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08/02/2013 ebizQ eGuide: Cloud BPM  
Moving business processes to cloud environments may sound like a reasonably simple undertaking. But deciding which processes to migrate -- and when and how to do so -- involves some complex questions. This guide aims to provide some answers by compiling expert advice from ebizQ and other TechTarget sites.
06/05/2013 Build an event-driven business culture to move toward 'right-time' operations  
In this Q & A, Gartner Inc. Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Janelle B. Hill talks with ebizQ's Peter Schooff on complex event processing--particularly, how to establish an event-driven business culture.
05/18/2013 Real-life examples of dynamic case management in action  
In this two-part Q & A, Neil Ward-Dutton, co-founder and research director of MWD Advisors, speaks with ebizQís Peter Schooff about ways to get concrete business results from dynamic case management (DCM). Here, in Part II, they discuss real-world examples of DCM in action.
05/18/2013 Use dynamic case management to achieve dramatic business results  
In this Q & A, consultant Neil Ward-Dutton speaks with ebizQís Peter Schooff about ways to use dynamic case management (DCM). Here, in Part I, they define case management and talk about options for using the approach to help companies meet bigger business goals.
04/18/2013 Event processing and activity monitoring: Differences, benefits and best practices  
In this Q & A and an accompanying podcast, Forrester Research Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri speaks with ebizQís Peter Schooff about the growing convergence of complex event processing (CEP) and business activity monitoring (BAM). Gualtieri also offers real-world examples of the technologies in action and offers best practices for companies interested in adopting either one.
04/05/2013 Considering cloud-based BPM? Keep these expert tips and insights in mind  
What should a BPM decision-maker consider when selecting a cloud-based BPM solution? Jeff Kaplan, of the ThinkStrategies cloud consulting firm, offers tips for making the right choice. He also discusses other current cloud BPM trends and issues.
04/02/2013 Gartner 2013 BPM Summit: Insights, tips and highlights  
This article provides a quick round-up of expert commentary from the 2013 Gartner BPM Summit in National Harbor, Md.
03/26/2013 ebizQ eGuide: Use DCM to streamline workflow and boost productivity  
For companies in financial services, healthcare, insurance, government and other industries, dynamic case management (DCM)offers a way to streamline workflow, improving efficiency, productivity and customer service. This collection of articles, edited by Site Editor Anne Stuart, examines dynamic case management trends and offers expert advice on reaping the approach's benefits.
03/22/2013 Harness big data's power to dramatically improve BPM  
In this feature, ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann explains how a big data approach can improve business processes.
03/19/2013 BPM & ROI: Raising the returns, reducing the risk  
In this feature, Site Editor Anne Stuart reports on recent research indicating that BPM has the potential for achieving up to a 170% return on investment--but reaching those levels requires serious risk management.
03/14/2013 Sustainable BPM: Strategies for creating continuous process improvement  
In this Q & A, Forrester's Clay Richardson speaks with ebizQ's Peter Schooff about strategies for continuous process improvement. Richardson discusses how to keep efforts on track--and how to overcome three of the most common hurdles to success.
02/28/2013 BPM and big data: Exploring the relationship between two key technologies  
In this Q & A, excerpted from an accompanying podcast, consultant Steve Weissman speaks with ebizQís Peter Schooff about the complex, still unclear, relationship between business process management and big data.
02/27/2013 Processes, content and mobility: Strategies for successful combinations  
In this two-part Q & A and accompanying podcast, technology analyst and consultant Geoffrey Bock speaks with ebizQís Peter Schooff about combining mobility and enterprise content management (ECM). In Part I, they discuss why mobile ECM matters right now. Here, in Part II, they talk about the BPM-ECM relationship and how to develop a successful mobile ECM strategy.
02/27/2013 ECM at the 'tipping point:' Managing enterprise content in the mobile era  
In this two-part Q & A and accompanying podcast, technology analyst and consultant Geoffrey Bock speaks with ebizQís Peter Schooff about combining mobility and enterprise content management (ECM). Here, in Part I, they discuss why mobile ECM matters right now. In Part II, they discuss how to develop a successful mobile ECM strategy.
02/14/2013 Want to dazzle customers? Business processes are key  
In this Q & A, ebizQ's Peter Schooff speaks with Derek Miers and Paul Hagen, both principal analysts at Forrester Research, about improving customer service through business processes. Miers and Hagen discuss three keys to achieving an excellent customer experience, how to design customer-friendly processesóand common mistakes to avoid along the way.
02/14/2013 TechTarget survey: Demand for mobile creates challenges for business, IT and BPM  
This feature describes key findings of the 2013 IT Priorities Survey, a comprehensive global survey conducted annually by ebizQ's parent company, TechTarget. Specifically, it discusses how increasing demand for mobility affects business process improvement efforts and BPM teams.
02/08/2013 ebizQ eGuide: Start gearing up for mobile BPM  
Mobile BPM connects people with their organizationsí processes, even when theyíre on the move. This collection of articles,edited by ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, shows BPM professionals how they can incorporate mobile computing into their process-improvement efforts.
02/08/2013 Beyond 'mobile for mobile's sake:' Deciding which processes to tackle first  
This feature by ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann offers readers expert advice on how to set priorities for deciding which business processes to mobilize first--and which won't benefit from mobilization at all.
01/31/2013 ebizQ eGuides: A library of content on BPM and beyond  
Visit this one-stop page to see ebizQ's eGuides on topics ranging from change management to cloud-based BPM to mobile process challenges.
01/30/2013 Prepare now for five major trends that will 'reshape BPM excellence'  
This feature reports on recent Forrester research into five key trends that are disrupting business today--but that, if harnessed properly, can ultimately create greater business agility tomorrow.
01/28/2013 ebizQ podcasts: Experts share insights on BPM, cloud, mobile, social and more  
ebizQ's Contributing Editor Peter Schooff regularly interviews industry experts, seeking their insights and advice about business process management and related topics. This one-stop guide links to both podcasts and edited transcripts of those discussions.
01/16/2013 What's ahead for BPM? Experts weigh in on mobile, social and cloud trends  
In this feature, leading BPM experts share their predictions for the hottest business-process trends for 2013 and beyond. Their advice: Business and IT professionals should pay special attention to developments in mobile, social and cloud computing.
01/11/2013 Workflow automation empowers academia, financial services and engineering  
Industry conference report: Business and IT pros from a university, a bank and an engineering company discuss how BPM lets them streamline processes, save money and better serve internal and extenral customers.
01/10/2013 BPM, IT and business teams must forge new partnerships to generate real change  
True business transformation requires "an unprecedented level of collaboration" among business owners, IT and BPM teams, says Forrester Research's Connie Moore. The three players must move from being soloist acts to a well-coordinated orchestra to thrive in the era when process-driven environments are increasingly essential to marketplace success.
01/08/2013 Break through BPM hype with mobile, social and communication  
In this two-part Q & A and accompanying podcast, consultant Neil Ward-Dutton shares predictions for BPM and related technologies in 2013. Here, in Part II, he and ebizQ's Peter Schooff discuss trends in mobile BPM, social BPM and BPM suites.
01/08/2013 BPM 2013: Case management, embedded BPM take the stage  
In this two-part Q & A, analyst Neil Ward-Dutton speaks with ebizQís Peter Schooff about what's in store for BPM during the coming year. Here, in Part I, they discuss what's ahead for mainstream BPM technology, including top trends in case management.
12/28/2012 The 'intelligent' BPM suite: Options for smarter process-management software  
In this product roundup, based on a Gartner Magic Quadrant market analysis, ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann explores the options for intelligent business process management suites (iBPMSs) in both the "pure-play" and "stack" categories.
12/27/2012 BPM in the C-suite: A look at the emerging CPO role  
In this feature, ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann examines how some companies are moving toward establishing the role of chief process officer (CPO)--even though they may well call it something else.
12/14/2012 Use BPMS and SOA to leverage legacy assetsóand move to 'world-class' systems  
In this guest tip, consultant Nathan Schmitz describes how combining service-oriented architecture (SOA) and a business process management suite (BPMS) can help your organization leverage its existing IT assets while moving toward "adaptable, world-class IT systems."
12/13/2012 Banking on BPM: One bank's long journey to successful process improvement  
In this Q & A, excerpted from a longer podcast, the BPM chief of one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East offers tips and takeaways from his bank's experiences with BPM.
12/12/2012 BPM can bring big value to big data initiatives  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls explains why some BPM experts and practitioners believe the approach can play an important role in helping organizations derive value from big data right from the start.
11/29/2012 For better BPM outcomes, consider a project management approach  
In this Q & A and accompanying podcast, ebizQ's Peter Schooff and Paul Harmon, co-founder of the BP Trends training and consulting company, discuss how taking a project-management approach can enhance key BPM initiatives.
11/28/2012 To benefit from mobile BPM, keep it simple and avoid 'human-centric' pitfalls  
In this two-part Q & A, analyst Steve Weissman and ebizQís Peter Schooff discuss the benefits and challenges of keeping mobile users connected to critical business processes. In Part I, Weissman provided an overview of mobile BPM's current growth. Here, in Part II, he explains how to sidestep mobile BPMís biggest pitfalls and shares a recent success story.
11/20/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Teaming BPM and ECM for more effective content management  
As trends such as mobile, cloud and "big data" make content management increasingly complex, many companies are using BPM to beef up their enterprise content management (ECM) efforts. This collection of articles, compiled by ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann,offers expert advice on combining BPM and ECM.
11/14/2012 BPM for SMBs: Done right, process work brings big benefits to smaller players  
In this guest column, consultant Austin Rosenfeld discusses best practices for small and mid-sized businesses interested in reaping the rewards of business process management (BPM).
11/13/2012 Use mobile BPM to link people and processes anytime, anywhere  
In this Q & A, analyst Steve Weissman provides a broad overview of mobile BPM's benefits and challenges.
11/02/2012 Taking a process-oriented approach to enterprise content management  
11/01/2012 Serving the 'work-anywhere' workforce while saving your systems of record  
In this feature, ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart shares expert advice from Forrester Research on serving an increasing mobile and highly collaborative workforce while protecting your ECM applications and other "systems of record."
10/30/2012 How BPM helps companies create stronger global and local ECM strategies  
Too often, companies create content without seriously considering how that content will be altered for customers in other locations--that is, until the organization wants to grow beyond its immediate regional footprint. Even then, localizing content is often an afterthought. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell describes the crucial role of incorporating the right rules and processes into such efforts.
10/28/2012 BPM Best Practices (Test Article )  
BPM Best Practives
10/25/2012 BPM & mobile content management go hand-in-hand  
Mobilizing content can create numerous business benefits, with productivity gains being chief among them. But obtaining those benefits requires developing a successful strategy--including taking a hard look at underlying business processes. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell offers expert advice on doing just that.
10/19/2012 Forrester: Four disruptive forces will change businessóand your role in it  
Tremendous change is underway for business, Forrester's Andrew Bartels told the crowd at Forresterís Embracing Digital Disruption Forum in Orlando, Fla. In this feature, Site Editor Anne Stuart explores what Bartels called the "four sharks of disruption": cloud computing, smart computing, mobility and IT consumerization.
10/16/2012 Getting ahead of digital disruption: Business process in a big data world  
In this Q & A, Michele Goetz, a Forrester Research senior analyst, speaks with ebizQís Peter Schooff about digital disruption. Goetz shares business approaches for avoiding information corruption while reaping the rewards of "big data" and analytics.
10/15/2012 Aiming for business transformation? Consider a 'target operating model'  
In this Q & A, Derek Miers, a principal analyst at Forrester Research, speaks with ebizQís Peter Schooff about how businesses have been using the ďtarget operating modelĒ as a framework for re-inventing themselves. Miers, a regular speaker at Forrester events, explains what the approach is, why it's gaining traction, and how it works for business transformation.
10/05/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Combining BPM and CRM for a better customer experience  
This collection of articles explores using BPM with CRM to build stronger customer relationships and provide better customer service.
10/04/2012 The enterprise service bus can be a useful antidote to cloud BPMS headaches  
This feature by consultant Austin Rosenfeld describes using the enterprise service bus (ESB) to prevent or solve integration and other challenges to cloud BPMS.
10/03/2012 Get smart: Explore intelligent operations and 'iBPM' suites  
This feature, by ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, explores what Gartner calls a new era for BPM, with the focus shifting away from cost-cutting and efficiency toward real-time operational intelligence. Also emerging: a new category of intelligent BPM suites, or iBPMSs.
09/25/2012 DCM and enterprise social platforms: A winning combination  
In this Q & A, Forrester Research's Craig Le Clair speaks with ebizQ's Stephanie Mann about combining enterprise social platforms and dynamic case management (DCM) for improved business agility, collaboration and communication.
09/19/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Decision management: Reap the rewards; avoid the pitfalls  
This collection of articles, edited by Site Editor Anne Stuart, offers insight into how companies can improve operational efficiency by harnessing the latest decision management trends, taking one all-important first step and accurately measuring the results of every decision management initiative.
09/19/2012 Business rules and BPM: Insights and advice from consultant Kathy Long  
In this Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff speaks with BPM specialist Kathy Long on the increasingly critical relationship between business rules and BPM. Long, a well-known consultant and speaker, currently works in the energy industry as the BPM lead for Onshore Upstream Americas.
09/17/2012 Decision management: Gauging success requires considering many factors  
In this feature, part of a larger package, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo offers advice from the experts on measuring the effectiveness of decision management initiatives. One big hint: Itís not all about saving money--or even all about saving time.
09/14/2012 Discovery: A critical first step in decision management  
In this feature, part of a larger package, ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann examines the role of discovery, the all-important first step in effective decision management.
09/13/2012 Business rules, analytics meet at the forefront of decision management  
In this feature, part of a larger package, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo introduces decision management as an approach in transition, driven by demand for real-time responses, ďcustomer-centricĒ processes and growing use of predictive analytics and business rules.
09/07/2012 BPM and CRM: Real-life success; pitfalls to avoid  
In this two-part Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff and consultant Neil Ward-Dutton discuss using BPM to enhance customer experience. Here, in Part II, Ward-Dutton shares examples of a customer successfully using BPM for customer relationship management (CRM) and offers advice on pitfalls to avoid.
09/07/2012 BPM's starring role on the customer-satisfaction stage  
In this two-part Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff and Neil Ward-Dutton, a leading European IT analyst, talk about the growing trend toward using BPM to enhance customer relationships. Here, in Part I, they introduce the concept of using BPM for CRM and discuss three key "levels" for providing outstanding customer service.
09/05/2012 Add BPM to CRM to improve customer service, strengthen loyalty and boost profits  
As many business and IT executives are learning, BPM can significantly enhance customer-facing processes. By applying BPM to customer-centric processes, companies can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and, ultimately, boost the bottom line as well. But successfully combining BPM and CRM requires a new mindset that many companies may find challenging. ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell explains.
09/04/2012 BPM and CRM: Two technologies learning to play well together  
In many companies, customer relationship management is starting to hit the wall in terms of optimizing the customer experience. But experts say BPM can help save the day. ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber explains.
08/24/2012 Case management in transition: How businesses can benefit  
In this feature, ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart offers an overview of dynamic case management's(DCM) ongoing transformation from a custom-built technology for niche markets to a widely used approach with a growing number of off-the-shelf options.
08/24/2012 Using case management in ever-changing environments  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses the use of dynamic case management in rapidly changing environment--and shares expert advice on choosing the right employees for DCM work.
08/23/2012 DCM drives change, new opportunities for business  
Dynamic case management (DCM) is the new kid on the block in the case management communityóbut itís already driving other new trends as well. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses some key developments affecting a variety of industries.
08/22/2012 Before picking a DCM platform, know cases and processes inside and out  
In this feature, ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann shares advice from industry experts on what to consider when choosing a dynamic case management platform.
08/21/2012 Forrester's 2012 BPM Forum: 'Embracing Digital Disruption'  
Forrester Research's 2012 forum for BPM professionals will focus on helping companies "compete and thrive in the face of constant disruption." ebizQ will provide extensive coverage before, during and after this high-impact annual event.
08/20/2012 Mobile BPM: Today's trends, tomorrow's prospects  
In this Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff and Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson discuss the benefits, current status and projected future of mobile BPM.

08/09/2012 Get smart: Explore intelligent operations and 'iBPM' suites  
If thereís one phrase that sums up whatís needed for next-generation business processes, itís ďreal-time intelligence.Ē And thatís just whatís driving an emerging approach that Gartner Inc. calls ďintelligent business operationsĒ (IBO). In this feature, Site Editor Anne Stuart looks at the approach and shares tips for evaluating the emerging class of intelligent BPM suites.
08/07/2012 The BPM certification maze: Picking the right program  
Today, companies and BPM professionals can choose from among a growing number of BPM certification programs thatówhile markedly different from each otheróoffer a combination of training and testing in critical skills. In this feature, ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart shares some recent research on BPM certification and training.
08/06/2012 Use workflow automation wisely--and know how it differs from BPM  
In this Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff and consultant Faun deHenry discuss workflow automationóincluding tips for smart use, pitfalls to avoid and the factors that distinguish automation from BPM.
07/26/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Use change management to minimize BPM chaos, maximize gains  
This ebizQ guide to change management and BPM includes expert advice, insightful Q & As and a companion podcast with more tips.
07/25/2012 Change management for BPM: Two real-life stories  
In the second half of a two-part Q & A, Forrester Researchís Connie Moore shares specific examples of two companies--one large public company, one midsized family-owed business--that have used change management to minimize disruption.
07/24/2012 Managing change in process improvement: Why and how to do the job well  
In this two-part interview, ebizQís Peter Schooff speaks with Forrester Researchís Connie Moore about the key role that change management plays in BPM. Here, in Part I, Moore offers insights and advice designed to help minimize disruption in process improvement projects.
07/11/2012 Capgemini: BPM seen as offering businesses relief from recession  
Business leaders around the world view BPM as a strategic imperative for economic recovery, according to the results of a global Capgemini survey. Emphasis on BPM is particularly strong in the United States, where 43 percent of U.S. respondents plan to launch a BPM initiative over the next year. Globally, nearly 70% of respondents said they would invest more in BPM if the economy continues along its still-challenging path.
07/11/2012 Mobile computing drives dramatic change in ECM  
In this Q & A, author, speaker and industry leader John Mancini speaks with ebizQ's Peter Schooff about mobile computingís impact on enterprise content management (ECM). Mancini, president of AIIM, the global association of IT professionals, predicts that mobile will drive more change in ECM over the next few years than in the previous two decades.
07/09/2012 Event processing and predictive analytics: BPM's next big thing?  
Event processing and predictive analytics may change how business decisions are made, and together they can enhance a range of applications and vertical niches. But as ebizQ contributor Jack Vaughan explains, success hinges on linking the approaches to strategic goalsóand finding people with the right blend of skills.
06/28/2012 Going wireless: Ready or not, here comes mobile BPM  
As the hype around mobile BPM continues growing, many companies remain unsure about whether and how to mobilize their processes. Here, ebizQ Assistant Editor Stephanie Mann explores how to strategize for mobile BPM success.
06/28/2012 Incorporate mobility into BPM one step at a time  
Mobile capability can add speed and agility to business processesóbut that doesnít mean you can go mobile overnight. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls shares expert tips on incorporating mobility into business processes, from setting clear initial goals to ďbringing your first generation of mobility into reality.Ē
06/28/2012 Develop clear mobile BPM strategies for use both today and down the road  
Mobility is everywhere, and itís changing how business is conducted. The problem: Business isnít necessarily the change agent: Typically, individuals take the lead in adopting mobility, dragging their employers along. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls explains how business process professionals can get ahead of the curve by devising mobile strategies for both for long-term growthóand for here and now.
06/22/2012 Decision management and event processing: Measuring success  
Decision management and event processing share one key component: Their marketplaces are shifting dramatically. Given all the change, how can organizations gauge the effectiveness of their initiatives in either discipline? ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber shares expert advice in this Business Agility Insights feature.
06/21/2012 Event processing and decision management: Best practices, best outcomes  
Events, decisions, actions--planned and unplanned--happen thousands of times daily throughout every organization. But too few companies have comprehensive strategies for managing them. In this Business Agility Insights feature, ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber describes how organizations can obtain more agile, precise and consistent results from all this activity.
06/15/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Banking on the benefits  
The financial industry harnesses BPM to manage growth, decrease time to market for new products and ensure customer satisfaction. This collection of articles, edited by ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, looks at using BPM not only to boost productivity and cut cuts, but to also dramatically improve global operations and regulatory compliance.
06/14/2012 Beyond fun: Try gaming to engage business process participants  
"Gamification" isn't just about helping employees have fun at work. Instead, experts insist, the approach provides a powerful motivational tool--which, in turn, can lead to greater productivity in process improvement efforts and beyond. ebizQSite Editor Anne Stuart explains.
06/12/2012 BPM in financial services: Drilling down to specific applications  
Many financial services companies are looking for the right applications to consolidate BPM functionalityóand reap the potentially rich benefits from their process-improvement efforts. ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell explores the issues involved.
06/11/2012 BPM, banks and compliance: A combination for success  
Streamlining and automating business processes can cut costs and boosting productivity. For financial services firms, BPM offers another benefit: improving regulatory-compliance activities. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo explains how to gain the benefits from those efforts.
06/03/2012 ebizQ eGuide: BPM, social networking and collaboration  
Collaborative BPM. Social BPM. Whatís the difference between them? Which should you use when? This collection of a dozen articles, Q & As and expert guest columns offers a broad look at taking social and collaborative approaches to process improvement
06/01/2012 BPM champs in financial services  
The financial industry harnesses BPM to manage growth, decrease time to market for new products and ensure customer satisfaction. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo profiles two of those champions and shares the lessons they've learned.
05/31/2012 Focusing on the 'm' in BPM for financial services  
In this Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff speaks with BPM consultant and author Andrew Spanyi on BPM and financial services, with an emphasis on managing process-improvement efforts.
05/30/2012 BPM 2020: Looking ahead to the process-driven enterprise  
Eight years from now, how will processes have changed? Will the average enterprise be drastically different, or will it remain more or less the same? ebizQ Assistant Site Editor Stephanie Mann discusses why experts say the process-driven enterprise is the way of the futureóand what companies can do in 2012 to be prepared for 2020.
05/29/2012 BPM, the cloud and innovation: Peter Fingar's insights and advice  
In this Q & A, excerpted from a companion podcast, ebizQís Peter Schooff speaks with Peter Fingar about innovation, BPM and cloud computing. Fingar, an internationally known expert on process improvement, business strategy, globalization and other areas, is the author or co-author of several leading business books.
05/18/2012 Capgemini: Businesses call BPM crucial to recovery  
As companies look to emerge from the recession, a growing number are relying on BPM to improve margins, efficiency and productivity, according to a new global survey from Capgemini.
05/17/2012 Choosing BPM suites: A checklist for success  
When it comes to deploying a BPM suite, thereís no single right or best way to do the job. But experts cite some clear commonalities that can make for implementation success--and that you should carefully consider if your organization is either preparing to adopt a BPMS or is already deep into the process. Alan Earls explains
05/16/2012 High-performance architecture: Key to enterprise transformation  
Todayís on-the-move workers expect constant, reliable mobile capability. And executives still want business value. Alan Earls shares advice for creating an architecture that meets both demands.
05/15/2012 Integration is key ingredient in formula for mobile BPM  
Mobility offers plenty of advantages for BPMóbut it takes some finesse and expertise to build that capability into both new and existing processes. Lynn Haber shares expert advice for doing the job right.
05/15/2012 Going mobile: 'Portable' approach to process improvement  
Mobile computing is poised to enable radical transformation in just about every aspect of business, and BPM programs are no exception. But reaping mobileís many benefits requires a solid strategy. Lynn Haber explains.
04/27/2012 BPM's future: Smarter, faster, more dynamic processes  
Gartner Research Vice President Jim Sinur predicts whatís ahead for BPMójust around the corner and significantly down the roadóand offers tips on preparing for the journey. ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart reports from the Gartner BPM Summit.
04/26/2012 Social BPM: The new frontier for better business  
Can you combine social media and process improvement into something that delivers real business value? Gartner analyst and author Anthony J. Bradley says ďabsolutely yes.Ē ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart reports from the Gartner BPM Summit.
