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07/12/2006 SOA Worst Practices Gold Club Protected

How many times have you heard: "Security for your service-oriented architecture [SOA] should be tight enough to be secure, but not so rigid as to impact flexibility or performance?" Did you think: Hey, how do we measure this?

You're not alone - and we're not just saying that to make you feel better. These and other SOA best practices offer good advice and value, but applying them to your business can be tricky. After all, best practices don't always relate to your specific situation or business model.

In this guide, you'll learn about real-life (and real lame) mistakes made by your peers! We'll share with you the thinking behind these ideas, why they failed, and better approaches that can help you achieve a more successful outcome. (In other words, you will be smarter after reading this. Really.)

06/29/2006 Efficient Business Processes Need More Than an Online Application Form Gold Club Protected
Some time last century the dream of lean, efficient, profitable businesses everywhere was to become paperless. Compliance regulations have actually made that elusive, due to stringent requirements for proof of identity and recordkeeping. Since there are many examples of why a ‘paperless’ organization with fully automated, straight-through processing, may remain a dream, a more pragmatic approach is required that enables documents to become part of efficient, integrated business processes.
05/05/2006 Why Runtime Governance Is Critical For SOA Gold Club Protected
Learn how runtime governance can protect production environments from undocumented services and policy non-compliance, eliminating associated risks of business service failures and violations of government regulations.
04/21/2006 SOA Appliance Case Studies - Web Services Meet the Network Gold Club Protected
In this customer case study whitepaper, noted analyst Jon Oltsik, of Enterprise Strategy Group, discusses the demands of XML Web services by highlighting four (4) end-user network deployments using IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA appliances. These new hardware products from IBM help to provide superior Web services security, ESB connectivity in a hardware form factor, legacy reuse & scalable XML for SOA. Jon Olstik also introduces the notion of the persistent network application processing model, an innovative model that utilizes intelligent devices like WebSphere DataPower SOA appliances to consolidate specific SOA services and XML processing on the network itself. Download the white paper now to learn how IBM can help you simplify, help secure and accelerate your SOA.
03/20/2006 Bulletproofing Web Services: A Step-By-Step Plan Gold Club Protected

This White Paper provides a step-by-step plan for ensuring reliable Web Services

As companies and consumers rely more on Web services, it becomes increasingly important for Web services developers to know how to properly design, develop, deploy, and ultimately manage a Web services system.

This White Paper illustrates the solid engineering and testing practices required to ensure complete, reliable Web service functionality, interoperability and security - whether you're creating Web services from scratch or integrating legacy back-end applications via Web services.

11/17/2005 How to Accelerate Strategic Planning for Homeland Security Gold Club Protected
Across the country, organizations at the federal, state, and local level are meeting to assess vulnerabilities, identify corrective actions, and develop contingency plans. This planning process is laborious and complex. It requires the collection, sorting, analysis, and presentation of vast amounts of information, ranging from airport blueprints to chemical formulas, and the coordination of all kinds of organizations — national and local, public and private—with different backgrounds, areas of expertise and expectations. Only by working together can all these organizations ensure that they have identified all the vulnerabilities that terrorists might exploit.
11/01/2005 Leveraging Identity Management in Portal Environments Gold Club Protected
Many organizations today are moving towards enterprise portals as gateways to all of their enterprise applications. Enterprise portals offer a number of benefits. They can improve an organization's ability to predict and respond to market dynamics, enhance application user productivity, and simplify the management of information technology environments.

