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05/13/2009 2009 Event Processing Roundtable: Managing Events in an Eventful Year Gold Club Protected
This cutting-edge roundtable will explore how companies can improve bottom line results and achieve competitive leadership with complex event processing (CEP).
02/12/2009 Bringing Corporate Reconciliation into the 21st Century: Leveraging Technology to Automate Reconciliation Management Gold Club Protected
For many enterprises, the reconciliation process is expensive, slow and error prone -- but it doesn't have to be. Tune into this webinar to learn how automated reconciliation provides a mature solution.
01/29/2009 Employing Business Intelligence About and Within Your Business Processes Gold Club Protected
Attend this Webinar to drill down on the latest tactics your enterprise can use to take advantage of the ever growing convergence of BI and BPM technologies.
10/07/2008 Know Thy Enterprise: Increase Effectiveness With Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Gold Club Protected
Getting and using real-time information could make the difference between life or death for today's business. Sign up for this webinar to learn how to quickly resolve problems and take advantage of situations with BAM!
08/20/2008 Roundtable Discussion: Open Source Market Update Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to go over the research findings on how open source can enable an enterprise, and listen in as two industry mavens discuss the risks, opportunities, and best practices for adopting open source solutions.
05/13/2008 BAM for BPM Survey Results Are In! Learn Whatís Driving New BAM Investments Gold Club Protected
ebizQ surveyed BPM community members in April 2008 to understand key drivers for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) investments. Join us for surprising results, which indicate how companies in telecommunications, banking, and manufacturing industries are applying BAM today to gain better visibility into business and process performance.
03/20/2008 Reducing the Risk of SOA Transactions
The Importance of SOA Application Transaction Monitoring
Gold Club Protected
Join Randy Hefner of Forrest Research and Ed Horst of AmberPoint for an informative webcast on approaches for lowering the mean time to repair for enterprise-class SOA systems.
02/12/2008 BAM: The Killer App for CEP Gold Club Protected
Business Activity Monitoring ups the ante on the event processing and complex event management infrastructure, making it significantly more critical for companies to invest in the information driven through their CEP layer. Join this webinar for high-level discussion of BAM as a potential killer app for the event processing arena.
09/26/2007 Business Success Through Process Optimization Gold Club Protected
Successful implementation of BPM and BAM is a combination of the right tools, the right people and the right processes. Tune into this webinar to learn how to optimize all three.
07/25/2007 Event Processing: Competitive Advantage Through Situational Awareness Gold Club Protected
Join Gartner's Roy Schulte and BEA Systems's Guy Churchward for this exciting Webinar on next-generation event processing. Architects and business analysts are discovering a new way to give their companies a competitive advantage by tapping the information value that is hidden within the streams of real time event data that are springing up from a variety of sources such as Web click streams, financial transactions of many types, sensor networks and supply chains.
02/21/2007 From Challenge to Opportunity.
Customer Data Integration
Gold Club Protected
This Webinar explores the benefits of CDI that can be realized by linking all of your data about a customer or a household into a Single Customer View (SCV). you drive down support costs, enable effective up selling and improve customer retention.
01/25/2007 Collaborative Business Solutions: A New Breed of Event-Based Applications Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear about the next generation of vertical solutions that utilize event-based applications - authenticity, pedigree, RFID - ensuring safety and brand value, which will also add value to your SOA framework.
12/12/2006 Business Activity Monitoring: Delivering Critical Visibility Into Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Gold Club Protected
Join us to hear why Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) running on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides real-time visibility into automated IT systems and business execution to ensure that business commitments and customer expectations can always be met.
09/13/2006 The ROI of SOA Gold Club Protected
Join this webinar and take an in-depth look at how you can maximize your ROI from SOA. This webinar will provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions for your company's SOA initiative.
06/14/2006 SOA: Architecture, Methodology, or Millstone for Financial Technology Organizations? Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar for an exploration of the principles of SOA and its effects on people, process, and technology. We'll also take a look at how financial industry participants are using SOA for technical integration, identity management, and service governance in end user applications.