04/25/2012 Gartner: BPM for highly adaptive organizations  
Gartner analyst Betsy Burton says highly adaptive organizations know how to balance business value and "productive failure." ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart reports from the 2012 Gartner BPM Summit.
04/23/2012 People, politics and process: Gartner's 2012 BPM Summit  
ebizQ will be onsite at Gartner's upcoming Business Process Summit 2012, from the early-morning welcome to the closing keynote. Watch the site for coverage highlights during and following the event.
04/23/2012 Business rules and BPM: Benefits and barriers  
In this Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff speaks with business-rules specialist Ronald G. Ross on the benefits and challenges of combining business rules and BPM.
04/20/2012 Proof of concept: A new tactic for BPM success  
Choosing the right vendors, products and techniques to solve a BPM problem can be a real challenge. How can you streamline the effort? The answer, according to Gartner analyst Teresa Jones: a proof of concept (POC). ebizQ Assistant Editor Stephanie Mann reports.
04/19/2012 Business rules management: Tools, techniques for success  
Without the right strategy and the right technology, companies may find business rules management (BRM) more of a headache than a help. But as ebizQ Assistant Editor Stephanie Mann explains in this feature, the right combination of BRM techniques and tools can create serious competitive advantage.
04/13/2012 The process management sales pitch: Winning buy-in for BPM  
04/06/2012 BPTrends: BPM maturity, BPM tool use on the upswing  
Organizations worldwide are using BPM more frequently and in more sophisticated ways, and they're more interested in investing in BPM technology. Those are among the key findings in BPTrends' "State of Business Process Management 2012" report, based on a worldwide survey of business executives, IT managers and BPM professionals.
04/05/2012 Social BPM, collaborative BPM: Sorting out which to use when  
If you're confused about the difference between social and collaborative approaches to BPM, you're far from alone. In theory, they're similar; in practice, they're not. This feature offers advice from the experts on telling the two apart--and deciding which one to use.
04/05/2012 Forrester: Social enables broader engagement in BPM  
In this exclusive guest column, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson describes how forward-thinking business and IT professionals are adding social tools and techniques to their BPM toolboxes to add more voices to their BPM initiatives.
04/04/2012 BPMN 2.0: A key modeling standard continues to evolve  
This feature offers a status report on the continuing development of Business Process Model & Notation 2.0--and on the debate surrounding its advantages and disadvantages.
03/29/2012 Complex event processing: An emerging necessity for today's businesses  
In this Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff talks with David Luckham about trends in complex event processing (CEP). Luckham, emeritus professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University, is most recently the author of ďEvent Processing for Business: Organizing the Real-Time EnterpriseĒ (Wiley, 2011). This Q & A, excerpted from a longer podcast, has been edited for clarity, length and editorial style.
03/28/2012 Gartner BPM Summit 2012: People, Politics, Process  
Gartner's annual North American BPM conference, to be held April 25-27 in Baltimore, tackles a big topic: "People, Politics, Process: Navigate the Challenges & Embrace the Opportunities." ebizQ will provide advance and onsite coverage of this important industry event.
03/23/2012 Building agile systems: Strive for simplicity, transparency  
In Part II of our series on systems that enhance business agility, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell shares expert advice on the necessary components for success.
03/23/2012 Agile systems improve process and business agility  
By providing a Ďright-nowí picture of the business environment, agile systems can provide organizations with true competitive advantage. ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell explains in the first of two parts.
03/23/2012 Collaborative BPM: Key components for success  
03/22/2012 Considering social BPM? Try these tips and best practices  
Social business process management remains the subject of plenty of hype, and the industry surrounding it is still maturing. But it's still not too early in the game to gain value from the approach. ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber offers tips and best practices for doing the job well.
03/20/2012 Decision management: Moving toward measurable business results  
Effective decision management can create serious competitive valueóbut only if those decisions lead to quantifiable business benefits.
03/16/2012 BPEL trends update: Weíll always have orchestration  
BPELís role as Web services orchestrator seems assured, but the broader spotlight has moved to BPMN 2.0. Jack Vaughan, editor in chief of ebizQís sister site SearchSOA, takes a look.
03/09/2012 BPM and cloud computing: Steer clear of these pitfalls  
There's no question that cloud computing can offer big-time benefits for process improvement. But the approach comes with its own set of possible pitfalls. ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell explains how to steer clear of some of the biggest ones.
03/09/2012 BPMís biggest threats: Lack of knowledge and value  
Effective BPM can lead to higher productivity, lower costs and even increased competitive advantage. But as Gartner Inc. points out in this report, it's important to avoid these five common pitfalls. ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart reports.
03/08/2012 BPM centers of excellence offer tools for effective process improvement  
BPM centers of excellence (sometimes called business process competency centers)can greatly enhance an organization's process-improvement programs--but only if they're planned and launched correctly. This feature explores
03/05/2012 ebizQ eGuide: BPM heads for the cloud  
03/01/2012 BPM across boundaries: Expert advice for enterprise-wide success  
In todayís fast-changing business environment, taking a holistic, big-picture approach to process improvement is critical for true transformation. As ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber explains, these best practices can help boost BPMís power throughout your organization.
03/01/2012 BPM in the cloud: Identifying benefits, addressing concerns  
This feature by former ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart provides an overview for an ebizQ eGuide on cloud-based BPM.
02/29/2012 Cloud-based BPM pioneers describe steps for success  
Cloud computing may be among todayís hottest IT trends, but executives faced with deciding whether to try cloud-based BPM face plenty of concerns about data security, privacy and other issues. Thatís why itís important to start with a clear strategy. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo offers advice on achieving that goal.
02/29/2012 Process management and the cloud: Challenges and risks  
When it comes to doing business process management (BPM) in the cloud, business and IT managers must address many of the same questions about security, cost and integration that come with any cloud-based application. At the same time, cloud-based BPM comes with particular challenges of its own. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Adam Riglian explores some of the biggest ones.
02/23/2012 Effective change management prevents disruption in BPM  
Change management, as Gartner analyst Elise Olding has pointed out, may not be too far from being an oxymoron. So is it really possible reduce, or even eliminate, disruption in BPM? Alan Earls explores the issue in this feature.
02/23/2012 Careful change management can help ensure BPM success  
As any executive knows all too well, a badly managed change business can have devastating consequences. Thatís why effective governance is so critical to change management, especially where BPM is concerned. This feature explores roles, responsibilities and other issues involved in successfully managing change.
02/22/2012 Decision management adds agility to customer-facing processes  
Automation, mobility and increasingly sophisticated analytics are just a few of the trends driving the growth of decision management in key areas across the enterprise.
02/20/2012 Transforming processes with social BPM: Clay Richardson explains  
Social BPM remains a hot topic as debate continues over whether social is effective--or even compatible--with BPM. In this Q & A and accompanying podcast, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson talks with ebizQ's Peter Schooff about the approach's current and potential benefits.
02/14/2012 ebizQ eGuide: Harnessing the power of analytics in DCM  
In this eGuide, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls describes and provides examples of how analytics can be used to enhance dynamic case management (DCM) and offers advice from the experts on using the approach wisely and effectively.
02/09/2012 BPM and change management: Using one to enhance the other  
BPM often goes hand-in-hand with the art of change management--and with good reason. But as Alan Earls explains, while BPM and change management share similar goals, each needs its own role and approach.
02/04/2012 DCM and analytics: Michael Dortch looks at the big picture  
This eGuide continues ebizQís exploration of the role of analytics in successful case management. In this installment, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls talks with consultant and analyst Michael Dortch, who shares insights and advice about DCM, analytics and a bigger-picture view of case management.
02/04/2012 Analytics in dynamic case management: Strategies, tactics and expert insights  
This feature continues ebizQís exploration of the role of analytics in successful case management. In this installment, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers strategies and tactics for successfully combining dynamic case management (DCM) and analytics.
02/01/2012 For many businesses, BPM ranks as a top priority for 2012  
Todayís companies not only need to do more than ever beforeóthey need to do it all faster, cheaper and with higher ROI. For that reason, many are looking to improve their business processes. In fact, in two recent surveys, a majority of respondents ranked business process management (BPM) as among their current top priorities.
01/27/2012 Moving DCM beyond healthcare: Steven Spear takes a broader look  
Editorís Note: As dynamic case management (DCM) moves into the broader business world, one of its biggest drivers is the need to ensure that knowledge workers have access to the right information at the right time. In this Q & A, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo speaks with author and professor Steven J. Spear about key trends in DCMís expansion and evolution.
01/27/2012 How DCM helped one global company improve customer service  
This feature continues ebizQís exploration of best practices in architecture and other aspects of case management. In this case history, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo describes how one global institution financial institution built a DCM architecture to better serve its customers worldwide.
01/27/2012 Building on a BPM framework: Can it work for DCM?  
In this feature, also part of ebizQís deep dive into dynamic case management (DCM), ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo tackles the tricky considerations involved in deciding whether to base a DCM architecture on a business process management (BPM) framework.
01/27/2012 To build a DCM architecture, start with the big picture  
This feature continues ebizQís deep dive into approaches for constructing sound case-management architecture. In this installment, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo explains how to begin with the big-picture look thatís critical for successful case-management initiatives. She also offers advice for making the right technology choices.
01/26/2012 BPM and the cloud: Steve Weissman goes beyond the hype  
In this Q & A, consultant Steve Weissman and ebizQ's Peter Schooff discuss roles, responsibilities and other considerations surrounding process management in the cloud.
01/26/2012 Complex event processing boosts agility to create competitive advantage  
Thereís nothing complex about event processingís simple payoff: When properly integrated with other systems, it adds considerable value. And, as SearchSOA Editor in Chief Jack Vaughan explains in this feature, those benefits are increasingly accessible to companies of all types and all sizes.
01/23/2012 Communication and flexibility: Building blocks for solid DCM architecture  
Dynamic case management (DCM) can provide companies with a variety of benefits--if it's based on a solid foundation. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo describes how to use communication and flexibility to create an effective DCM architecture.
01/13/2012 Integrating BPM and EA: Tips for doing the job well  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers advice from the experts on successfully combining BPM and enterprise architecture.
01/13/2012 BPM and enterprise architecture: The case for integration  
As ebizQ contributor Alan Earls notes, "BPM and enterprise architecture sometimes seem to exist in parallel universes." In this feature, he examines options for integrating and aligning the two.
01/13/2012 Two keys for DCM success: Technology choices, business buy-in  
When it comes to using dynamic case management (DCM) successfully, a great deal hinges on choosing the proper architecture. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Christine Parizo offers readers advice on addressing critical technology questions and winning business support for--and involvement in--DCM.
01/06/2012 Designing a DCM architecture that enhances collaboration  
Designing a case management architecture is really more of a business challenge than a technology challenge, according to ebizQ contributor Alan Earls. In this feature, he describes key considerations for designing a framework for improved collaboration capability.
01/06/2012 Crafting a DCM architecture: Principles, priorities and components  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls describes key considerations for designing an effective case management architecture--including how to build "bridges" that extend case management capability across the enterprise.
01/05/2012 BPM moves to the cloud: Jeff Kaplan explains  
In this conversation with ebizQ's Peter Schooff, ThinkStrategies consultant Jeff Kaplan updates listeners about the cloud's growing influence on business in general -- and on BPM in particular.
12/22/2011 Collaboration: The critical extra 'C' in dynamic case management  
In this feature, ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart explains how collaboration empowers not only caseworkers (and other information workers), but its customers as well.
12/21/2011 Linking DCM and analytics for maximum impact  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses practical aspects of combining dynamic case management and analytics, zeroing in on common development and implementation issues.
12/21/2011 Using analytics in DCM: Techniques and tips for doing the job well  
Many companies are taking their dynamic case management (DCM) efforts to the next level by applying analytics technology. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers practical advice for using analytics to glean insights from their case information.
12/21/2011 DCM and analytics: Better togetheróand better for customers, too  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls introduces a growing trend: the use analytics to enhance dynamic case management.
12/21/2011 Try these tips for successfully using analytics in DCM  
A growing number of companies are pairing their dynamic case management efforts with analytics technology to help detect patterns, spot trends and gain other insights from case information. Here, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers expert advice on combining the two technologies for maximum benefits.
12/21/2011 The business side of case management: Separating fact from fiction  
In this feature, ebizQ Contributor Lynn Haber walks readers through common myths and misconceptions about the business side of case management--and the realities behind each one.
12/21/2011 Reaping business value from case management: Real-life examples  
In this feature, ebizQ Contributor Lynn Haber offers "snapshots" of how case-management initiatives added value and transformed organizations in three very different industries.
12/18/2011 Hurdle these five common case management barriers  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell introduces readers to five big case management challenges and offers expert advice for addressing each of them.
12/18/2011 Want better outcomes in case management? Follow this advice  
Great case management results donít happen by magic, and they donít even happen just by hard work. Theyíre often due to following proven best practices. In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell introduces readers to four tried-and-true guidelines for effective case management.
12/16/2011 DCM takes the lead in domesticating 'untamed' processes  
In this Q & A, ebizQ Editorial Director Hannah Smalltree speaks with Craig Le Clair, vice president and principal analyst for Forrester Research, on using case management technologies to rein in ďuntamedĒ--or out-of-control--business processes.
12/14/2011 Avoiding collaboration challenges in DCM: Five guidelines  
In this feature, ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart shares advice from the experts on how to steer clear of common collaboration headaches in dynamic case management.
12/14/2011 Collaboration capability: A new imperative for information workers  
This feature offers onsights from several industry thought leaders about the role that collaboration, social networking and related trends play in the fast-growing field of case management.
12/08/2011 Try business rules and predictive analytics for better decision management  
In this Q & A, ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff interviews consultant James Taylor about business rules and predictive analytics in decision management.
12/06/2011 Business rules automation offers greater efficiency for case management  
In this Q & A, Jan Stafford of ebizQ and Craig Le Clair of Forrester discuss how business rules technologies can translate large volumes of complex information to enable faster decision-making.
12/02/2011 Software complexity, integration drive business rules automation adoption  
In this Q & A, Jan Stafford of ebizQ and John Rymer of Forrester discuss areas where business rules technology is being used, including decision management, event processing and case management.
12/01/2011 Quick tip: Measuring the results of human-centric BPM  
ebizQ Contributor Alan Earls offers expert advice for determining how well a human-centric process initiative is working.
12/01/2011 The evolution of human-centric BPM  
Human-centric BPM hasn't vanished; it's just gone mainstream. Alan Earls provides an update on how businesses are using "the human element" in BPM today.
11/30/2011 BPM + SCM = New efficiencies across the enterpriseóand beyond  
Process improvement can boost performance all along the supply chainóif you follow some important best practices. ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell explains how to successfully combine business process management and supply chain management.
11/29/2011 Quick tip: BPM governance guidelines  
ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers expert tips for establishing and maintaining a BPM governance program.
11/29/2011 BPM governance: The foundation for true business transformation  
Good governance can serve as the keystone for successful BPM programs. But as Alan Earls explains, effective governance requires the correct mindset, a clear strategy and plenty of maintenance.
11/21/2011 BPM plays a critical role in healthcare compliance  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell describes how BPM helps healthcare providers meet ever-stricter requirements to protect patient records.
11/18/2011 Building bridges in case management: Neil Ward-Dutton explains  
In this Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff speaks with well-known industry analyst Neil Ward-Dutton about trends and best practices in social networking and collaboration for case management.
11/18/2011 Social/collaborative trends in DCM: Stephanie Quick explains  
In this Q & A, ebizQís Peter Schooff speaks with consultant Stephanie Quick about trends and hot technologies in collaboration, social networking and dynamic case management.
11/14/2011 BPM offers healthy prognosis for improving electronic health records  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Stephanie Schorow describes BPM's growing use the healthcare industry's ongoing shift to electronic records.
11/11/2011 BPM: Healthcare's prescription for serving patients better  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Stephanie Schorow describes how BPM is beginning to change the face of everything from billing to treatment to patient education.
11/08/2011 Try these 7 tips for successfully combining analytics and DCM  
In Part II of this series, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers seven issues that must be addressed to use analytics in dynamic case management.
11/03/2011 DCM and analytics: A combination with high value for customers  
In Part I of this two-part series, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers an introduction to the growing trend of using analytics for more effective dynamic case management.
11/03/2011 Enterprise integration offers a bundle of benefits for BPM  
As ebizQ contributor Joe McKendrick notes, EI tools and methodologies now offer strong support for BPM. Read his interview with Forrester's Ken Vollmer to learn more.
11/02/2011 Quick tip: Sidestepping two major BPMS traps  
Want to avoid BPM ďflameoutĒ? Avoid these two common BPM-suite pitfalls to stay in the clear.
11/01/2011 Better together: BPM and CRM  
As ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell explains in this feature, introducing BPM to customer relationship management can improve the service experience for customers and front-line employees alike.
10/28/2011 Streamline your BPM initiatives: 5 quick tips  
ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers advice for simplifying BPM initiatives--and improving your chances for success.
10/28/2011 Keep it simple: Cut the complexity out of BPM  
BPM is often a massive undertakingóbut that doesn't mean it has to be a tangled mess. Here's how to keep BPM initiatives from mushrooming out of control.
10/28/2011 BPM metrics: 7 best practices  
In this quick set of guidelines, ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart shares expert advice for quantifying the results of BPM initiatives.
10/28/2011 BPM metrics: To reap BPMís benefits, measure its results  
The best way to win support for future BPM initiatives: quantify the achievements of current and past projects. This feature offers authoritative advice for tackling that task.
10/18/2011 Reality check: Debunking myths and misconceptions about DCM  
ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber separates fact and fiction about dynamic case management.
10/18/2011 By enhancing 'knowledge work,' DCM generates new value for businesses  
ebizQ contributor Lynn Haber offers advice on gaining C-level support for dynamic case management by emphasizing its benefits for todayís information workers.
10/15/2011 DCM: A valuable tool for tackling problematic business processes  
ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses how DCM can serve as terrific tool for ironing out and improving problematic business processes.
10/15/2011 Expert advice: Managing change in case management  
In this Q & A, consultant Thomas Olbrich speaks with ebizQ's Peter Schooff on minimizing disruption in case-management initiatives.
09/22/2011 Forrester: BPM pros need to become customer-engagement experts  
At the Forrester Business Process Forum, analyst William Band explains why BPM professionals need to zero in on providing a great customer experience.
09/16/2011 People and processes: Taking a human-centric approach to BPM  
Automation can't do everything. Sometimes, processes still need the human touch. ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses factors to keep in mind when choosing BPM suites with human-centric capabilities.
09/16/2011 Collaborating in the cloud: Tips for choosing online collaboration tools  
In this guest column, Forrester Research Senior Analyst TJ Keitt discusses online-collaboration solutions and strategies.
09/16/2011 Forrester's BPM, Content & Collaboration Forums: A handful of highlights  
Forrester's annual Business Process Forum and its concurrent Content & Collaboration Forum are among the year's must-attend events for business and IT professionals in a variety of specialties. Here is ebizQ's coverage of both 2011 conferences.
09/16/2011 Avoid these 10 common business process discovery mistakes  
ebizQ contributor Joe McKendrick offers tips from the experts on the missteps and misconceptions most likely to derail process-discovery initiatives.
09/12/2011 Mobile collaboration: Harnessing the next phase in mobility  
ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell discusses the promises and pitfalls of mobile collaboration and offers expert tips to help employees work well together even when theyíre apart.
09/09/2011 Great collaborative communities begin with good governance  
In this Q & A, ebizQ's Peter Schooff talks with Forrester Research analyst Rob Koplowitz about governance strategies for online business communities.
09/07/2011 Generate real business value with collaborative online communities  
In this Q & A, ebizQ's Peter Schooff talks with Forrester Research analyst Rob Koplowitz about how to create online business communities that work.
08/23/2011 Better process discovery and modeling lead to better BPM  
In this Q & A, ebizQ's Peter Schooff talks with consultant Anatoly Belychook about best practices for process discovery and modeling.
08/19/2011 DCM: Today's tool of choice for subduing untamed processes  
In many ways, "wild" processes represent the last real barrier to business process automation. ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart discusses how to track down such processes and use dynamic case management to tame them.
08/18/2011 ebizQ Guide: Use DCM to battle untamed processes  
Why should enterprises try to domesticate wild processes? This guide introduces readers to dynamic case management, defines untamed processes and explores such processes in the context of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and integration.
08/16/2011 Use integration to rein in untamed processes  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls explains how effective integration can help keep processes from running amok.
08/15/2011 Quick tips: Taming wild processes  
ebizQ contributor Alan Earls shares some expert tips to use in dealing with untamed, or out-of-control, business processes.
08/12/2011 DCM helps control untamed processes in ERP systems  
Out-of-control processes can wreak havoc on enterprise resource planning systems. But, as ebizQ contributor Alan Earls explains, dynamic case management can help rein in those rogue processes.
08/10/2011 Key players in process governance drive better BPM  
In this Q & A with ebizQ's Peter Schooff, consultant Kathy Long defines and outlines the roles and responsibilities needed for successful BPM governance.
08/02/2011 ECM in the cloud: Promises and pitfalls  
As cloud computing advances across the enterprise landscape, will enterprise content management (ECM) follow? ebizQ contributor Joe McKendrick discusses that question with ECM experts.
08/02/2011 Portals and collaboration: Tools for a dynamic 'information workplace'  
In this Q & A, ebizQ's Peter Schooff talks with Forrester Senior Analyst Tim Walters about trends in intranets, enterprise portals and collaboration.
07/21/2011 How to become a 'decision-centric' organization  
Automating decision management can generate big benefits. But doing the job well requires developing a "decision-centric" mindset. This feature offers tips for achieving both goals.
07/19/2011 Will the next generation of ECM solutions be in the cloud?  
In part one of this series, ebizQ Contributor Joe McKendrick discusses enterprise content management (ECM) and cloud computing, and how progression of ECM into the cloud has been a chore, to say the least.
06/29/2011 Looking to optimize ECM? Consider using BPM  
In this Q & A, ebizQ's Peter Schooff talks with consultant Steve Weissman about using BPM to enhance enterprise content management (ECM).
06/17/2011 Do SaaS and BPM belong together?  
In Part I of this special report, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls discusses concerns and risks involved in combining BPM and Software as a Service (SaaS).
06/17/2011 BPM and SaaS: Tips for a more perfect union  
In Part II of this special report, ebizQ contributor Alan Earls offers expert advice for combining BPM and SaaS.
06/16/2011 The rise and rise of BPMN for process modeling  
This two-part package looks at todayís dominant tool for process modeling, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). Here, Part I provides background on BPMNís evolution.
06/13/2011 'Just-in-time' data is just fine for business intelligence  
Consultant and author Claudia Imhoff explains how a more flexible approach can help organizations reap faster, better results from their BI efforts.
06/08/2011 Closing the 'insight-to-action' gap with analytics and decision management  
Consultant and author James Taylor explains how using analytics not only drives greater efficiency, but improves operational effectiveness as well.
06/03/2011 Process governance: One concept, multiple approaches  
Process governance is critical for effective BPM. But even among some process pros, governance remains a murky area. Here, Alan Earls highlights governance definitions, approaches and success factors.
06/03/2011 Decision management technology enters the mainstream  
What decision management technology is now available in the market? Are companies ready for automated decision management? ebizQ contributor Joe McKendrick discusses those questions with experts and co-authors Neil Raden and James Taylor.
05/28/2011 On the money: DCM deployment in financial services  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell describes key best practices and pitfalls for adopting dynamic case management in financial-services firms.
05/27/2011 DCM in financial services: Bank on the benefits  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell outlines the chief benefits that financial-services firms can expect from dynamic case management.
05/26/2011 Dynamic duo: Dynamic case management and financial services  
In this feature, ebizQ contributor Crystal Bedell provides an overview of dynamic case managementís growing importance in the financial-services industry.
05/26/2011 To prevent BPM failure, focus on process design and quality  
Consultant Thomas Olbrich discusses the importance of process design and process quality in ensuring BPM success.
05/13/2011 Operational intelligence: Turning data into definitive business action  
In the last piece of a three-part package on improving operational intelligence, Gartner analyst Roy Schulte discusses the importance of taking action on event data once itís been captured and analyzed.
05/13/2011 Process governance: Why it matters and how to do it right  
In this Q & A, Forrester Research Principal Analyst Derek Miers offers advice on getting started with process governance.
