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04/18/2013 Event processing and activity monitoring: Differences, benefits and best practices  
In this Q & A and an accompanying podcast, Forrester Research Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri speaks with ebizQ’s Peter Schooff about the growing convergence of complex event processing (CEP) and business activity monitoring (BAM). Gualtieri also offers real-world examples of the technologies in action and offers best practices for companies interested in adopting either one.
04/06/2010 Automating AR: Putting Control in the Hands of Customers  
Learn how AR document process automation can bridge the gap between legacy media and future invoicing mechanisms.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?: Event-Driven Architecture  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?: Related Technologies  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?: Blogs and Resources  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?: Trends and Commentary  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
12/23/2009 Event-Driven Applications: Book Excerpt  
Read an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Opher Etzion and Peter Niblett's new book "Event Processing in Action."
12/03/2009 Event-Driven Computing: An Introduction  
Read an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Opher Etzion and Peter Niblett's new book "Event Processing in Action."
11/03/2009 Proactive IT Strategy: Why You Need One  
To curb wasteful spending and improve efficiency, companies are adopting business transaction management strategies.
10/08/2009 Using Event Processing in Business Applications  
Read Chapter 3 of the upcoming book "Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies." Don't miss authors Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte at our SOA in Action Virtual Conference coming Oct. 28-29.
10/02/2009 Event-Driven Interactions  
Read Chapter 2 of the upcoming book "Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies." Don't miss authors Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte at our SOA in Action Virtual Conference.
09/11/2009 Event Processing: An Overview  
Here's an excerpt from the book "Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies."
09/09/2009 Informatica Widens Net to CEP  
Tony Baer gives his take on Informatica acquiring Agent Logic.
09/04/2009 Event Processing: An Introduction  
Here is the preface from Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte's book "Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies."
12/10/2008 Insurance IT Governance Principles and Key Metrics  
This features outlines the best practices of a solid governance processes that moves decision making from IT to the business forcing business to make strategic decisions.
11/17/2008 Driving Decisions at the Speed of Business With CEP  
Applying the latest CEP platforms in traditional BI environments drives real-time situational awareness, faster decisions and immediate actions.
10/27/2008 BI SaaS is Hot (and Fiercely Competitive) Gold Club Protected
451 Group: Success Metrics is a little-known startup moving into the crowded field of SaaS BI, but they do seem well positioned with Birst.
10/22/2008 Building The Instantly Responsive Enterprise  
Integrating BPM and CEP gives you intelligent business processes that can react to rapidly changing business conditions with continuous visibility.
10/15/2008 Who Will Get a Complex About Event Processing? Gold Club Protected
451 Group: Are CEP vendors and operational BI vendors on a collision course?
09/15/2008 How to Highlight Performance Shortfalls With End-User Intelligence  
End-user experience and performance management (EPM) solutions capture a complete picture of end-user behavior, allowing organizations to see when employees are working effectively, efficiently and compliantly -- and when they're not.
09/04/2008 Taming the SOA Tiger With CEP (Part II of II)  
There's information, and then there's information, and your SOA could very well depend on knowing the difference between the two.
09/03/2008 Taming the SOA Tiger With CEP (Part I of II)  
There's information, and then there's information, and your SOA could very well depend on knowing the difference between the two.
07/21/2008 If Content is King, the GUI is Queen  
GUIs can prove useful in understanding massive amounts of data quickly, because in business, it's not necessarily the data that matters, but what you do with it.
06/23/2008 Three Trends Around Data Quality for Performance Management  
In the continuous battle to outperform the competition, adding data quality to performance management initiatives is one of the ways organizations are using to beat the competition.
05/06/2008 The Role of Open Source in Event Processing Gold Club Protected
Conventional wisdom says the OSS culture and development model cannot add much to such a complex computer science concept as EP. But the OSS community says different.
05/01/2008 The Engine for Event-Driven SOA  
We’re on the verge of a new era for SOA, with the integration of Complex Event Processing technology, which can enable the gathering of data from and about any services running in the enterprise.
04/24/2008 Federated Event Systems: The Event Web Gold Club Protected
Event-driven applications that are constructed as compositions of Web applications can offer considerable benefits to your enterprise.
04/17/2008 2008: The Year of CEP  
Complex event processing software is powering a new generation of applications that enables companies to make faster decisions and execute more effective actions.
04/09/2008 Algorithmic Trading - Key Components for Real-Time Trading (Part II of II)  
As the volume and velocity of financial market data continues to soar, staying ahead of the competition requires the right trading tools and infrastructure. Read the second half of this full update on the various components of real-time algorithmic trading.
04/02/2008 Algorithmic Trading - Key Components for Real Time Trading (Part I of II)  
As the volume and velocity of financial market data continues to soar, staying ahead of the competition requires the right trading tools and infrastructure.
01/22/2008 The Dawn of the Explosion: Complex Event Processing  
A self-described skeptic advises us to ignore the hype, but to understand that CEP is going to be absolutely huge.
01/02/2008 Data Quality: The First Metric That Matters for Performance Management Success  
Using Performance Management companies can align their operational and financial information, internal processes, and strategic goals to build a considerable competitive advantage.
12/26/2007 A Look Back at 2007: Making Leaps in Event Processing  
Events present the same problems, but we're coming up with new answers, says Oracle's Stephanie McReynolds.
12/17/2007 How Do You Do QA for Perfomance Management?  
Dave Kelly gives a real world example of how difficult it is to assess the performance of performance management tools.
08/20/2007 Where Do Event Processing and BAM Tools Pay Off?  
In Roy Schulte's final article in our special event processing series, he says BAM tools and CEP engines are quite valuable and cost-effective when used in the right situations.
08/20/2007 Applying Event Processing Tools  
ebizQ's David Kelly believes that the use of complex event processing will continue to grow over the next few years, as organizations find ever-greater needs to process the growing volume of real-time data entering the enterprise.
07/30/2007 The Role of Event Processing in Modern Business  
Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte say the key to enabling near-real-time operational BI is event processing.
07/23/2007 Complex Event Processing and Your SOA  
David Linthicum suspects that as we progress with SOA, as we become smarter on implementations, architecture, design, testing, and deployment, that event processing will become better defined and layered within many SOAs.
07/23/2007 Understanding Event-Driven Architecture  
Gartner's Roy Schulte and Cal Tech's Mani Chandy share how event processing has emerged as one of the most important issues in IT today.
05/14/2007 High-Performance CEP: Driving Next-Generation Business Intelligence  
It’s time to get serious about the data deluge, to transform data into intelligence.
05/09/2007 SAP Makes Performance Management Move Gold Club Protected
AMR Research's John Hagerty talks about SAP's acquisition of OutlookSoft in this ebizQ gold club analysis.
05/07/2007 Five Common Questions About Complex Event Processing  
As the demand for new real-time and high-speed data applications have increased, these brittle solutions have reached their breaking points.
04/23/2007 Enabling the Event-Driven Enterprise  
Mike Lough of Covelight explains the role of events to enable the real-time intelligent enterprise.
03/14/2007 Bruce Richardson on Oracle-Hyperion Gold Club Protected
AMR’s premiere analyst on the consolidation that has finally come to the business intelligence/performance management market.
02/26/2007 Beyond Disaster Recovery  
Using change management to build a reliable business continuity plan.
11/20/2006 AMR Research's Business Intelligence/Performance Management Maturity Model Gold Club Protected
