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04/15/2009 Insurance Industry Update: Why Standards Are Essential  
As the insurance industry continues to mature, it continue to be more evident that Standards is a corner stone. The use of standards inter and intra – are essential. Review this SMA presentation on what and why standards are so important to solving the industry challenges.
04/06/2009 How ACORD Can Be Used As A Best Practice For Data Integration Gold Club Protected
In the insurance industry, companies have accepted that systems, strategies and data all developed in silos are making it difficult for them to grow and adjust to today’s market demands. The obstacles imposed by siloed approaches are painfully obvious to companies as they try to gain a better understanding of their customers and meet the growing constraints imposed by compliance and regulatory requirements. Leveraging industry standards with full data integration is one was to tackle this challenge.
10/20/2008 Enabling Business Through Strong Authentication  
Here's how to protect your information on both sides of the wall.
09/01/2008 Get Smart About Database Security Gold Club Protected
The abundance of attack vectors out there means it's time to get serious about database security. Here are your options.
07/21/2008 Encryption Protects Data -- Period.  
There's only one surefire way to safeguard data: encrypt it. And here's how.
07/14/2008 Most Companies Have Security Bass Ackwards!  
Compliance requirements should be an input to the security process, but should not drive the process, and anything else is simply doomed to fail.
07/07/2008 Good Security Is Choosing the Right Security Tools  
Secure applications demand source code analysis tools, but which one is the right solution for your enterprise?
06/30/2008 Monday Was the PCI 6.6 Deadline: Are You Compliant?  
June 30th marked a new PCI DSS compliance deadline for companies that handle customers' most sensitive information. Did you let this important deadline slip by?
06/02/2008 But Where's the Security?  
Even with a much-hyped IT-GRC, organizations are still at risk for costly security breaches.
04/28/2008 Five Tips to Prevent Your Next Data Leak  
You're most valuable assets today aren't locked in a safe but are very often stored right on your laptop. Here's 5 quick tips to protect your most valuable data.
03/31/2008 Achieving Real Results on the Road to Access Compliance  
Enterprises must break-out of the reactive mode with access compliance in order to deal with the new risks arising out of the new collaborative work environments.
03/24/2008 Security Threats Straight Ahead!  
The three major security challenges facing companies today.
01/21/2008 Identity Management -- No Longer Just the Bouncer at the Door  
Identity management is still the bouncer guarding the door, but given the right tools, today's bouncer has as much brain power as brawn.
01/02/2008 A Look Back at 2007: Cutting Complexity Out of the Agile Organization Gold Club Protected
ebizQ's Dave Kelly tells us what it takes for an organization to be agile and regulatory-compliant.
11/16/2007 PCI Compliance Thwarts Data Grinch  
These 5 steps will get you closer to PCI-DSS compliance.
11/05/2007 7 Signs You May be Violating Security Compliance Regulations  
These 7 Signs Will Keep You Compliant and Help Head Off Future Security Issues
10/19/2007 Network Behavior Analysis: A New Perspective on an Old Enemy  
Behavior analysis tools address the shortcomings of traditional security products.
10/15/2007 SOX Redux: A Chance to Realize Savings and Improve Processes  
Organizations have the opportunity to reap the benefits of Sarbanes-Oxley with far less pain.
09/24/2007 Streamlining Your Compliance Strategy  
Many organizations have started to look at the effectiveness of their compliance and auditing strategies, with an eye to streamlining and automating processes and simply making audits less painful and costly.
08/06/2007 Guarding Your Corporate Data Assets  
Widespread use of collaborative technologies in the workplace expose companies to high level data security risks.
07/09/2007 Big Changes in PCI Compliance - Watch Out!  
With Visa updating its PCI reporting matrix in late 2006, many retailers that formerly did very little or no business online, and were as a result classified at the lowest two PCI compliance tiers, suddenly became level-2, necessitating change in compliance practices.
02/20/2007 Why IP Address Management is Critical for Corporate Compliance  
Regulatory compliance is now a business-critical requirement that extends to the management of corporate networks.
02/12/2007 The Benefits of Logical Security  
A case for unified enterprise security management.
02/05/2007 Keeping the Fox Out of the Hen House  
Eliminating insider threats as an essential security measure.
01/10/2007 Beyond Process Automation  
BPM enables organizations to enforce operations consistency, and also helps adhere to the ever-expanding body of compliance regulations and laws.
01/08/2007 Real-Time Web Channel Intelligence  
Companies know that securing their data, protecting their customers, and building trust while growing the business, is the best recipe for success.
01/02/2007 Managing IT Risk  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says there are a range of both internal and external risks to the IT organization, all of which can have direct and indirect impacts on a business.
12/24/2006 Bond, James Bond: Risk Management Consultant?  