05/12/2011 Crowdsourcing analysis helps light the way to BPM success  
Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson explains why organizations should incorporate crowdsourcing analysis into their BPM efforts and offers tips for doing the job well.
04/21/2011 Want smarter business operations? Analyze your event data  
In this tip, the second in a three-part package on improving operational intelligence, analyst Roy Schulte discusses why and how to analyze event data.
04/18/2011 How event processing can help boost your company's operational IQ  
In this tip, the first in a three-part package on operational intelligence, Gartner Distinguished Analyst W. Roy Schulte defines event data and discusses methods for capturing it.
04/12/2011 Keys to BPM successóand a few BPM predictions  
In Part II of a two-part interview, well-known BPM analyst Neil Ward-Dutton talks about BPM tips and trends with ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff. Read this Q & A!
04/12/2011 The state of the BPM value propositionóand of BPM suites  
In Part I of a two-part interview, well-known BPM analyst Neil Ward-Dutton and ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff discuss BPM value propositions and BPM software.
04/07/2011 Doing BPM well: Anatoly Belychook on best practices and pitfalls  
In this Q & A, ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff talks with consultant Anatoly Belychook, who offers advice about some BPM mistakes to avoid and BPM trends to watch. Belychook is president of Business Console, a BPM development and consultancy firm in Moscow, Russia, as well as a frequent contributor to the ebizQ Forum.
04/05/2011 Toward more intelligent operations: BPM in Action event highlights  
ebizQ contributor Joe McKendrick shares highlights from ebizQ's sixth annual virtual conference, which focused on developing more intelligent operations. Included are updates on event processing, business rules management, decision management and dynamic case management.
03/14/2011 Book excerpt: Creativity and Six Sigma donít mix  
In this excerpt from his new book on leadership, former Microsoft COO Bob Herbold argues that innovation and process-improvement methodologies donít play well together.
03/11/2011 Operational intelligence + event processing = smarter, faster business  
In this interview with ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, Gartner distinguished analyst W. Roy Schulte discusses the growth of both intelligent operations and business event processing, and offers advice for tackling both.
03/03/2011 'Lean' with a capital 'L' meets BPM, Part II  
Speaking with Joe McKendrick, consultant and author Steve Bell discusses how Lean IT enables continuous process improvement and offers tips on getting started. Bonus: A list of Lean resources.
03/02/2011 Analytics, decision management and more intelligent operations  
In this Q & A, Peter Schooff speaks with decision-management expert--and BPM in Action speaker--James Taylor about analytics, decision management, BPM and intelligent operations.
02/24/2011 Special Report: Dynamic BPM: Picking the right platform  
This article, part of a special package by ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, explores considerations for choosing the technologies underpinning dynamic BPM efforts.
02/24/2011 'Lean' with a capital 'L' meets BPM, Part I  
In this Q & A, author and consultant Steve Bell and ebizQ contributor Joe McKendrick discuss the development of Lean IT and its implications for process improvement.
02/23/2011 Keeping process discovery simple: Kathy Long explains  
In this Q & A, Peter Schooff speaks with consultant Kathy Long, who offers advice on process discovery, invisible processes, and BPM trends for this year and beyond.
02/18/2011 BPMN 2.0: The emerging star of business process modeling  
In this update, contributor Alan Earls examines the features and likely adoption trends for Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) 2.0.
02/18/2011 A dynamic approach to case management: Craig Le Clair explains  
In this interview with Peter Schooff, Forrester Research analyst Craig Le Clair explains why the time is right for dynamic case management.
02/17/2011 Using process analytics for more dynamic BPM  
In this Q & A, Peter Schooff speaks with Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson about process analytics and the 'three Bs': BPM, BI and business rules.
02/10/2011 Special Report: Dynamic BPM in action  
This article, part of a special package by ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, provides examples of industries where dynamic BPM is adding value in a variety of ways.
02/10/2011 Special Report: Dynamic BPM: From simple to sophisticated  
This article, part of a special package by ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, defines dynamic BPM, addresses a few myths about the methodology and explores its various flavors.
02/10/2011 Adaptive process guidance: Andrew Smith explains  
In this Q & A, Peter Schooff speaks with consultant Andrew Smith, who offers insights about BPM, social BPM and adaptive process guidance (APG).
02/04/2011 Book excerpt: 'How Work Gets Done:' Anatomy of a process, Part II  
In this two-part excerpt from his new book "How Work Gets Done," veteran BPM professional Artie Mahal breaks down a business process, piece by piece. Here, Mahal examines guides and enablers.
02/04/2011 Book excerpt: 'How Work Gets Done:' Anatomy of a process, Part I  
In a two-part excerpt from his new book,"How Work Gets Done," veteran BPM professional Artie Mahal breaks down a business process, piece by piece, into its key components. Here, Mahal defines and describes the role of inputs, outputs and outcomes.
01/31/2011 Preparing the BPM professional  
Anne Stuart reports on Gartner researchersí prediction that support for validating BPM specialistsí skills will growógradually.
01/28/2011 Want competitive advantage? Make BPM a core competency, Gartner says  
Gartner researchers predict that BPM will soon separate the winners from the also-rans. Hereís expert advice for making sure your business stays out in front.
01/28/2011 Best practices for keeping BPM projects moving forward  
Connie Moore of Forrester Research argues eloquently that, in most cases, BPM initiatives donít actually failóthey just get stuck. This article by Anne Stuart captures Mooreís insights on why BPM initiatives run aground and offers strategies for prevention and response.
01/20/2011 Setting performance targets that make sense for BPM  
In this two-part excerpt from their 2011 book "Faster, Cheaper, Better," BPM experts Michael Hammer and Lisa W. Hershman describe how organizations can transform themselves by improving their business processes. Here, the authors describe six approaches for setting meaningful performance targets.
01/11/2011 Book excerpt: 'Faster Cheaper Better,' Part I  
In a new book, BPM experts Michael Hammer and Lisa W. Hershman describe how organizations can transform themselves by improving their business processes. In the first of two excerpts, the authors offer tips on defining and designing process metrics.
01/06/2011 Building bridges between BPM and data governance initiatives  
In a recent report, analysts Rob Karel and Clay Richardson advise BPM professionals on why and how to align BPM and data-governance initiatives. This article offers tips and highlights from their research.
01/05/2011 Taking a holistic approach to BPM: Andrew Smith explains  
In this interview, ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff speaks with Andrew Smith of One Degree Consulting about the benefits and challenges of taking a holistic approach to BPM. Read this Q & A.
12/20/2010 Guidelines from Gartner for winning with BPM  
Gartner analysts offer advice on identifying the BPM projects that are most likely to succeedóand then helping them to do so.
12/17/2010 Taking an enterprise architecture approach to BPM  
ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff discusses corporate BPM strategies with enterprise architect Alexander Samarin.
12/16/2010 Special Report: Document-centric BPM and the emergence of case management, Part II  
In the final installment of this special report, Alan Earls explains how learning about case management can help make knowledge-centric work more efficient and systematic.
12/13/2010 A look at agile BPM  
All things agile are of tremendous interest just now. As ebizQ contributor Jack Vaughan explains, even BPM advocates looking to streamline processes are adopting an agile approach.
12/10/2010 Special Report: Document-centric BPM and the emergence of case management, Part I  
Document-centric BPM, the original heart of BPM, is still beating. But as Alan Earls explains in Part I of this special report, that beat may increasingly be marked by a different drummer: case management.
12/08/2010 How SaaS is transforming BPM  
In this Q & A, ebizQ Contributing Editor Peter Schooff speaks with Jeff Kaplan, managing director of the THINKstrategies consulting firm, who shares insights about Software as a Service trends in BPM.
12/03/2010 Cloud computing hits the Ďtweení years  
In this update, consultant John Barnes describes how cloud computing is growing upóand offers two key predictions for the coming year.
12/02/2010 Book excerpt: Growing your business by supporting your ĎHEROes,í Part II  
In this two-part book excerpt, analysts Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler describe how empowered employees can improve information flow and collaborationóboth essential ingredients for BPM. Here, in Part II, they discuss technology initiatives for supporting such workers.
12/02/2010 Creating a BPM center of excellence  
One key to BPM success: establishing a center of excellence that sets standards, defines best practices and provides tools and guidance. This article explains why you need such a resource and offers tips for creating one.
11/24/2010 Discussing government cloud computing news with Tarak Modi  
Peter Schooff talks with Tarak Modi of Calibre Systems about the latest trends in the U.S. governmentís use of cloud computing.
11/24/2010 Getting started with social BPM: Forrester's Clay Richardson provides a primer  
In this conversation with ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson offers tips on what to doóand what to avoidówhen using social BPM.
11/24/2010 Book excerpt: Growing your business by supporting your HEROes, Part I  
In this two-part book excerpt, analysts Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler describe how empowered employees can improve information flow and collaborationóboth essential ingredients for BPM. In Part I, they recommend two human-centric initiatives for supporting such workers.
11/19/2010 Bringing the best of BPM to participants  
In the third part of this series, author Terry Schurter outlines how "the new BPM" is improving process-participant experienceóand beginning to change the way that work gets done.
11/18/2010 Bringing the best of BPM to the process manager  
In the second part of this series, author Terry Schurter outlines trends that are making BPM far more valuable to managers.
11/18/2010 Peter Schooff discusses open-source BI with Brian Gentile of Jaspersoft  
In this Q & A with Peter Schooff, Brian Gentile, president and CEO of Jaspersoft, discusses open-source BI.
11/11/2010 Bringing the best of BPM to the process builder  
In the first part of this series, author Terry Schurter describes BPM trends that are helping the challenges and limitations that process builders traditionally face.
11/10/2010 Chatting with Jignesh Shah of Software AG  
In this Q & A with Peter Schooff, Jignesh Shah, vice president of business infrastructure products and solutions at Software AG discusses their purchase of the MDM company Data Foundations, focusing on its implications for BPM and SOA.
11/08/2010 Is BPM right for your organization?  
Author and process expert Terry Schurter explains how to answer that questionóand offers advice on what to do once youíve decided youíre ready to try BPM.
11/03/2010 Cloud requires a new IT employee (Hint: MBA may be required)  
The rapid adoption of private cloud architectures is creating ripple effects, not only on the way IT delivers services to its customers, but also on the types of skills IT requires to support these new architectures.
10/28/2010 Taking a project-management approach to BPM  
Consultant Gina Abudi is a strong believer in using project-management techniques for BPM success. Read her practical, proven advice here in this feature by ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart.
10/25/2010 Cloud computing in the post-recession landscape  
This article will focus on the different considerations and facets of cloud pricing, and will discuss the importance of tailoring and customizing services to different enterprises, based on company maturity, size and priorities. The column will also touch on how cloud marketing is running ahead of on-the-ground reality, and what can be done to remedy this inconsistency.
10/22/2010 Book excerpt: Business in the Cloud, Part II  
Cloud Candidates and Cost Considerations.
10/21/2010 Book excerpt: Business in the Cloud, Part I  
Moving to the Cloud: How and Where
10/20/2010 The Importance of Data Virtualization  
The management of data is core to successful IT. However, few enterprises have a strategy for the use of data assets, and thus waste money and opportunity. WhatĀfs more, the exploding use of both cloud computing and virtualization has made the management of data assets that much more important. This report describes the value of a wellĀ]defined strategy and approach, as well as core enabling data abstraction and virtualization technology.
10/18/2010 The new frontier for life sciences & beyond: Specializing HPC clusters in the cloud: Part 2 Gold Club Protected
This article explores the benefits of specialized clusters for performing High Performance Computing (HPC) in the cloud, including the pain points in life science that demand these capabilities, and the benefits that the clusters provide to researchers.
10/15/2010 This is not your motherís notification platform  
The need for mass notification is nearly as old as human history. Whenever thereís been a crisis, thereís been a need to alert citizens. From 1775, when Paul Revere rode through the countryside warning citizens that British troops were on the move, to the 1950s when school kids were admonished to duck-and-cover in case of nuclear attack, people yearn for instruction when calamity strikes.
10/11/2010 The new frontier for life sciences & beyond: Specializing HPC clusters in the cloud: Part 1 Gold Club Protected
This article explores the benefits of specialized clusters for performing High Performance Computing (HPC) in the cloud, including the pain points in life science that demand these capabilities, and the benefits that the clusters provide to researchers.
10/08/2010 Making network management simple, effective and rewarding  
Managing a network can be daunting, especially if your small or mid-sized business (SMB) lacks a full-time IT expert or dedicated IT department. It is not unusual for the role of "network manager" to be added to an employeeís real title Ė as in President/Network Manager, Sales Rep/Network Manager, or Administrative Assistant/Network Manager.
10/06/2010 Lean Six Sigma: An intelligent Business Process Management asset  
Organizations create processes to establish a consistent and efficient way of performing tasks. Over time, however, processes can become ridden with errors and redundancies as employees fall into ritualized habits and communication breaks down. Lean Six Sigma, a combination of the industry-recognized Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies, is a rigorous, data-driven, result-oriented approach to process improvement. Using Lean Six Sigma to optimize processes can deliver benefits across the business.
10/05/2010 Data-centric security: Ensuring security is more than just compliance  
This article considers how businesses can manage their data, understand different data types and the increasing compliance pressure that has been placed to the Data Protection Act.
10/01/2010 Data Translation and Transformation Challenges for Mainframe Application Modernization  
This article explores efforts to modernize mainframe applications, which are often highly complex. It looks at the many technical challenges that organizations must address to successfully accomplish such modernization initiatives.
09/29/2010 The future of BPM and customer engagement  
The BPM model for today and tomorrow is focusing more heavily on customer engagement - allowing the customer to determine how, when and where he or she does business with a company. So while the processes and systems that comprise traditional BPM still play a crucial role, more and more organizations are realizing that using those systems to effectively engage with customers is key to providing a superior customer experience every time.
09/28/2010 How to Use Identity Virtualization To Better Leverage Your SiteMinder Investment  
Evolving an enterprise portal and keeping it secure is a thorny issue for most companies. Find out how you can enhance your portal without spending too much.
09/27/2010 Measuring the ROI from web experience management Gold Club Protected
This article outlines how organizations can calculate ROI for Web Content Management (WCM) and WEM initiatives to help make the business case for planned projects. Readers will learn how to drive value through WEM, including:
  • Improving revenue growth and costs around web presence,
  • Best practices for evaluating WCM and WEM tools , and
  • Tools for understanding the total ROI picture and how to meet not just their technical requirements, but the needs of the bottom line.
09/23/2010 Forrester's Connie Moore: Prepare for the BPM professional  
In this Q & A with ebizQ Site Editor Anne Stuart, Forresterís Connie Moore shares more insights about this emerging new career field.
09/21/2010 Solving the planning and budgeting dilemma in midsized companies  
This article discusses the issues with spreadsheet-driven planning process, identifies top five capabilities/attributes customers should look for as they evaluate such solutions and the trade-offs vs. budgeting/planning solutions designed for large enterprises.
09/20/2010 Disaster recovery virtualization vs. cloud Gold Club Protected
Virtualization and cloud computing have been touted for the last few years as the panacea for the IT industry and, in a time of economic uncertainty, both have the ability to help companies get the most out of their existing server and storage infrastructure. With both technologies at the forefront of the IT debate once again, what effect are they having on the backup and recovery arena?
09/17/2010 In-Memory Computing Breakthroughs Can Boost Any Business  
The benefits of distributed in-memory computing are being reaped today by many forward-looking companies. As this important technology spreads into the mainstream it is sure to become a requirement to remain competitive.
09/16/2010 Open for Business Gold Club Protected
This article explores how the skepticism towards Open Source is a pity, as it has the ability to transform the management and performance of IT environments, falling in to six beneficial categories and becoming an IT life saver.
09/15/2010 Increasing ITís role in business process improvement  
IT and business process professionals can work together to drive business transformation. Forrester Research's Alex Peters offers advice and six steps for moving in that direction.
09/14/2010 Could your sensitive business data be the next Wiki Leaks headline?  
This article explains the steps that IT professionals in charge of permission management of employee data access need to take to implement a formal data governance program. By taking these steps, IT professionals will be able to find areas with excessive permissions and abnormal access activity, understand who can access, who is accessing, who shouldn't have access, and who owns the data, and remediate risk faster than traditional data governance and classification methods.
09/10/2010 Prescription for Pain Alleviation: Transaction Path Detection and Management Gold Club Protected
See what exercise and IT management have in common.
09/07/2010 Considering deduplication for a midrange datacenter? Seven questions you should ask  
The following are important questions for IT managers to ask as they consider deploying deduplication in a midrange datacenter.
09/03/2010 Five Imperatives for Extreme Data Protection in Virtualized Environments Gold Club Protected
Transforming an organization through server virtualization requires a strategic and coordinated approach. Data protection Ė which includes not only backup, but also secondary storage and disaster recovery considerations Ė is an area that can easily complicate virtualized data centers if implemented hastily. It is essential that data protection efforts reduce hardware purchases, rather than require additional hardware to make it work. The article will describe the five critical data protection imperatives that organizations must consider during virtual server planning.
09/01/2010 Business Process Assurance: Ensuring Critical Business Processes Are Executed Without Disruption Gold Club Protected
This article on business process assurance provides insight into why such strategies are often overlooked by companies and yet are so crucial to their overall financial performance, especially as companies look to find savings in their operations.
08/31/2010 The Mobile Channel: Where Do Companies Start? Gold Club Protected
Deploying an effective mobile strategy requires that companies play by new rules. It is no longer about delivering standard websites to match the specific form factor of mobile devices.
08/27/2010 Concepts and Considerations in Highly Available Data Storage Design Gold Club Protected
When looking for a data storage system, there are several concepts to keep in mind.
08/26/2010 The Future of Government is Open  
This article will map out the role that open source technology can play in President Obama's open government initiative.
08/24/2010 If A Product Hasnít Got The Right Certification Can It Be Trusted?  
This article reiterates why you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, especially with security solutions.
08/20/2010 Agile Requirements for Application Modernization: Part 2  
Application modernization is no longer a choice - corporations must modernize the applications to remain competitive and viable. While fraught with risk, these are some things you can do to swing the odds in your favor.
08/19/2010 Top 10 Reasons to Replace Enterprise Search with Unified Information Access Part 2 Gold Club Protected
The last few years have brought significant changes in the enterprise search market. Acquisitions, redirected strategies and discontinued products have altered the landscape, but the most dramatic development is the emergence of a new class of technology, unified information access (UIA), which combines the best of search and database applications. This article details the top 10 reasons customers have upgraded their legacy search technology to UIA.
08/17/2010 Agile Requirements for Application Modernization: Part 1  
Application modernization is no longer a choice - corporations must modernize the applications to remain competitive and viable. While fraught with risk, these are some things you can do to swing the odds in your favor.
08/16/2010 Paving the Way for Windows 7 Adoption Gold Club Protected
By arming your organization with the powerful trifecta of asset management, configuration management and application virtualization technologies, you can ensure a successful Windows 7 migration while maintaining user productivity and business momentum.
08/13/2010 Rethinking Business Software  
Companies need to keep an eye on consumer technology design when purchasing business software so that it's intuitive, adaptable and user-friendly.
08/12/2010 Top 10 Reasons to Replace Enterprise Search with Unified Information Access Part 1 Gold Club Protected
The last few years have brought significant changes in the enterprise search market. Acquisitions, redirected strategies and discontinued products have altered the landscape, but the most dramatic development is the emergence of a new class of technology, unified information access (UIA), which combines the best of search and database applications. This article details the top 10 reasons customers have upgraded their legacy search technology to UIA.
08/11/2010 How to Empower Your Business Innovators to Make the Most of Business Process Management Gold Club Protected
We need to find a new wellspring of innovation in our business practice if we are to begin to kick start the kind of growth and competitiveness that can truly make a difference to our economy.
08/10/2010 The Future of Apps  
What businesses must know and do now to keep up with fast-changing technology.
08/09/2010 Nailing Down Resource Allocation ó The Key to IT Project Investment Gold Club Protected
This article outlines a more disciplined approach to allocating resources as a means of recovering what was lost when IT investments were put on the back burner.
08/05/2010 Why Governance? And Why Now?  
While governance may be a priority for certain departments, inconsistent governance practices will eventually make themselves known in unexpected ways.
08/04/2010 Business Process Management and Individual Empowerment  
Learn how BPM is utilized as a tool that brings forth individual empowerment.
07/30/2010 Document Software - A Safe Bet for Businesses in an Unpredictable Economy Gold Club Protected
In today's uncertain economy, document management and printing represents an often overlooked area that has significant potential for immediate cost savings within any organization.
07/29/2010 Five Ways to Skinnydown Mainframe Costs: Part 2  
The mainframe integration problem can be broken down into its basic parts, which will help enterprises build up a simplified, successful strategy that will save money. This article will discuss five ways that will ensure success with integration projects and -- perhaps more importantly -- reduce costs while delivering better results.
07/28/2010 Workflow and BPM: Whatís the Difference?  
This article examines the differences between traditional workflow and BPM by using a simplified purchase order-processing example.
07/27/2010 Smart Sourcing: Why Mid-Size Businesses Need an IT Plan B  
A paradigm shift is taking place; new service delivery options and the increasing popularity of cloud services are blurring the borders between large and mid-sized companies.
07/26/2010 Should You Send Workload Automation to the Cloud? Gold Club Protected
See how using modern workload automation can move batch workloads to the cloud with assurance.
07/23/2010 Exits and Acquisitions: Key Concepts for Successful Deals Gold Club Protected
With an economy that is still trying to get back on its feet, a lot of companies and their owners are still trying to decide the best course of action for their business.
07/22/2010 Five Ways to Skinnydown Mainframe Costs: Part 1  
The mainframe integration problem can be broken down into its basic parts, which will help enterprises build up a simplified, successful strategy that will save money. This article will discuss five ways that will ensure success with integration projects and -- perhaps more importantly -- reduce costs while delivering better results.
07/21/2010 Automating a Purchase Requisition Process with BPM Gold Club Protected
The solution built on a good BPM product will minimize administration costs with total process automation. By bringing the stakeholders on the same platform and making the process visible to everyone, the approval times are considerably shortened.
07/20/2010 Car Crashes and IT security  
This article offers advice on how you should go about keeping track of certificates in a large organization so that you avoid your networks and applications from crashing.
07/19/2010 The Silent Killers in Social Media Never Die Gold Club Protected
This article will bind together the BP oil spill and social media, and exactly why BP's nightmare may linger long after the oil leak is capped.
07/15/2010 Building a Metadata Repository on a Shoestring Budget Gold Club Protected
Business users, more than ever, understand the value of metadata and are using it a number of ways - to find information, to ensure the accuracy of reports, to build new lines of business, to do impact analyses, to perform audits and to ensure they adhere to compliance mandates.
07/13/2010 Capturing the New Frontier: How To Unlock the Power of Cloud Computing  
To realize the full benefits of cloud computing, organizations must assess and mitigate the risk posed by application vulnerabilities deployed in the cloud with equal vigor as those within their own data center. It is only then that they will be able to take full advantage of Cloud Computing to save cost and increase the efficiency of their business.
07/12/2010 Cloud Computing: Why we Need to go Back to the Future Gold Club Protected
The 'best of both worlds' is a too often used phrase, but for IT departments looking to reconcile the challenges and benefits that cloud computing brings, it can become a reality.
07/09/2010 Trusting the Cloud with your Primary Data Gold Club Protected
This article will explore the features that organizations can rely on to deliver the required data performance, and how, when and if those features can be delivered cost-effectively in cloud service offerings.
07/08/2010 SOA What? Services Thinking Goes to Work Gold Club Protected
Services Thinking can give you the freedom to do the things your business needs to do - when you need to do them.
07/07/2010 Bringing the best of BPM to the customer  
In the fourth and final part of this series, author Terry Schurter describes BPM trends that are finally helping organizations deliver on their promises to customers.
07/06/2010 IT as a Service  
This article walks through misconceptions affecting the IT end user community and shows the struggle that CIOs, managers and IT department heads have to provide the cost associated with IT to the end users so they can make the best decisions, keep costs down and maintain or increase productivity.
07/05/2010 Private Cloud Ė Emerging Trend or Buzzword?  
With an increasing interest in cloud computing and an uptick on applications and data moving to the cloud, it's important for businesses to take a close look at which cloud option - public, private or none at all - is best for their specific set of circumstances.
