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10/27/2009 Data Virtualization: Putting Your Data to Work for Your Cloud, BPM, MDM, and SOA Projects Gold Club Protected
This webinar will show you how to supercharge your cloud, BPM, MDM, CEP, and SOA efforts by implementing real-time data virtualization tactics.
10/14/2009 Live Discussion: Smart SOA Governance-A Look at Successful Case Studies Gold Club Protected
Good SOA governance means better business agility and saved money for enterprises. Does your organization need help with this? Attend this roundtable to find out.
07/28/2009 Measuring ROI of an End-to-End Application Management Solution Gold Club Protected
ROI and customer satisfaction are two keys to survival in these times. Learn how to optimize both at this Webinar.
06/03/2009 Cloud QCamp: SOA Meets the Cloud Gold Club Protected
Attend this session to find out how SOA can support cloud computing -- or how SOA can be a "private cloud" initiative in itself.
04/21/2009 ERP on the Cloud: A Mission-Critical Application for the Enterprise Gold Club Protected
Attend this webinar to learn about the new ERP cloud alternative that cuts costs dramatically.
12/11/2008 Mobilizing the Enterprise: Using RIA and SaaS to Do More with Less Gold Club Protected
With more employees working away from the office, organizations are seeking affordable alternatives to on-premise software and systems that will help them achieve their business objectives while reducing TCO. Attend this webinar and see how Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) meet these demands.
12/11/2008 Adapt with Agility - Web 2.0 in your Application Infrastructure Gold Club Protected
Attend this webcast to learn how to develop a robust, flexible application infrastructure that utilizes web 2.0 and takes full advantage of your SOA.
12/09/2008 Guaranteeing Agility in SOA and BPM with Process-Driven Data Integration Gold Club Protected
Data issues holding you down? Learn how to master the whole spectrum of data issues that can derail your application implentation.
11/18/2008 Putting Open Source to the Test Gold Club Protected
Open source software can eliminate high up-front license fees while still delivering high-quality capabilities, but it can also bring diverse challenges. Sign up for this Webinar to learn from JBoss Enterprise Middleware how to significantly lower the costs and risks of OSS.
09/26/2008 How Secure is Your Data? Learn about PCI Solutions
You Can Implement Today.
Gold Club Protected
Non-compliance with the PCI standard is expensive (credit card fraud has increased by 400% the past 10 years), and ruinous to a company's reputation. You can’t afford NOT to comply, and you can't afford not to attend this webinar.
09/18/2008 Wires, and Formats, and Apps, Oh My! Understanding Managed File Transfer Gold Club Protected
09/10/2008 The Future of Application Servers in the Enterprise & IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 Gold Club Protected
The rise of SOA has challenged the dominance of the application server, but what will come next? Attend this webinar to find out, and be one of the first to get a sneak peek at the next generation of IBM's WebSphere Application Server V7.
08/06/2008 Evolving Security Architectures and SOA for Better Business Collaboration Gold Club Protected
Traditional security models conflict with today's demands for more connectivity among customers, suppliers and partners outside the corporate boundary. At this Webinar, you'll learn about the impact of SOA upon security architectures, as well as new approaches for ensuring greater business collaboration.
06/25/2008 Data Services - Maximizing Business Value through Right-Time Information Gold Club Protected
Having access to accurate critical business information at the right time is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in today's dynamic environment. Come hear leading thinkers on right-time data integration and SOA talk about data services, a compelling approach to "the data problem."
06/24/2008 SOA for Greater ROI: Working Smarter Gold Club Protected
Every organization looking to thrive in today's economy can benefit from a first-hand lesson in how to best use existing IT assets, fast-track ROI and conserve resources. Join Sandy Carter and David Saul and learn how this is exactly what SOA was designed for.
04/15/2008 Federation and User Centric Identity – The Future Secure Identity Architecture for Your Businesses Partners and Consumers Gold Club Protected
Join us to learn about how today’s federations are confined to well defined communities of interest, but federations don’t completely address ease-of-use and privacy protection among disparate business contexts. The future identity architecture must include the best of today’s federations and the evolving user-centric identity frameworks.
