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02/20/2008 Compliance and Beyond: Toward a Consensus on Identity Management Best Practices Gold Club Protected

For more than a decade, government and industry bodies around the world have issued a growing number of regulations designed -- in whole or in part -- to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of personal and corporate data . Regulations are often mandatory and compliance must be verifiable.

Organizations have undertaken programs to ensure compliance with these regulations, a similar consensus has begun to emerge on how to achieve compliance. Forward-thinking companies are now exploring how to do this affordably while ensuring maximum user convenience and satisfaction. This white paper explores these compliance-driven best practices and how prioritizing their implementation makes good business sense beyond the fulfillment of compliance requirements.

09/11/2006 Data Mash-ups Trigger Innovation and Productivity Gold Club Protected
What are Data Mash-ups? It is certainly not a familiar term in enterprise software and might even send a shiver down the spine of a datablase administrator. Yet some large corporations and government agencies are using this concept to get closer to their customers, have a better pulse on their business, monitor and understand external threats and opportunities, or simply get access to information that cannot be obtained any other way. Download this white paper and learn more!
03/31/2005 Business Integration ROI Gold Club Protected
Integration is becoming an increasing priority for organizations today with the benefits it offers to streamline and improve all aspects of a company's operations. Consequently, the business case for an integration software investment should go beyond looking only at cost savings. It is important to also consider the tremendous gains that result from increased corporate agility-by narrowing the gap between strategy and execution-and in company brand value, where integration can enable modern, consumer- and partner-oriented solutions and a higher-degree of service quality. This white paper provides a blueprint for assessing both the tangible and intangible benefits that integration provides.
11/09/2006 Fostering People's Interaction and Collaboration Gold Club Protected
To encourage efficiency and innovation, companies are looking for new ways to empower people using technology such as SOA. People are an integral part of the services delivered through SOA, because they interact with those services to execute business results. Businesses can provide personalized, streamlined environments for employees to interact with other people and targeted information using SOA and encourage greater collaboration among employees, business partners and customers. This executive brief explores in greater detail the people entry point for an SOA that enables real time views of key business processes and organization of information to help people interact effectively, make better decisions and collaborate more freely.
05/08/2007 Extending the business value of SOA through BPM Gold Club Protected
According to leading analyst firms, SOA and BPM are mutually beneficial initiatives. According to many CIO polls, organizations often approach SOA and BPM for many of the same benefits: improved visibility, productivity, and agility. SOA can greatly accelerate BPM initiatives, and BPM can yields measurable results from SOA initiatives. BEA has a comprehensive, integrated solution that extends the value of SOA through BPM.
08/12/2003 Compliance - A Positive Attitude Gold Club Protected
This white paper outlines the basic definition of compliance with a brief historical background. It portrays the importance of compliance for the financial services organization and points out some of the regulations laid down so far. The paper further summarizes the compliance requirements of each regulation, with the penalties associated with it, and ends with a short profile on the e-mail retention policy and the impact of technology on compliance.
11/17/2009 Customer Success Story – Financial Services: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Gold Club Protected

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) looked to Metastorm BPM to automate new customer on-boarding and compliance related processes. Through the use of Business Process Management Software SMBC has created a single user interface, achieved Basel II and Patriot Act compliance, improved customer service, lowered risk and improved regulatory compliance.