07/02/2010 Uncovering the Business Benefits Behind the New ICO Powers  
This article will outline why the new ICO powers offers an opportunity for businesses and government to get a better understanding of employee data access and data storage to tackle nagging holes in processes and data protection - and why if you don't, human error means you should already be planning the date for your organizations time in the ICO spotlight.
07/01/2010 Deploy Real-Time Analytics Applications in Record Time While Slashing Costs  
With continuous intelligence increasingly becoming an essential business capability, the only question is how best to achieve it. Using a CEP platform may well be the best answer for you and your organization.
06/30/2010 Embedding Compliance into Business Processes  
The opportunities for process improvements, innovation and business growth do exist - and companies don't have to fall into the pit, even in a down economy. The organizations that seize those opportunities are the ones that will best be positioned now and when the recession ends.
06/29/2010 Ready to Kick the Colo Habit? Three Ways to Do Web Apps in the Cloud  
This article will discuss three major use cases emerging in the cloud market, reflecting the ways in which specific web apps are architected, as well as the comfort levels of the customer in exposing some or all of their app stacks outside the corporate firewall.
06/28/2010 From Home to Headquarters: Consumers Carry Online Apps to the Workplace  
Consumerization of business applications is the driving force behind SaaS and cloud-based applications, and the demand for such applications is only going to continue on an upward trajectory.
06/25/2010 Is Your Network Monitoring Equipment Still Working for You?  
Learn the impact of developments in enterprise applications on the corporate network and the risks faced by businesses which fail to invest in effective network performance management tools.
06/24/2010 How Do We Really Know When SOA is Delivering? A 12-Step Program  
While everyone agrees that while much work still needs to be done -- particularly in the areas of governance and measuring return on investment - can we say that SOA has lived up to many of its promises so far?
06/22/2010 Dot Connecting in the New Data World  
Today, there is an intense push for accuracy in our data and, particularly, in our ability to accurately "connect the dots."
06/21/2010 PC Lifecycle Management: Are You Ready for the Cloud?  
See how the cloud-based PCLM solution allows the IT department to enable the right computing experience for all of its end user systems, and allows the business to thrive in an aggressively changing technological ecosystem.
06/18/2010 The Great Multi-Domain Master Data Management Debate: Specialist or Generalist, Depth or Breadth?  
As the MDM marketplace continues to expand and mature, so does the appeal of a single MDM solution. Find out the ultimate promises and goals of true master data management.
06/15/2010 Driving More Value from BI  
Whichever emerging technology approach you choose for analytics, itís great to know there are alternatives that offer a win-win for business users and IT. See how analyst resources provide a fresh look at these important factors to consider.
06/14/2010 Understanding Enterprise-to-Cloud Migration Costs and Risks  
See how corporations can make well-informed decisions regarding their cloud migration strategy without adding unnecessary cost and risk to their operation by including simulation tools and techniques in their assessment process.
06/11/2010 Removing the Model T Mentality from SAP Hosting  
See why using a 21st Century hosting provider will give you complete control over your environment and keep your data separate, all while saving you as much as 30 percent over traditional hosting.
06/09/2010 The Relevance of Simulation in Today's BPM World  
Can BPM solutions do without the simulation stage?
06/08/2010 How Does B2B Social Networking Fit in your Sales Cycle During Bad Economic Times?  
Businesses can connect with potential customers and partners through the power of the Internet using online B2B social networking. Given all the tools available and the multitude of different platforms, there is bound to be a way to connect to your demographic.
06/07/2010 The Rapidly Growing Costs of SaaS Management  
SaaS and the cloud truly marks a revolution in how technology is used to make businesses and processes more agile, flexible and nimble. To capitalize on the opportunity it is imperative for organizations to recognize and 'get ahead of the curve' today on management of cloud technologies.
06/04/2010 Your EHR Strategy: Donít Forget about Faxing  
Don't let faxing slip through the cracks. Make sure you're business is ready for 2014 by moving to an Internet fax service this year.
06/02/2010 Bringing the Best of (Persona-based) BPM to the Participant  
Learn how the advent of embedded user experiences for participants in BPM software is the one thing that will finally enable BPM to fulfill its promise.
06/01/2010 Making Technology Work for the End User  
While every application canít be developed with a specific end user in mind, learn how IT managers can impact the way these systems work together and empower end users with the tools to define the process and create applications that optimize their own working environment/ desktop.
05/30/2010 When Contemplating Your Cloud Strategy, Keep Your Feet Firmly Planted on the Ground  
The question sparking so much debate today is whether to use an internal cloud or an external cloud, also known as private and public clouds. Find out how internal and external clouds provide easy, scalable access to computing resources and IT services.
05/28/2010 Changing the Rules of the Game  
This article focuses on changing the rules of information and data management as it relates to compliance, governance and managing workflows.
05/27/2010 Nine Great Unsolved Mysteries of SOA  
For a subject that is being hyped to incredible levels by vendors and analysts, there is precious little information about the fundamental implications of this approach.
05/25/2010 Building a Better Approach for Budgeting and Planning  
Learn what changes companies need to consider to improve their budgeting and planning processes.
05/24/2010 Riding the Cloud with Third Generation Outsourcing  
Due to the emergence of Cloud Computing, Third Generation Outsourcing stands to materially revolutionize and challenge traditional outsourcing models in a way that no previous models have.
05/21/2010 Games that Matter: User Experience that Leads to Insights  
Learn the principles of better BI user experience by applying VIIC: Visual, Interactive, Immediate, and Contextual.
05/18/2010 Using RMM Technology to Align IT Strategies with Business Priorities  
This article is the second in a two-part series dedicated to helping IT organizations in small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and midmarket enterprises accomplish just that and more with the use of emerging tools such as remote monitoring and management (RMM) technology.
05/17/2010 Implications of Cloud Computing for ISVs  
This article will discuss the implications of the Cloud for a specific segment of the industry, referred to as Independent Software Vendors, or ISVs.
05/14/2010 Creating Budget Where None Exists  
Read to learn the four part formula.
05/13/2010 It's Never too Soon to Start Thinking About SOA and Cloud Governance  
In the past, companies approached enterprise architecture projects in siloed and departmental-centric ways. Learn how SOA and cloud break down these silos and departmental barriers, and force a uniform architectural approach across the enterprise.
05/11/2010 The Anatomy of a Salesforce CRM Org Merge  
Learn what the best practices are for ensuring a successful merge instant consolidation.
05/10/2010 How Social Knowledge Networks can Help Global Organizations Capture and Retain Knowledge  
Find out how to use social media to harness social knowledge.
05/07/2010 Lifecycle Systems Quality  
This article examines the changing role of quality assurance and looks at approaches that effectively extend application lifecycle management (ALM) to include quality management and align project outcomes with customer needs and business objectives.
05/05/2010 What BPM Hat are You Wearing? Part II of II  
Learn why it is vital to understand the different process models available to businesses today.
05/03/2010 Beyond Social Business Software: Making the Case for Open Source Social Publishing  
Learn why open source social publishing is not only a cost alternative but an innovation alternative to the other models.
04/28/2010 What BPM Hat are You Wearing? Part I of II  
Learn why it is vital to understand the different process models available to businesses today.
04/27/2010 Manage IT Like a Business: Getting to ITIL Faster  
This article will look at a dual approach to get to ITIL faster.
04/26/2010 CISO Guide to Strategy in the Cloud  
Whether building private clouds, piloting uses of public clouds or even using public clouds for production applications, CISOs will never again see the same level of opportunity to communicate their needs and build security into the Cloud.
04/23/2010 Enterprise Feedback - How to Capture It And Take Action  
Here are some of the problems with the Wild West approach to web surveys.
04/22/2010 Using Event-Driven Systems to Reduce the Cost of Change  
This article discusses how business systems are commonly combined and event-driven business applications can increase your organization's flexibility and intelligence to reduce the total cost of change.
04/21/2010 Elastic Content Viewing Ė Overcome the Darker Side of Cloud Content Hosting  
Learn why elastic content viewing is an evolutionary step away from the traditional download-and-play model.
04/20/2010 Top 5 Tips for Better Bandwidth Management  
Here is a list of five quick tips on better bandwidth management.
04/19/2010 My Cloud: Private, Public or Something Else?  
Learn why private and public clouds are a part of the future of your enterprise.
04/16/2010 Service Portfolio Enablement Through the Cloud  
Prior to the cloud, it was impossible to dynamically allocate infrastructure costs to the various services in the portfolio. See how it is now possible to properly allocate these costs in a true consumption-based model.
04/15/2010 Agile SOA: Mad Science or Solid Reality?  
Agile SOA might seem like a mismatched and poorly thought-out IT abomination, but as you move through the implementation, it will become clear that it's a tech match made in heaven.
04/14/2010 Where is Mobile BPM?  
Read this article to learn the benefits of mobile BPM and see why this competitive frontier is wide open for leadership.
04/13/2010 Data Services Platforms Ė Bringing Order to Chaos  
Learn the eight critical-to-success factors enterprises and government agencies employ to systematize their decision-making and increase their confidence in successful DSP deployments.
04/12/2010 Web 3.0: Converging Cloud Computing and the Web  
Web 3.0 is more open and collaborative than any technology of the past and it is a critical force in the future of cloud computing.
04/09/2010 Optimizing IT Value in Small to Medium Businesses and Midmarket Enterprises  
In this article, weíll examine how IT can support and align business strategies through business process improvement and reducing enterprise costs.
04/08/2010 Why Data Modeling is Now Critical to SOA Success  
Learn how data modeling tools enable you to reuse data elements and break a large model into smaller submodels or subject areas.
04/06/2010 Automating AR: Putting Control in the Hands of Customers  
Learn how AR document process automation can bridge the gap between legacy media and future invoicing mechanisms.
04/05/2010 Will Virtualization & Cloud Computing Change how we Achieve Security?  
Learn how virtualization and cloud can provide businesses with more efficient management and automation of non-critical IT functions.
04/02/2010 Managing People, Policies and Privacy  
This article addresses how CIOs can manage increased use of mobile technology without impairing the efficiency of their staff.
04/01/2010 Debunking the Lean Mystery: How Agile and Lean Really Stack Up in the Plant  
Find out which competing model strikes the best possible balance between quality of final projects and cost.
03/31/2010 Beyond BPM: Why Dynamic Case Management Should Be Your Top Priority in 2010  
By adopting dynamic case management, organizations can evolve BPM to respond quickly to internal or external event triggers and meet strategic business needs.
03/30/2010 The Cloud is Secure, It's Cloud Providers That Aren't  
Learn why enterprises simply can't trust their data to the cloud.
03/29/2010 Cloud 101 -- What is the Cloud?  
Learn what three functions cloud computing can provide for businesses that utilize it.
03/26/2010 Making the Cloud Secure for Your Enterprise  
Learn how to make the virtual, multi-tenant environment of the cloud safe for enterprise use.
03/25/2010 Seven Social Networks Your Business Can't Afford to Ignore  
See how some businesses use social networking applications in a way that fosters teamwork, customer touches, and internal and external collaboration in a low-cost seamless way.
03/24/2010 Pegasystems Makes Rare Deal, Buys Chordiant for $161.5m Gold Club Protected
From The 451 Group: Thoughts on Pegasystems' first acquisition in more than eight years.
03/24/2010 How SaaS Can Displace Risk in a New Era of Increased Regulatory Compliance  
See how SaaS is a sensible solution that is gaining popularity among businesses working to comply with the growing number of government regulations.
03/24/2010 Improving Internal Processes and Your Company's Competitive Advantage  
BPM empowers companies to align their internal processes in order to better fulfill their customers' needs.
03/23/2010 The Gold Mine in Your Back Yard: The Case for Modern Quote and Proposals  
Here are 5 ways modern Quote and Proposals can create happier customers and positively impact your bottom line.
03/22/2010 BI and the Customer Voice: Borge Hald Explains  
Read a Q&A with Jessica Ann Mola and Borge Hald about customer intelligence.
03/22/2010 Widgets: Your Key to Opening Doors and Leveraging Social Media For Loyalty Programs  
See how widgets instill and augment customer loyalty when used in the context of branded social networking.
03/19/2010 Quick Guide: BPM: Designing BPM  
03/19/2010 Freeware is Here to Stay  
See why free software is here to stay.
03/19/2010 Quick Guide: BPM: Resources  
03/19/2010 Quick Guide: What is BPM?  
03/19/2010 Quick Guide: BPM: Monitoring, Optimizing and Automating BPM  
03/19/2010 Quick Guide: BPM: Languages and Standards  
03/18/2010 Service Oriented Architecture: The 'Pewter Bullet' That Creates New Value from Legacy Software  
How can we do a better job of reusing legacy software?
03/17/2010 Process Improvement Doesn't Care What Language You Speak  
Lessons learned by a Boston-based Brit, implementing BPM in Mexico City.
03/16/2010 Enabling Enterprises for Cloud-Scale Deployments  
Learn how Cloud-scale solutions have the ability to service large numbers of end users with explosive data requirements, keep the cost of service delivery to a minimum and provide availability to keep users happy and administrators nimble.
03/09/2010 The Best of BPM: Why Today's BPM is Changing the Game  
Here are the four key factors that will build the bridge to unleashing the potential of BPM once and for all.
03/09/2010 Accelerating the Conversion of Browsers to Buyers  
Learn how to add insight to your company's web site through the power of structuring conversations and assessing results, to transform it into a customer intelligence engine.
03/05/2010 Why You Should Be Thinking About Demand Management  
As IT spending continues to grow, efficient service delivery isn't enough. CIOs need to work with business executives to manage and reduce demand for IT resources.
03/04/2010 SOA and Cloud Computing: A Match Made in Heaven  
Find out the three factors that illustrate why cloud computing is a logical partner for SOA initiatives.
03/03/2010 The Complexity Factor  
See how Business Process Guidance (BPG) will succeed in the future based on its ability to handle the increasing demands of complexity, change and compliance.
03/02/2010 The Data Breaches You Donít See Are The Ones That Hurt The Most  
Learn why IT departments not only need to enable person-to-server and system-to-system interactions, but also must create and enforce consistent policies and processes regarding how information is moved between people inside and outside a company.
03/01/2010 Don't Let Your Network Catch a Cold  
As social networking sites have grown exponentially, so have Web 2.0 attacks. Here's what you can do to stop them from harming your organization.
02/26/2010 The Benefits of Multi-Application Smart Card Technology  
See how smart card technology is helping organizations streamline their operational processes and make their employees' lives easier.
02/25/2010 The Value of Concurrent Testing  
Learn how concurrent testing could add value.
02/24/2010 Composite Applications in Todayís BPM World  
See how BPM enabled solutions can help streamline the process while also diminishing business risks.
02/23/2010 Reaching Cloud Nine  
A practical how-to-guide to selecting the right partner.
02/22/2010 Don't Pass on PaaS in 2010  
PaaS and cloud platforms are helping enterprises truly take advantage of cloud computing, and their future is looking bright.
02/19/2010 Looking Ahead: Top IT Priorities for 2010  
Business Service Management (BSM) enables IT organizations to achieve the results they need to keep their companies competitive and position them for growth.
02/16/2010 Embracing Clouds, Avoiding Storms  
Here is advice for planning and implementing a cloud computing solution.
02/12/2010 Who Meters the Cloud?  
See how a Cloud Service Broker provides the missing client-side metering which is vital for Cloud Computing.
02/11/2010 What You Should Know Before Moving into the Cloud  
Learn why cloud computing requires businesses to adopt the platform in a well-planned, phased and structured manner in order to achieve migration to the cloud successfully.
02/09/2010 The Rise of the Stealth Cloud  
See how the stealth cloud is impacting the business community.
02/08/2010 The Cloud Computing Journey: Part II of II  
The effort involved in effectively managing your cloud infrastructure should not be underestimated.
02/08/2010 BI's Next Frontier: Geospatial Cloud Computing  
Learn why location-based data processing is an ideal candidate for cloud-based offerings.
02/05/2010 Witness to an ERP Implementation  
Businesses that are growing, changing, and adapting will need the expertise a value added reseller (VAR) can provide.
02/04/2010 How to Avoid the Three Types of Bad Project Estimates  
Learn about Agile development and the three types of bad estimates that should be avoided.
02/03/2010 BPM: Control Elements  
In this paper we look at the different aspects of control with regards to business processes and how a control framework can address these aspects.
02/02/2010 5 Steps to Manage Video Effectively  
The lack of a video management strategy can result in problems for a company. See how DAM simplifies the process.
02/01/2010 The Cloud Computing Journey: Part I of II  
As an organization embarks on new initiatives within the cloud, they will inevitably encounter their own "difficulty curve," says Tarak Modi.
02/01/2010 The Promise of Enterprise Data Banking  
The concept of data banking for business is to draw together sources of unstructured data into a secure and valuable data store.
01/29/2010 Meeting the Business-IT Management Challenge  
Here are the best practices that are key to reliable IT delivery and well managed business expectations.
01/28/2010 Why Everyone Needs to Embrace 'Web Oriented Architecture'  
See how Web oriented architecture is changing the landscape of Web application development.
01/27/2010 Five Key Benefits of BPM Usage to the Insurance Sector  
Learn how BPM is the one technology that can ensure success and help manage business challenges related to the insurance sector.
01/26/2010 Securing Web 2.0 in the Workplace  
Look at how the adoption of Web 2.0 makes the job of keeping email and the web free from attacks, malware and spam even more difficult.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?: Event-Driven Architecture  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?: Related Technologies  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?: Blogs and Resources  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
01/26/2010 Quick Guide: What is Event Processing?: Trends and Commentary  
Smart event processing can help your company run smarter and faster. This comprehensive guide helps you research the basics of complex event processing (CEP) and learn how to get started on the right foot with your CEP project using EDA, RFID, SOA, SCADA and other relevant technologies.
01/25/2010 Uncover Hidden Insights with a New Approach to BI  
Learn the three emerging innovations in BI that comprise the pillars of Interactive Analytics, a human-centric approach to data analysis.
01/25/2010 Web Data: Why Top Business Leaders Depend On It  
Learn how timely web intelligence can drive significant competitive advantage for an organization.
01/22/2010 Stretching Your Software Budget with Enterprise License Optimization  
Learn how Enterprise License Optimization (ELO) can help organizations deliver more software at less cost.
01/21/2010 Solving the SOA Data Dilemma with Master Data Services  
For enterprises using SOA to reduce costs and complexity while ensuring the accuracy and completeness of data, an MDS is an excellent option.
01/20/2010 BPM Perspectives: Positioning and Fitment Drivers  
In this feature we look at different perspectives with which enterprises approach BPM.
01/19/2010 The New Reality of Virtualized Fax  
See how fax server virtualization offers the potential to improve reaction time, provide a cost-effective means of disaster recovery preparedness and fault tolerance, dramatically reduce network administrative costs, support green business operations and deliver significant cost savings.
01/18/2010 How Process Analytics Can Improve the Customer Experience  
Process analytics leverages and complements existing customer service and analytic investments, providing operational visibility, customer value, and financial return.
01/18/2010 2010 Cloud Computing Predictions: Part II  
From Appirio: The ideas that didn't make the cut for our top 10 cloud predictions, and our assessment of why.
01/15/2010 Manage Your Business Through Change: The Rise of Agile Consulting  
Traditional IT consulting firms lack the flexibility to support SaaS applications, but agile consulting can help companies evolve and grow.
01/14/2010 SOA and Application Lifecycle Management  
Learn how to maximize the ROI on SOA investments to make the organization overall more agile.
01/12/2010 10 Easy Steps to Application Security  
Learn how to develop an application that meets the needs of the business in a secure manner.
01/11/2010 2010 Cloud Computing Predictions: Part I  
From Appirio: Overall, expect 2010 to be a year of maturity for the cloud, especially the business of cloud computing for the enterprise.
01/11/2010 Strategies for Successful Dashboards: Avoiding Common Pitfalls  
As long as there's a solid strategy behind it, a dashboard can create an immediate and sustained impact on an organization.
01/08/2010 2010: The Year of Efficiency  
Let's make 2010 more effective by considering electronic business transaction alternatives.
01/06/2010 Will Change Drive Your Business or Will You?  
Learn what elements you need to maximize your business agility in order to achieve a dynamic business network.
01/05/2010 Did Your Value Proposition Resonate?  
Understanding the business executive's idea of measuring the success and their pain points will lead to a better value proposition writing.
01/04/2010 Crowdsourcing: How Companies Can Launch Higher-Quality Web and Mobile Applications  
Crowdsourcing enables companies to tap into the creativity and diversity of skilled professionals, allowing products to reach the market faster, with higher levels of quality and at a lower total cost.
01/04/2010 The Operational and Cost Benefits of Remote Database Administration  
Why outsource the database administrator (DBA) role in your organization?
12/30/2009 4 BPM New Years Resolutions to Keep  
In honor of the New Year, here are four BPM resolutions worth keeping.
12/29/2009 2009 / 2010 SaaS Trends  
The expansion of the SaaS business model flourished at the onset of the recession, and continues to grow.
12/28/2009 Cloud Migration: An Incremental Approach  
How to most effectively migrate to the cloud and gain the fastest ROI in the process.
12/23/2009 Event-Driven Applications: Book Excerpt  
Read an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Opher Etzion and Peter Niblett's new book "Event Processing in Action."
12/22/2009 EA in Managed Services  
What are the two types of EA programs and how can an MSP not only help themselves, but also their customers?
12/21/2009 You Cannot Virtualize In a Vacuum  
Implementing virtualization without considering its impact on surrounding IT resources can lead to unexpected results.
12/18/2009 How Sun's Acquisition Might Spark a Better Way to Deliver Identities  
The challenges around the Oracle/Sun acquisition are really another symptom of the same issues that have plagued our identity and security infrastructures for some time.
12/17/2009 Effective SOA Governance Doesn't Always Require a Registry and Repository  
Effective governance is entirely possible without a registry and repository to support the business goals of the SOA.
12/16/2009 Viewpoint: Early Thoughts on IBM Buying Lombardi  
Thoughts on IBM's announcement from the personal blog of Ovum analyst Tony Baer.
12/16/2009 Supply Chain Performance Improvement For the Rest of Us  
Customer-visible process improvements are the new focus for companies aiming to cut costs in this tough economy.
12/15/2009 Security Process Management -- How it Can Make or Break Network Security  
Most companies look externally to solve every network challenge, but without a process-based approach to network security, they will never be on top of the game.
12/14/2009 The Green Side of Cloud Computing  
Learn how cloud computing can help decrease idle time, energy consumption and cost.
12/14/2009 Top 5 Reasons Not To Master Your Data in SAP ERP  
SAP ERP systems are not designed to support MDM, and are simply not the right place to master data, argue Dan Power and Ravi Shankar.
12/11/2009 The New Threatscape: Beware of the Moving Parts  
What are the key negative elements to watch out for in today's threatscape?
12/10/2009 Do You SOA?  
Is SOA just another IT concept used to replace existing ways of handling IT related problems or does it have more to do with offering information to the business?
12/09/2009 Confessions of a Lean BPM-aholic  
Learn how Lean BPM is providing opportunities for companies to improve strategic processes and focus on their value chains.
12/08/2009 Technology Trends for 2010  
Dean Goodermote of Double Take Software believes that cloud computing along with data reduction techniques will continue to grow throughout the new year.
12/07/2009 Hosted v. Managed v. SaaS-Based: Look Beyond the Contact Center Labels  
Whether the definition is hosted, managed or SaaS, the needs of the enterprise contact center remain the same.
12/07/2009 Making BI Actionable Through Decisioning Capabilities  
It's time for companies to obtain the benefits that can be realized when real, actionable intelligence is put into their BI solutions.
12/04/2009 Legal Compliance: From Software Development to Delivery  
Implementing measures for legal compliance in the development process itself are crucial for any organization concerned with software development and delivery.
12/03/2009 Event-Driven Computing: An Introduction  
Read an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Opher Etzion and Peter Niblett's new book "Event Processing in Action."
12/02/2009 BPM Goes to the Next Level With Semantic Intelligence  
Incorporating semantic intelligence into a company's BPM solution will truly enable full use of their data and help the organization not only evolve, but thrive.
12/01/2009 Advantages of Smart Card Use in Healthcare  
Learn the many ways smart cards are addressing pressing security needs of the healthcare sector.