AMR Research talked with dozens of companies about how BI/PM implementations have progressed within their organizations.
09/03/2006 SOA Meets Business Rules  
How business rules can improve application integration and SOA implementation.
08/15/2006 Using CEP to Address the Five Challenges of SOA  
Should Complex Event Processing be used as a way to address SOA’s shortcomings?
07/19/2006 Feeding the Information-Hungry Enterprise  
Sensors, tags and embedded devices create the need for us to find new ways manage unprecedented volumes and disparate types of information.
06/20/2006 The Joy of SOX  
Why Sarbanes-Oxley and SOA may be the best thing that ever happened to you.
06/15/2006 Is Rational Waking Up?  
Analysis from OnStrategies’ Tony Baer.
02/14/2006 The Danger of Placebo Metrics  
Are you tracking the wrong measurements?
01/29/2006 Speeding toward business visibility with BAM  
The state of the BAM market (at the time).
01/29/2006 Increase Your ESB’s IQ with Event Stream Processing  
Adding real time intelligence to an event-driven SOA.
12/25/2005 Business Activity Monitoring and Business Intelligence  
Powering event-driven, real-time business analytics.
12/04/2005 Bridging the Reporting Gaps in ERP Applications  
Leveraging ERP data to gain insightful information for decision support, process improvement and corporate efficiency.
11/28/2005 Three Simple Steps to Improve Performance  
AMR Research says that defining your measurement strategy will improve your company's ability to process performance indicator data.
10/23/2005 Agility vs. Control  
Do you have to give up control for agility? Steve Minsky says a balanced scorecard alone is not enough.
09/04/2005 Viva La BAM!  
Is it really possible to monitor business processes and make corrections in real time?
06/26/2005 Aligning the Business With the End User Experience  
The metric of end-user experience must be considered when creating and measuring IT and business alignment.
06/19/2005 Bringing Order to the Business Activity Monitoring Space  
The market for BAM tools to aid in enterprise management has exploded into a chaotic marketplace.
04/17/2005 Removing Bottlenecks From Your Database  
A new class of tools measures wait-time for hundreds of specific delay points inside the database, and quantifies exactly what response time boost you can achieve by resolving the bottleneck. By looking inside the database and watching the wait-time created by specific transactions, you can make major performance gains without adding new hardware capacity.
03/27/2005 The Arrival of ERP for IT Gold Club Protected
CIOs need better visibility across their entire IT operations, but achieving it is difficult with the existing collection of unrelated point tools for IT. An emerging suite of technology, which AMR Research calls IT Resource Planning (ITRP), seeks to do for IT what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) did for the enterprise.
02/13/2005 How Does Poor Customer Data Management Affect the Customer? Gold Club Protected
Dave Kelly says customer data should be the central focus of your organization, because, after all, you need customers to make money. In most cases, you also need to track and know about those customers to make more money. But a surprising number of companies simply don’t have customer data management policies or practices in place.
02/06/2005 Taking the Fear out of Complex Event Processing  
Inventor of Complex Event Processing David Luckham starts with a basic question, is life simple? Most people will truthfully answer no. Events happen in life that are neither simple in how they happen, nor in the effects they have on others. However, Luckham’s latest ebizQ article seeks to simplify Complex Event Processing, so we can remove the fear the word 'complex' might imply, and instead utilize it best to manage events as they come our way.
01/24/2005 Achieving Semantic Interoperability Gold Club Protected
Chris Harding of The Open Group says that today there is no argument that interoperability is a critical element for optimizing business performance and maintaining competitive advantage.
01/18/2005 The Transformational CIO  
Adopting transformational rather than traditional transactional leadership styles has become a cost-effective way for CIOs to reconcile the conflicting objectives of driving growth, increase agility and improve customer experiences while cutting back on expenses, says ebizQ’s managing editor Gian Trotta, reporting on the first of ebizQ’s executive Webinars.
01/17/2005 The Customer Hierarchy of Needs Gold Club Protected
Over the years, a variety of approaches have been used to extrapolate and evaluate information in an effort to understand and replicate what keeps customers satisfied. Promise Phelon, founding partner of the Phelon Group, encourages us to define and implement the customer hierarchy of needs in order to increase our business success.
12/15/2004 Trust is the Only Constant Currency Gold Club Protected
Buell Duncan says that one thing C-Level IT executives often forget about customer relationship management is the relationship portion of it. He advocates giving more attention to the relationship rather than on the individual sale, so you can therefore develop the in-depth knowledge of your customer and your customer's enterprise to give you the insight to anticipate, and not just respond, to their changing needs.
12/14/2004 The Innovation Imperative Gold Club Protected
Product innovation and growth are some of today's top business issues and are major factors in strategic investment, yet research shows that among top companies, there is no common measure of success. IT departments, however, provide unbiased metrics and clues to organizational leadership that provide a critical thread of continuity that is critical to business success. The CIO would do well to harness the skills his IT department is trained to provide.
12/13/2004 Know Your Business Impact Analyzer Before You Buy It Gold Club Protected
Business activity monitoring tools are now predicting how your business will be affected by the performance of your IT. Instead of simply alerting you when certain events happen in your enterprise IT layers, they go a step further and predict how those events will impact your high-level business processes. This goes well beyond the basic dashboard model for the current generation of BAM tools. It’s a direction that tries to anticipate what you, the consumer of BAM, will ask for next.
12/07/2004 Survey: Define -- and Refine -- Business Performance Management  
Business Performance Management is being recognized as a way to align and optimize sales, marketing, customer service, IT, compliance, finance and HR departments across an enterprise. Taking our latest survey will help you to define specific benefits - or refine your current implementation - of this promising new method to meet business challenges.
12/02/2004 Creating an Integration Competency Center and Keeping It Running  
The increasing complexity and number of integration projects can no longer be dealth with on a project-by-project basis. IT departments need to set up specialist units to cope with the growing number and complexity of application integration projects. Gartner's Paolo Malinvorno shares a gradual four-stage plan for the disciplined design, deployment day-to-day operations of an integration competency center.
11/23/2004 Market Intelligence Based on Unstructured Data Starting to Prove its Viability Gold Club Protected
A clutch of companies have sprung up in the past few years attempting to derive insight from unstructured data and present it to business users in an actionable format. Nick Patience of the 451 Group explains which companies are gleaning relevant business intelligence from unstrucutured data. He also indicates which kinds of information from the vast gluts will prove viable to us in the future.
11/15/2004 The New IT Executives  
They’re either aligned or maligned.
11/15/2004 Taking a Holistic Approach to Business Performance Management  
Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQ's Vice President of Strategic Services, interviews Kevin McAuliffe, Director of Strategy and CTO for IBM Business Performance Management about IBM’s Business Performance Management Solutions.
11/12/2004 The Case for Business Perfomance Management -- Why It's Imperative for On-Demand Business  
To IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, an on-demand business boasts business processes that are integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers. Here's how organization, action and infrastructure can be orchestrated toward such an objective. Access to information that aligns strategy to operations -- and enables action to be taken based on insights gained -- can help businesses thrive in a hypercompetitive market. Examples detailed include insurance companies lowering the cost of claims while improving customer service and retailer's attempts to optimize sales with minimal inventory.
11/08/2004 The Multiple Dimensions of Business Process Modeling and Standardization  