12/21/2007 Avoiding Disastrous Insider Security Breaches Gold Club Protected
Eighty percent of publicized data breaches come from internal sources, and this suggests that organizations that have focused their IT security efforts only on protecting the perimeter are at high risk for potentially disastrous insider security breaches. This Imprivata white paper discusses effective best practices to help your organization counter the insider threat.
10/24/2007 Web Services Security: What's Required To Secure A Service-Oriented Architecture Gold Club Protected
The service-oriented architecture (SOA) concept is now embraced by many companies worldwide. However, because of its nature (loosely-coupled connections) and its use of open access (HTTP), SOA adds a new set of requirements to the security landscape. Download this white paper to learn about more specific SOA security challenges and how to address them.
06/16/2008 Mitigate Risk with Security Assessments Gold Club Protected
Security requires a broad, organization-wide effort that extends to people, policies and actions. To mitigate risk and manage security, organizations must be able to measure the effectiveness of the people, policies, processes and products securing applications and data. Download this white paper to learn how.
10/26/2007 The Case for Application Security - How Real is the Threat and What Are Your Options Gold Club Protected
This report compiles data and research from numerous sources and organizes them into a single, straight-to-the-point, data-driven overview of current threats, the true costs of a data breach and the most effective solutions for securing your applications.
06/13/2003 Securing an MQ infrastructure: Modern Cryptographic Techniques Applied to WebSphere MQ Gold Club Protected
Studies recognize lack of security as one of the main factors inhibiting the development of electronic commerce. This paper provides an introduction to data security (encryption and authentication) for the WebSphere MQ environment.
08/12/2003 Message Security In Integration Solutions Gold Club Protected
In the world of disparate systems having varied communication protocols and application standards, interoperability can be achieved only by using messages as the information transfer mechanism. Messages are technology-neutral and can be transferred on standard protocols, making it possible to integrate loosely coupled systems. Under a B2B scenario, messages will have to cross trust boundaries of companies where the need for security is all the more important. Moreover, most of the B2B message interactions are business-critical, where data theft or manipulations in such messages can have disastrous consequences. Addressing messaging security in these scenarios is therefore critical for building any integration solution. In this paper, we address the options available for securing messages and a comparison of them, with a recommendation for synergy implementation.
10/29/2007 State of the Portal Market 2007: Portals and the Power of Participation Gold Club Protected
Recently, BEA Systems released their annual report on the state of the enterprise portal market, which includes a synthesis of customer survey results and a summary of analyst research. The report reveals that portals remain a top priority for CIOs at large enterprises for the sixth consecutive year. It also substantiates industry consensus that portals remain ideal platforms for consolidating applications, helping enable the integration and reuse of existing systems and data, and helping companies introduce Web 2.0 capabilities to their increasingly tech-savvy user communities.
06/04/2007 SOA Governance: Rule Your SOA Gold Club Protected
This whitepaper underscores the fact that SOA Governance is no side issue -- but rather the key factor to overall SOA and business success! Effective SOA Governance supports your IT oprganization, aligns business and IT, and provides the foundation for compliance management. Business benefits from your SOA initiative can be monitored and optimized, providing you with traceable business goals and the appropriate service implementations and operations. A well-founded and executed SOA Governance avoids the "chaotic growth" of an enterprise's SOA and allows an organization to supervise and manage the entire SOA lifecycle.
06/23/2003 B2B e-Commerce: Decreasing Implementation Pains Gold Club Protected
This white paper discusses the challenges of B2B e-commerce implementation, such as making the B2B e-commerce system work within the existing business model, integration with the current database/ERP system and compliance with the company business rules, and offers possible solutions.
05/05/2006 Why Runtime Governance Is Critical For SOA Gold Club Protected
Learn how runtime governance can protect production environments from undocumented services and policy non-compliance, eliminating associated risks of business service failures and violations of government regulations.
01/14/2010 Implementing a “Business Process Culture” to Automate Core Process Gold Club Protected
This white paper documents the power of BPM to automate and enhance core processes — in this case, classification of information coming into and going out of a government security agency. Because of the sensitive nature of the application, the identity of the agency has been concealed. Despite this anonymity, other organizations can learn how to take advantage of a business process management approach to developing and deploying applications by learning about this agency’s success in implementing a “business process culture” to solve a major security challenge.
02/17/2009 Data privacy best practices: time to take action! Gold Club Protected
In the midst of unprecedented security breaches, the best way to ensure that confidential information remains protected is to develop and implement a comprehensive privacy and security strategy. This white paper explains the steps you need to consider when developing your privacy strategy and implementing your first data privacy project. Find out how you can help your organization implement best practices in privacy protection and make your privacy project successful from start to finish.
11/01/2005 Leveraging Identity Management in Portal Environments Gold Club Protected
Many organizations today are moving towards enterprise portals as gateways to all of their enterprise applications. Enterprise portals offer a number of benefits. They can improve an organization's ability to predict and respond to market dynamics, enhance application user productivity, and simplify the management of information technology environments.

Download this white paper to learn how your organization can leverage the features and services of this new class of software that can improve security, increase usability and ease administration.
07/29/2008 Transforming the Enterprise by Automating Document-Centric Processes Gold Club Protected
A plethora of companies are still employing completely ad hoc, document-centric processes, many of which are central to day-to-day operations. To improve business efficiency and agility and to address compliance and risk mitigation requirements, companies must automate these processes and provide an integrated enterprise platform for managing the underlying content. IBM’s Active Content capability provides the foundation for document-centric process automation, and this report describes its application and the benefits in context of IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM FileNet Business Process Manager.
11/23/2009 Bullet-Proofing Instant Messaging Gold Club Protected

Consumer-grade instant messaging opens a door for malware and can compromise your regulatory compliance efforts and violate copyright protection. This white paper describes how a secure IM service works with standard IM packages to screen and filter traffic, enabling you to block malware and prevent transmission of unauthorized content.