11/30/2009 Cross-Media Analytics: Learn When a Campaign Is (or Is Not) Working  
In the new world of media analytics, online and offline data combine to create an amazingly accurate picture of what a campaign is accomplishing.†
11/30/2009 The Proactive Approach to Optimizing Performance Management  
With Key Performance Drivers (KPDs), you can bridge the gap between simply monitoring problems and truly optimizing performance.
11/25/2009 Five Big Workflow Problems to Watch  
Watch out for these workflow problems that will threaten your organization's profitability and your revenue growth.
11/24/2009 Smart Grid: The SOA of the Utility Industry  
The Smart Grid is a new frontier for IT pioneers lining up to invest in the next killer app.
11/23/2009 Avoiding the Storms: Why We Need Cloud Governance  
Without proper planning and oversight (i.e. governance), cloud computing will inevitably have the same story as SOA.
11/23/2009 Creating Value Through Data  
Learn the technologies that have moved beyond early search and BI tools and are providing essential insight and new opportunities for creating business value.
11/20/2009 Testing the Mobile Commerce Waters  
As mobile technology continues to advance, companies need to ensure their mobile strategies are in sync with their larger business goals to drive the best overall result.
11/19/2009 SOA: Your Blueprint for Success (Part II of II)  
Learn an approach to a successful SOA implementation right here.
11/18/2009 How BPM and SOA Should Play Together  
There are some preconditions to gather the benefits of combining BPM and SOA.
11/17/2009 IT's Hidden Face: A Book Excerpt  
CIO Claude Roeltgen discusses the IT-Business gap, the challenges it represents and what needs to change to improve it.
11/16/2009 Clouds, Virtualization, and the Emerging Move to IT as a Service  
New best practices are emerging among a handful of enterprises, utilizing novel technologies that take advantage of developments in cloud computing and virtualization.
11/16/2009 Reassessing Your Data Center Consolidation Project  
Explore the potential benefits of implementing a column-based analytics server as part of your data center consolidation project.
11/12/2009 SOA: Your Blueprint for Success (Part I of II)  
Today's SOA implementations are marked by cultural, procedural and strategic challenges. Here's how to address them.
11/10/2009 Taking the Gamble Out of BPM Success  
What factors can an organization control to improve its chances and realize the benefits BPM has to offer?
11/10/2009 Open Source: The Wave of the Future  
Open source software is one way for IT departments to achieve significant savings.
11/09/2009 Service Automation: Your Path to a More Efficient Data Center  
Learn how to effectively manage your data center in this turbulent atmosphere.
11/09/2009 The Collaboration Continuum: Which Solution is Right for You?  
Although all collaboration solutions position themselves as THE collaboration solution for the SMB segment, not all are ideally suited for the need of an SMB.
11/05/2009 Internal Data Cloud Sandboxes: The New Data Marts  
Get ready for "self service cloud sandboxes," the new laboratories where knowledge workers vet ideas that transform business.
11/04/2009 Requirements Gathering in a Flat World  
Software requirements are all about explaining, and that becomes all the more important when teams are fragmented by geography, culture, and language.
11/03/2009 Proactive IT Strategy: Why You Need One  
To curb wasteful spending and improve efficiency, companies are adopting business transaction management strategies.
11/02/2009 Business Continuity for Your SaaS Vendor  
Business continuity can't be ignored no matter what your IT deployment model is.
11/02/2009 Operational BI: Blueprint for Success  
With Operational BI gaining acceptance by enterprises, KPIs need to also reflect the same thought process.
10/29/2009 Common Pitfalls Around an SOA Implementation  
Avoid these common bugaboos -- some technical, some related to business processes -- when implementing SOA in your company.
10/28/2009 BPM for Insurance: Problematic, or Key to a Truly Agile Business Environment?  
Is BPM an overly complex solution in search of an actual problem? Or has its time finally come?
10/27/2009 Why You Should Decouple B2B Managed Services and Infrastructure Decisions  
Many vendors in the B2B integration space have offered managed services for years, but cost-cutting measures and a shrinking economy are pushing managed services to the fore.
10/26/2009 Open Source and Cloud Computing: A Match Made in Heaven? Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group: Two trends are disrupting the technology industry, but what impact will they have on each other?
10/26/2009 CDI to MDM: Get It Right the First Time  
Follow these simple steps start the journey from CDI to MDM, and you'll be well on your way to reaping the benefits.
10/23/2009 Open Government: Five Key IT Issues  
We've barely scratched the surface regarding social media use in the pursuit of an Open Government.
10/22/2009 Waterfall, RUP and Agile: Which is Right for You?  
Find out which software development method is the best fit for your company.
10/21/2009 Next-Generation BPM: Closing the Gap Between IT and Business  
Understanding each others' equally important roles allows both business users and IT to get the most out of any BPM deployment.
10/20/2009 Top 10 Principles of Code Generation  
The adoption of these 10 techniques can ultimately result in the simplification of delivering enterprise software.
10/19/2009 Online Backup Versus Cloud Recovery  
If you're going to depend on the cloud to protect your data, your solution had better meet these five criteria.
10/18/2009 HP Gets Cozier With Informatica Gold Club Protected
From the 451 Group: The deepening relationship between HP and Informatica will benefit both parties, but there are two potential wrinkles.
10/15/2009 New Technology, Same Bad Habits  
Deploying a workforce management (WFM) solution can be a delicate process. Here's what companies need to know to guarantee a smooth implementation.
10/15/2009 Why SOA Needs BPM  
Combined, BPM and SOA can deliver far more value than either can alone.
10/14/2009 Better Business Continuity With Unified Data Management  
Embracing a unified approach to data management allows organizations to fully realize and protect the inherent value of the data.
10/13/2009 Intelligent Process Automation Across the Supply Chain  
Competitive businesses must know the performance of their existing processes and have the flexibility to rapidly tune them to adapt to changing market conditions.
10/12/2009 The Cloud SOA Ecosystem  
The union of SOA and the cloud goes beyond a simple convergence -- it actually represents an ecosystem.
10/12/2009 Delivering Actionable BI with On-Demand Business Analytics  
On-demand business analytics (BA) has the potential to fulfill the long held promise of BI to everyone.
10/09/2009 Converged and Managed Service Providers Offer Cost-Cutting Efficiencies  
Managed services offer an advantage in this economy, enabling both large and medium-sized companies to cut costs by outsourcing critical functions to telecommunication providers.
10/08/2009 Using Event Processing in Business Applications  
Read Chapter 3 of the upcoming book "Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies." Don't miss authors Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte at our SOA in Action Virtual Conference coming Oct. 28-29.
10/07/2009 The Forgotten Process in BPM  
Data backup and recovery is the forgotten process in BPM.
10/06/2009 Making Photo Sharing a Snap With Data Centers and Storage Architects  
A closer look at a the key challenges and potential solutions to building and scaling large photo sharing applications.
10/05/2009 Elevating IT Through Information Applications  
The notion of making IT more strategic to the business has to be tied to revenue, and that can come in many forms.
10/05/2009 Web Experience Management: Driving Business Results  
WEM solutions are becoming the essential toolkit for all enterprises today. Here's why.
10/02/2009 Event-Driven Interactions  
Read Chapter 2 of the upcoming book "Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies." Don't miss authors Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte at our SOA in Action Virtual Conference.
10/01/2009 Seven Tips for a Successful SOA Implementation  
The following tips will ensure the success of your SOA project as you move forward.
09/30/2009 Workflow & Business Process Automation: Not Just for Big Companies  
Learn the six key factors to look out for when considering a BPM solution.
09/29/2009 Data Center Cost Savings Go Green  
Learn the proper tools to make your data center lean, mean and green.
09/28/2009 What the Recession Can Teach Us About Supply Chain Processes  
Today, point-of-sale data is key for consumer products companies to create more accurate forecasts, increasing visibility, performance and revenue.
09/28/2009 On Premise Web Conferencing and Collaboration: A SaaS Alternative  
Learn the pros and cons of SaaS and On-Premise hosting of web conferences and collaboration activities.
09/25/2009 Why SOA Needs Cloud Computing: Part II  
Read the second excerpt from Dave Linthicum's new book, "Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in your Enterprise...A Step-by-Step Approach."
09/24/2009 SOA Accelerates the Greening of the Communications Industry  
There's a huge payoff down the road for anyone who embraces the concepts of SOA and follows through.
09/23/2009 Advancing System Design & Data Management Through Process Modeling  
Process models are an integral ingredient in any SOA implementation.
09/22/2009 Collaborative Content Distribution: The Next Trend in ECM  
Learn the business tool both marketers and supply chain professionals will be able to easily adopt in the future.
09/21/2009 What Those DAM Statistics Can Tell You  
Learn the four ratios that are most important to digital asset management (DAM).
09/21/2009 Operational vs. Traditional BI: Context Matters  
Sometimes you need traditional BI, other times you need operational BI -- it all depends on the context.
09/18/2009 Why SOA Needs Cloud Computing: Part I  
Read this first excerpt from Dave Linthicum's new book, "Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in your Enterprise...A Step-by-Step Approach."
09/17/2009 Accomplishing BI Within an SOA Framework  
SOA is finally beginning to deliver on its promises through real-life BI implementations.
09/16/2009 Three Lean Strategies For Business Process Improvement  
Put your process discovery approach under the microscope to detect potential budget-busters and tame bloated costs.
09/15/2009 Identity Resolution: Technology Challenges and Strategic Imperatives for Insurance Industry Leaders  
Insurers are beginning to see the benefits of using identity resolution to overcome the problems inherent in traditional methods of searching and matching data. Based on SMA research, this whitepaper details the imperatives for success with the technology that is available in the marketplace.
09/15/2009 Creating a New Business Model with Open Source  
So far, commercial software has outperformed open source, at least in terms of revenue. But don't think that spells the end of OSS.
09/14/2009 How Data Access Appliances Support Profitability  
Enterprises can create new revenue-producing business opportunities by leveraging a new breed of appliances that increase capacity, scalability and reliability.
09/14/2009 Why IT Operations is Like an Action TV Series  
If you want to sleep at night knowing your organization's infrastructure is reliable, get yourself a Business Transaction Management solution.
09/11/2009 Event Processing: An Overview  
Here's an excerpt from the book "Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies."
09/09/2009 Data Access in SOA Environments  
Ensure your data applications perform well in SOA environments.
09/09/2009 Informatica Widens Net to CEP  
Tony Baer gives his take on Informatica acquiring Agent Logic.
09/09/2009 Taking a Holistic Approach to ITSM  
The benefits of adopting a holistic approach to ITSM.
09/08/2009 The People Factor of Change Management  
People are usually the most common obstacles to implementing change were as follows in business. Here are some approaches to manage the human factor of change management.
09/04/2009 Event Processing: An Introduction  
Here is the preface from Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte's book "Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies."
09/03/2009 How SOA Rejuvenates Our Healthcare System  
When properly planned, SOA can positively shape future healthcare policies.
09/02/2009 BPM: An Ethical Perspective  
The ethical side of BPM often gets overlooked, but it's important to address every time you implement a BPM project.
09/01/2009 Building a Green IT Infrastructure  
Learn the three steps that are critical to building a green IT infrastructure.
08/31/2009 Choosing the Right Type of Business Intelligence  
Here are seven qualities your BI solution must have to outmaneuver competitors in a down market.
08/31/2009 SaaS-Based IRM Solutions to Secure the Enterprise  
Information Rights Management (IRM) technologies are perfectly designed to protect the enterprise by effectively reducing the risk of accidental leaks.
08/28/2009 A Guide to Protecting Your Vital Information  
By understanding what data is the crown jewel, you can determine what the right security controls and practices for your organization should be.
08/27/2009 Navigating SOA Through Distributed Governance  
Enterprises can use distributed governance to put into place best practices that should be followed as software continues to evolve.
08/26/2009 Business Process Improvement: A Talk With Chevron's Jim Boots  
Jim Boots, Senior BPM Advisor at Chevron, discusses BPM initiatives and addressing the differing needs of business and IT.
08/25/2009 File Backup and Synchronization: Critical for Today's Business  
Every company large and small needs to have a reliable data synchronization and backup plan to avert potential disaster.
08/24/2009 Propelling Green Initiatives with BI  
Learn how BI can be leveraged today for both business and environmental purposes.
08/24/2009 Secure Cloud Computing With dWAFs  
Learn how a distributed web application firewall (dWAF) can protect your cloud and maintain all the benefits of a virtualized environment -- reduced IT overhead, flexible footprint management, and unlimited scalability.
08/20/2009 Selling SOA in Skeptical Times  
Learn the strategies you'll need for maintaining and building support for SOA initiatives.
08/19/2009 Software Process Improvement Essentials  
Here are the essentials for identifying, developing, and executing a successful process improvement plan.
08/18/2009 12 Common Challenges to MS Office Upgrades  
Smart IT departments should incorporate the following into their processes during application migrations to guard against file corruption and business disruption.
08/17/2009 Success and the SaaS Channel  
The trend towards channel sales and reseller strategies offers a unique ability for expansion for businesses, though it also presents challenges.
08/14/2009 Intelligent Agents Supercharge Information Businesses  
Businesses challenged by the information explosion may benefit from agent-automated processes.
08/14/2009 Stealth Malware, Drive-Bys and the VM Security Paradigm  
Organizations should consider the following to address the growing Web malware challenge.
08/13/2009 Aligning Development with Business Priorities  
Initiating an agile product council can lead to higher-quality software that better meets the needs of users.
08/11/2009 Overcoming the IT Service Management Syndrome  
Now is the time for mid-tier enterprises to advance service-driven capabilities.
08/10/2009 What Handysoft Thinks About BPM vs. ERP  
A transcript of Dennis Byron's podcast with Garth Knudson of Handysoft.
08/10/2009 Demanding and Validating Performance in the Cloud  
Businesses need to monitor cloud-based applications and services as closely as they would monitor internally-supported ones.
08/10/2009 Maximizing Data Virtualization Benefits  
To increase operational efficiencies, ROI and overall productivity, organizations need to implement data virtualization successfully.
08/07/2009 Securing the Internet of Things  
In an age where everything is connected, the stakes are high, and all smart devices must be designed with security in mind.
08/06/2009 Building the Business Case for Governance  
Building your business case for better data management means focusing on risk mitigation, cost control and revenue optimization.
08/05/2009 Best and Worst Practices in BPM and SOA  
There's no silver bullet when it comes to BPM and SOA, but implementing these best practices can help make projects a success.
08/04/2009 Increasing Annuity Sales Through the Implementation of Industry Standards Gold Club Protected
In Insurance, it is possible to create the ease of doing business and actually increase annuity sales through the use and implementation of industry standards and leveraging an information hub and spoke model. This paper is a detailed explanation of how this is achieved.
08/04/2009 Clearing the Traffic Jam on the Information Superhighway  
By taking advantage of digital asset management (DAM), organizations and can ease digital video issues today, as well as prepare for the onslaught of video consumption in the future.
08/03/2009 Rackspace Cloud Hosting: The Pepsi to Amazon Web Services' Coke? Gold Club Protected
If Amazon Web Services is Coke, where's the Pepsi cloud? The market needs one, and Rackspace has dibs on this role.
07/31/2009 Are You Ready for DNSSEC Deployment?  
Organizations are expected to comply and meet the fast-approaching deadline, but few have the skills required for a successful migration from a traditional DNS infrastructure to one based on DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC).
07/30/2009 Selecting Adapter and Web Services  
IT needs to pay attention to some important details before deciding whether adapters or web services should be used for SOA integration.
07/29/2009 BPM and the Open Source Culture: Part II of II  
If you feel that BPM is at the top of the stack, then as of mid 2009, open source has crept all the way up.
07/28/2009 Maximizing the Lifetime Value of Subscribers  
When it comes to SaaS business models, subscription analytics will be the critical to maximizing the lifetime value of a subscriber.
07/27/2009 Content and Collaboration Infrastructure 2.0  
What are the best practices that allow the freer connections, continuous evolution and governance expected in the Enterprise 2.0 era?
07/24/2009 Death of the Password? Not So Fast!  
Are passwords a thing of the past? Not if organizations take these steps to make passwords easier to manage for both IT departments and users.
07/23/2009 SOA VIEWPOINT: Build to Change, Not to Last  
In business and IT, the notion of "temporary" is a fact of life. So build your applications to change -- not to last.
07/22/2009 BPM and the Open Source Culture: Part I of II  
If you feel that BPM is at the top of the stack, then as of mid 2009, open source has crept all the way up.
07/21/2009 Intel Takes Expressway to SOA, SaaS and Cloud With Sarvega, Conformative Deals Gold Club Protected
451 Group gives their take on the recent acquisitions by Intel to ramp up SOA Expressway.
07/20/2009 Converging BI with Six Sigma Through Dashboards  
Tying dashboards into overall BI use enables organizations to expand their Six Sigma initiatives and integrate them with other aspects of BI across the organization.
07/20/2009 The Boomerang Effect of Corporate Social Networks  
In today's economy, investing in alumni networks as a way to retain access to talent makes good business sense for an organization.
07/17/2009 The Failure of the End-to-End Principle in Security  
Security was not one of the original design goals of the Internet, but it's something that's definitely needed today.
07/16/2009 How Small Businesses Can Use Technology to Ease Recession Pressures  
The right technology can put a business into a prime position to take advantage of an impending economic turnaround.
07/15/2009 BPM VIEWPOINT: A BPM Taxonomy Covers Enterprise Software  
The real way to view BPM? As the umbrella over both collaborative and enterprise applications and their associated data.
07/14/2009 Software AG's Follow-Up Act  
Tony Baer gives his take the offer Software AG made for IDS Scheer.
07/14/2009 Integrating Monitoring Access Into The Network Architecture  
By architecting networks with comprehensive monitoring, IT organizations can significantly extend network performance.
07/13/2009 Strategies for Extending and Managing SaaS Infrastructure  
Here are some key components for managing SaaS IT infrastructure in the face of a challenging economic and business climate.
07/13/2009 Document Management: Reducing Costs, Improving Performance  
Better management of an organization's documents means not only cost savings and efficiencies, but dramatically improved business performance.
07/09/2009 Service Thinking Delivers SOA Business Success  
Services Thinking may be a departure from traditional definitions of SOA, but that's why it has resonated with so many organizations.
07/08/2009 Adapting to Change with BPMN  
Using BPMN as a consistent project approach across business and IT can lead to better business involvement and more flexible delivery of IT projects.
07/07/2009 Taking a Proactive Approach to Enterprise Security  
By taking a proactive approach to enterprise security, organizations can maximize the effectiveness of their current IT resources.
07/06/2009 Requirements Definition in an Age of Distributed Development  
By focusing on requirements communication, software projects are improving the collaboration between distributed IT and business teams.
07/06/2009 Success Factors in Knowledge Management  
To be successful, knowledge management programs require more than simply conducting training sessions or transferring knowledge. They must empower participants by providing them with the intellectual platforms and processes that promote learning and practical knowledge.
07/02/2009 How Much Governance is Enough? Part II of II  
The answer depends on what your organization is trying to achieve -- but achieving success at all is unlikely without appropriate governance.
07/01/2009 Oracle Fusion 11g Middleware: Executed According to Plan  
Tony Baer explains why Oracle's Fusion announcement represents the fruition of the BEA acquisition.
07/01/2009 Building BPM on a Process Discovery Foundation: Part II of II  
The basis of a good BPM foundation is the process discovery effort, and no BPM project should proceed without one.
06/30/2009 Ensuring Business Applications Deliver Business Value  
When IT organizations can manage the cost-efficiency capabilities of new infrastructure while delivering consistently high-performance business applications, enterprises will gain maximum business value.
06/29/2009 How to Storyboard a BI Dashboard  
Dashboards can be a powerful reporting tool, but to be effective, they must be properly built -- from the ground up.
06/29/2009 Connected Marketing: E-Nurturing the Sales Process  
Read this learning guide for an overview of tools for "e-nurturing" prospects, all the way from initial research to closing the deal.
06/26/2009 Transparency and Security in a Re-Wired U.S. Government  
By adopting a comprehensive identity management model, President Obama's new technology team can achieve the levels of participation and openness in government they desire alongside security and accountability.
06/25/2009 How Much Governance is Enough? Part I of II  
The answer depends on what your organization is trying to achieve -- but achieving success at all is unlikely without appropriate governance.
06/23/2009 Building BPM on a Process Discovery Foundation: Part I of II  
The basis of a good BPM foundation is the process discovery effort, and no BPM project should proceed without one.
06/23/2009 Five Emerging Security Trends  
What fundamental technology trends are expected to impact organizations in the next two to five years?
06/22/2009 Making Sense of Mashups, Platform-as-a-Service and Situational Apps (Video)  
Websites are no longer passive destinations; the intranet has become much more than an electronic repository. Here are the best practices that allow freer connections, continuous evolution and light-touch governance expected in the '2.0' era.
06/22/2009 The Virtual Private Cloud  
Technology for a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) has been hovering around readiness for a while, but now businesses will make it a reality -- whether the industry is ready or not.
06/22/2009 Managing Mobile Content Risk  
Here's how to ensure communication providers don't destroy the same value they worked so hard to create.
06/19/2009 BPM VIEWPOINT: The Importance of Competent Integration in BPM  
From Dennis Byron: Although integration competency is not unique to BPM, you can't really be doing BPM unless you are doing something called "competent integration."
06/18/2009 SOA Governance Needs a Makeover to Be Effective in the Cloud  
It will take a new look at an old solution -- SOA governance -- to fulfill the early promise of the cloud.
06/17/2009 Process simulation modeling--predicting the ROI of change  
Implementing process change is fraught with uncertainty and unknown cost. Process Simulation Modeling (PSIM) can help you zero in on the changes that will deliver a positive ROI.
06/16/2009 Avoid Security Suffering With These 3 Questions  
Here are three core questions every organization, C-level executive and security consultant must answer honestly before receiving a proper security diagnosis.
06/15/2009 Preparing for the Cloud? Fix the Data Problem First  
While moving to the cloud can reap major cost-saving rewards, that move has to incorporate an elastic data infrastructure that makes data available that much faster to the applications and users that need it most.
06/12/2009 Increase the Value Proposition of IT Within Organizations  
Here are four ways IT uses its unique position to spur business innovation.
06/11/2009 Five Steps to Strategic B2B Connectivity  
Business-to-business (B2B) integration is becoming increasingly important for an organization's efficiency, consolidation and cost-cutting directives. And it doesn't necessarily require huge investments in IT to initiate.
06/10/2009 The 8 Key Benefits of BPM for Insurance Companies  
Learn how BPM can help insurance companies gain competitive advantage.
06/09/2009 Shifting Targets in Disaster Recovery  
Sometimes coming of age in the digital world means leaning on others for proper enterprise support.
06/08/2009 Connected Marketing, E-Nurturing the Sales Process  
A valuable set of resources on emerging technologies and best practices that enable your company to leverage the Connected Web for business advantage.
06/08/2009 Executive Dashboards: The Key to Unlocking Double Digit Profit Growth  
From Aberdeen: Companies are employing dashboards to drive double digit improvements in profitability and have achieved substantial increases in customer service and sales performance.
06/08/2009 Silver Line Your Cloud with 6 Strategic Considerations  
Entrusting your company data to the cloud is a serious commitment. Here are six considerations to keep in mind when deciding if a cloud vendor is worthy of that commitment.
06/05/2009 Controlling Cost of Licensing and Tool Provisioning for Enterprise Development Teams  
Software tooling is increasingly helping companies redefine processes, reduce costs and consolidate software resources, all which contribute to greater efficiency and a competitive edge.
06/04/2009 How SOA is Rewiring the Digital Services Industry  
SOA is a real approach to protecting investments, getting to market faster and cheaper and creating a common view for all partners along the way.
06/03/2009 Understanding Cloud's Real Use in BPM  
Process-enabled situational applications are quickly becoming ideal for organizations that need to develop applications effectively at the lowest cost possible.
06/02/2009 Know Thy MSSP: Maintaining Control in a World of Shifting Accountability  
In today's bleak economy, the question organizations face is no longer "Should I trust a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) at all?" but "What should I trust an MSSP with and how will it work?"
06/01/2009 Downturn Demands Enterprises Leverage SaaS  
SaaS enables growth, flexibility and cost savings, especially in a troubled economy with an uncertain future.
05/28/2009 So What Does BPM Mean?  
With all that's ahead for business process management, Dennis Byron takes a quick look back at the history and meaning of BPM.