While substantial progress has been made in business process standardization, the industry requires more that a single compacted standard, says Antoine Lonjon of Mega International. This feature presents the current status of business process standardization and the need to embrace the multiple dimensions of business process approaches.
11/01/2004 Is an ESB Critical To Your Future?  
Just as application servers started out by providing connection, transaction, instantiation and other programming services that freed the programmer from having to write the code for each application, an enterprise service bus provides common communication and integration services. ebizQ’s own Beth Gold-Bernstein discusses why companies building service-oriented architectures and loosely coupled event-driven applications need an ESB.
10/25/2004 Is Speed the Measure of Success?  
Real time means real fast, right? But hold on a second. In the business context of the real-time enterprise, speed isn’t always the correct measure. Author and visionary Peter Fingar explains what real time really means in business and why.
09/06/2004 The Evolution of the Business Integration Architect Gold Club Protected
As enterprises shift their focus beyond mere application integration to getting processes to work and play well together, they need specialists who can see the big picture to assure they get things right, says IBM’s Douglas W. Allen. What makes a good business integration architect, and why are they so important? Allen knows:
08/30/2004 Event-Driven Business Processes: Coming To A Company Near You  
The trend toward enterprises that are driven more and more by real-time data spawned by events is unmistakable, according to ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly, who says the impact will reach all the way from the corporate boardroom to the cell phone or PDA in your pocket. As Kelly puts it: �Over time, being able to easily and efficiently generate, receive, and consume real-time data within your company and from business partners or customers is going to be a critical component of almost all IT and business plans�:
08/30/2004 Does Your Company Know What It Knows? Gold Club Protected
Having complete, reliable, real-time information from and on all areas of the enterprise and its partners, adding up to the “big picture,” is critical for businesses. But they’re still not there, according to ebizQ columnist Dr. Chris Harding, of The Open Group. He says the obstacles are formidable but being tackled, in the hope of reaching information Nirvana, what The Open Group dubs “Boundaryless Information Flow”:
08/16/2004 SOA Meets Compliance: Compliance Oriented Architectures  
Compliance requirements are increasingly driving business agendas, to the point of dominating many information technology budgets. Leveraging IT to enhance business processes with transactional transparency is a necessary response to corporate governance needs. Building the �real-time enterprise� is fast becoming the preferred method for reducing fraud and, in more and more cases, a mandated one. In this report, research and advisory services firm RedMonk delves into the implications for enterprises of the current compliance landscape, as it relates to the hot SOA trend:
08/09/2004 Testing While Aligning Business And IT  
II sometimes gets given short shrift amid all the talk about such alignment. But ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly says it should not be like that. He notes that risk-based testing is perhaps the most efficient way of checking how things will work at the intersections of business and IT.
08/02/2004 Modernizing EDI Gold Club Protected
EDI is a true survivor, evolving with changing IT times to continue to meet changing enterprise needs, says , EXTOL International�s Stephen Rosen. He explains that the latest trends involve real-time data synching, empowering end-users, and EDI as part of complete enterprise views:
08/02/2004 Realizing A Real-Time Enterprise With Business Performance Management  
As businesses strive for better awareness of themselves and changing market conditions, along with the ability to quickly respond to changes, they should look to Business Performance Management, advises the IBM Software Group�s John Medicke. He says it offers the bonus of getting IT and business in better alignment:
07/26/2004 BAM Providers As Online Banking Fraud Preventers  
What a difference a little �IT Insight� stemming from advanced BAM could make for online banking -- providing a way to detect illegal online activities even as they happen or soon thereafter, according to IT guru, Stanford professor and ebizQ columnist David Luckham. He says the technology is evolving toward that point � and could get there with a push from bankers � in just one example of what IT awareness by enterprises could mean:
07/26/2004 Information Quality: Your Decisions Are Only As Good As Your Information Gold Club Protected
And that applies to businesses, IT and in everyday life, observes The Open Group�s Dr. Chris Harding, an ebizQ columnist. He notes that high quality data is essential, but first agreement is needed on exactly what constitutes it and how to measure it. And Dr. Harding has a notion of how to go about achieving such a meeting of the minds:
07/26/2004 Aligning Business And IT: There's No Other Way Gold Club Protected
The need for such alignment is no longer in dispute, says David A. Kelly of ebizQ. But some key facets of getting there are tougher to come by than just buying more technology. For instance, he points out, the whole nature of the relationship between business managers and the IT organization has to change.
07/18/2004 RFID: The Roles Of Standards, Technology, And Process Re-Engineering Gold Club Protected
They're key considerations as you mull this white-hot technology for your company, and they're spelled out for you in Part Two of this examination of RFID by Sun's Manish Bhuptani and Shahram Moradpour. They also address an emerging issue around this emerging technology: privacy concerns:
07/12/2004 Why You Need To Think About RFID Gold Club Protected
For starters, because your competitors surely are. But what, exactly, is RFID, why is there so much buzz around it now, and what can it do for the visibility your company has of its own supply chain ands those of its partners? Sun�s Manish Bhuptani and Shahram Moradpour address those questions here, in the first of two pieces on the white-hot technology:
07/05/2004 BPEL: Helping SOAs Help Enterprises  
There�s no question that service oriented architectures can be significant enterprise aids by making organizations much more flexible, fostering reuse, etc. But SOAs themselves need some assistance when business processes are being orchestrated and Web services are being composed. And that boost is coming in the form of BPEL, as Oracle�s John Deeb described in a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here:
06/28/2004 The Role Of EII In SOA  
Enterprise Information Integration is unique unto itself, but helps organizations leverage other types of integration technology, according to ebizQ�s own Beth Gold-Bernstein. Here, she explains how, offering insight on EII�s history and growing role in the integration space, particularly as a catalyst for companies seeking maximum agility and reuse from SOAs:
06/21/2004 The Beginnings of IT Insight: Business Activity Monitoring  
"IT blindness" can result in missed business opportunities on a large scale, according to the term's creator, David Luckham, a Stanford professor, IT guru and ebizQ columnist. But Luckham notes that technology leading to "IT Insight" is starting to emerge, solutions that could enable enterprises to seize those opportunities. And he calls BAM the "tip of the iceberg" of that emergence:
06/21/2004 Avoiding Common EAI Implementation Missteps Gold Club Protected
If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, how valuable would a laundry list of potential pitfalls in EAI rollouts be to you? LogicCurve�s Jose Herrera figures, plenty, and here he runs them down, to give you an advance heads-up:
06/14/2004 SOAs Help Companies Put Pedals To The Metal  
Fast, agile companies often have fat bottom-lines. And in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, Oracle�s Ashish Mohindroo explained how SOAs can help companies, including yours, get there -- especially when you steer toward BPM, BAM, B2B and more, for good measure:
06/14/2004 Demand-Driven Supply Chains: Wave Of The Future -- And Present Gold Club Protected
Simply put, their momentum is unmistakable and perhaps unstoppable, says AMR Research�s Kevin O�Mara in this Outlook report. Done right, they improve bottom lines and customer satisfaction. So O�Mara takes a look at the technologies and best practices you might consider if you embrace DDSNs:
06/07/2004 BPM For Everyone  
It�s already moving out of the pure-play arena and into some packaged ERP solutions. And ebizQ�s David A. Kelly says it�s likely to keep evolving as more and more organizations realize how much BPM empowers business users to create, change and even monitor processes:
06/07/2004 Six Sigma And SLA: Useful Together Gold Club Protected
Keeping customers satisfied, and aligning business with IT, are usually key organizational goals. They�re also much more readily obtainable when enterprises use Six Sigma and Service Level Management, according to Proxima Technology�s Tim Young, who explains it all here:
05/31/2004 Biz/IT Alignment: Communication Is Key  
Along with focusing on end-user service, according to Candle�s David Caddis in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here. He serves up a number of suggestions to help your company do what few seem to be able to. But there�s universal agreement that it�s a goal well-worth pursuing:
05/24/2004 Grand Visions For e-Commerce Require Solving 'IT Blindness'  
IT visionary and new ebizQ columnist David Luckham observes that problems created by companies being in the dark about the impact on the business of events in their IT infrastructure may only get worse as new technologies such as RFID begin to bombard those infrastructures with levels of data never seen before. But, explains Luckham, if we could relate events to high-level business processes, that would give us "IT insight," with enormous potential impact on all of e-Commerce:
05/24/2004 Dual Architectural Approaches To Agility  
Even as SOAs finally begin to come into their own, bringing with them much-heralded additional enterprise agility, another type of architecture promises to complement them in that regard, said integration expert Roy Schulte of Gartner during a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here:
05/17/2004 Automating The Customer-Centric Enterprise  
The most successful companies, notes Online Insight CTO Dr. Bradley S. Fordham, integrate product development, marketing, and sales efforts around one key variable: customer preferences. And, Fordham points out here, because those preferences are precisely that, variable, they need to be tracked in real-time, and enterprises need an integrated view of them:
05/17/2004 BAM It While It's Hot Gold Club Protected
Becoming a true real-time enterprise has proven elusive, and may not even be a necessity for many companies, according to Tony Baer of research and consulting firm onStrategies. But Baer says one vendor finally seems to have hit on an approach offering real real-time to enterprises that opt to seek it:
05/10/2004 Enterprise Information Integration� What Was Old Is New Again  
EII is, in the words of ebizQ�s Beth Gold-Bernstein, �fast becoming the part of the infrastructure that aggregates, integrates and manages information across the enterprise.� In this column, Gold-Bernstein notes that EII does what the old data integration and EAI couldn�t and don�t, leading to EII becoming a true IT growth sector. She also offers some pointed and compelling EII best practices tips, and explains how EII can be immensely helpful to your company:
05/10/2004 New Approaches To Valuing Applications  
A persistent problem for enterprises is knowing whether applications and processes are performing up to expectations, and not just in terms of whether projected ROI is being obtained. But ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly says solutions are surfacing to help organizations make such assessments, and he points to one vendor in particular with a unique solution:
05/10/2004 Will Your Next Appointment Be A CPO? Gold Club Protected
As businesses become more process-oriented, and managing those processes becomes more critical, the need is arising for a new C-level executive, the Chief Process Officer. Here, Chris Phillips of Staffware argues that creating such a role makes compelling business sense.
05/03/2004 The 'Strategy-Execution Machine': The 'Future Of Competition'  
This "machine," sometimes called the "SEx Machine" for short, offers a way to keep your company a step or more ahead of its competitors at all times through time-based competition, as BPM expert and ebizQ columnist Peter Fingar explained in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here:
04/26/2004 Tracking Business Transactions Across the Enterprise Gold Club Protected
It's important, because it helps companies to gain visibility into their business processes at the IT level, and gives them a better idea of what's going on inside their business. And ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly says one vendor in particular may be ahead of the curve in this problem domain:
04/26/2004 Avoiding Disasters Waiting To Happen  
All too often, asserts IT visionary and new ebizQ columnist David Luckham, managers are in the dark about the impact on the business of events in the IT infrastructure. Using last summer's big Northeast blackout as an example, Luckham dubs this phenomenon "IT Blindness," and points out that managing in real-time is a big problem presented by the emergence of the real-time enterprise. He stresses that it's a problem that must be solved, to head off business and other disasters, and give managers a better handle on their businesses, in general:
04/12/2004 Connecting The Big (Business) Picture To The Details (IT Infrastructure) Gold Club Protected
ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly says doing that is critical to staying in business. Here, he explores why BPM is an excellent way to bridge the two levels, but adds that it�s not the only way. In any event, Kelly stresses that companies have to have a sharp, real-time view of their activities to be in position to respond to changes in business conditions:
04/12/2004 'Simply Smart' BPM Gets Smarter  
Rules-based BPM helps make enterprises more agile, so they can adapt to change more readily. That rule-of-thumb was described in detail in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, in which Pegasytems strutted its newest BPM stuff:
04/05/2004 Assimilating BPM: Col. Sanders' Secret Recipe  
Companies can't and shouldn't stir BPM into their IT stew willy-nilly, say BPM gurus and ebizQ columnists Howard Smith and Peter Fingar. Here, they offer a methodical way to mix BPM into the enterprise menu, and explain why it will be delicious for bottom-lines:
03/31/2004 Understanding Transactions At Different Levels Gold Club Protected
Having clear visibility into your business means knowing what�s going on at the 25,000-foot, business level, but that�s made up an unlimited number of transactions and events at the much more granular business and intra-application level. Here, ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly sorts it all out for us:
03/24/2004 The Lego/Swiss Army Knife Approach to SOAs  
Mix in some BPM, Web services orchestration, BAM, and composite apps, and you have yourself the makings of an agile, responsive infrastructure, ebizQ VP Beth Gold-Bernstein and Glen Johnson of Magic Software said in an ebizQ webinar.
03/22/2004 Choosing the Right Integration Solution  
Navigating the maze of integration technologies can be challenging and confusing. To help put you on course to the solution you need, ebizQ has put together a Buyer�s Guide, featuring a �map� to steer you to the right types of solutions and the vendors offering them. Here, ebizQ�s Beth Gold-Bernstein focuses her compass on the Guide and map, and shows how it can keep you from making expensive mistakes:
03/15/2004 SOX Fits As Part Of Larger Compliance Efforts Gold Club Protected
For all the buzz around Sarbanes-Oxley, a recent Aberdeen Group survey found business managers more concerned about the bigger compliance picture. And Aberdeen has specific recommendations about making SOX a component of overall enterprise cost compliance initiatives:
03/08/2004 Open Source Could Come On Strong For EAI Gold Club Protected
Open source technology may soon make big inroads in the EAI space, says EAI expert Ankur Laroia. He points to ESBs, which conform to open standards and enjoy a price advantage over traditional EAI software. There are now even open source adapters which, he asserts, give open source another leg up:
03/01/2004 Business Process Visibility: Different Approaches  
Knowing what�s happening in your business processes in real time is important�and ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly notes there are different ways to keep tabs. BPM vendors offer one perspective, and you can get views from the XML and Web services side as well:
02/23/2004 EAI Toasters?  
The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same, especially in the IT realm. So says David Linthicum, Grand Central Communications CTO and ebizQ columnist. Take, for instance, the latest incarnation of IT appliance: the so-called integration appliance. Might it be right for your company?
02/02/2004 Wisest Approaches To Integration Projects Gold Club Protected
Being realistic, pragmatic and cautious is the most valuable way to approach your company's high-impact integration projects, says Peter Rhys-Jenkins.
02/02/2004 Avoiding EAI Pitfalls Gold Club Protected
In a recent edition of its WebSphere Insider, Candle. Corp. turned to the European Chair of the EAI Industry Consortium, Steve Craggs, for tips on how companies can keep from falling into the most common �bear traps� associated with integration projects:
02/02/2004 Best Practices for Developing EAI Strategies Gold Club Protected
Companies with overall integration strategies, and integration projects guided by best practices, are more likely to succeed at integration than companies without them. So a recent edition of Candle Corp.�s WebSphere Insider took an in-depth look at the best ways to come up with such strategies.