Download this white paper to learn how your organization can leverage the features and services of this new class of software that can improve security, increase usability and ease administration.
08/24/2005 IBM Content Integration for the On Demand Business Gold Club Protected
Most organizations today are saddled with multiple different content management and workflow systems resulting from departmental investments or inherited through mergers and acquisitions. This has trapped content in isolated silos, rendering it inaccessible outside of narrow workgroups, departments or functions. Enterprise content integration (ECI) has emerged as the preferred solution for breaking through these silos and unlocking the value of content across the enterprise. ECI has powerful implications from an infrastructure perspective, helping to eliminate complexity, and from a business point of view, helping to improve customer service, streamline processes, enhance revenues and support compliance-related initiatives. This whitepaper will explore the important role of ECI in the context of these and other business initiatives.
03/31/2005 The Business Case for SOA Gold Club Protected
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is unquestionably one of the most important considerations in IT today. However, SOA goes beyond IT with its promise to truly transform corporate agility, and to align IT responsiveness with the businesses' demands for faster time-to-market. Fortunately, the benefits of SOA do not require a massive "big bang" reinvestment. Rather, as this white paper describes, the benefits can be realized incrementally with a well thought out strategy. A vital component of this strategy is recognizing the need for an SOA infrastructure-a set of software capabilities (security, monitoring, management, etc.) that exist outside of the services themselves to enable an enterprise-class implementation of SOA.
03/31/2005 Business Integration ROI Gold Club Protected
Integration is becoming an increasing priority for organizations today with the benefits it offers to streamline and improve all aspects of a company's operations. Consequently, the business case for an integration software investment should go beyond looking only at cost savings. It is important to also consider the tremendous gains that result from increased corporate agility-by narrowing the gap between strategy and execution-and in company brand value, where integration can enable modern, consumer- and partner-oriented solutions and a higher-degree of service quality. This white paper provides a blueprint for assessing both the tangible and intangible benefits that integration provides.
09/16/2004 Critical Infrastructure for Services-Oriented Architectures Gold Club Protected
Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) are beginning to revolutionize the way IT is structured. Ultimately, SOA better aligns IT with business, and that’s why over half of all companies are moving to a SOA environment with Web Services as one of the key enabling standards. SOA enables organizations to respond to change better, faster, cheaper, and provides agility, flexibility and cost savings. Westbridge Technology provides the XML Message Server (XMS), which provides XML Firewall and shared security services infrastructure for SOA environments.
06/02/2004 Web-Enabling Self-Service Business Processes Gold Club Protected
The benefits of moving manual processes to the web are well understood. But very few organizations have web-enabled product returns, bill disputes or other complex business processes. This paper discusses requirements for web-enabling complex processes and new technology from BroadVision that allows organizations to deliver self-service processes through existing websites.
04/12/2004 Real-time Monitoring for Healthy Business Gold Club Protected
The Real Time Enterprise demands real-time solutions. The competitive pressures of global delivery of business services in a 24/7 world means you can’t be without a real-time monitoring platform. Learn about MQSoftware’s robust real-time monitoring platform and products, which give visibility of your entire business transaction flow and all the associated technologies. Using Q Nami! and Q Pasa! solutions from MQSoftware, this level of functionality can be delivered to the right person, in the right way, at the right time, in real-time to ensure healthy business is flowing and delivering what you need to deliver improved customer experiences.
04/06/2004 UCCnet Synchronization: Managing the Integration Imperatives Gold Club Protected
UCCnet and related initiatives are aimed at sharing and synchronizing trade information across retailer, distributor, and supplier organizations. For suppliers and distributors in particular, complying with UCCnet mandates has become a requirement for doing business with major retailers. But the full impact of data synchronization on the operations and IT strategies of affected companies is not well understood. This White Paper examines the integration imperatives raised by the UCCnet data synchronization initiative. It explores how deep business integration, not mere compliance, is the key to achieving lasting business value from UCCnet investments.
02/09/2004 Content Management Best Practices in Insurance Gold Club Protected
A "secret to success" for enterprises in general, and insurance companies in particular, is "managing all of the information (that comes in the door) and optimizing complex processes that often cross departments and system platforms to enable ... employees to make better decisions faster," according to Enterprise Content Management software provider FileNet. In this white paper, FileNet serves up content management best practices, and explains how its ECM offering gets that job done for the heavily paper-laden insurance industry.