05/28/2009 A Business Case for a Modern Claims System  
ďA Business Case for a Modern Claims SystemĒ looks at the underlying issues of legacy systems, particularly claims management. Options for dealing with the handicap of a legacy system are offered by examining the benefits and disadvantages of each strategy, ultimately setting forth a business case for legacy replacement.
05/28/2009 Web 2.0 Brings SOA and Cloud Together  
As organizations become more service enabled, they're recognizing that Enterprise 2.0 can extend the flexibility and agility promised by SOA in all parts of the infrastructure.
05/27/2009 BPM + SOA Adds Up to A Big Hit  
While BPM helps the business community to visualize, model and define the business processes, SOA helps the IT community deliver services that are needed by those business processes.
05/26/2009 Business Service Management Links IT to the Business  
Business Service Management (BSM) solutions provide real-time visibility into the performance of applications and services.
05/22/2009 How Pallas Athena Is Looking at Process Discovery  
Read the transcript of Dennis Byron's recent ebizQ podcast with Lynn R. Hogg, Pallas Athena, President of Pallas Athena USA.
05/21/2009 Enabling Business Agility with Application Delivery Networking  
To meet ever-growing business needs and enable agility, CIOs need to take the following three steps in their organizations.
05/20/2009 BPM in the Cloud: One Plus One Is More Than Two  
Can the combination of one and one, BPM and the cloud, equal more than two?
05/19/2009 Addressing the Vulnerability of Data in Motion  
Encryption for both data at rest and in motion will help organizations to restore and maintain the confidence of the public.
05/18/2009 Enterprises Open Their Doors To SaaS and Server Virtualization  
By deploying SaaS and server virtualization, enterprises can reduce expenses and avoid compromising network performance and reliability.
05/15/2009 IT: The Voice of the Efficiency Evangelist  
2009 is truly the year business and IT converge, giving IT staff the opportunity to become "Efficiency Evangelists."
05/15/2009 From Agent to Carrier and Back: Why Life & Annuity Insurers Must Rethink the Data Journey  
This paper will discuss the market conditions that are driving carriers to focus on channel efficiency and explain the challenges they encounter as a result of IT complexity. It will recommend a new approach for managing distribution thatís creating a paradigm shift in channel management. This approach will help carriers eliminate costly redundancy at data touch points, reduce current IT complexity, and get information to agents fast to improve channel effectivenessóall while augmenting existing carrier technology investments.
05/14/2009 From Agent to Carrier and Back: Why Property and Casualty Insurers Must Rethink The Data Journey  
This paper will discuss the market conditions that are driving carriers to focus on channel efficiency and explain the challenges they encounter as a result of IT complexity. It will recommend a new approach for managing distribution thatís creating a paradigm shift in channel management. This approach will help carriers eliminate costly redundancy at data touch points, reduce current IT complexity, and get information to agents fast to improve channel effectivenessóall while augmenting existing carrier technology investments.
05/14/2009 How BPM Builds the Business Case for SOA  
Did you know SOA relies on the work of BPM to define, analyze, and execute resources where SOA has the best effect?
05/13/2009 BPM VIEWPOINT: Are You Asking Yourself the Hard Questions about BPM in Today's Economy? Gold Club Protected
From Dennis Byron: Don't be afraid to ask and answer the hard questions the way BPM provider Metastorm did.
05/12/2009 A Security Expert's Guide to Web 2.0 Security  
Web 2.0 is all fun and games -- unless you happen to be responsible for securing the Web 2.0 environment for your enterprise.
05/11/2009 Strategic Building Blocks Gold Club Protected
Unleashing an organizations potential and future readiness is all around leveraging the right set of building blocks with the right mind set and openness. What are the right building blocks that create the foundation for innovation, readiness, business support, and organizational agility.
05/11/2009 Making Your Website Part of the B2B Sales Process  
Websites enable a proactive approach to business-to-business selling that builds constant dialog and interaction between buyer and supplier.
05/11/2009 Notes From the SXSW Interactive Conference  
Fueled and inspired by the online collaboration revolution, here are three startups your IT department should know about.
05/08/2009 Ensuring Performance of Virtualized Business Critical Applications  
Keep an eye on the following considerations to achieve tremendous payback in broad virtualization deployment.
05/07/2009 Is Governance Necessary in an SOA?  
How do you know if governance is worth the investment or if it's going to add another layer of complexity into your architecture?
05/06/2009 Keeping Your Process Improvement Initiative On Track  
Here's how BPM initiatives can continue to thrive in the face of shrinking budgets and increasing demand.
05/05/2009 Don't Forget to Secure the Software  
Follow these steps to correct your company's over-reliance on perimeter defenses and address the biggest risk: the software at the heart of your enterprise.
05/04/2009 Will SaaS Save Enterprise Software?  
It's time for customers to ask if enterprise software will still give them the good ROI they've come to count on.
05/04/2009 Learn to Delete Data With Confidence  
The "save everything" enterprise will be a thing of the past when companies can answer these questions: what data do I have, what's its value, and where is it?
05/01/2009 BPM VIEWPOINT: Does Oracle/Sun Mean It's a Horse Race for BPM? Gold Club Protected
Oracle's recent announcement that it will acquire Sun has some interesting implications for BPM users and potential users.
04/30/2009 TOGAF 9 Applied: One Iteration at a Time  
The adaptation of iterations in the ADM cycle in the recently released TOGAF 9 is a welcome addition indeed.
04/29/2009 Modelling Tools: Interoperability Constraints and Approaches  
Business process modelling lays the foundation on which several enterprise initiatives are dependent.
04/27/2009 Mobile Security: The First Step to Risk Aversion in the Enterprise  
By following these mobile data encryption best practices, organizations can protect their data from being compromised, enabling new levels of flexibility and mobility.
04/27/2009 Benefits of the Cloud, Today and Tomorrow  
Mainstream adoption of cloud computing may be years away, but the benefits of preparing for the cloud are tangible and accessible to all organizations today.
04/23/2009 Innovation During Economic Disruption Gold Club Protected
Economic disruption can bring a company to its brink or provide the shock-therapy needed for innovative change. This thought leadership piece highlights how during these times, itís an opportunity and accelerator for innovation.
04/23/2009 The Right Time to Streamline Unruly SOA Projects  
Rather than suffer through these lean times with underperforming SOA projects, forward-thinking companies are revamping them to achieve the critical returns they once promised.
04/23/2009 Architecting Collaborative Applications (Part II of II)  
Part II of the article "Architecting Collaborative Applications."
04/22/2009 Managing Case Management Within BPM Gold Club Protected
Suppliers agree that case management is part of BPM. And that's the way users want to see it, too.
04/21/2009 Emerging Threats in the Social Web  
The rapidly evolving "social Web" demands a comprehensive approach to securing its users online and stopping malicious attackers from threatening its integrity.
04/20/2009 Oracle Finally Gets its Database Appliance  
Tony Baer gives his take on Oracle acquiring Sun.
04/20/2009 Turning Tribal Knowledge into Business Intelligence  
Now more than ever, organizations can leverage their information and people assets to create tribal knowledge that can be applied throughout the workforce.
04/20/2009 DAM or ECM: A False Choice  
The question vendors face today with DAM or ECM systems is not what they do -- but how fast, cost-effective, convenient, and extensible are they?
04/17/2009 Making Peace in a Virtual World  
Implement these seven principles for a service management strategy in the virtualized world, and you'll be well on your way to balancing control and agility in your organization.
04/16/2009 Architecting Collaborative Applications (Part I of II)  
Despite a plethora of available communication tools, company teams still fail to connect at critical junctures in the business process. Enterprise architects are keenly aware of this problem -- but how can they architect collaboration-enabled business processes that help break down silos?
04/15/2009 Insurance Industry Update: Why Standards Are Essential  
As the insurance industry continues to mature, it continue to be more evident that Standards is a corner stone. The use of standards inter and intra Ė are essential. Review this SMA presentation on what and why standards are so important to solving the industry challenges.
04/15/2009 BPM VIEWPOINT: How Do You Look at BPM?  
From Dennis Byron: For BPM to fit at the top of the stack, it can't merely support workflow or integration. It needs to integrate the BI aspects of the stack, too.
04/14/2009 Budgeting to Reduce Business and Financial Risks  
With today's shrinking IT budgets, managers must focus on the practices that are proving to reduce risks, reduce costs and improve results.
04/13/2009 Make Document Capture and Routing Part of Your Office Services Outsourcing  
Combining smart, efficient outsourced services with document capture and routing technology can reduce costs and increase efficiency in your business.
04/10/2009 What Can IT Learn From Traditional Structural Design?  
Start implementing best-practice planning processes like those found in structural design projects, and enjoy less time and cost overruns, a higher success rate of IT projects and better alignment with business goals.
04/09/2009 Important SOA Metrics You Need to Know About  
The following governance metrics are absolutely necessary to future-proof your SOA investments.
04/09/2009 SOA Isn't Dead, It Just Needs to be Measured Effectively  
While it's true that many SOA projects have died an ugly death, does that mean all future SOA projects will too? Hardly.
04/08/2009 SaaS Without Integration Plan Puts Business Processes in Silo  
Realizing the true benefits of SaaS requires integration of the business processes you intend to automate.
04/07/2009 Into the Cloud We Go...But What About Security?  
There are several security issues that must be addressed by any potential user of cloud computing.
04/06/2009 How ACORD Can Be Used As A Best Practice For Data Integration Gold Club Protected
In the insurance industry, companies have accepted that systems, strategies and data all developed in silos are making it difficult for them to grow and adjust to todayís market demands. The obstacles imposed by siloed approaches are painfully obvious to companies as they try to gain a better understanding of their customers and meet the growing constraints imposed by compliance and regulatory requirements. Leveraging industry standards with full data integration is one was to tackle this challenge.
04/06/2009 IBM's Got Better Things to do with $7 Billion  
Tony Bear's take on the collapse of the IBM Sun deal.
04/06/2009 Taking a Twitter Approach to Project Management  
Microblogging put in a project management context can provide enterprises what they really need: a way to clearly and rapidly communicate with an ever-changing and distributed set of people.
04/02/2009 When It Comes to BPM Type, It All Depends on You Gold Club Protected
From Dennis Byron: Is it better to choose one strain of BPM over another? The answer is unique to your organization.
04/02/2009 SOA: A Retrospective  
From JP Morgenthal: Is SOA dead, dying, hyped -- or something else? Maybe a look back can give us a view on how to move ahead.
04/01/2009 Transforming Email 'Noise' into Business Process Knowledge  
How can you drive breakthrough productivity throughout your organization? By leveraging BPM with dynamic tasking.
03/31/2009 Ensuring Proper Use of Privileged Accounts  
In the world of cybersecurity, one thing is certain: some organization somewhere is suffering from improper use of their systems because of misused privileged accounts.
03/30/2009 How to Make Performance Dashboards Work for You  
By following these eight tips, the business case value proposition for performance dashboards be more easily achieved.
03/30/2009 Realizing the True Strength of SaaS  
The ability drive business efficiencies, innovation and strategic advantage in ways that were impossible with a traditional software model -- that's the power of SaaS.
03/30/2009 BI + Search: Opening Doors to Enterprise Data  
Many enterprises have implemented ERP systems and data warehouses with hopes of yielding new types of knowledge and insight. But can that knowledge be applied to enterprise search?
03/27/2009 Your IT Roadmap For Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance  
Calling all organizations implementing governance, risk management or compliance (GRC) considerations: using the following guidelines will help ensure more strategic alignment between your IT strategy and GRC initiatives.
03/26/2009 TOGAF 9: A Better Way to Build Enterprise Architectures  
By applying techniques described in TOGAF 9, organizations can monitor changes both to business and technology and take appropriate action to revise their architecture as needed in response.
03/25/2009 Delivering Value Through Process Improvement  
People and tools are important, but without good processes, both can go to waste.
03/24/2009 Smartphone Security: Getting Worse, Not Better  
While phones are getting "smarter" and now outnumber PCs, attacks on them are growing exponentially. What's worse, most mobile platforms still don't offer even rudimentary security measures.
03/22/2009 Lean IT Transformation  
Here's how you can reduce total cost of ownership, guarantee quality-of-service and achieve business agility.
03/20/2009 Maximizing your business rules investment  
Can decision management really deliver costs savings, agility and happy customers on a consistent basis?
03/19/2009 Continue Your SOA Journey Without Breaking Your Budget  
A knee-jerk reaction to the current recession might be to put an SOA initiative on hold. In reality, SOA can reduce costs by re-engineering and streamlining business, enabling reusability and eliminating redundancies.
03/18/2009 IBM buying Sun? Why bother?  
Tony Baer gives his take on the latest rumor that IBM is looking to buy Sun Microsystems.
03/18/2009 BPM in the Shadow Supply Chain -- Part II of II: Consider Your CFO's Requirements  
When choosing BPM-enabling technology, you need to consider technology that can automate both the real and the shadow supply chain. This also means the CFO has a major place in the BPM buying decision.
03/17/2009 Adaptive Threat Management: Visibility, Coordination, and Control at Low Cost of Ownership  
Adaptive threat management (AdTM) solutions give enterprises tremendous freedom and cost savings in the deployment of security.
03/16/2009 APIs Hold Key to Convergence in the Cloud  
Cloud solutions offer visibility and control over APIs -- and satisfy the true convergence of requirements around both revenue and costs.
03/16/2009 Integrating Mapping and Data Analysis to Find Hidden Trends, Patterns and More  
Maps help people visualize their environment and orient themselves. Most businesses have not used maps effectively to orient their business data -- until now.
03/13/2009 BPM VIEWPOINT: Does Case Management Fill in the Gaps in the BPM Spectrum? Gold Club Protected
From Dennis Byron: BPM products optimized for case management might be the products that bridge the extremes in my view of the BPM spectrum.
03/12/2009 Going Full-time at the Open Solutions Alliance  
After 24 years of working for one, and only one, company, Anthony Gold made the decision to leave Unisys to devote himself full-time to the presidency of the Open Solutions Alliance (OSA). Read why.
03/12/2009 Enterprise Architecture: From Folklore to Facts: Part II of II  
Enterprise architecture is a complex undertaking that takes hard work and commitment from all levels of an organization. The good news is it can really transform the way a company does business.
03/11/2009 For Better SaaS Sales, Price Your Software Like a Mobile Phone Plan  
SaaS providers beware: emulate the highly successful mobile phone model of pricing, or lose potential customers to your competitors.
03/11/2009 Leveraging Technology For Claims  
Over the last few years, insurers have been faced with the scenario of rising claims costs, fraud and risk of terrorism on their portfolios. The need for technology has never been as critical as it is currently.
03/11/2009 Analyzing Desktop Usage To Drive Business Process Improvements  
Monitoring desktop events provides organizations valuable insight into business processes in a way no other technology can.
03/09/2009 With PaaS, It Is the Process, Stupid  
Most software companies think on-demand applications (SaaS) are a replacement for traditional business software. That only works if the platform on which the SaaS applications run take process into account.
03/09/2009 Role-Based BI: Engaging Decision Makers Across Organizations  
Adopting role-based BI is the most effective way of capitalizing on delivering real-world planning, reporting, analysis and visualization to employees in every corner of the organization.
03/09/2009 QA vs. Testing in Agile Projects  
Bob Small and Janet Gregory share their thoughts and experiences relating to the difference between QA (quality assurance) and testing.
03/09/2009 Data Loss Prevention: Historical and Current Perspectives  
Retaining great amounts of personal information comes with great responsibility -Ė and risk.
03/06/2009 Insurance Greatest Asset: Accelerate Profitable Growth in Today's Uncertain Economy by Leveraging Your Data  
View a data perspective in insurance Ė the challenges and the opportunities, and ways to leverage data governance and integration as a way to conquer this challenge.
03/06/2009 Straight Through Processing (STP) for Claims - The Time Is Now Gold Club Protected
Gain control over your claims environment without the cost and risk of replacing core systems, While the organizational, process and technical aspects of transitioning to a STP for claims approach are significant, they are well worth it. New international standards, technical maturity and industry best practices make the transformation not only possible but necessary given the current competitive and economic climate.
03/05/2009 Enterprise Architecture: From Folklore to Facts: Part I of II  
Enterprise architecture is a complex undertaking that takes hard work and commitment from all levels of an organization. The good news is it can really transform the way a company does business.
03/04/2009 Five Ways For Companies to Weather the Recession with BPM  
These are difficult times that will test businesses of all sizes, and only the most adaptable will survive. Those that focus on their processes and endure will reap great benefits in coming years.
03/04/2009 BPM VIEWPOINT: Is SharePoint Floor Wax or Dessert Topping? Gold Club Protected
Get Dennis Byron's BPM take on Microsoft SharePoint (now called Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)).
03/03/2009 Implementing a Proactive, Strategic Information Security Plan  
Once you identify the security solutions that will work for your company, you can respond quickly and protect against threats now and in the future.
03/01/2009 Build IT Agility With Virtualization  
Today enterprises are adopting virtualization on the promise of cost savings, but there are more strategic and long-term benefits as well.
02/28/2009 Is SOA Dead? Long Live SOA! Part 2  
According to Beth Gold-Bernstein, SOA isn't dead -- but different organizations need to take different approaches to SOA. There is no one size fits all.
02/26/2009 Collaborative BI: Expanding the Reach of Analytics  
By developing a holistic collaboration strategy in conjunction with a suitable BI strategy, companies will better understand their own strengths and weaknesses so they can serve their customers more efficiently.
02/25/2009 The Road to SOA Success Runs Through BPM  
While SOA is seen as complex, BPM is seen as the path to business success. Can BPM help deliver SOA success?
02/25/2009 Differing Views on SOA & Cloud Computing  
SOA and cloud computing offer new alternatives in terms of business models, delivery models, support models and operational models. However, they're new -- and that means they have many holes that need to be filled, says analyst JP Morgenthal.
02/24/2009 Rules to Live By When Using Public WiFi  
Free public Internet access comes with an element of risk. Before plugging in, take a look at these 10 tips for protecting your data.
02/23/2009 Insurance: Realizing The Full Potential Of Change  
By embracing the power of BPM and SOA, insurers can align business and IT to facilitate better automation, innovation, reuse and visibility.
02/20/2009 Metrics that Matter in Agile Projects  
Three metrics provide the best measure of the state of an agile project: progress, quality, and team morale.
02/19/2009 Do You Know the Cloud?  
What exactly is cloud computing, and more importantly, what are the ways to maximize the benefits of cloud computing while minimizing the risks?
02/19/2009 Is SOA Dead? Long Live SOA! Part 1  
According to Beth Gold-Bernstein, SOA isn't dead -- but different organizations need to take different approaches to SOA. There is no one size fits all.
02/18/2009 BPM in the Shadow Supply ChainóPart I: Accounting Is No Longer Just for the Bean Counters Gold Club Protected
How do the BPM and accounting worlds interact to automate product and services supply chains?
02/16/2009 IT Spend Update - What Is The Latest? Gold Club Protected
As we begin to experience the actual IT spend in 2009, we all begin to ask ourselves - is this going to be a replay of the 2002 spend patterns of stopping, delaying and cancelling, but it appears that it is playing out differently with unchanged priorities and focus but with a few caveats.
02/16/2009 Seven Ways to Reduce IT Costs with MDM  
Investing in a flexible master data management (MDM) platform is a smarter way to cut IT costs during an economic downturn.
02/13/2009 Killing Vampire Applications  
Companies execute a number of duplicate applications, many of which are old and require excessive maintenance and should have been killed a long time ago but, like vampires, live on.
02/12/2009 The Pros and Cons of SaaS  
Software as a Service (SaaS) has gained popularity recently among small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). But why are larger enterprises still reluctant to embrace it?
02/11/2009 SOA Governance: Not Just an Architect's Plaything  
Conventional SOA governance wisdom that calls for a "big bang" top-down approach has proven ineffective for most enterprises. A new paradigm is needed for today's organizations to see real value in the real world.
02/10/2009 The State of Cybersecurity in the U.S.  
President Obama has promised to appoint the U.S.'s first chief technology officer (CTO), but what the nation really needs is a chief information security officer (CISO).
02/10/2009 Designing the Perfect SOA, One Pattern at a Time  
Many SOA planners are turning to SOA patterns to help provide much-needed consistency in their efforts across the enterprise.
02/10/2009 Witnessing Process Failure in Action  
BPM expert Lance Gibbs looks at current events from a process prism.
02/09/2009 Application Provisioning in the Cloud  
Economic turmoil is leading businesses to look for new ways to use computing power to meet their needs. Fortunately, two trends are beginning to coalesce to provide a new way of delivering applications as services: "the cloud" and situational applications.
02/09/2009 Bring XBRL In-House for a True Return  
By leveraging an in-house XBRL effort, companies can enhance reporting without making a costly investment in technology infrastructure.
02/06/2009 Open Source Technology in a Down Economy  
The open source industry has made tremendous progress since the last recession, so enterprises can now access products that drive costs down and successfully survive the current downturn.
02/05/2009 Q&A on SOA in Today's Economy  
During our current economic crisis, there's good reason for wanting to understand service orientation better, says ebizQ's Michael Poulin.
02/02/2009 The Future of IT Security: 2009 and Beyond  
What decisions will IT security need to make regarding spending and technology deployment in 2009?
02/02/2009 2009 Outlook: Agency Automation  
There is a new set of dynamic challenges on the insurance industry, and they all can be achieved with automation.
02/02/2009 Understanding Common Data Integration Challenges Can Improve BPM: A Salesforce-Quickbooks Integration Example  
How sales and accounting managers can synchronize their data for better business process management
02/02/2009 Do You Need a SaaS Hosting Provider?  
Here's what to consider when searching for the best host to meet your organization's unique SaaS needs.
01/29/2009 Why the Time Has Come for Federated ESBs  
The rise of multiple ESBs are a result of iterative SOA implementation approaches and the difficulty in ensuring a single ESB across the entire spectrum of SOA initiatives. In addition, enterprises that initially ensured a single centralized ESB architecture are being challenged with scalability issues, which are particularly important for any pervasive integration. Regardless of the camp they're in, these experiences are driving people towards federated ESB models.
01/28/2009 How Good Does a Process Definition Need to Be?  
If BPM systems are so perfectly aligned with process-oriented organizations, then why aren't all businesses using them?
01/27/2009 Applying Price Pritchett To Insurance Gold Club Protected
Most of us have read one of Price Pritchett's change management books at one point in our careers. By leveraging his top 10 leadership principles, This feature applies them to insurance challenges.
01/27/2009 Having It All: Performance and Security  
A growing number of security vendors are finding innovative ways to improve the performance of their solutions without sacrificing the protection they provide.
01/26/2009 The Business Benefits of Deduplication  
Why is data deduplication technology a critical necessity for any organization managing large amounts of data?
01/26/2009 How SaaS Companies Can Survive the Downturn  
By looking to the lessons of the past downturn, SaaS companies can not only survive but thrive in this economic climate.
01/22/2009 Three Types of Virtualization for SOA  
How virtualization techniques and technologies can be applied in today's enterprise development and SOA deployment lifecycles.
01/20/2009 Bringing IT to Account for Its Actions  
Process automation can help alleviate an organization's operating costs and, more significantly, support enterprises in getting a better yield from their current IT investments.
01/20/2009 Versatile Authentication: Financial Services' Next Logical Step  
The benefits of what Gartner calls "versatile authentication" are numerous for financial institutions and their customers.
01/19/2009 Using Document Management for Issuing Policies Gold Club Protected
See examples of an Insurance Companyís Day-to-Day Policy Management Operations, and how automatic document management can add value.
01/19/2009 Charting the Course to SaaS  
Enterprises are adopting SaaS solutions faster than any other software delivery model. But the hurdles for ISVs are substantial. Fortunately, a recipe for success may be easier than you think.
01/15/2009 Business Event Processing and SOA: A Powerful Duo for Empowerment and Agility  
Organizations have already taken enormous strides to agility with SOA, and next great leap forward is Business Event Processing.
01/13/2009 Dave Linthicum: Talking with Dale Skeen, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Vitria  
01/13/2009 Looking Ahead at Business Process Management, 2009  
Following up on the 2008 BPM market review, Dennis Byron looks at the leading trends in business process management over the next few years.
01/13/2009 The Evolution of Enterprise Shared Authorization Services  
As companies learn the value of their information, it has become paramount that users access only the functions and data they are entitled to. This is what Entitlements Management is for.