04/10/2008 Banking on SOA Governance: Guiding IT Investment for Business Value Gold Club Protected
Sid Kaw, VP of Portfolio Management at Wachovia, will discuss the company’s SOA journey and the critical role governance played in achieving its goals, including how to keep business and IT aligned through SOA governance practices and applying a portfolio management approach to SOA.
03/26/2008 Threatscape 2008: New security approaches for a dangerous world Gold Club Protected
Attend this webcast, anchored by Security Incite's Mike Rothman and learn why do-nothing is the most dangerous posture to combat security threats, plus learn how to apply 'Defense against the Dark Arts,' and other practical approaches to navigating the threatscape.
03/20/2008 Reducing the Risk of SOA Transactions
The Importance of SOA Application Transaction Monitoring
Gold Club Protected
Join Randy Hefner of Forrest Research and Ed Horst of AmberPoint for an informative webcast on approaches for lowering the mean time to repair for enterprise-class SOA systems.
03/19/2008 Panel Discussion: Web 2.0 and SOA Gold Club Protected
Learn how SOA can enable end users to create Web 2.0 applications like mashups, use collaborative tools to establish widespread access to information, and learn how other organizations are enabling these new innovative enterprise resources within the context of SOA.
03/13/2008 Information Integrity in an SOA: Putting the Trust Back Into Information Gold Club Protected
Tune in to this web seminar to learn the critical role information integrity plays in SOA, then take an in-depth look at the issues essential to developing and maintaining information integrity.
02/27/2008 Roundtable: SOA Security - The Real Deal, or Much Ado About Nothing? Gold Club Protected
Attend this panel discussion, moderated by Security Incite analyst Mike Rothman, to get a no-holds barred look at SOA Security now and in the future. Find out the security issues inherent to Service-oriented architecture, and learn more about this exciting and important arena that will secure and protect your IT architecture.
01/30/2008 Roundtable: Technology Trends for 2008: BPM and SOA Gold Club Protected
One of questions we get asked most often from our members is: “What is the relationship between BPM and SOA?” There is a lot of confusion as to whether you can do one without the other. Should you? Should you start building services first or designing processes first? Experts and leading vendors will take part in this exciting event.
01/23/2008 Introducing a New Vision for SOA Governance Gold Club Protected
Companies that are successful with SOA have something in common – they have mastered the art of deploying SOA governance. Join this Webinar to learn what these companies know about SOA governance that helps them consistently meet their business objectives.
01/16/2008 Integrated SOA Governance for Microsoft Business Process Automation Solutions Gold Club Protected
This webinar will describe how to leverage a governed service platform for business process automation. It will examine the need for Integrated SOA Governance, and discuss solution requirements and best practices.
01/09/2008 The New Paradigm for Business Intelligence - Collaborative, User Centric, Process Embedded Gold Club Protected
Join this Webcast to learn how companies are shifting their BI deployments from a data-centric approach to a new and process-embedded paradigm that fosters informed, collaboration across and beyond corporate boundaries, empowering the business user within the context of daily business activities.
10/23/2007 The Internet's Largest Bookstore Mashes SOA and Web 2.0 Gold Club Protected
Join us to hear how businesses can leverage new technologies to help them realize the promise of SOA. If properly implemented, Web 2.0 tools often give enterprises a significant edge on their competition.
10/18/2007 Harness the Power of Content: Enterprise Report Management Gold Club Protected
Listen in to find out how to harness the power of content and make it work for you to make your business more agile, streamline business operations, execute on compliance initiatives and empower users with the right content, at the right time, in context.
10/17/2007 Think Globally, Act Locally for SOA Security - Strategies for Securing Applications in an Insecure World Gold Club Protected
Join ebizQ and Burton Group's Anne Thomas Manes for the definitive lesson on how to apply non-invasive, externalized security policy enforcement mechanisms consistently throughout your SOA ecosystems.
10/09/2007 Service-based Identity and Access Management - The Rise of SOA-Centric Identity Gold Club Protected
Join ebizQ and Gartner for a definitive Webinar on how new, more evolved forms of identity management will provide the necessary support services to ensure that SOA-centric solutions can succeed.
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