11/12/2003 Practical Approaches to Service-Oriented Architecture: Meeting the Demand Today and Tomorrow Gold Club Protected
The Integration Challenge: Delivering the Internet Opportunity Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the most significant change for systems and applications since client server computing and the dawn of the relational database. A service-oriented architecture--a computer system based on having autonomous, federated actors working together across an intelligent network--is the application of the Internet to software architecture. The trend toward SOA will enable IT organizations to create more complex systems with less effort, link together business processes across geographical and corporate boundaries, and create new applications and systems that encompass the current mainframe, client/server, and Internet architectures.
10/28/2003 ASQ: Real-Time Intrusion Prevention Gold Club Protected
Relying on multi-layer inspection enables ASQ to detect and prevent the most sophisticated attacks without any significant performance loss and reduces the amount of false positives drastically. Protocol analysis ensures RFC compliancy. Global context and connection analysis verify packet integrity. Stateful and ASQ plug-ins enforce application analysis.
10/23/2003 Artix Mainframe Overview: Web Services Transformer and Web Services Developer Gold Club Protected
Artix Mainframe lets organizations repurpose their host business logic without application integration, enabling business agility through high-performance enterprise access to mainframe assets. It uniquely minimizes deployment risks by transparently managing integration issues like security and data conversions. This paper presents an overview of Artix Mainframe Web Services Transformer and Web Services Developer; it also presents a number of use cases to demonstrate the various ways in which Artix Mainframe can help companies maximize their mainframe assets.
09/10/2003 Demystifying Enterprise Service Bus Technology Gold Club Protected
Learn how ESBs cut implementation complexities and dramatically reduce the TCO of integration projects. Over the past few years, the emergence of standards for enterprise communication, connectivity, transformation, portability and security have tried to simplify the enterprise integration and middleware problem. The Enterprise Service Bus, a new variation of software infrastructure, has added to the range of standards-based technologies that enterprises can use as the enterprise-nervous-system backbone. This white paper tries to demystify the newly emerging Enterprise Service Bus technology and examines the subtle but important differences in implementations of ESB technology by different vendors.
08/12/2003 Compliance - A Positive Attitude Gold Club Protected
This white paper outlines the basic definition of compliance with a brief historical background. It portrays the importance of compliance for the financial services organization and points out some of the regulations laid down so far. The paper further summarizes the compliance requirements of each regulation, with the penalties associated with it, and ends with a short profile on the e-mail retention policy and the impact of technology on compliance.
08/12/2003 Message Security In Integration Solutions Gold Club Protected
In the world of disparate systems having varied communication protocols and application standards, interoperability can be achieved only by using messages as the information transfer mechanism. Messages are technology-neutral and can be transferred on standard protocols, making it possible to integrate loosely coupled systems. Under a B2B scenario, messages will have to cross trust boundaries of companies where the need for security is all the more important. Moreover, most of the B2B message interactions are business-critical, where data theft or manipulations in such messages can have disastrous consequences. Addressing messaging security in these scenarios is therefore critical for building any integration solution. In this paper, we address the options available for securing messages and a comparison of them, with a recommendation for synergy implementation.
08/05/2003 Production Web Services: The Critical Need for Monitoring and Analysis Gold Club Protected
Web services must be dependable, efficient and secure to fulfill the promise of significant benefits of deployment. In order to ensure that they are, and fix problems when they occur, Web services need to be monitored and their health analyzed. However, even IT organizations with sophisticated Web services deployed today cannot answer basic questions about the reliability, performance and security of their deployment. Therefore, the success of Web services depends, in part, on overcoming these operational challenges by incorporating cost-effective, flexible, nonintrusive and standards-based methods.
06/23/2003 B2B e-Commerce: Decreasing Implementation Pains Gold Club Protected
This white paper discusses the challenges of B2B e-commerce implementation, such as making the B2B e-commerce system work within the existing business model, integration with the current database/ERP system and compliance with the company business rules, and offers possible solutions.
06/13/2003 Securing an MQ infrastructure: Modern Cryptographic Techniques Applied to WebSphere MQ Gold Club Protected
Studies recognize lack of security as one of the main factors inhibiting the development of electronic commerce. This paper provides an introduction to data security (encryption and authentication) for the WebSphere MQ environment.
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