01/12/2009 Insurance - Weathering The Storm Gold Club Protected
Recap the summary of Economic Risks and Implications for Insurers and what the key business drivers and capabilties for 2009.
01/12/2009 Maximizing BI Investments by Increasing Access  
If strengthening ROI is simply a matter of making BI more widely accessible to employees, why isn't it common practice?
01/08/2009 Manage the Health of Your SOA with Transaction Monitoring  
Transaction management technologies allow companies to guarantee the interoperability of their SOA environments, ensuring bottom-line profitability is sustained through greater agility, reduced infrastructure cost, and streamlined operational efficiency.
01/07/2009 Market Insights for Policy Administration - Chasing A 30-yr Old Dream Gold Club Protected
At SMA, we believe that the industry is chasing a 30 year set of requirements for policy admin. Looking at requirements and the necessary capability compete in todayís changing market place and distribution demands Ė a policy admin system replacement will not give an insurer a competitive advantage.
01/06/2009 Risky Business: The Role of Web Application Security in Protecting Data  
The explosion of threats and high profile security breaches over the past few years has made companies realize that web application security is no longer an option, but a must.
01/05/2009 Optimizing A Virtual Data Center  
Even virtual data centers can have lots of inefficient nooks and crannies -- unless you build it from the ground up.
12/31/2008 Five Innovations That Could Change Your Life  
What will be the hottest technologies in 2009?
12/29/2008 The Real Cost of Application Outages  
Properly implemented business transaction management (BTM) can help eliminate one of the biggest problems within IT: costly application outages.
12/29/2008 The Case for Digital Asset Management  
Why have enterprises started choosing digital asset management (DAM) over ECM solutions?
12/24/2008 The Surprising Similarities Between SOA and Fruitcake  
Trace the history of SOA and fruitcake, and you'll find that, if not managed properly, the value of an SOA initiative just might be at risk of being exiled to the land of the holiday fruitcake.
12/23/2008 Underwriting 2.0 Gold Club Protected
SMA defines the new set of requirements for underwriting 2.0 that allows for real time quoting and pricing for insurance.
12/23/2008 The 2008 Business Process Management Software Landscape  
2008 BPM lookback: Some of the names were new and the software is getting closer to where you want it to be.
12/23/2008 The Ultimate CSO Oxymoron: Embrace Failure  
In terms of security, failure is not a matter of if but when, and overlooking such an inevitability is a failing in its own right.
12/22/2008 Finding Success with SaaS Business Intelligence  
Build a relationship with a BI vendor that shares your vision.
12/18/2008 Pursuing SOA in Hard Times Gold Club Protected
Discover street-level strategies to sculpt a leaner and meaner SOA for these tough times.
12/17/2008 BPM and Beyond: The Human Factor of Process Management  
Aberdeen's latest report shows companies expanding process management capabilities throughout the organization reducing operating costs substantially.
12/16/2008 Data Breaches: Are Laws up to the Challenge?  
In response to the growing problem of costly data breaches, legislators and regulators have jumped into the fray with new laws and regulations. But are even these stricter state laws enough to protect critical personal electronic data?
12/15/2008 2009 Predictions in Customer Service and Contact Center Knowledge Management  
In an economic recession, customer retention is more important to businesses than ever. This combined with cost reduction pressure will drive customer service and knowledge management adoption trends in 2009.
12/11/2008 Enterprise Data Hairballs May Clog SOA -- Will SOA Itself Help Unravel Problems?  
While many SOA projects may be executing flawlessly with modular, standardized services, itís time to start looking at the data thatís flowing through these architectures. Often, itís flawed, outdated, or simply out-of-synch information.
12/11/2008 Three Keys to Enabling Agile Business Services  
Launch a SOA platform that gets the most out of the processes people actually use.
12/10/2008 Insurance IT Governance Principles and Key Metrics  
This features outlines the best practices of a solid governance processes that moves decision making from IT to the business forcing business to make strategic decisions.
12/10/2008 BPM: Knowing the Future Means Knowing the Past (Part II of II)  
Under the hood of a modern BPM machine lie many powerful capabilities.
12/08/2008 Hacking: The Corporate Cover Up  
The anonymity and universal access of cyberspace makes cyber crime attractive and easy for hackers and employees alike. So what can organizations do to protect themselves from this threat more effectively?
12/07/2008 Panorama Software has SaaS BI Ambitions Gold Club Protected
From 451 Group: How does Panorama intend to create revenue from SaaS BI wares to achieve the objective of being a leader in the sector?
12/05/2008 Breaking Up is Hard To Do  
These five questions point to an underlying truth: good planning and IT participation can make all the difference in a divestiture.
12/04/2008 Insurance IT Budgeting Best Practices  
Take a look at IT budget best practices using latest research around linking the problem process and technology together to ensure proper spending alignment.
12/03/2008 BPM: Knowing the Future Means Knowing the Past (Part I of II)  
Under the hood of a modern BPM machine lie many powerful capabilities.
12/03/2008 Strategic Alignment Of 2009 IT Spend Gold Club Protected
Market leaders are not bound by benchmarks - their IT spending plan is linked to strategy and needs. But how should you make decision based on strategy?
12/03/2008 An Early SOA Play Pays Off for SMBs -- and Their Vendor Gold Club Protected
Small and medium-sized enterprises do not have large IT organizations to focus solely on SOA, and they don't need them. They just need a tool that is easy to use.
12/02/2008 Demystifying JeOS: The Evolution of the OS for Virtualization and Cloud  
When will your enterprise need to be able to run the operating system of tomorrow? If you're migrating to the cloud -- today.
12/02/2008 Stopping Insider Attacks With Identity Governance  
Insider threats have become a major threat, but organizations can counteract this with a new category of identity management called identity governance.
12/01/2008 Weather the Financial Crunch With Proactive BI  
BI is the backbone that drives today's leading organizations, and will only grow in prominence during these turbulent economic times.
11/27/2008 2009 IT Spend Details Gold Club Protected
Take a look at the key areas around the insurance industry IT spend projections for 2009.
11/25/2008 Seven Tips for Sharing Information Securely  
Here's how to transfer sensitive data in the best possible way so it doesn't end up in the wrong hands.
11/24/2008 The BPM value proposition pays off best in an SOA environment  
Is it best to look at business processes and workflows as services?
11/24/2008 Simplifying Master Data Management Deployments  
Reign in various forms of data from across the enterprise without creating a costly leviathan.
11/20/2008 Can Integration Build a Better Mouse Trap?  
Can business integration help sell even the most basic main-street widgets?
11/19/2008 The H-Bomb of Business Processes: Humans  
Fully unlocking the power of BPM means putting processes into a language that people actually speak.
11/17/2008 Driving Decisions at the Speed of Business With CEP  
Applying the latest CEP platforms in traditional BI environments drives real-time situational awareness, faster decisions and immediate actions.
11/17/2008 Growing Business Value the Old Fashioned Way - Risk Management  
Organizations get tripped up when they don't have a clear view of what "risk" means. Here's how to get everybody in the enterprise on the same page.
11/13/2008 SOA Brings Government IT Into the Here and Now  
Having trouble with legacy systems? Read how one of the most antiquated organizations managed to renew their IT with SOA.
11/12/2008 Unlocking the Potential of RIA/SaaS -- Is There a Better Way?  
Take your company's computing beyond the desktop with a seamless SaaS platform.
11/12/2008 BPM and SOA: Where IT Is Going if Real People Take It There  
Break through all the buzzwords so business can take BPM back from the vendors.
11/11/2008 Picking the Right Vendor With the Right RFP Review Process Gold Club Protected
Complex IT projects can go bad for any number of reasons, but those that start bad with the wrong vendor rarely if ever turn out right.
11/10/2008 Keeping Virtual Security Threats From Blindsiding Your Network  
The rewards of virtualization are many, but can also provide a one-stop shop for data hacking. Here's how to armor up your virtual security.
11/06/2008 Data Governance for SOA Success  
Here's how to keep your most valuable resource, your company's data, at the forefront of SOA from day one.
11/05/2008 2009 IT Spend: How Flat Will It Get? Gold Club Protected
As we dive deeper into an economic downturn -- insurer's investments returns, written premium and operating income are all down by record amounts -- what does the IT spend look like in Insurance for 2009?
11/04/2008 Drive BPM Initiatives To Higher Business Value Gold Club Protected
Automation alone cannot unlock the considerable benefits that advanced deployments have to offer.
11/03/2008 Business Intelligence for the Small to Medium-Sized Business Gold Club Protected
The IT revolution has brought the game-changing benefits of BI to small and medium sized enterprises.
11/03/2008 Will Social Networking Cripple Corporate Network Security?  
The explosion of social networking has introduced a whole new set of vulnerabilities to companies big and small. Here's how to fight back.
10/30/2008 SOA and Web 2.0 - Who Cares? Gold Club Protected
Time to get back to basics and translate next-generation technology into a value proposition a business executive can embrace.
10/29/2008 How BPM Rules the Government  
Think you could teach your local bureaucracy something about running an effective organization? Most likely they have something to teach you.
10/27/2008 Seven IT Musts for Data Protection  
The minimum of data security means companies must know who can access data and what the user access events are. Here are seven "musts" for maximizing unstructured data protection.
10/27/2008 BI SaaS is Hot (and Fiercely Competitive) Gold Club Protected
451 Group: Success Metrics is a little-known startup moving into the crowded field of SaaS BI, but they do seem well positioned with Birst.
10/23/2008 Business-Powered SOA  
While SOA is often thought of as a purely technical issue, getting business leaders on board is crucial to achieving true SOA success.
10/22/2008 Building The Instantly Responsive Enterprise  
Integrating BPM and CEP gives you intelligent business processes that can react to rapidly changing business conditions with continuous visibility.
10/22/2008 The Building Blocks of Business Service Management  
Learn how both business users and IT teams can benefit from Business Service Management.
10/20/2008 Tech Support Without The Calls  
A proactive network management solution keeping constant watch over services means no more IT overtime.
10/20/2008 Enabling Business Through Strong Authentication  
Here's how to protect your information on both sides of the wall.
10/16/2008 Enterprise Linkage: New Change Management Gold Club Protected
Insurers need to think about creating "true linkage," which means linking business strategy to process to IT investments and thereby setting the foundation for true change.
10/16/2008 Making SOA Leaner and Cleaner to Maximize Profits (Part II of II)  
SOA can often turn into a lumbering giant -- find out how to keep your SOA running lean and mean.
10/15/2008 Who Will Get a Complex About Event Processing? Gold Club Protected
451 Group: Are CEP vendors and operational BI vendors on a collision course?
10/13/2008 The Invisible Hand of BI  
To be effective, business intelligence technology must work behind the scenes to deliver relevant information when, where, and how it's needed.
10/10/2008 The Art of Staying Small Gold Club Protected
How many organizations consistently create a perfect customer experience? Can 'perfect' even be measured?
10/09/2008 Network Security: Not Just About Defending the Perimeter  
Today's IT professionals must keep security tight across all devices and applications without slowing down business processes and productivity.
10/09/2008 Making SOA Leaner and Cleaner to Maximize Profits (Part I of II)  
SOA can often turn into a lumbering giant -- find out how to keep your SOA running lean and mean.
10/08/2008 Aligning Strategy with Business Processes  
Taking the time to re-evaluate and re-align your business processes can pay big dividends.
10/06/2008 10 Questions To Ask A Potential SaaS Vendor  
One of the S's in SaaS should stand for simple, and you can keep it that way by asking these 10 questions of a potential SaaS vendor.
10/06/2008 Role-Based BI: Business Intelligence That's Actually Intelligent  
An astounding 80 percent of an average company's employees has zero access to BI. Here's how to change that.
10/02/2008 Understanding the Security Implications of Web 2.0  
The good news is that Web 2.0 can bring you closer to people. The bad news: some of these people are up to no good.
10/02/2008 Benefits of Standardizing SOA Development  
Enterprises need to stop going from point-to-point with SOA and get some real direction.
10/01/2008 BPM Goes Wide and Deep in Insurance  
For insurers, BPM is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Read on to learn the multitude of offerings out there.
09/29/2008 Identity Networking: Where Security and Compliance Meet Gold Club Protected
Identity-Based Access Control (IBAC) is the newest network security solution that offers bewildered IT workers a simpler, more effective way to achieve compliance.
09/29/2008 Five Steps to Better System Management  
By using task-oriented system monitoring, IT can address these five key steps to better BI system management.
09/26/2008 Three Reasons Why Open Source Is an Asterisk in the History and Future of Technology  
Dennis Byron expands on a recent ebizQ blog post on the need for some software developers and marketers to get past fanaticism and understand what goes on in the real world.
09/24/2008 Approaching Cloudsizing (Part I of III) Gold Club Protected
How far into the cloud should your business go?
09/24/2008 Application Servers in Emerging Service Oriented Architectures Gold Club Protected
In a new survey of 110 companies, ebizQ explored how enterprises plan to implement new types of applications such as SOA, Web 2.0, mashups, open source, etc. Will they continue to use application servers? If so, what kinds?
09/24/2008 BPM And a Tale of Two Market Segments Gold Club Protected
AMR Research: When initiating a BI/BPM plan small and mid-size companies vary from their bigger counterparts in very different ways.
09/23/2008 OSS: Talking to... Ilan Sehayek of Jitterbit Gold Club Protected
Read the transcript to a podcast discussion between Dennis Byron and the CTO of Jitterbit, a company that offers open source middleware.
09/22/2008 Threat Management for Less? Try MSSP  
Facing an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape with fewer resources, companies are partnering with managed security services providers (MSSPs) to maximize their security investments.
09/22/2008 Project Financing: Redefining IT Enablement Gold Club Protected
From RFG: With today's economic uncertainty, IT budgets are shrinking, and companies are turning to project financing to help meet their business needs.
09/18/2008 Find SOA Success With SOA Registries  
SOA registries are helping companies achieve the key SOA deployment goals: organization, reuse and proper governance.
09/17/2008 Emerging Technology Trends CIOs Should Care About  
According to Forrester Research, we're in the initial phases of a major technology growth wave called "IT everywhere," and here's what you need to know about it.
09/15/2008 Insurance: Claims Trends and Transformations  
As we look across the insurance, claims continue to be a focus and priority Ė even in the soft market. Insurers are looking for ways to stop claims leakage and improve the overall claims experience for the policyholders. This feature highlights key trends across the industry.
09/15/2008 Better Data Protection  
Ever-growing databases of ever-more-valuable data have made it crystal clear that data must be protected.
09/15/2008 How to Highlight Performance Shortfalls With End-User Intelligence  
End-user experience and performance management (EPM) solutions capture a complete picture of end-user behavior, allowing organizations to see when employees are working effectively, efficiently and compliantly -- and when they're not.
09/12/2008 Quick Guide: What is Enterprise 2.0?: Resources  
A lot of people are talking about Enterprise 2.0 as being the business application of Web 2.0 technology. However, there's still some debate on exactly what this technology entails, how it applies to today's business models, and which components bring true value. Some use the term Enterprise 2.0 exclusively to describe the use of social networking technologies in the enterprise, while others use it to describe a web economy platform, or the technological framework behind such a platform. Still others say that Enterprise 2.0 is all of these things.
09/12/2008 Quick Guide: What is Enterprise 2.0?: Governance and other IT issues  
A lot of people are talking about Enterprise 2.0 as being the business application of Web 2.0 technology. However, there's still some debate on exactly what this technology entails, how it applies to today's business models, and which components bring true value. Some use the term Enterprise 2.0 exclusively to describe the use of social networking technologies in the enterprise, while others use it to describe a web economy platform, or the technological framework behind such a platform. Still others say that Enterprise 2.0 is all of these things.
09/12/2008 Quick Guide: What is Enterprise 2.0?: Security Concerns  
A lot of people are talking about Enterprise 2.0 as being the business application of Web 2.0 technology. However, there's still some debate on exactly what this technology entails, how it applies to today's business models, and which components bring true value. Some use the term Enterprise 2.0 exclusively to describe the use of social networking technologies in the enterprise, while others use it to describe a web economy platform, or the technological framework behind such a platform. Still others say that Enterprise 2.0 is all of these things.
09/12/2008 Quick Guide: What is Enterprise 2.0?: Trends  
A lot of people are talking about Enterprise 2.0 as being the business application of Web 2.0 technology. However, there's still some debate on exactly what this technology entails, how it applies to today's business models, and which components bring true value. Some use the term Enterprise 2.0 exclusively to describe the use of social networking technologies in the enterprise, while others use it to describe a web economy platform, or the technological framework behind such a platform. Still others say that Enterprise 2.0 is all of these things.
09/12/2008 Quick Guide: What is Enterprise 2.0? : Case Studies and How Enterprise 2.0 Boosts Business  
A lot of people are talking about Enterprise 2.0 as being the business application of Web 2.0 technology. However, there's still some debate on exactly what this technology entails, how it applies to today's business models, and which components bring true value. Some use the term Enterprise 2.0 exclusively to describe the use of social networking technologies in the enterprise, while others use it to describe a web economy platform, or the technological framework behind such a platform. Still others say that Enterprise 2.0 is all of these things.
09/12/2008 Quick Guide: What is Enterprise 2.0? : Technological Backend  
A lot of people are talking about Enterprise 2.0 as being the business application of Web 2.0 technology. However, there's still some debate on exactly what this technology entails, how it applies to today's business models, and which components bring true value. Some use the term Enterprise 2.0 exclusively to describe the use of social networking technologies in the enterprise, while others use it to describe a web economy platform, or the technological framework behind such a platform. Still others say that Enterprise 2.0 is all of these things.
09/12/2008 Quick Guide: What is Enterprise 2.0?  
A lot of people are talking about Enterprise 2.0 as being the business application of Web 2.0 technology. However, there's still some debate on exactly what this technology entails, how it applies to today's business models, and which components bring true value. Some use the term Enterprise 2.0 exclusively to describe the use of social networking technologies in the enterprise, while others use it to describe a web economy platform, or the technological framework behind such a platform. Still others say that Enterprise 2.0 is all of these things.
09/11/2008 Insurance: Where SOA Means Business  
Today, the insurance industry perceives that SOA is just about technology. We need to flip the momentum and driver -- SOA must be led by the business not IT or the vendor to derive the most value from the enabling technologies. Read this article to begin to think of ways to shift the paradigm.
09/11/2008 Insurance: The New Catalysts to Drive Change  
When we take a closer look at the insurance industry CEOs, change, innovation, business agility and globalization are top of mind as well. At the core of what is driving change are forces around demographics shifts, distribution channel consolidation, and competitive landscape convergence. These are directly related to the changing expectations of our customers, the agent/brokers, the stakeholders and employees. Take a look at these areas through their lenses.
09/11/2008 Insurance Leveraging SOA and BPM to Change  
Change is at the heart of most businesses. For the insurance industry, the possibilities of embracing change and subsequently transformation are a reality. The insurance industry is poised and positioned; itís all around linking the business strategy, with a change in mindset and leveraging enabling SOA and BPM technologies available in the marketplace. This whitepaper discusses the three critical success factors for success in insurance.
09/11/2008 Secrets of SOA Standardization Success Gold Club Protected
Here are the actions top IT and business executives recommend taking to ensure SOA success.
09/10/2008 Do You Need BPM for SOA Governance? Gold Club Protected
BPM can play an important role in an enterprise's IT or SOA governance strategy -- but only if BPM also plays a key role in the enterprise's overall strategy.
09/10/2008 SaaS Grows Up  
When you use SaaS, you are outsourcing a portion of your IT needs and sometimes your business processes, which changes important aspects of the buying cycle.
09/08/2008 Predictive Analytics: The BI Crystal Ball  
Companies are finally seeing that by becoming more predictive in several key areas of the business, they can identify and eliminate many problems before they ever occur.
09/08/2008 Are You Susceptible to Blended Threats? Most Definitely  
Find out what blended threats are and how you can protect your assets against these killers.
09/04/2008 Insurance Business Drivers and Top 10 Influencers  
The insurance industry's traditional business drivers have guided it through war, catastrophe and economic boom and busts, but today there are new influences that will require a whole new set of tools.
09/04/2008 Taming the SOA Tiger With CEP (Part II of II)  
There's information, and then there's information, and your SOA could very well depend on knowing the difference between the two.
09/03/2008 In Deflating Economy, SaaS Drives the Future of the CIO  
When there's less money to spend, SaaS becomes more attractive to businesses. CIOs need to be ready to adapt to the changing tides, writes Jeffrey Pattison of INTTRA.
09/03/2008 Taming the SOA Tiger With CEP (Part I of II)  
There's information, and then there's information, and your SOA could very well depend on knowing the difference between the two.
09/02/2008 Five Ways BPM Enables Enterprise Governance  
Five ways enterprises are getting results by applying BPM to enterprise governance.
09/01/2008 Get Smart About Database Security Gold Club Protected
The abundance of attack vectors out there means it's time to get serious about database security. Here are your options.
08/28/2008 Business and IT Alignment: A Road to Nowhere?  
Itís all about enterprise linkage...how you link strategy to process to technology.
08/27/2008 SOA Governance Quick Guide: Related Topics  
08/27/2008 SOA Governance Quick Guide: Case Studies  
08/27/2008 SOA Governance Quick Guide: Evaluating SOA Governance  
08/27/2008 SOA Governance Quick Guide: Best Practices and Implementation  
08/27/2008 SOA Governance Quick Guide: Why We Need SOA Governance  
08/27/2008 SOA Governance Quick Guide: What is SOA Governance?  
08/27/2008 SaaS Customers: Don't Make Integration My Problem  
Companies considering SaaS often fear that integration will become a headache. In order to be successful, ISVs need to solve the integration headache. Solution to the problem may include offering on-demand integration or partnering with an integration-as-a-service vendor.
08/26/2008 Demand for BPM Skills Heating Up Gold Club Protected
Forrester looks into the IT crystal ball to see what skills will be in demand for the next big IT wave.
08/25/2008 Who's to Blame for Mobile Device Breaches?  
Who should be held responsible for security breaches on mobile devices...and more importantly, how can they be stopped?
08/25/2008 BI in Healthcare: Have Providers Found a Cure?  
Historically, the healthcare industry has been one of the slowest to adopt BI solutions, but rising costs promise to change that for good.
08/21/2008 Maximizing User Experience and Perfomance Gold Club Protected
To counteract a possible negative impact on productivity and profitability, David Kelly says organizations are focusing on improving one of their biggest problem areas: application end-user performance.
08/20/2008 Breaking Down the Oracle-BEA Product Integration Gold Club Protected
One of the key questions about Oracle's acquisition of BEA Systems is how they will deal with some significant product overlap.
08/19/2008 Property & Casualty Markets - Riding the Waves or Flattening the Curve  
By making the right IT choices, the soft market of the P&C industry has managed to avoid the historic trend of industry-wide underwriting losses.
08/18/2008 Protecting Your Data from Podslurping and Thumbsucking  
Portable storage devices are a convenient means of storing and accessing data anytime, but in the wrong hands, these devices can pose an enormous and costly security threat.
08/15/2008 The Right and Wrong Way to MDM  
No two master data management journeys are the same, but achieving MDM success can yield big rewards for your enterprise.
08/13/2008 Are ESBs Evil?  
ESB architecture is often poorly planned, fragile and static -- the very opposite of what SOA promises, says David Linthicum.
08/13/2008 Adobe Goes Alfresco Over Content Management Gold Club Protected
In June, Adobe Systems chose Alfresco for BPM. The 451 Group gives its take on this noteworthy move.
08/13/2008 The Power of SaaS-Based Communities in e-Procurement  
Although communities and social networking are flourishing on the Web, many enterprises continue to languish with basic business functions and paper-based processes. Using SaaS combined with Web 2.0 technologies could be a way to solve these problems and make better buying decisions.
08/11/2008 SOS Over Password Problems? Call on SSO  
Single sign-on (SSO) has grown into an affordable, easy-to-implement solution that can strengthen security while improving employee productivity.
08/11/2008 How to Maximize Business Value With Data Migration  
Despite tough economic times, investing in electronic data migration solutions can save big money in the long run.
08/09/2008 Five Key Points to Remember When Looking at Market Research about the Open Source Software Movement  
Recent research from ebizQ and other sources point to best practices in OSS usage, but make sure you understand what the research is saying.
08/07/2008 Does SOA Still Matter?  
