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01/03/2008 Podcast Transcript: BI Market Consolidation  
ebizQ's Gian Trotta speaks to Lyndsay Wise about this past year's consolidation in the Business Intelligence marketplace.
11/28/2007 Key Requirements for Event-Driven BPM and SOA  
You've heard of object-based computing, SOA, BPM and BI, but what about event-driven computing?
11/02/2007 How Do YOU Say SOA?  
ebizQ's Gian Trotta reports on our "How do you say SOA?" poll. You still have time to weigh in before Monday, and get your chance to win the iPhone!
12/04/2006 New Approaches to Multi-Enterprise Application Integration  
An ebizQ-Gartner podcast with special guest Gartner Research Director Beniot Lheureux.
01/18/2005 The Transformational CIO  
Adopting transformational rather than traditional transactional leadership styles has become a cost-effective way for CIOs to reconcile the conflicting objectives of driving growth, increase agility and improve customer experiences while cutting back on expenses, says ebizQ’s managing editor Gian Trotta, reporting on the first of ebizQ’s executive Webinars.
01/07/2005 Delivering Highly Scalable, Reliable J2EE Web Infrastructure  
In this Webinar recap, Gian Trotta recounts the best ways to develop, deploy and optimize J2EE-based applications to increase business agility.
11/19/2004 Targeting Execs With Plain Language  
The CIO and the IT manager need to effectively find common ground between tech- and exec-speak, in order to communicates their goals and needs.
03/24/2004 The High Points Of WebSphere 5.0  
Its new features promise significant payback for enterprises. And in an ebizQ webinar, summarized here, Candle Corp.�s Warren Macek details what WAS 5.0 has to offer, and runs down best practices for assuring its peak performance:
03/24/2004 The Lego/Swiss Army Knife Approach to SOAs  
Mix in some BPM, Web services orchestration, BAM, and composite apps, and you have yourself the makings of an agile, responsive infrastructure, ebizQ VP Beth Gold-Bernstein and Glen Johnson of Magic Software said in an ebizQ webinar.
01/12/2004 Making Mainframe Transactions Into Secure Web Services  
The challenge? Gaining agility by accessing critical business processes and data from anywhere in the enterprise, by extending host transactions to off-host applications as fully standard and secure Web services. The answer? IONA’s Jody Hunt gave it in a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here:
01/12/2004 Web Services: Hope In The Hype  
It’s there, said Gartner’s Cameron Haight in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here. You just have to be cautious in your approach to Web services in general, and Web services management in particular, to realize the business benefits Web services promise to provide. And Haight served up specifics:
01/05/2004 SOA And Web Services: Bridging Barriers To Agile Integration  
Perceptions and immature standards stand in the way of enterprises leveraging Web services and SOAs to their full potential, according to ZapThink’s Ronald Schmelzer and IONA’s Steve Vinoski in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here. And both offer insight on overcoming those obstacles:
12/22/2003 B2B: Why You Need It And How To Achieve It  
Still need persuading that B2B is the way to go? Want some handy suggestions on implementing it? Then a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, was the place to be. Oracle’s Ashish Mohindroo offered a compelling case for B2B, then outlined practical steps for instituting it:
12/15/2003 Mission-Critical Integration Via SOA  
The gap between evolving Web Services standards and the mature technologies Web Services can integrate must be bridged to make Web services reliable integrators of mission critical systems, maintained IONA execs in a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here. And they say they know how to do it:
12/15/2003 Dancing Around EAI ‘Bear Traps’  
Odds of your being able to will be much better after you look at this summary of a recent ebizQ webinar in which the EAI Industry Consortium’s Steve Craggs and Candle’s Peter Rhys Jenkins served up numerous pointers, all based on pitfalls that have hampered companies engaged in EAI projects:
12/08/2003 'Smart BPM' Bailing Out Battered Insurers  
Insurance companies are using so-called "smart BPM" to better their bottom lines. And in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, our own Beth Gold-Bernstein, Pegasystems' Bob Thayler, and AgencyPort's Eric Harnden showed how. Surely, other types of companies could also benefit from "smart BPM":
12/01/2003 Making Future Shock Less Shocking  