11/17/2005 How to Accelerate Strategic Planning for Homeland Security Gold Club Protected
Across the country, organizations at the federal, state, and local level are meeting to assess vulnerabilities, identify corrective actions, and develop contingency plans. This planning process is laborious and complex. It requires the collection, sorting, analysis, and presentation of vast amounts of information, ranging from airport blueprints to chemical formulas, and the coordination of all kinds of organizations — national and local, public and private—with different backgrounds, areas of expertise and expectations. Only by working together can all these organizations ensure that they have identified all the vulnerabilities that terrorists might exploit.
11/26/2007 IBM SOA Appliances: Redefining the Boundaries of Middleware Gold Club Protected
SOA appliances from IBM are game-changing solutions that are redefining the boundaries of middleware extending the SOA Foundation with specialized, consumable, dedicated SOA appliances that combine superior performance and hardened security for SOA implementations. This article describes how SOA Appliances offer an innovative, pragmatic approach to harness the power and potential of SOA while simultaneously enabling you to leverage the value of your existing application, security, and networking infrastructure investments.
03/27/2008 Dynamic BPM - A Comparison Between BPM and Email Gold Club Protected

BPM solutions are designed to support structured processes: workflows that follow formal (rigid, concrete) rules defining roles (who can do what, when), policies (laws, rules), and procedures (interactions, approvals). Structured BPM is perfectly suited for automating formal workflows (e.g., procurement, enrollment, compliance, expenses). However, structured BPM was not designed to support constantly changing workflows (e.g., tasking, action tracking, project management) that make up 80% of the average employee workday.

Today organizations use EMAIL to manage dynamic work. But email offers inadequate control, visibility, and accountability. One study actually found that 43% of people have fallen ill because of EMAIL-induced stress.

HandySoft provides BizFlow, a platform combing the structure of BPM with the flexibility of email. We call this mash-up Dynamic BPM.

03/31/2005 The Business Case for SOA Gold Club Protected
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is unquestionably one of the most important considerations in IT today. However, SOA goes beyond IT with its promise to truly transform corporate agility, and to align IT responsiveness with the businesses' demands for faster time-to-market. Fortunately, the benefits of SOA do not require a massive "big bang" reinvestment. Rather, as this white paper describes, the benefits can be realized incrementally with a well thought out strategy. A vital component of this strategy is recognizing the need for an SOA infrastructure-a set of software capabilities (security, monitoring, management, etc.) that exist outside of the services themselves to enable an enterprise-class implementation of SOA.
06/29/2006 Efficient Business Processes Need More Than an Online Application Form Gold Club Protected
Some time last century the dream of lean, efficient, profitable businesses everywhere was to become paperless. Compliance regulations have actually made that elusive, due to stringent requirements for proof of identity and recordkeeping. Since there are many examples of why a ‘paperless’ organization with fully automated, straight-through processing, may remain a dream, a more pragmatic approach is required that enables documents to become part of efficient, integrated business processes.
12/08/2009 Decide to Survive-Four Imperatives that Make Better Decision Management Essential in Uncertain Times Gold Club Protected

Entering a global recession, companies must respond to increasingly complex markets, changing threats, and fleeting opportunities. They must show compliance with a growing regulatory burden and more layers of regulation at national and international levels, while also reducing operating costs. Decision management answers four imperatives for businesses seeking to thrive in today’s difficult environment. This white paper shares FICO’s decades of experience helping enterprises compete more effectively using decision management technology.

07/12/2006 SOA Worst Practices Gold Club Protected

How many times have you heard: "Security for your service-oriented architecture [SOA] should be tight enough to be secure, but not so rigid as to impact flexibility or performance?" Did you think: Hey, how do we measure this?

You're not alone - and we're not just saying that to make you feel better. These and other SOA best practices offer good advice and value, but applying them to your business can be tricky. After all, best practices don't always relate to your specific situation or business model.

In this guide, you'll learn about real-life (and real lame) mistakes made by your peers! We'll share with you the thinking behind these ideas, why they failed, and better approaches that can help you achieve a more successful outcome. (In other words, you will be smarter after reading this. Really.)

11/23/2009 Protecting Your Network Against the Growing Danger of Web Attacks Gold Club Protected

Web sites containing malware are increasing exponentially. Combating the new threats posed by the Web can be a challenge for organizations. Learn about the negative impact these growing Web threats can have on your business and why proactively protecting your company through an enforced acceptable usage policy in combination with a hosted Web security and filtering service is important.

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