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04/18/2013 Event processing and activity monitoring: Differences, benefits and best practices  
In this Q & A and an accompanying podcast, Forrester Research Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about the growing convergence of complex event processing (CEP) and business activity monitoring (BAM). Gualtieri also offers real-world examples of the technologies in action and offers best practices for companies interested in adopting either one.
04/06/2010 Automating AR: Putting Control in the Hands of Customers  
Learn how AR document process automation can bridge the gap between legacy media and future invoicing mechanisms.
11/03/2009 Proactive IT Strategy: Why You Need One  
To curb wasteful spending and improve efficiency, companies are adopting business transaction management strategies.
04/24/2008 Federated Event Systems: The Event Web Gold Club Protected
Event-driven applications that are constructed as compositions of Web applications can offer considerable benefits to your enterprise.
12/05/2007 Can Intel Be Separated From Process?  
The emergence of Complex Event Processing and the growing take-up of BPM and BAM calls into question whether we should treat BI as a standalone solution.
08/20/2007 Where Do Event Processing and BAM Tools Pay Off?  
In Roy Schulte's final article in our special event processing series, he says BAM tools and CEP engines are quite valuable and cost-effective when used in the right situations.
09/03/2006 SOA Meets Business Rules  
How business rules can improve application integration and SOA implementation.
06/20/2006 The Joy of SOX  
Why Sarbanes-Oxley and SOA may be the best thing that ever happened to you.
06/15/2006 Is Rational Waking Up?  
Analysis from OnStrategies’ Tony Baer.
01/29/2006 Speeding toward business visibility with BAM  
The state of the BAM market (at the time).
12/25/2005 Business Activity Monitoring and Business Intelligence  
Powering event-driven, real-time business analytics.
09/04/2005 Viva La BAM!  
Is it really possible to monitor business processes and make corrections in real time?
07/10/2005 Analysis of Sun's Purchase of SeeBeyond Gold Club Protected
A premium report from the 451 Group about Sun's most recent acquisition announcement.
06/19/2005 Bringing Order to the Business Activity Monitoring Space  
The market for BAM tools to aid in enterprise management has exploded into a chaotic marketplace.
04/24/2005 You Can’t Implement BPM With (Just) BPM  
Well, it’s certainly non-intuitive and it’s undeniably controversial. But it’s also true. You can’t implement BPM with BPM. Or, more precisely, you can’t implement BPM with just BPM, says Ross Altman of SeeBeyond.
04/17/2005 Removing Bottlenecks From Your Database  
A new class of tools measures wait-time for hundreds of specific delay points inside the database, and quantifies exactly what response time boost you can achieve by resolving the bottleneck. By looking inside the database and watching the wait-time created by specific transactions, you can make major performance gains without adding new hardware capacity.
03/06/2005 Realizing the ROI of BPM  
Business process management allows you to model, automate, manage, measure and optimize the flow of business process steps that span your organization’s systems, people, devices, customers and partners within and beyond your corporate boundaries. In a recent ebizQ Webinar, SeeBeyond’s Ross Altman said that the BPM’s return on investment is significant.
02/21/2005 Building an SOA to Your Company’s Specifications  
In a recent ebizQ Webinar, “You Can’t Implement an SOA with Web Services,” experts discussed the prospects of strategically utilizing service-oriented architectures to reuse applications and rationalize disparate systems resulting from M&A, instead of adhering to the “rip-and-replace” approach.
12/13/2004 Know Your Business Impact Analyzer Before You Buy It Gold Club Protected
Business activity monitoring tools are now predicting how your business will be affected by the performance of your IT. Instead of simply alerting you when certain events happen in your enterprise IT layers, they go a step further and predict how those events will impact your high-level business processes. This goes well beyond the basic dashboard model for the current generation of BAM tools. It’s a direction that tries to anticipate what you, the consumer of BAM, will ask for next.
11/08/2004 The Multiple Dimensions of Business Process Modeling and Standardization  
While substantial progress has been made in business process standardization, the industry requires more that a single compacted standard, says Antoine Lonjon of Mega International. This feature presents the current status of business process standardization and the need to embrace the multiple dimensions of business process approaches.
09/06/2004 The Evolution of the Business Integration Architect Gold Club Protected
As enterprises shift their focus beyond mere application integration to getting processes to work and play well together, they need specialists who can see the big picture to assure they get things right, says IBM’s Douglas W. Allen. What makes a good business integration architect, and why are they so important? Allen knows:
08/30/2004 Event-Driven Business Processes: Coming To A Company Near You  
The trend toward enterprises that are driven more and more by real-time data spawned by events is unmistakable, according to ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly, who says the impact will reach all the way from the corporate boardroom to the cell phone or PDA in your pocket. As Kelly puts it: �Over time, being able to easily and efficiently generate, receive, and consume real-time data within your company and from business partners or customers is going to be a critical component of almost all IT and business plans�:
08/30/2004 Does Your Company Know What It Knows? Gold Club Protected
Having complete, reliable, real-time information from and on all areas of the enterprise and its partners, adding up to the “big picture,” is critical for businesses. But they’re still not there, according to ebizQ columnist Dr. Chris Harding, of The Open Group. He says the obstacles are formidable but being tackled, in the hope of reaching information Nirvana, what The Open Group dubs “Boundaryless Information Flow”:
08/09/2004 Testing While Aligning Business And IT  
II sometimes gets given short shrift amid all the talk about such alignment. But ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly says it should not be like that. He notes that risk-based testing is perhaps the most efficient way of checking how things will work at the intersections of business and IT.
08/02/2004 Modernizing EDI Gold Club Protected
EDI is a true survivor, evolving with changing IT times to continue to meet changing enterprise needs, says , EXTOL International�s Stephen Rosen. He explains that the latest trends involve real-time data synching, empowering end-users, and EDI as part of complete enterprise views:
07/26/2004 BAM Providers As Online Banking Fraud Preventers  
What a difference a little �IT Insight� stemming from advanced BAM could make for online banking -- providing a way to detect illegal online activities even as they happen or soon thereafter, according to IT guru, Stanford professor and ebizQ columnist David Luckham. He says the technology is evolving toward that point � and could get there with a push from bankers � in just one example of what IT awareness by enterprises could mean:
07/26/2004 Aligning Business And IT: There's No Other Way Gold Club Protected
The need for such alignment is no longer in dispute, says David A. Kelly of ebizQ. But some key facets of getting there are tougher to come by than just buying more technology. For instance, he points out, the whole nature of the relationship between business managers and the IT organization has to change.
07/05/2004 BPEL: Helping SOAs Help Enterprises  
There�s no question that service oriented architectures can be significant enterprise aids by making organizations much more flexible, fostering reuse, etc. But SOAs themselves need some assistance when business processes are being orchestrated and Web services are being composed. And that boost is coming in the form of BPEL, as Oracle�s John Deeb described in a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here:
06/21/2004 The Beginnings of IT Insight: Business Activity Monitoring  
"IT blindness" can result in missed business opportunities on a large scale, according to the term's creator, David Luckham, a Stanford professor, IT guru and ebizQ columnist. But Luckham notes that technology leading to "IT Insight" is starting to emerge, solutions that could enable enterprises to seize those opportunities. And he calls BAM the "tip of the iceberg" of that emergence:
06/21/2004 Avoiding Common EAI Implementation Missteps Gold Club Protected
If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, how valuable would a laundry list of potential pitfalls in EAI rollouts be to you? LogicCurve�s Jose Herrera figures, plenty, and here he runs them down, to give you an advance heads-up:
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