Unlike 007’s special gadgets and cool tools department, most corporate IT groups have a limited budget for security and risk management.
11/22/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part IV of IV)  
The final article in Neil Macehiter’s identity management series.
11/06/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part III of IV)  
Navigating the identity management standards jungle.
10/26/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part II of IV)  
Neil Macehiter says organizations will have to bring together a well- understood set of identity management capabilities if they are to respond effectively to current business trends.
10/15/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part I of IV)  
Understanding the set of processes and supporting technologies that manage the electronic definition, storage and lifecycles of digital identities.
09/10/2006 Ensuring Business Continuity (Part II)  
What happens when everything you do is critical?
09/07/2006 Ensuring Business Continuity (Part I)  
Small, almost unnoticed computer viruses, hackers or even a simple inadvertent configuration change in a database or server setting can trigger an unexpected application or IT system failure.
08/23/2006 Opportunities in Basel II Technology  
More valuable than just compliance: Better reference data management can help optimize risk and improve capital efficiency.
08/01/2006 SOA Governance and Rogue Services  
Avoiding the blind spots that will mess up your governance processes.
06/20/2006 The Joy of SOX  
Why Sarbanes-Oxley and SOA may be the best thing that ever happened to you.
04/27/2006 Enterprise Compliance Management Gold Club Protected
RFG believes a central IT risk compliance program is imperative to manage new and evolving regulations.
04/16/2006 The Elephant at the Enterprise Risk Management Party  
For the past few years, it’s been a little lonely for the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) proponents of the world, but suddenly we seem to have lots of company at the party.
02/19/2006 Perfect Compliance: Is it Possible? Gold Club Protected
Perfection may be elusive, but AMR says companies should use compliance as an opportunity to improve the processes of their business.
02/19/2006 Using Security to Enable Growth  
Security has transformed from IT nuisance to business critical.
02/12/2006 The Security Conundrum  
It’s easy to be frozen by fear from security concerns, but these fears must be balanced, and tempered, with a wide range of business considerations.
02/07/2006 Protecting Corporate Data  
Ejectable disk backup keeps business systems accessible to employees, partners, and customers with the appropriate security controls.
02/07/2006 Managing and Measuring Security in the Enterprise Gold Club Protected
IT executives should proactively develop and foster the best practices required to monitor and manage enterprise security effectively.
02/05/2006 Business Assurance and the Changing Role of IT  
Technology is an enabler for more effectively managing the business, but it doesn’t solve problems unless it is tied directly to business and governance objectives.
01/29/2006 SOX Compliance for SMBs  
Is it the IT equivalent of an apocalypse?
01/22/2006 Business Assurance and the Changing Role of IT  
Technology is an enabler for more effectively managing the business, but it doesn’t solve problems unless it is tied directly to business and governance objectives.
12/18/2005 How Innovation Can Save You from Overdosing on Sarbanes-Oxley  
Building preventive controls and rules directly into financial applications.
12/04/2005 Identity Management Becomes Essential Gold Club Protected
As an IT function, the 451 Group says identity management is gaining in relevance.
11/13/2005 Using Business Intelligence to Optimize SOX Compliance Gold Club Protected
RFG says enterprises are turning to BI solutions to facilitate compliance with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
10/02/2005 SOX Compliance Partnering Gold Club Protected
AMR Research's take on the hot Sarbanes-Oxley compliance market.
08/21/2005 Reducing Risk and Increasing Productivity through Best Practices  
Accomplishing more with less.
07/31/2005 Compliance Software Sector Heats Up Gold Club Protected
Compliance comes in many flavors, and software products that address specific business requirements within the compliance arena are as varied as well.
07/31/2005 Manage Risk, Don’t Suppress It  
Securities firms tend to be at the front of the adoption curve for new risk management ideas and technologies.
07/17/2005 Sarbanes-Oxley: A Business Blessing in Disguise  
Compliance is a great business yardstick to employ in uncovering and improving upon your Enterprise Resource Planning.
06/19/2005 The Path to Integrated Network Security (Part II of II)  
Part II in a series about how integrated, cooperative security technologies can leverage information and enforcement capabilities.
06/12/2005 The Path to Integrated Network Security (Part I of II)  
Integrated, cooperative security technologies that can leverage information and enforcement capabilities are on the forefront of innovation in the enterprise security marketplace.
05/08/2005 Can Compliance Create ROI?  
Understanding the difference between a tactical compliance solution and a strategic business process solution may contribute significantly to a company’s long-term success.
05/01/2005 Can BPM Save Us From a Compliance Nightmare?  
Dave Kelly takes on the challenge of today's broad and complex compliance requirements.
04/17/2005 Sarbanes-Oxley: Setting a Better Organization in Motion  
