggests some key best practices for database interaction in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here:
05/27/2003 Critical Factors In Choosing J2EE Or .NET Gold Club Protected
As the tug-of-war continues between J2EE and .NET, NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab Principal Architect Jeff Estefan argues here that itís important to avoid a hodgepodge approach and pick one or the other. And he runs down their strengths, weaknesses and similarities to help you make your decision:
03/18/2003 Web Services And The Mainframe: Bridging IT Eras?  
IT has moved from hardware and software eras to the Ďera of the network,í aided in large part by Web services, says META Groupís Mark Vanston. In a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, he and Candle senior architect Peter Rhys Jenkins explore ITís current state and how mainframes fit in:
01/23/2003 Getting The Most Out Of WebSphere Apps Servers  
The old ways of mapping out mission-critical apps just wonít cut it for WebSphere. In a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, Giga VP John Rymer and Candle Senior Solutions Architect Michael Pallos offer best practices to make WebSphere app servers scalable, reliable, highly available and secure:
12/19/2002 Making WebSphere MQ Secure  
Potential MQ security breaches are everywhere--LANs, the 1414 MQ default port, SYSTEM.DEF.xxx and other strings and, especially, WiFi wireless connections. In a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, Candle solutions architect Peter Rhys Jenkins offers some tips to minimize your risk:
11/04/2002 EAI Success Factors Gold Club Protected
Enterprise application integration technology is just the starting point for an efficient EAI infrastructure. The development of an enterprise integration architecture is the key to unlocking the claimed benefits of EAI, says Paul Wagner, chief architect at eServGlobal. In this paper, he examines the significance of application integration along with its business and commercial considerations:
05/27/2002 Executing an EAI Project Strategy  
How do you know if your company needs EAI? Then, how do you go about developing a strategy for implementing an EAI project? IT architect Mary Carzoli of Arthur Andersen explains what you need to know to design and execute an EAI project:
04/15/2002 Getting Ready for HIPAA: An Impact Analysis  
For healthcare organizations across the U.S., the deadline for complying with the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act looms larger every month. Among other things, HIPAA requires companies to adopt national e-business standards for all internal systems. This excerpt from a white paper by Extol International looks at the key requirements and common myths of HIPAA compliance:
04/08/2002 Application Architecture, Design Patterns and J2EE  
Design patterns have long been considered solutions looking for problems. With the mainstream adoption of J2EE, however, they may have found their problems to solve, says Wakesoft CTO Walter Hurst. In this article, he explains how a combination of object-oriented and Java design patterns can enable a developer to create a robust, scalable and future-proof application architecture:
02/18/2002 Defining Enterprise Information Portals Gold Club Protected
The term "portal" has come to have a number of meanings. In an effort to sort out what is and isn't a portal, Owendo Technology has released a 320-page report on the topic. This white paper is an excerpt from that report. It outlines the main types of portals, the history of their evolution and the key features and functions of enterprise portals:
06/05/2000 ERP/e-Commerce Integration: Leveraging a Component-Based Abstraction Layer  
Connecting ERP systems to front-end, e-commerce applications is usually fraught with difficulties. Eric Anderson, head of ERP-Link Corp., a systems integration and consulting firm, explains how to architect an e-commerce/ERP integration framework for making back-end systems available for e-commerce transactions:

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