06/06/2006 Building Your SOA Infrastructure Faster With Lower TCO Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar if you need to deliver new applications quickly, reduce costs, make business processes more agile, as well as improve your infrastructure flexibility, security and compliance.
03/30/2006 Pragmatic Customer Data Integration Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to learn a pragmatic approach to customer data integration, from building the business case to choosing a sustainable approach and technologies.
03/28/2006 Service Oriented Integration, Applying SOA Principles for Business Integration Gold Club Protected
This informative Webinar will dispel a few myths regarding SOA and web services, discuss the benefits of SOI, and highlight applicable solutions and open source technologies to deliver a right-sized integration solution leveraging SOA.
03/08/2006 SOA - Practical Implementation Approaches Gold Club Protected
This Webinar will explore how to find the best SOA approach for you and will answer the question of how you can ensure SOA success.
07/28/2005 Sun & SeeBeyond: A Technical Overview of SOA Gold Club Protected
Discover how the combined technologies and services from Sun and SeeBeyond can help IT deliver SOA-based solutions producing near term results for demanding business problems.
07/12/2005 Integration 101 – From Application Integration to SOA Gold Club Protected
Attend to hear experts make sense of all the acronyms -- BAM, BPM, SOA, EDA, CEP -- and to describe at a fundamental level the different integration technologies that can be leveraged to integrate and enhance business systems and processes.
06/28/2005 Business Performance Management and Optimization Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear experts discuss the potential for new levels of pro-active management capabilities enabled by integration, powered by BPM and BPO.
05/18/2005 BPM, BAM and SOA: Optimizing both Business and IT Gold Club Protected
Listen in to learn the differences and what to look for when shopping for business process management (BPM), between business activity monitoring (BAM) and SOA/Web services orchestration (WSO) solutions. The Webinar will help you understand how these differences are manifested in different technologies and how that will impact the long term cost of ownership.
03/31/2005 Delivering the Most Productive SOA-Based Composite Application Development and Deployment Environment Gold Club Protected
Listen in to find out how composite applications enable the rapid reconfiguration of business processes and visibility over their operation. They are all services-based and supportive of the longer term enterprise SOA.
03/24/2005 SOA Customer Case Study: Cross Enterprise Process Visibility -
Gold Club Protected
Tune in to learn how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is leveraging a service-oriented architecture and composite application platform from SeeBeyond to realize dramatic cost savings and process improvement through an adaptive and more capable IT solution.
03/17/2005 Consolidating B2B Services: Time to Get Strategic Gold Club Protected
Tune in to learn how companies have leveraged an SOA-based B2B Hub solution from SeeBeyond to enable B2B consolidation and drive ROI.
12/14/2004 Optimizing Business Performance with SOA
(USA EST Time Zone)
Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to find out how to improve quality of service levels and optimize business performance using business activity monitoring, one of the biggest benefits of adopting a service-oriented architecture.
12/14/2004 Optimizing Business Performance with SOA
(EMEA Time Zone)
Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to find out how to improve quality of service levels and optimize business performance using business activity monitoring, one of the biggest benefits of adopting a service-oriented architecture.
12/08/2004 You Canít Implement an SOA with Web Services Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to determine how to allow your company to build high-value composite applications on top of your existing infrastructure while providing a graceful means to retire legacy applications as they reach their natural end-of-life.
12/01/2004 You Can't Implement BPM With BPM Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to find out why you need application integration, B2B communications, portal, business activity monitoring (BAM) and master data management functionality to create a framework that can fully support your BPM requirements.
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Jessica Ann Mola: Where Will BI Fit In? Lyndsay Wise Explains

In BI, this tough economy and the increasing role of Web 2.0 and MDM are certainly topics on people's minds today. WiseAnalytics' Lyndsay Wise addresses each of them in this informative podcast.

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