By embracing rather than merely complying with Sarbox, organizations of all sizes will reap rewards that extend far beyond meeting the conditions required by the law, says Sean Chou of Fieldglass.
04/03/2005 Developing Industry Standards for Compliance  
Brian Sennett says businesses now have an opportunity to make improvements that go beyond mere compliance to increase the efficiency and predictability of operations.
03/20/2005 Taking the Offensive on Identity Management  
With a spate of security breaches topping the headlines this month, identity theft is also topping the minds of CIOs as criminals hack into corporate networks to steal and use personal information that invades individuals’ privacy and costs companies and individuals billions of dollars each year. Jeff Currie, the senior strategist directing IBM Tivoli’s identity management solutions group, discusses how to prevent intrusions before they occur.
01/31/2005 Keeping an Eye on Your Data (Part II)  
Data is one of your firm’s most valuable assets as it contains critical customer information while safeguarding the intellectual capital of the company, says Howard Goldberg of Merrill Lynch. In part two of this two-part article, Goldberg provides several more excellent descriptions of analytical tools that can be used to protect your company’s data, and provides practical examples as well as sample reports for the benefit of the data-conscious ebizQ reader.
01/24/2005 Software IP Indemnification—Do You Need a Plan?  
ebizQ analyst Dave Kelly must have been a Boy Scout, because his motto is to always be prepared, especially when in comes to reducing risks associated with the intellectual property on the software your company is using.
01/24/2005 Keeping an Eye on Your Data  
Data is one of your firm’s most valuable assets as it contains critical customer information while safeguarding the intellectual capital of the company, says Howard Goldberg of Merrill Lynch. In part one of this two-part article, he explains that this data must be monitored, controlled and protected for the organization to thrive and grow.
01/10/2005 Your Software Intellectual Property Rights Gold Club Protected
How and when should organizations worry about intellectual property rights and their software? More specifically, when should companies worry about (if ever!) the risk of legal action against them based on claims of IP infringement? ebizQ analyst Dave Kelly shares his view.
12/07/2004 Survey: Define -- and Refine -- Business Performance Management  
Business Performance Management is being recognized as a way to align and optimize sales, marketing, customer service, IT, compliance, finance and HR departments across an enterprise. Taking our latest survey will help you to define specific benefits - or refine your current implementation - of this promising new method to meet business challenges.
12/02/2004 Creating an Integration Competency Center and Keeping It Running  
The increasing complexity and number of integration projects can no longer be dealth with on a project-by-project basis. IT departments need to set up specialist units to cope with the growing number and complexity of application integration projects. Gartner's Paolo Malinvorno shares a gradual four-stage plan for the disciplined design, deployment day-to-day operations of an integration competency center.
11/29/2004 The Rewards and Pitfalls Of Identity Management  
If it’s so great, why doesn’t everybody implement it?
11/28/2004 Building Software for Sarbanes-Oxley Gold Club Protected
What kind of value can IT companies add in this new world of compliance development? In this third in a special ebizQ series with our association partner, the Integration Consortium, author Rob Smith provides five suggestions for what you should include and what you need to think about when building tools for compliance.
11/22/2004 There's No 'I' in SOX Team  
Is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act a rigged game in which you play against the regulators, and will your failure in the game result in very personal repercussions? In this second in a special ebizQ series with our association partner, the Integration Consortium, Rob Smith, chair of the association's Industry Solutions/SOX committee, answers this questions and many others, focusing on the importance of IT involvement in SOX compliance.
11/15/2004 Seven Things You Need to Know About SOX IT Controls Gold Club Protected
Groups that have been performing the internal compliance work in organizations adhering to the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 have quickly realized that failures in the underlying processes within organizations provide the biggest risks for corporate catastrophe. In this first of a special ebizQ series with our association partner, the Integration Consortium, Rob Smith, chair of the association's Industry Solutions/SOX committee, addresses seven of the most important things you need to know about IT Controls and SOX.
10/04/2004 Is Business Agility an Oxymoron?  
Those who are equipped with an agile business rules-driven enterprise will have greater ability to focus on strategic business decisions rather than be constricted by regulatory compliance headaches.
09/06/2004 Three Steps to Successful Identity Management  
Tight security begins with knowing who’s accessing your system, and leveraging that knowledge throughout your overall IT infrastructure. Here, IBM’s Jeff Curie spells out how to go about rolling out an integrated identity management system for your company:
08/30/2004 Does Your Company Know What It Knows? Gold Club Protected
Having complete, reliable, real-time information from and on all areas of the enterprise and its partners, adding up to the “big picture,” is critical for businesses. But they’re still not there, according to ebizQ columnist Dr. Chris Harding, of The Open Group. He says the obstacles are formidable but being tackled, in the hope of reaching information Nirvana, what The Open Group dubs “Boundaryless Information Flow”:
08/23/2004 Choosing A Document Management Solution For A Compliant Environment Gold Club Protected
Before your organization can comply with the myriad of new and approaching laws and government regulations, it needs to select a document management system that enables, rather than hinders compliance. And Laserfiche�s Jeffrey Green is at the ready, to help you separate the compliance-supporting software wheat from the chaff:
08/16/2004 SOA Meets Compliance: Compliance Oriented Architectures  
Compliance requirements are increasingly driving business agendas, to the point of dominating many information technology budgets. Leveraging IT to enhance business processes with transactional transparency is a necessary response to corporate governance needs. Building the �real-time enterprise� is fast becoming the preferred method for reducing fraud and, in more and more cases, a mandated one. In this report, research and advisory services firm RedMonk delves into the implications for enterprises of the current compliance landscape, as it relates to the hot SOA trend:
08/02/2004 Modernizing EDI Gold Club Protected
EDI is a true survivor, evolving with changing IT times to continue to meet changing enterprise needs, says , EXTOL International�s Stephen Rosen. He explains that the latest trends involve real-time data synching, empowering end-users, and EDI as part of complete enterprise views:
07/19/2004 Compliance Challenges Put Integration Heat On Bank CIOs  
Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley are just two of the stressors prompting them to seek increasingly agile and cost-effective integration platforms. How are they coping, and how might their approaches apply to other sectors? PolarLake CEO Ronan Bradley and Nigel Thomas of Lynton Research fill us in:
07/12/2004 EDI: B2B Workhorse Keeps Getting Better  
And proving very adaptable and reliable at that as XML works its way into the mix, according to Magic Software�s Lee Sutton in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here. Sutton says EDI remains the chosen B2B path of a huge number of enterprises, even as its vendors ready themselves for new challenges:
06/28/2004 RFID: Moving Past Compliance To Real Benefits Gold Club Protected
Enterprises must put forth more than minimal effort when it comes to RFID compliance. In fact, moving the focus beyond compliance to operational efficiency is key to realizing true enterprise value, observes Tom Ryan of Aberdeen Group in this Research Abstract. Compliance represents a only small percentage of the total benefits for manufacturers, Ryan says:
06/14/2004 SOAs Help Companies Put Pedals To The Metal  
Fast, agile companies often have fat bottom-lines. And in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, Oracle�s Ashish Mohindroo explained how SOAs can help companies, including yours, get there -- especially when you steer toward BPM, BAM, B2B and more, for good measure:
06/14/2004 XML Marks The Real Time Enterprise Spot  
XML is truly omnipresent in the integration landscape, helping organizations become and thrive as real time enterprises, as well as in the B2B and compliance arenas, just to name a few. And in a recent ebizQ webinar, recapped here, Magic Software's Lee Sutton traced XML's rise to business helper, and showed how you can make the best use of it:
05/17/2004 RFID: A Call To Action Gold Club Protected
Companies slow to warm to RFID would be wise to get a plan in place right away and start down that road, advises AberdeenGroup in this Perspective report. Those that adopt a wait-and-see attitude to try to avoid the risks inherent in such a new technology, cautions Aberdeen, risk being left at the starting gate and having to play catch-up to keep up with demands from giants such as Wal-Mart:
05/10/2004 Will Your Next Appointment Be A CPO? Gold Club Protected
As businesses become more process-oriented, and managing those processes becomes more critical, the need is arising for a new C-level executive, the Chief Process Officer. Here, Chris Phillips of Staffware argues that creating such a role makes compelling business sense.
04/19/2004 The Future Of BPM  
It�s quite rosy, to hear Rod Perry of venture capital firm 3i tell it. Perry makes the case that compliance is just the latest example of a business need pushing adoption of BPM systems. He contends that BPM�s place in the business/IT mix in general will stand it in good stead, and says BPM�s compatibility with legacy software will also help BPM�s standing in the enterprise:
03/22/2004 Choosing the Right Integration Solution  
Navigating the maze of integration technologies can be challenging and confusing. To help put you on course to the solution you need, ebizQ has put together a Buyer�s Guide, featuring a �map� to steer you to the right types of solutions and the vendors offering them. Here, ebizQ�s Beth Gold-Bernstein focuses her compass on the Guide and map, and shows how it can keep you from making expensive mistakes:
03/15/2004 SOX Fits As Part Of Larger Compliance Efforts Gold Club Protected