You can also download this complete version of Candle Corp.'s WebSphere Insider. It contains this article, plus much more.
Download complete version of Candle's WebSphere Insider
12/22/2003 B2B: Why You Need It And How To Achieve It  
Still need persuading that B2B is the way to go? Want some handy suggestions on implementing it? Then a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, was the place to be. Oracle’s Ashish Mohindroo offered a compelling case for B2B, then outlined practical steps for instituting it:
12/08/2003 BPM – 'Point and Click' Application Integration Gold Club Protected
Integration efforts that tie infrastructures in "Gordian Knots" of custom code can be a distant memory if companies turn more to BPM, says AptSoft’s David Cameron. He says BPM "provides a low-cost integration layer as well as workflow and monitoring functionality," and helps align business and IT:
11/03/2003 Making Profits Out of Thin Air  
That’s where BPM experts and ebizQ columnists Howard Smith and Peter Fingar show in this piece that profits come from, with lots of help from managing what they call the “invisible ‘P’ of process.” They refer to it as the "Business Process rEvolution":
10/27/2003 'Simply Smart BPM' Takes Businesses by Storm  
What is “smart BPM,” and how is it helping insurance companies weather a tight economic climate? What’s more, what might it do for your company even if it’s not in the insurance sector? A recent ebizQ webinar took a look, and we peek at that webinar here:
10/20/2003 BSM: A Win-Win IT Proposition  
A good business service management tool can help IT departments maximize the provision of critical business services without taxing their staffs. In a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, BMC’s Jim Byrd looked at solutions for monitoring the PeopleSoft, WebLogic Server and Tuxedo environments:
10/03/2003 Creating An Integration Strategy  
While it’s tempting to do integration tactically, it’s better overall to go the strategic route. Compelling reasons are provided in a book being written about integration best practices by ebizQ’s Beth Gold-Bernstein and integration expert Bill Ruh. Here, Gold-Bernstein offers some initial insight:
09/29/2003 Staying a Step Ahead of SWIFT Gold Club Protected
Financial firms can’t rest on their SWIFT implementation-related laurels, says Vitria’s John Parker. He notes changes to the standard are coming swiftly, and says firms will have to be just as swift to stay up to speed. Parker also pans point-to-point implementations and lauds those based on BPM:
09/22/2003 CPOs and Black Belts: Process Improvement Missing Links?  
AMR Research’s Eric Austvold would likely answer, “Yes.” In a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here, Austvold explained why he thinks Chief Process Officers and “black belts” are among the emerging trends companies can get in on to extend their ERP systems and become process-oriented and agile:
09/15/2003 Ten Critical Steps Toward a Real-Time Enterprise  
The benefits of becoming a real-time enterprise are many, and are becoming more and more apparent and widely acknowledged. In a recent ebizQ webinar, our own Beth Gold-Bernstein and CommerceQuest President and COO Lee White discussed a bunch of them:
08/04/2003 Performance Management: This Joint Is Jumping Gold Club Protected
As companies try to connect business services across functional silos, they have to overcome bottom-up systems and network management frameworks, according to analyst firm the451. And in this Spotlight report, the451 says the need to get there from here is making Performance Management “one of the hottest sectors in enterprise software”:
07/21/2003 Upping The Ante On Compliance-- And Improving Your Business Performance  
Complying with the ever-growing mountain of new laws and regulations is a daunting task for businesses, but IBM executive Brett MacIntyre says compliance and the technology meant to assure it can have positive side effects, such as better-run businesses:
07/07/2003 WebSphere Tricks, And Customers Who Stick  
Studies show Web site visitors will leave -- and not return -- if a page won’t load in 4 seconds, so it’s critical to optimize app servers, middleware, hardware and databases for faster performance. If you're using a WebSphere-based system, the tips offered in the ebizQ webinar summarized here can help:
06/04/2003 Performance Tuning To Make WebSphere App Servers Sing  
The persistence layer offers scores of opportunities for optimizing your WebSpere environment. Candle architect Michael Pallos suggests some key best practices for database interaction in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here:
05/12/2003 Modern Methods To Measure Business Success  
If you can’t measure it, you most likely can’t improve it. To that end, ebizQ’s Beth Gold-Bernstein and CommerceQuest’s Lee White describe the latest ways to develop valuable and visible metrics to enhance business performance in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here:
02/03/2003 Integration's Increasing Importance Gold Club Protected
Companies continue to turn to integration as they seek a competitive edge by becoming more flexible and efficient. They move toward real-time infrastructures so they can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and serve their customers better. Yet, integration has inherent challenges. All these trends and more are borne out in a recent survey by ebizQ and the analyst firm IDC. In this executive brief, IDC reviews the highlights of that survey, one that chronicles an ever-growing trend:
12/21/2002 Integration Matures With Business Activity Monitoring  
Business activity monitoring and business process management are widely viewed as the next big steps in integration, making it an even more valuable business tool. Here analyst Dave Kelly takes a look at how real-time business activity monitoring can help companies, their partners, suppliers and even their customers:

05/13/2009 2009 Event Processing Roundtable: Managing Events in an Eventful Year Gold Club Protected
This cutting-edge roundtable will explore how companies can improve bottom line results and achieve competitive leadership with complex event processing (CEP).
12/04/2008 An Ounce Of Prevention vs. a Pound of Cure: Predicting and Preventing SOA Problems Before They Happen Gold Club Protected
Today's complex SOA makes managing application performance more difficult than ever. Attend this Webinar to learn how to automate problem detection before they can impact the business and how CEP can become the keystone to proactive application performance management.
10/07/2008 Know Thy Enterprise: Increase Effectiveness With Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Gold Club Protected
Getting and using real-time information could make the difference between life or death for today's business. Sign up for this webinar to learn how to quickly resolve problems and take advantage of situations with BAM!
05/13/2008 BAM for BPM Survey Results Are In! Learn What’s Driving New BAM Investments Gold Club Protected
ebizQ surveyed BPM community members in April 2008 to understand key drivers for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) investments. Join us for surprising results, which indicate how companies in telecommunications, banking, and manufacturing industries are applying BAM today to gain better visibility into business and process performance.
04/16/2008 SOA in Financial Services Live Panel: Visibility, Control and Evolution: Building on SOA to Meet Today's Financial Services Industry Challenges Gold Club Protected
The nature of the financial markets means that the IT infrastructure must be capable of rolling out new business services and processes and ever more complex financial products as cheaply and quickly as possible. However, the financial services industry also has unique regulatory requirements and heightened sensitivity to operational risk. Therefore, SOA must be applied in a way capable of supporting rapid develop of new solutions in a disciplined, cost-efficient manner.
03/20/2008 Reducing the Risk of SOA Transactions
The Importance of SOA Application Transaction Monitoring
Gold Club Protected
Join Randy Hefner of Forrest Research and Ed Horst of AmberPoint for an informative webcast on approaches for lowering the mean time to repair for enterprise-class SOA systems.
03/18/2008 Business Event Processing (BEP): The 'When' to BPM's 'What' Gold Club Protected
If you have ever uttered the phrase "If I had only known," you'll want to watch this webcast. Join experts as they discuss how Business Event Processing can make your business more agile and more able to predict the outcome of events.
02/14/2008 Event Processing Market Pulse Gold Club Protected
This webinar will report the results of ebizQ's Event Processing Survey, along with our observations on this emerging technology strategy. Tune it to learn what others are doing with event processing technologies to increase business and IT efficient and agility.
02/12/2008 BAM: The Killer App for CEP Gold Club Protected
Business Activity Monitoring ups the ante on the event processing and complex event management infrastructure, making it significantly more critical for companies to invest in the information driven through their CEP layer. Join this webinar for high-level discussion of BAM as a potential killer app for the event processing arena.
11/14/2007 Dancing with Elephants - Making SAP More Agile with Event-driven SOA Gold Club Protected
Join this webinar to learn SOA best practices for disparate environments. The speakers will provide guidelines to help you avoid common mistakes, as well as plan a more dynamic SOA roadmap.
11/13/2007 Dancing with Elephants - Making SAP More Agile with Event-driven SOA Gold Club Protected
Join this webinar to learn SOA best practices for disparate environments. The speakers will provide guidelines to help you avoid common mistakes, as well as plan a more dynamic SOA roadmap.
11/13/2007 Dancing with Elephants - Making SAP More Agile with Event-driven SOA Gold Club Protected
Join this webinar to learn SOA best practices for disparate environments. The speakers will provide guidelines to help you avoid common mistakes, as well as plan a more dynamic SOA roadmap.
09/26/2007 Business Success Through Process Optimization Gold Club Protected
Successful implementation of BPM and BAM is a combination of the right tools, the right people and the right processes. Tune into this webinar to learn how to optimize all three.
09/20/2007 Closing the Gap on Application Performance Bottleneck Analysis Gold Club Protected
Join Jean-Pierre Garbani of Forrester to hear how IT organizations fight with this issue and their solutions for effective application performance analysis process and tools.
07/25/2007 Event Processing: Competitive Advantage Through Situational Awareness Gold Club Protected
Join Gartner's Roy Schulte and BEA Systems's Guy Churchward for this exciting Webinar on next-generation event processing. Architects and business analysts are discovering a new way to give their companies a competitive advantage by tapping the information value that is hidden within the streams of real time event data that are springing up from a variety of sources such as Web click streams, financial transactions of many types, sensor networks and supply chains.
01/25/2007 Collaborative Business Solutions: A New Breed of Event-Based Applications Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear about the next generation of vertical solutions that utilize event-based applications - authenticity, pedigree, RFID - ensuring safety and brand value, which will also add value to your SOA framework.
12/12/2006 Business Activity Monitoring: Delivering Critical Visibility Into Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Gold Club Protected
Join us to hear why Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) running on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides real-time visibility into automated IT systems and business execution to ensure that business commitments and customer expectations can always be met.
06/29/2006 Beyond the Hype: SOA and the Performance Management Challenge Gold Club Protected
Join us for this informative web seminar and learn how to effectively meet performance management challenges and better ensure the success of your SOA web applications.
07/12/2005 Integration 101 Ð From Application Integration to SOA Gold Club Protected
Attend to hear experts make sense of all the acronyms -- BAM, BPM, SOA, EDA, CEP -- and to describe at a fundamental level the different integration technologies that can be leveraged to integrate and enhance business systems and processes.
06/28/2005 Business Performance Management and Optimization Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear experts discuss the potential for new levels of pro-active management capabilities enabled by integration, powered by BPM and BPO.
05/18/2005 BPM, BAM and SOA: Optimizing both Business and IT Gold Club Protected
Listen in to learn the differences and what to look for when shopping for business process management (BPM), between business activity monitoring (BAM) and SOA/Web services orchestration (WSO) solutions. The Webinar will help you understand how these differences are manifested in different technologies and how that will impact the long term cost of ownership.
04/19/2005 Delivering Greater Business Flexibility through IT Integration Gold Club Protected
Tune in to this Webinar to find strategies to unite your business via integration platforms and Service-Oriented Architectures, which will allow your organization to make informed and timely decisions, thereby optimizing business and maximizing profits.
03/23/2005 What IT Needs to Get Right: Governance and Architecture Gold Club Protected
This Webinar will help IT executives understand the relationship between enterprise architecture and IT success, and will also address the role of architecture and governance as critical success factors in business. All webinar attendees will receive a free copy of the article, “Six Decisions IT People Shouldn't Make.”
12/14/2004 Optimizing Business Performance with SOA
(USA EST Time Zone)
Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to find out how to improve quality of service levels and optimize business performance using business activity monitoring, one of the biggest benefits of adopting a service-oriented architecture.
12/14/2004 Optimizing Business Performance with SOA
(EMEA Time Zone)
Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to find out how to improve quality of service levels and optimize business performance using business activity monitoring, one of the biggest benefits of adopting a service-oriented architecture.
12/01/2004 You Can't Implement BPM With BPM Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to find out why you need application integration, B2B communications, portal, business activity monitoring (BAM) and master data management functionality to create a framework that can fully support your BPM requirements.
11/30/2004 Reducing Costs & Risk through Total Business Visibility Gold Club Protected
At this Webinar, IBM and Bristol Technology join Stanford University's David Luckham, the inventor of Complex Event Processing (CEP), who will discuss not only the concepts behind CEP, but also will dive into real customer examples of how IBM’s CEP technology is being used in many Financial Services organizations, today. And, how using technology such as TransactionVision®, can address the key issues of reducing risks and costs associated with monitoring business processes
09/08/2004 Implementing Business Process Monitoring and Management Solutions Gold Club Protected
This webinar discusses the different types of process integration technologies, different ways to architect and implement them, and best practices for maximizing their benefits for your organization.
08/10/2004 Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency With RFID Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to learn why RFID is all the rage these days, and how your company can be prepared to take advantage of it to drive supply chain efficiencies and boost the bottom line.
04/27/2004 Bridging the IT/Business Divide: Aligning Goals to Achieve Performance Gold Club Protected
This webinar will present strategies for creating an application and performance management plan to align your e-business systems with your business objectives.
04/15/2004 Turning Up Business Velocity: Competing On Time With BPM Gold Club Protected
BPM expert Peter Fingar delivers a "plain English" presentation on what Business Process Management is, and how it can help your business increase velocity.
09/30/2003 Catch The New Wave In Business Transaction Monitoring Gold Club Protected
Beth Gold-Bernstein gets the lowdown on business transaction monitoring by interviewing MQ Software's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. David Ching. He will share insights on how business transaction monitoring helps organizations get a handle on their end-to-end transaction flow. Gold-Bernstein will also demystify the current perceptions of BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and explain how business transaction monitoring is a new strategic tool to help companies stay on top of their critical business transaction lifeline.
09/24/2003 Optimize Business Processes In Real-Time With Event-Driven Architecture Gold Club Protected
This ebizQ webinar will help business managers understand the business benefits of an event-driven architecture and how it can enable them to lower the total cost of integration while gaining control over their key business processes.
09/18/2003 Business Service Management for the WebSphere Environment Gold Club Protected
This webinar is for people who are using the WebSphere platform for Enterprise Application Integration, including WAS J2EE, WebSphere MQ, and WebSphere Integrator Broker. Find out how Business Service Management can enhance manageability, reduce costs, and increase ROI for WebSphere environments as you continue to leverage your EAI investments while planning for and implementing Web services.
06/19/2003 Extreme ROI: How to Maximize the Value of your BPM Projects Gold Club Protected
BPM is a very promising technology that can add a substantial amount of value to organizations by increasing the efficiency of business processes. But the value seen from individual BPM projects varies significantly, with first-year payback ranging from 10% to over 300%. This webinar looks at what it takes to deliver a project with "extreme ROI" of 300% or more, and explains the best strategies for deploying BPM solutions.
06/10/2003 End-to-End Performance of WebSphere Applications Gold Club Protected
This presentation includes an overview of the WebSphere architecture and how it relates to performance issues, a look at strategies for testing end-to-end performance, and suggestions for developing and tuning WebSphere applications.
05/05/2003 How to Measure Business Success Gold Club Protected
This presentation will cover the most popular methods for optimizing business performance, including Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard. It will also show methods for monitoring performance for real-time business optimization and creating an executive dashboard for real-time visibility into business processes.
05/01/2003 Maximizing Customer Experience Through WebSphere Performance Management Gold Club Protected
In this webinar, IBM and Candle provide 10 tips for ensuring end-to end WebSphere performance, from the front-end Web browser, through the application server, to the messaging middleware and back-end databases.
12/10/2002 Achieving ROI Through B2B Integration Gold Club Protected
This webinar will demonstrate how real companies have achieved significant ROI through B2B integration.
12/05/2002 Optimizing the Value of a Customer Gold Club Protected
This webinar will demonstrate how companies in the financial services, telecommunications and retail industries are successfully accessing strategic information and integrating their business processes through the use of process management technology, enabling them to dramatically improve lifecycle management and customer satisfaction.
05/15/2002 The ROI of EAI Gold Club Protected
Business and IT managers are increasingly faced with the mandate to define the ROI of a project, but it can be particularly challenging to determine the direct business value of infrastructure projects. This webinar shows areas where you might expect to achieve ROI.