Want to “future-proof” your company to inevitable change? You’ll need an agile, service-oriented architecture that rolls with the business flow by reacting quickly to change and rapidly creating business processes. Expert advice on getting there was offered in a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here:
11/24/2003 Managing A Successful Integration Project  
Candle kicked off its new ebizQ webinar series on infrastructure management by going back to basics, calling on Gartner’s Jess Thompson to discuss best practices for managing integration projects. In his presentation, summarized here, Thompson offered some sage advice:
11/24/2003 Giving Legacy Systems New Leases On Life  
Legacy frequently has a negative connotation in the IT realm. But Gartner’s Dale Vecchio stresses the upside: Legacy systems “are here and they work and they’ve worked for quite some time.” In a recent WRQ-sponsored ebizQ webinar, outlined here, Vecchio offered insight on keeping such systems valuable:
11/10/2003 Treating ‘Waterfall’ Development At The (Open) Source  
The old “waterfall” method of developing software could soon yield to an interative approach. And in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, META’s Thomas Murphy and Candle’s John Knutson showed how open source wares in general, and Eclipse in particular, could help the new trend’s devotees:
11/10/2003 Turning WebSphere Complexity To Capability  
Ensuring WebSphere component availability is essential to the many companies that build their most business-critical systems on the WebSphere foundation, said BMC’s Jim Byrd during a recent ebizQ webinar, described here. And he showed how to use Business Service Management and more, to do just that:
11/03/2003 Event-Driven Evolution: Survival Of The Fastest  
One constant in integration is change. And organizations able to adapt best and fastest, fare best. The move toward event-driven, real-time, service oriented architectures is real, and in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, Oracle’s Amlan Debnath ran down how your company can move toward one:
10/27/2003 Eclipse’s Sybase Star Rising  
Eclipse is being viewed more and more by the open source community as a stellar platform for developing not only tools but also applications. In a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, IBM’s Mark Erickson, Sybase’s Karl Reti and ebizQ’s Beth Gold-Bernstein tracked the platform’s ascendance:
10/27/2003 'Simply Smart BPM' Takes Businesses by Storm  
What is “smart BPM,” and how is it helping insurance companies weather a tight economic climate? What’s more, what might it do for your company even if it’s not in the insurance sector? A recent ebizQ webinar took a look, and we peek at that webinar here:
10/20/2003 BSM: A Win-Win IT Proposition  
A good business service management tool can help IT departments maximize the provision of critical business services without taxing their staffs. In a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, BMC’s Jim Byrd looked at solutions for monitoring the PeopleSoft, WebLogic Server and Tuxedo environments:
10/13/2003 J2EE Optimization: Don’t Go By the Book  
There’s no substitute for real-life experience, and that’s certainly true for building and perfecting J2EE apps. So check out this summary of a recent ebizQ webinar, in which Candle’s Warren Macek gives you the benefit of learning from the mistakes he made on the way to becoming an expert:
09/22/2003 Get A Grip, With Enterprise Nervous Systems  
What’s an Integration Competency Center, what’s it got to do with an “enterprise nervous system,” how can it help your organization’s integration efforts, and what benefits would result? Gartner’s Roy Schulte gave valuable insight on that and more in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here:
09/22/2003 CPOs and Black Belts: Process Improvement Missing Links?  
AMR Research’s Eric Austvold would likely answer, “Yes.” In a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here, Austvold explained why he thinks Chief Process Officers and “black belts” are among the emerging trends companies can get in on to extend their ERP systems and become process-oriented and agile:
09/15/2003 Ten Critical Steps Toward a Real-Time Enterprise  
The benefits of becoming a real-time enterprise are many, and are becoming more and more apparent and widely acknowledged. In a recent ebizQ webinar, our own Beth Gold-Bernstein and CommerceQuest President and COO Lee White discussed a bunch of them:
09/08/2003 WebSphere 5’s New Tools: From Back-End to End-User  
Want the lowdown on optimizing WebSphere’s end-to-end performance? You can get it from a recent ebizQ webinar in which IBM’s Alan Dickman detailed many of the new tools in WAS Version 5, and how to make the best use of them:
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