For all the buzz around Sarbanes-Oxley, a recent Aberdeen Group survey found business managers more concerned about the bigger compliance picture. And Aberdeen has specific recommendations about making SOX a component of overall enterprise cost compliance initiatives:
03/01/2004 Integrated Compliance Solutions: Step In Right Direction Gold Club Protected
The rapidly proliferating laws and regulations that enterprises have to comply with is, ironically, spawning benefits for those same enterprises, points out the Robert Frances Group. In this report, RFG explains how to leverage the current compliance landscape to your company�s advantage:
02/23/2004 Integration Architectures: Foundations For Growth  
To invest, or not to invest? In an integration architecture, that is. That's not even a question, assert ebizQ's Beth Gold-Bernstein and Candle's Peter Rhys Jenkins in a recent ebizQ webinar. The resounding answer? Yes! They also offer a look at ebizQ's Business Integration Roadmap:
02/02/2004 Business Process Automation For Financial Services Firms  
The impact of paper-laden business processes is no paper tiger for financial services firms. Indeed, it can be a real bear of a problem. But Mandy Chepeka of PureEdge Solutions says XML-based e-forms are providing such firms with the ticket to automated processes and their many effiencies:
01/26/2004 Global Trade Compliance: Complicating the Supply Chain Gold Club Protected
Complying with the multiplying rules and regulations involved in global trade can be perplexing on its best days. And RFG�s Sara Braunstein cautions that there�s no quick-fix: None of the solutions from ERP, supply chain management, and niche vendors do it all in the realm of trade logistics:
09/29/2003 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Calls for BPM Gold Club Protected
And that, explains AMR Research’s Eric Austvold, isn’t just for known regulations related to “passive” process documentation, but for future “active compliance,” as AMR calls it. Austvold also suggests three ready sources of BPM software:
09/16/2003 Defining Business Integration Requirements  
You can’t get the answer right if you’re not clear on the question. ebizQ’s Beth Gold-Bernstein and integration guru Bill Ruh are writing a book on integration best practices, and early on they examine the prime movers for integration projects, how to define business requirements, and how to measure success.
09/15/2003 Ten Critical Steps Toward a Real-Time Enterprise  
The benefits of becoming a real-time enterprise are many, and are becoming more and more apparent and widely acknowledged. In a recent ebizQ webinar, our own Beth Gold-Bernstein and CommerceQuest President and COO Lee White discussed a bunch of them:
09/08/2003 Integrated CRM Analytics: An Emerging Compliance Tool Gold Club Protected
In a new report highlighted here, analysis firm the451 finds four vendor segments competing to dominate the CRM analytics market. And the451 says the stakes could also be high for their customers, who may need reliable, integrated CRM analytics to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and similar laws:
09/01/2003 BPM: Way More Than Just Compliance Benefits  
Using BPM to stay in line with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other statutes can not only keep you on the right side of the law, it can give a significant boost to your bottom line. Viewers of a recent ebizQ webinar got the lowdown:
08/04/2003 Going Overboard On Sarbanes-Oxley? Gold Club Protected
The Robert Frances Group says vendor hype surrounding Sarbanes-Oxley is “almost deafening.” Yet, an RFG survey finds IT execs “hear more noise than see products” that truly help with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Indeed, RFG asserts that existing technologies can probably do most of the compliance trick, provided an enterprise is truly “elastic”:
07/14/2003 Building A Defensible Compliance Strategy Gold Club Protected
The tide of new regulations that public companies have to comply with will continue to rise unabated, along with the associated demands on IT, as the Robert Frances Group sees it. So RFG says companies must put in place processes to keep up with the new rules, comply with them and, in case of non-compliance, minimize the damage. And in this IT Agenda report, RFG gives details on possible strategies for businesses to follow:
07/07/2003 Sarbanes-Oxley: Transform as You Conform, With BPMS  
Publicly traded companies are dishing out significant dollars to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act’s strict reporting requirements. But complying with the new law could reap benefits for companies far beyond the Sarbanes-Oxley arena, as this ebizQ webinar summary illustrates:
12/09/2002 The Critical Role of Strong Authentication in HIPAA Gold Club Protected
As HIPAA deadlines continue to be phased in, healthcare organizations must learn how to adapt their IT systems to the new regulations. This white paper by Jam Kahn of Rainbow Technologies focuses on patient privacy and authentication requirements as well as the technologies available to assist in achieving HIPAA objectives:
10/07/2002 HIPAA: A Healthy Change for the Healthcare Industry Gold Club Protected
The phase-in of HIPAA requirements is beginning this month. And despite the advance warning, many healthcare provides aren’t prepared. This paper from IT consulting firm Syntel looks at the benefits that HIPAA will convey upon the industry and provides an action plan for getting up to speed on the new requirements:

10/28/2008 BPM for Insurance: Are You Staying Competitive? Gold Club Protected
Traditional monolithic technology has held the insurance industry's business processes in shackles for far too long. Find out how BPM can free up time and money and make your company much more competitive at this Webinar.
07/15/2008 Changing Tires on a Moving Car
Case studies and solutions for governing the continuous evolution of complex SOA systems
Gold Club Protected
As organizations increasingly turn to SOA, they face inevitable complexities and new challenges for governance. Join this Webinar to hear healthcare and SOA industry leaders discuss innovative ways to integrate governance, ensure compliance, streamline business system deployment and improve business outcomes.
12/01/2005 Best Practices of Supply Chain Integration Gold Club Protected
Listen in to this enlightening Webinar on how to avoid the myths, misgivings and mistakes that plague many companies who believe mere compliance is enough to gain business advantage.
11/17/2005 Best Practices in Portal Deployment and Identity Management Gold Club Protected
Join us and hear firsthand how identity management solutions power tailored views for your customers and hear real world examples of what works and what doesn't when deploying business portals.
11/16/2005 Compliance Gold Club Protected
Learn the tools and techniques that can turn your compliance solution into a business success story.
10/20/2004 Examples of Compliance and Industry Solutions Gold Club Protected
Learn how your compliance or industry solution can help your enterprise's overall integration architecture, and vice versa, and best practices for getting the most out of your implementations.
08/10/2004 Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency With RFID Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to learn why RFID is all the rage these days, and how your company can be prepared to take advantage of it to drive supply chain efficiencies and boost the bottom line.
04/22/2004 Gaining Business Flexibility by Leveraging SOA with IBM WebSphere Business Integration Software Gold Club Protected
Attend this webinar to learn how IBMÕs standards leadership and technical expertise make it the ideal long-term partner to help develop and support SOA solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business.
03/09/2004 Empowering the Enterprise with Simply Smart BPM Gold Club Protected
Learn how Pegasystems new rules-based BPM system can streamline processes, ease BPM app development, and enhance the customer experience across enterprises.
05/29/2003 Reaping Rewards Through Compliance Gold Club Protected
Compliance usually implies cost to an organization. It has no choice but to invest in changing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with such federal mandates as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley. However, by implementing a BPM solution to achieve compliance, companies can actually achieve ROI and gain competitive advantage. Tune into this webinar to find out how you can realize ROI through your compliance solutions.
04/29/2003 Using BPM To Limit Exposure Under Sarbanes-Oxley Gold Club Protected
This webinar will teach you how Supervisory Control Applications implemented through a Business Process Management platform can help reduce your exposure under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
03/27/2003 Using BPM to Reduce Enterprise Risk Gold Club Protected
Recent legislative requirements laid out by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act mean that CFOs, CEOs, and Boards will come under significant pressure, including the threat of fines and criminal penalties to certify the accuracy of their financial reporting, regulatory compliance, and operational processes. This webinar explains how BPM technologies can help you reduce your exposure to these new regulations.