04/09/2004 Product Quicktake: InterSystems Ensemble  
Almost every company has been stretching to do more with less -- to modernize legacy applications, to rapidly develop functionality to extend existing aplications or meet new business demands, and to integrate disparate applications and data into a cohesive platform that meets dynamic business requirements. Unfortunately, individual technical answers to these problems result in piecemeal solutions that are inflexible and difficult to maintain, while solutions based on traditional broad-based integration platforms are often complex, expensive to develop, and require months if not years to complete. What organizations need is a way to rapidly develop composite applications that integrate new business functionality with existing application logic or data.Ensemble, by InterSystems Corporation, is a comprehensive integration platform designed to meet this need.

03/08/2010 Operational Responsiveness: Managing Events on the Energy Grid in Real Time Gold Club Protected
The growth of intelligent grid technologies has vastly increased the amount of data generated from smart meters, sensors and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). The ability to monitor and analyze such data, in conjunction with external data sources including energy prices, weather and customer data provides a new level of insight for utilities, enabling them to make informed decisions in real-time. This IDC insight demonstrates how business event processing can be used to: · Dynamically price demand-response programs, giving utilities a mechanism to shed or redistribute load · Predict optimal supply and demand based on external factors e.g. future expected wind speed that will impact power production · Correlate and analyze data from across multiple business processes and applications.
03/08/2010 Event Processing in Transportation & Logistics Gold Club Protected
For transportation and logistics companies, every minute and mile counts. Operational efficiency is paramount. Achieving that efficiency requires the ability to monitor, analyze, and act on a growing volume of information—from fleet locations to order status—so you can make better decisions, faster. Download this IDC Executive Brief to see how leading companies are using Business Event Processing (BEP) technology to reduce costs by addressing both known and unknown process inefficiencies, recover more quickly from disruptions, and gain real-time visibility into their extended supply chains to improve decision making.
01/26/2010 Overtaken by Events? The Quest for Operational Responsiveness Gold Club Protected
Find out what 400 large companies say about their response tools and processes in place now, compared to what they wish they had in this study conducted by Vanson Bourne Research. This study also reveals why event-driven architecture will likely become the IT standard within the next five years.
11/19/2009 Event Processing with GlassFish ESB Gold Club Protected
This tutorial explores one of OpenESB's most exciting JBI components — the Intelligent Event Processor (IEP). The IEP service engine is a supported component in GlassFish ESB 2.1. It provides powerful support for event-driven architecture (EDA), in general, and complex event processing (CEP) and event stream processing, (ESP) in particular. EDA is a software architectural pattern focusing on producing, detecting, consuming, and acting upon events.
10/27/2009 Event Processing Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies Gold Club Protected
Event Processing Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies Special Edition e-Book from IBM.Authors: Dr.K. Mani Chandy , Roy Schulte, Distinguished Analyst at Gartner Inc.
04/07/2009 Bloor Research White Paper: (Complex) Event Processing Gold Club Protected
Reacting to events to minimize risk, predicting events to capitalize on opportunities and analyzing events to improve future performance; and doing all of this now rather than next week when it may be too late, is what event processing is all about. It is increasingly being recognized as a crucial capability for optimizing the business. This paper seeks to explain what events are, why they are important to your business, and what the options are for processing and managing these events to gain business advantage.
04/07/2009 IDC Report: Complex Event Processing Opportunity Analysis and Assessment of Key Products Gold Club Protected
Read this excerpt of the 2009 IDC study by Maureen Fleming and Jeff Silverstein looking at complex event processing. Most applications depend on users to ask an application to perform a task. With the widespread collapse of our economy, it is clear that this approach is no longer valid for many types of mission-critical applications. The excerpt includes IDC opinion on the market for CEP, what defines CEP and independently profiles Progress® Apama®, which was ranked "Top CEP Innovator" in the report.
12/17/2008 Whitepaper: The Case for BPM Gold Club Protected
This paper helps make the case for BPM. It defines the BPM concept, explains its importance to an enterprise’s ability to stay competitive and remain agile, and gives customer examples with numbers that help justify the investment.
12/15/2008 Process Mapping 101 – A guide to getting started Gold Club Protected
Learning how to map processes is relatively simple. Now more than ever, it is essential for a team to have a clear picture of how their processes run and where their risks are. Processes like employee onboarding, month end-close, customer billing, or new product introduction – all of these can be mapped, made more effective, more efficient, more agile, with greater satisfaction for both employees and customers. But how to get started?