07/29/2008 Transforming the Enterprise by Automating Document-Centric Processes Gold Club Protected
A plethora of companies are still employing completely ad hoc, document-centric processes, many of which are central to day-to-day operations. To improve business efficiency and agility and to address compliance and risk mitigation requirements, companies must automate these processes and provide an integrated enterprise platform for managing the underlying content. IBM’s Active Content capability provides the foundation for document-centric process automation, and this report describes its application and the benefits in context of IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM FileNet Business Process Manager.
03/27/2008 Dynamic BPM - A Comparison Between BPM and Email Gold Club Protected

BPM solutions are designed to support structured processes: workflows that follow formal (rigid, concrete) rules defining roles (who can do what, when), policies (laws, rules), and procedures (interactions, approvals). Structured BPM is perfectly suited for automating formal workflows (e.g., procurement, enrollment, compliance, expenses). However, structured BPM was not designed to support constantly changing workflows (e.g., tasking, action tracking, project management) that make up 80% of the average employee workday.

Today organizations use EMAIL to manage dynamic work. But email offers inadequate control, visibility, and accountability. One study actually found that 43% of people have fallen ill because of EMAIL-induced stress.

HandySoft provides BizFlow, a platform combing the structure of BPM with the flexibility of email. We call this mash-up Dynamic BPM.

02/20/2008 Compliance and Beyond: Toward a Consensus on Identity Management Best Practices Gold Club Protected

For more than a decade, government and industry bodies around the world have issued a growing number of regulations designed -- in whole or in part -- to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of personal and corporate data . Regulations are often mandatory and compliance must be verifiable.

Organizations have undertaken programs to ensure compliance with these regulations, a similar consensus has begun to emerge on how to achieve compliance. Forward-thinking companies are now exploring how to do this affordably while ensuring maximum user convenience and satisfaction. This white paper explores these compliance-driven best practices and how prioritizing their implementation makes good business sense beyond the fulfillment of compliance requirements.

06/04/2007 SOA Governance: Rule Your SOA Gold Club Protected
This whitepaper underscores the fact that SOA Governance is no side issue -- but rather the key factor to overall SOA and business success! Effective SOA Governance supports your IT oprganization, aligns business and IT, and provides the foundation for compliance management. Business benefits from your SOA initiative can be monitored and optimized, providing you with traceable business goals and the appropriate service implementations and operations. A well-founded and executed SOA Governance avoids the "chaotic growth" of an enterprise's SOA and allows an organization to supervise and manage the entire SOA lifecycle.
06/02/2004 Web-Enabling Self-Service Business Processes Gold Club Protected
The benefits of moving manual processes to the web are well understood. But very few organizations have web-enabled product returns, bill disputes or other complex business processes. This paper discusses requirements for web-enabling complex processes and new technology from BroadVision that allows organizations to deliver self-service processes through existing websites.
04/12/2004 Real-time Monitoring for Healthy Business Gold Club Protected
The Real Time Enterprise demands real-time solutions. The competitive pressures of global delivery of business services in a 24/7 world means you can’t be without a real-time monitoring platform. Learn about MQSoftware’s robust real-time monitoring platform and products, which give visibility of your entire business transaction flow and all the associated technologies. Using Q Nami! and Q Pasa! solutions from MQSoftware, this level of functionality can be delivered to the right person, in the right way, at the right time, in real-time to ensure healthy business is flowing and delivering what you need to deliver improved customer experiences.
02/09/2004 Content Management Best Practices in Insurance Gold Club Protected
A "secret to success" for enterprises in general, and insurance companies in particular, is "managing all of the information (that comes in the door) and optimizing complex processes that often cross departments and system platforms to enable ... employees to make better decisions faster," according to Enterprise Content Management software provider FileNet. In this white paper, FileNet serves up content management best practices, and explains how its ECM offering gets that job done for the heavily paper-laden insurance industry.
08/12/2003 Compliance - A Positive Attitude Gold Club Protected
This white paper outlines the basic definition of compliance with a brief historical background. It portrays the importance of compliance for the financial services organization and points out some of the regulations laid down so far. The paper further summarizes the compliance requirements of each regulation, with the penalties associated with it, and ends with a short profile on the e-mail retention policy and the impact of technology on compliance.

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BPM in Action

March 10, 2011

The sixth annual BPM in Action 2011 Virtual Conference will explore cutting-edge market developments in BPM and describe how to leverage them for improved business operation and performance. More

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Smart Case Management: Why It's So Smart.

Date:Nov 05, 2009
Time:12:00 PM ET- (17:00 GMT)


Date:Oct 29, 2009
Time:15:00 PM ET- (19:00 GMT)

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Joe McKendrick: Part II of II: Designing Evolve-ability into SOA and IT Systems

In part two of Joe McKendrick's recent podcast with Miko Matsumura, chief strategist for Software AG, they talk about how SOA and IT systems need to change and grow and adapt with the organization around it.

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Phil Wainewright: Helping Brands Engage with Social Media

Phil Wainewright interviews David Vap, VP of products at RightNow Technologies, and finds out how sharing best practices can help businesses understand how best to engage with online communities.

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Peter Schooff: Making Every IT Dollar Result in a Desired Business Outcome: Scott Hebner of IBM Rati

Scott Hebner, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for IBM Rational, discusses a topic on the top of every company's mind today: getting the most from IT investments.

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Jessica Ann Mola: Where Will BI Fit In? Lyndsay Wise Explains

In BI, this tough economy and the increasing role of Web 2.0 and MDM are certainly topics on people's minds today. WiseAnalytics' Lyndsay Wise addresses each of them in this informative podcast.

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Dennis Byron: Talking with...Deepak Singh of BPM Provider Adeptia

Deepak Singh, President and CTO of Adeptia, joins ebizQ's Dennis Byron in a podcast that gets its hand around the trend of industry-specific BPM.

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