This 15-page guide will take you through the creating of a high-level process map: who needs to be involved, what their roles are and how to run the actual process mapping session including tips for the facilitator and what details you do and don’t need to track at this stage. Once you have your map you’ll learn how to present it to your sponsor for buy-in as well as soliciting feedback from other stakeholders. By creating a solid high-level map you have created a sturdy foundation from which to drive improvements and to continue building your BPM efforts.
08/14/2008 High-Performance SOA Management with a Virtual Services Environment Gold Club Protected

Eliminating the Real-world Constraints on Application Performance Testing
with Virtual Services Environments

by John Michelsen, iTKO Chief Scientist & Founder

How can we leverage leading Load & Performance testing tools such as HP (Mercury) LoadRunner, and Borland SilkPerformer in our test lab, by leveraging Virtualization to give IT a ready test bed at the speed of change in today's business? LISA Virtual Service Environment allows development, testing and performance teams to achieve better service levels, while saving as much as 90% of the cost of replicating each application environment.

Today's interconnected systems such as fully integrated packaged applications, ESB-based enterprise platforms, and SOA make ensuring high-performance from application components and solutions increasingly difficult. On top of that complexity, we are increasingly supporting technologies that are built and managed by distributed teams, both across organizational and geographic boundaries.

This foundational paper will show you how to leverage LISA VSE in your existing Performance Testing lab, by demonstrating examples from leading enterprise IT shops who are delivering high-performance, critical applications.

05/20/2008 BAM for BPM: Improving Your Organization’s Agility to Anticipate and Respond to Changes in Process Performance Gold Club Protected

In today’s competitive business environment, your company’s ability to maintain operational control while making rapid and informed decisions is no longer just a strategic advantage, but an operational necessity. Companies of all sizes and across all industries are increasingly turning to Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to help address the "business agility" imperative. Two case studies are presented in this paper to help you learn how businesses are improving their business operational performance with BAM while achieving strong returns on their BAM investments.

02/20/2008 Business Activity Monitoring: Process Control For the Enterprise Gold Club Protected
As the nature of real-time information has evolved, the requirements for analysis and visualization of data have become more complex and sophisticated. There are key lessons to be learned from the process control industry’s decades of experience in dealing with real-time mission-critical data. This whitepaper discusses how lessons can be taken from traditional process monitoring applications and applied in today’s more complex multi-dimensional environments in order to deliver more effective and successful Business Activity Monitoring solutions for the enterprise.
04/27/2007 BI and BPM Trends in the Mid-Enterprise: March 2007 Survey Results Gold Club Protected
Gain insight into key influencers for consideration of Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management tools in the Small - Mid-Sized Enterprise (SME) space. Download Now!
03/31/2005 The Business Case for SOA Gold Club Protected
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is unquestionably one of the most important considerations in IT today. However, SOA goes beyond IT with its promise to truly transform corporate agility, and to align IT responsiveness with the businesses' demands for faster time-to-market. Fortunately, the benefits of SOA do not require a massive "big bang" reinvestment. Rather, as this white paper describes, the benefits can be realized incrementally with a well thought out strategy. A vital component of this strategy is recognizing the need for an SOA infrastructure-a set of software capabilities (security, monitoring, management, etc.) that exist outside of the services themselves to enable an enterprise-class implementation of SOA.
06/02/2004 Web-Enabling Self-Service Business Processes Gold Club Protected
The benefits of moving manual processes to the web are well understood. But very few organizations have web-enabled product returns, bill disputes or other complex business processes. This paper discusses requirements for web-enabling complex processes and new technology from BroadVision that allows organizations to deliver self-service processes through existing websites.
04/12/2004 Real-time Monitoring for Healthy Business Gold Club Protected
The Real Time Enterprise demands real-time solutions. The competitive pressures of global delivery of business services in a 24/7 world means you can’t be without a real-time monitoring platform. Learn about MQSoftware’s robust real-time monitoring platform and products, which give visibility of your entire business transaction flow and all the associated technologies. Using Q Nami! and Q Pasa! solutions from MQSoftware, this level of functionality can be delivered to the right person, in the right way, at the right time, in real-time to ensure healthy business is flowing and delivering what you need to deliver improved customer experiences.
04/06/2004 UCCnet Synchronization: Managing the Integration Imperatives Gold Club Protected
UCCnet and related initiatives are aimed at sharing and synchronizing trade information across retailer, distributor, and supplier organizations. For suppliers and distributors in particular, complying with UCCnet mandates has become a requirement for doing business with major retailers. But the full impact of data synchronization on the operations and IT strategies of affected companies is not well understood. This White Paper examines the integration imperatives raised by the UCCnet data synchronization initiative. It explores how deep business integration, not mere compliance, is the key to achieving lasting business value from UCCnet investments.
08/14/2003 Delivering Business-IT Alignment Through Employee Performance Management Gold Club Protected
Traditional process and tools such as annual performance reviews and time sheets, designed to provide visibility through cubicle walls, have at best proved inadequate. At worst, they've inflicted greater damage by lulling chief information officers and their management teams into a false understanding of employee performance. As the strategic importance of the IT function surges and the pressures facing CIOs multiply, access to an accurate and complete snapshot of employee performance is crucial. Successful employee management requires a mutually beneficial - and thoroughly understood - relationship linking IT professionals and management to line of business management and, ultimately, to overall corporate objectives. It also requires processes and employee information systems to adequately measure the real-time success of that relationship.

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Dennis Byron: Talking with...Deepak Singh of BPM Provider Adeptia

Deepak Singh, President and CTO of Adeptia, joins ebizQ's Dennis Byron in a podcast that gets its hand around the trend of industry-specific BPM.

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