Take away the hype, and SOA is still able to unlock knowledge trapped within organizations and allow companies to gain a powerful competitive advantage.
08/06/2008 Why SaaS Popularity Means New Business Opportunities for Technology Firms  
The subscription model is here to stay; there's no doubt. But the growing demand for SaaS also means businesses will need to solve some crucial problems in software delivery, and that means business opportunity.
08/06/2008 Using BPM to Improve Operational Efficiency  
Reviewing over 50 BPM-related customer case studies over the past year, Forrester Research found that improving operational efficiency is a top area of concern.
08/04/2008 How to Be a Good IT Customer  
Whatever software solution you are looking for, it's always good to know what steps to take to make sure you get the most out of that solution.
08/04/2008 CSRF Attack: Not Only Nasty, But Hard to Detect  
Here's how to guard yourself against one of the most sophisticated and stealthy attacks out there: Cross-site Request Forgery.
07/31/2008 Virtualization, SOAs, and Management Miasma Gold Club Protected
According to RFG, unless IT executives fully understand the management complexities associated with SOAs and virtualization, the technologies will bring businesses to a dead halt.
07/31/2008 IBM Puts the Rules Down By Picking Up Ilog  
Tony Baer breaks down the good and the bad on IBM's announcement of intent to buy Ilog.
07/30/2008 The Next Steps for SaaS Gold Club Protected
As the market evolves, companies are starting to incorporate new features into SaaS offerings. David Kelly analyzes the Application Jukebox offering from Endeavors Technologies and how it may foretell the future of SaaS.
07/30/2008 BPM Changes the Game for Financial Services  
BPM is transforming the financial services sector, with features designed specifically for banks, insurers and other financial functions.
07/28/2008 Creating Business Value with CRM Processes  
Customer relationship management issues can be traced to a common source: ineffective business processes involving human communication. Here's how to overcome them.
07/28/2008 Fight Back Against Web 2.0 Threats  
Web 2.0 brings great opportunities for communicating, collaborating and sharing information in real time -- but these advantages come with some very real risks.
07/24/2008 Tap Into the Power of Reuse With SOA  
Organizations employing service reuse are starting to see some significant SOA and business benefits.
07/24/2008 The ABCs of Mergers and Acquisitions  
Tough economic times have made mergers and acquisitions an attractive business option to gain market share, but there are some key issues business and IT must take into account.
07/24/2008 OSS: Talking with Bob Bickel, Ringside Networks Gold Club Protected
Bob Bickel joins Dennis Byron for a podcast on how open source software is making its way into many Enterprise 2.0 offerings, such as corporate social networking. Read the transcript or listen to the audio.
07/22/2008 Fertile ground for ROI in BPM: Three unlikely areas  
Three "sweet spots" are emerging where BPM can help a company with automating complex manual processes, removing human error and handling process change.
07/21/2008 If Content is King, the GUI is Queen  
GUIs can prove useful in understanding massive amounts of data quickly, because in business, it's not necessarily the data that matters, but what you do with it.
07/21/2008 Encryption Protects Data -- Period.  
There's only one surefire way to safeguard data: encrypt it. And here's how.
07/17/2008 Five Reasons to Redo Your Enterprise Architecture Gold Club Protected
David Linthicum says the choice is yours: redo your enterprise architecture now, or continue bleeding IT costs for the foreseeable future.
07/16/2008 The Wisdom of Crowds: Why SaaS Beats Enterprise Software  
With a SaaS solution, you are not just buying a service, you are buying the collected, concentrated, and distilled best practice of the whole market, asserts Joe Ruck of BoardVantage.
07/16/2008 What Will Become of Weblogic Under Oracle?  
Tony Baer's take on Oracle's plans for BEA and the big unanswered question: what will become of Weblogic?
07/15/2008 OSS Talking with Adam Lieber, Webtide Gold Club Protected
Adam Lieber, CEO of Webtide, joins Dennis Byron for a discussion of the Jetty web server and other OSS projects.
07/14/2008 Most Companies Have Security Bass Ackwards!  
Compliance requirements should be an input to the security process, but should not drive the process, and anything else is simply doomed to fail.
07/14/2008 Best Practices for Business Intelligence  
Instituting a BI solution requires an environment and organization that will put such a solution to its best use.
07/10/2008 SOA Market to Hit $51.9B in 2012 Gold Club Protected
AMR Research reports the SOA software and services market is growing rapidly, and predicts that SOA will soon become a core requirement for most projects.
07/09/2008 Workflow and integration meet in the middle, Aberdeen says  
Aberdeen reports that top companies are using SOA and web services as the "glue" to pull integration and workflow together, giving them a distinct competitive advantage.
07/09/2008 Mastering the Multi-Sourced Call Center  
Sourcing from multiple call centers might at first appear to promise cost savings and flexibility, but underlying risks may undermine the objective of better customer service if call centers lack a common hosted infrastructure.
07/08/2008 Open Source in Master Data Management: Leaders Lead the Way  
There are very few true OSS community efforts focusing on MDM, but most of the major OSS leaders, such as Red Hat, have MDM efforts underway.
07/07/2008 Web 2.0 and the Israeli Scene  
07/07/2008 Good Security Is Choosing the Right Security Tools  
Secure applications demand source code analysis tools, but which one is the right solution for your enterprise?
07/07/2008 Seven Critical Questions for MDM Success  
Before implementing a master data governance program, ask yourself these seven key questions.
07/03/2008 Mapping the Unfamiliar to the Familiar With TOGAF and RUP  
Mapping TOGAF to RUP can help alleviate some of the initial apprehension of embarking on an enterprise architecture journey.
07/02/2008 Bringing The Power of Web 2.0 to the Enterprise  
In case you're not already convinced, Web 2.0 is not just the latest Internet hype, says Bill Forquer of Open Text. The new technology has a great potential to boost collaboration and connect businesses with consumers.
07/02/2008 Aligning IT to Business Processes: How BPM is Complementing ERP Gold Club Protected
Aberdeen findings show that the top pressure driving enterprise organizations is the need to support new, agile business processes. That's where implementing BPM and SOA can help -- by reducing costs, improving management visibility, and decentralizing decision making.
07/01/2008 OSS: Talking with Amit Pandey, Terracotta Gold Club Protected
Amit Pandey, CEO of Terracotta, recently joined Dennis Byron for a conversation about why Terracotta went open source and how things have progressed since the move. This is a transcript of the podcast.
06/30/2008 Monday Was the PCI 6.6 Deadline: Are You Compliant?  
June 30th marked a new PCI DSS compliance deadline for companies that handle customers' most sensitive information. Did you let this important deadline slip by?
06/30/2008 BI as a Boon to Business: Now More Than Ever Gold Club Protected
Why investing in BI solutions during the current economic slump could pay off in the long run -- and why right now might be the best time to do it.
06/25/2008 Is SOA Management Primed for More Consolidation? Gold Club Protected
Premium Content from the 451 Group: Acquisition activity has slowed down considerably in SOA over the past two years, but is the time now ripe for SOA industry consolidation?
06/24/2008 Jan Baan on Realizing the Full Potential of BPM  
BPM has progressed from "do it our way" to "have it your way," adapting to the way you do business.
06/23/2008 Three Trends Around Data Quality for Performance Management  
In the continuous battle to outperform the competition, adding data quality to performance management initiatives is one of the ways organizations are using to beat the competition.
06/20/2008 Identity Assertion: Enabling Trust While Limiting Identity Theft Exposure  
As we enter the era of hyperconnectivity, we must find a way to assert identity so that users and systems can maintain full control over their identity.
06/17/2008 Will BPM Ever Master the Human Element?  
With BPM a key to competitiveness, organizations must also learn to manage the time and effort their employees engage in one of the hardest things to measure and process...thinking!
06/17/2008 How to Build Your SOA Platform Gold Club Protected
From Forrester: Read Randy Heffner's guide on building an SOA platform that is both strategic and effective.
06/17/2008 There Is No 'Open Source Business Model' or 'Open Source Market'  
This ebizQ feature article gives users an understanding of major OSS market research issues important to their software suppliers, including monetization, Ts&Cs and market drivers.
06/16/2008 Say Goodbye to BI Complexites With Report Mining  
With the growing costs and complexities of traditional BI solutions, it might be time to consider a powerful alternative: Report Mining.
06/16/2008 Value Adding Security to the ROI of Identity Management  
The identity provisioning system that was once primarily about cost cutting and efficiency can now also include an improved security posture and reduced risk.
06/12/2008 Going to Extremes: Extreme Transaction Processing (Part II of II)  
Is Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) just the thing to complement your Federated ESB?
06/11/2008 Is BPM for Real? What Users Think  
Find out what new BPM features users are excited about and what you should look for in the next-generation of BPM software.
06/09/2008 Is This the Death of Traditional BI Systems?  
There's plenty of buzz surrounding 'in-memory' BI, a faster and less expensive form of business intelligence.
06/09/2008 SQL Injection Rears Its Ugly Head Again Gold Club Protected
Many web sites have not taken steps to protect themselves against SQL injection, leaving themselves vulnerable in the worst Web 2.0 way.
06/07/2008 OSS: Talking with Andrew Aitken, Olliance Group Gold Club Protected
Dennis Byron interviews Andrew Aitken of the Olliance Group about the Open Source Think Tank effort and other open source industry issues.
06/05/2008 Going to Extremes: Extreme Transaction Processing (Part I of II)  
Is Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) just the thing to complement your Federated ESB?
06/04/2008 BPM Discipline is Key to Achieving Competitive Advantage (Part II of II)  
Business Process Management is meaningless without management discipline to achieve effective processes.
06/04/2008 Inside SaaS (Part II of II)  
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become a big thing in IT. This two-part article takes a detailed look at the dynamics of SaaS, both from a vendor and a customer perspective. This second part examines concerns for customers and vendors, as well as the future of SaaS.
06/02/2008 Can the iPhone Do BI?  
Is it possible to deliver BI on the iPhone, giving executives up-to-the-minute corporate data the minute they need it?
06/02/2008 But Where's the Security?  
Even with a much-hyped IT-GRC, organizations are still at risk for costly security breaches.
05/29/2008 Top Ways to Modernize Applications  
Three ways to transform your old legacy applications and gain a competitive edge.
05/28/2008 RFG: Is it Time for Web 2.0 Collaboration? Gold Club Protected
RFG believes corporations should be piloting and deploying Web 2.0 collaborative service offerings to enable user bases with diverse differences in function, geography, and perspective to exchange ideas across the corporation.
05/28/2008 BPM Discipline is Key to Achieving Competitive Advantage (Part I of II)  
Business Process Management is meaningless without management discipline to achieve effective processes.
05/28/2008 Inside SaaS (Part I of II)  
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become a big thing in IT. This two-part article takes a detailed look at the dynamics of SaaS, both from a vendor and a customer perspective. This first part looks at benefits of SaaS for the customer and the vendor.
05/23/2008 Garbage In, Garbage Out: Time to Take Out the Data Garbage  
Data quality directly affects where you are as a company, where you need to be -- and how you're going to get there.
05/22/2008 When Real Time Isn't Fast Enough  
Tony Baer's notes from TIBCO's user conference.
05/21/2008 Tony Baer: Mashing Up Enterprise Mashup Markets  
There's often a love/hate relationship between SOA and mashups, and to some, mashups are being seen as an alternative to SOA.
05/21/2008 Using Business Processes to Improve Customer Experience  
Enterprises seeking to improve customer experience can achieve remarkable results by taking a process-based approach.
05/19/2008 Data Warehouses and Disaster Recovery Gold Club Protected
David Kelly explains that forward-looking organizations need to have disaster recovery plans in place for when systems are down or critical business assets are unavailable.
05/19/2008 Expect the Unexpected with Data Security Gold Club Protected
Dave Kelly reminds us that, in an ever-more electronically-connected world, it's important to plan for both the expected and the unexpected.
05/15/2008 AMR Research: The Future of the SOA Market Gold Club Protected
AMR Research predicts big changes for the future of SOA.
05/14/2008 Tony Baer: HP Buys EDS  
Tony Baer reports that HP is seeking to enter IBM's league in the combined platform and services business.
05/12/2008 QAD Buys FullTilt for Master Data Management Gold Club Protected
Premium Content from the 451 Group: QAD picked up FullTilt Solutions' product information management (PIM) unit last week, for its offering in the area of product-related master data management (MDM) Ė a key component in delivering Internet-enabled e-commerce.
05/12/2008 The Biggest Security Threat for 2008...End Users!  
End users represent a significant threat to your corporate security and data. Here's how to neutralize that threat.
05/12/2008 OSS: Talking to Amanda McPherson, Linux Foundation Gold Club Protected
In this podcast, Dennis Byron and Amanda McPherson discuss how open source can benefit companies that want to provide SaaS applications as well as future directions for the Linux operating system and other interesting subjects.
05/08/2008 SOA Governance in a Mashed-Up World (Part II of II)  
HP's Kelly Emo describes steps to develop implicit SOA governance. Part II of II.
05/07/2008 Is BPM the New ERP Software? Gold Club Protected
Dennis Byron: A recent survey finds that both workflow and BPM modeling/integration features belong at the top of the stack.
05/06/2008 The Importance of Virtualization Lifecycle Management for Enterprises  
While virtual machines and server consolidation provides impressive and immediate ROI, it does not come without its challenges.
05/06/2008 The Role of Open Source in Event Processing Gold Club Protected
Conventional wisdom says the OSS culture and development model cannot add much to such a complex computer science concept as EP. But the OSS community says different.
05/05/2008 Is Big the New Small in Application Security? Gold Club Protected
Mike Rothman explains how all of the consolidation going on in the security industry will affect the most important person in security...you.
05/01/2008 SOA Governance in a Mashed-Up World (Part I of II)  
HP's Kelly Emo describes how to deliver innovation with control through implicit governance.
05/01/2008 The Engine for Event-Driven SOA  
Weíre on the verge of a new era for SOA, with the integration of Complex Event Processing technology, which can enable the gathering of data from and about any services running in the enterprise.
04/30/2008 Enterprise Collaboration: Reaping the Benefits of the Mid-Office  
Everyone wants to optimize business practices and improve operating efficiencies, but many initiatives to do so ignore the critical importance of the mid-office.
04/30/2008 How Real Time Analytics Delivers Significantly Better BPM  
A truly successful BPM system acts as an extension of a business managerís brain. It delivers process management intelligence, contributing to informed, real time decisions.
04/28/2008 Five Tips to Prevent Your Next Data Leak  
You're most valuable assets today aren't locked in a safe but are very often stored right on your laptop. Here's 5 quick tips to protect your most valuable data.
04/28/2008 Podcast - Partnering and Integration in Open Source Software Gold Club Protected
Read the transcript of an interview between Dennis Byron and Thomas Stocking of GroundWork. Byron and Stocking discuss how to integrate proprietary systems management and open source software.
04/24/2008 So What the Heck is a Service Anyway? Gold Club Protected
David Linthicum asks: If service oriented architectures are based on services, then what's a service? Or even better, how does a service differ from information?
04/24/2008 Federated Event Systems: The Event Web Gold Club Protected
Event-driven applications that are constructed as compositions of Web applications can offer considerable benefits to your enterprise.
04/23/2008 Application Strategy and Design for a Profitable SaaS (Part II of II)  
To succeed, SaaS applications must accomplish at a strategy and design level what traditional software applications do not, writes Paul Giurata of Catalyst Resources. In this second half of a two-part article, Giurata offers information on the differences between SaaS and traditional software in purchase experience, support, deployment and customization, and more.
04/23/2008 Forrester Research: Centers of Excellence for BPM Gold Club Protected
ebizQ Premium Content: Forrester uncovered best practices in five areas of BPM, after interviewing 18 vendors and numerous users.
04/21/2008 Is Governance the Silver Bullet of Agility? Gold Club Protected
David Kelly muses on how to address the wide range of business changes and challenges that we have these days, from economic evolution to globalization.
04/21/2008 Doing Risk Management Right Gold Club Protected
To be done right, Dave Kelly says IT risk management should be done with an initial investment of due diligence and effort.
04/17/2008 2008: The Year of CEP  
Complex event processing software is powering a new generation of applications that enables companies to make faster decisions and execute more effective actions.
04/17/2008 SOA Governance 101  
Five common SOA governance mistakes are presented, along with their solutions.
04/16/2008 Application Strategy and Design for a Profitable SaaS (Part I of II)  
To succeed, SaaS applications must accomplish at a strategy and design level what traditional software applications do not, writes Paul Giurata of Catalyst Resources. Learn about the differences between SaaS and traditional software from this perspective and get the key points to keep in mind on several important criteria.
04/16/2008 Forrester Research: BPM Tool Use Varies By Sector  
ebizQ Premium Content: A report by Forrester's Ken Vollmer, with special attention paid to manufacturing and financial services sectors and process management technologies.
04/15/2008 Industry-Specific Open Source Software Still Incubating (Part II of II) Gold Club Protected
Learn more about how open source software needs to develop more specificity and what the circumstances are in a number of industries. Part two of two.
04/14/2008 The New Enterprise Data Center  
IBM's Rich Lechner presents a new data solution to provide innovation for your business and your customers.
04/13/2008 Deploying Global Collaboration Without Overtaxing IT Resources  
What exactly are the nuts and bolts of implementing a collaboration solution?
04/11/2008 Preventing Careless Data Breaches  
With laptop hotspots popping up just about everywhere, this careless security breach is growing exponentially right along with it.
04/10/2008 Is SOA Getting Boring? Tony Baer's Report from IBM IMPACT  
"...When we sat down with Mills, we asked him if this meant that SOA was getting, well, kind of humdrum."
04/10/2008 Simplifying SOA  
SOA often founders under too heavy or too lightweight of an approach. Here's how to take the right-weight approach to SOA.
04/09/2008 IDS Scheer Branches Out, Expands to Full Process BPM Gold Club Protected
AMR Research premium content: In the crowded BPM market, IDS Scheer sticks out.
04/09/2008 Podcast - Considerations for Adopting Open Source Gold Club Protected
Dennis Byron interviews Mark Radcliffe, general counsel of the OSI, about some legal considerations and other key factors to keep in mind when choosing to adopt open source in the enterprise.
04/09/2008 Algorithmic Trading - Key Components for Real-Time Trading (Part II of II)  
As the volume and velocity of financial market data continues to soar, staying ahead of the competition requires the right trading tools and infrastructure. Read the second half of this full update on the various components of real-time algorithmic trading.
04/08/2008 Industry-Specific Open Source Software Still Incubating (Part I of II) Gold Club Protected
Learn more about how open source software needs to develop more specificity and what the circumstances are in a number of industries, including the financial services sector.
04/07/2008 Defending Against the Cross-Site Scripting Attack Gold Club Protected
Mike Rothman reports: Cross-site scripting is a nasty attack that is relatively easy to spot but hard to stop...and more pervasive than ever.
04/07/2008 What's Happening in BI in 2008? (I of II) Gold Club Protected
Some vendors check in with ebizQ at Gartner's 2008 Business Intelligence Summit.
04/02/2008 Open But Not Free: Collaborative Software Development Goes Commercial  
Greg Biggers of Chordiant Software wonders how to reinvent collaborative software development in the enterprise.
04/02/2008 Algorithmic Trading - Key Components for Real Time Trading (Part I of II)  
As the volume and velocity of financial market data continues to soar, staying ahead of the competition requires the right trading tools and infrastructure.
03/31/2008 Integrating BI Within Your SOA  
Organizations looking to take advantage of integrating business intelligence within SOA are focusing on the following areas.
03/31/2008 Achieving Real Results on the Road to Access Compliance  
Enterprises must break-out of the reactive mode with access compliance in order to deal with the new risks arising out of the new collaborative work environments.
03/27/2008 Understanding SOA Service Life-Cycle Management Gold Club Protected
Forrester's Larry Fulton explains how lifecycle management can ensure that your SOA delivers the highest possible business value over time.
03/26/2008 Six Ways to Monetize Your Mashup Development Skills  
Mashups are a very hot technology buzz word. Alex Khizhnyak tells ebizQ readers how to get started in the mashup business.
03/25/2008 BPM: It's Not Just About Integration Engines Anymore  
How are IT staffs expected to combine business to business, business to consumer and other ecommerce processes outside the firewall?
03/24/2008 Security Threats Straight Ahead!  
The three major security challenges facing companies today.
03/20/2008 SOA Needs a Bouncer Gold Club Protected
Classic David Linthicum: 'What SOA needs is someone with central control, i.e. a bouncer, who can enforce the following rules.'
03/19/2008 451 Group: Lombardi's Business Remains 'Healthy Enough' Gold Club Protected
'We're not really alarmed by Lombardi's slowing growth rate. It's hard for any company to maintain triple-digit growth as its business grows larger, and Lombardi's business remains healthy enough. But we wonder if there are that many large business process management (BPM) suite deals remain for Lombardi or any company to win in this space.'
03/19/2008 Web 2.0: Coming Soon to an Enterprise Application Near You Gold Club Protected
Columnist David Kelly weighs in on how new Web 2.0 technologies and rich Internet appications will change the face of enterprise software, offering some specific examples.
03/18/2008 Merging Open Source and Proprietary Systems Management Solutions  
The rivalry between closed and open source software doesnít really exist anymore, but a debate remains -- not over ideology but over value and comparative advantage.
03/17/2008 Aberdeen: EII Delivers Significant Business Benefits  
With enterprise information integration deployments, companies can reduce integration project costs, according to a new Aberdeen report.
03/17/2008 What You Need to Know About Access Control  
Network Access Control has become an essential element in businesses' security arsenal. Here's how to optimize your NAC deployment.
03/12/2008 Pushing BPM to the Extreme  
BPM suites should be capable of modeling and processing, for both workflow and data intensive processes.
03/12/2008 Peanut Butter and Jelly, Wine and Cheese ... BPM and SaaS  
The union of the BPM and SaaS presents new, cost-effective ways for organizations of any size to deploy custom business applications in a highly-responsive, collaborative Enterprise 2.0 environment.
03/11/2008 How OSS Collaboration Software Is Repeating History  
If the open source movement has anything to say about it, 20 years from now users will look back at Office and Notes as archaic as Data General CEO, Digital Equipmentís (DECís) All-in-One, IBM PROFS and Wang Office appear today.
03/10/2008 Is Single Sign-On Possible for SOA?  
The growth of multi-party relationships necessary for SOA poses some vexing problems in managing those identities.
03/10/2008 Avoiding Master Data Management False Starts  
Here's how to make sure your Master Data Management project doesn't get stuck at the starting line.
03/06/2008 Your SOA is Only as Good as Your Relationship Triangle Gold Club Protected
Premium content from Forrester Research: Here's how to make sure outsourced SOA doesn't get left out in the cold.
03/05/2008 Integrated Collaboration: Ideal or Reality?  
As collaboration increasingly presents itself in every vendor offering, MWD analyst Angela Ashenden looks at the market for collaboration software, and highlights the key issues for organizations looking to implement a collaborative working environment.
03/05/2008 What's Holding Up BPM Acceptance?  
Two factors have slowed user acceptance of business process management middleware: too few features and too many standards.
03/04/2008 OSL 3.0: A Better License for Open Source Software  
The major OSS license issues from a business perspective.
03/03/2008 Penetration Testing Like a True Hacker Gold Club Protected
From Mike Rothman: Hackers are attacking your environment every hour of every day. Here's how to get there before the bad guys do.
02/28/2008 The Case for Enterprise Data Services in SOA  
Properly executed, data services can provide the link that unifies conventional data systems with the many strengths of SOA.
02/27/2008 A Brave New Process Design Paradigm Gold Club Protected
From Forrester's Randy Heffner: Flexible, process-focused applications demand a new top-level design model.
02/26/2008 Sun Also Rises on Open Source Gold Club Protected
Now that Sun open sourced Solaris and much of its middleware, it has gone a step further and acquired OSS, the MySQL database company that comes along with community responsibility for its code set.
02/25/2008 Five Critical Trends for Identity and Access Management  
Identity is the single common thread that permeates every application in a modern company, which is why these five trends are essential to every enterprise and industry.
02/20/2008 Platforms as a Service Gold Club Protected
Utility computing is morphing into the Web 2.0 phenomenon called Platform as a Service, or PaaS. What do business and IT executives need to understand about utility computing as a service?
02/20/2008 BPM and All That Jazz  
Tony Baer reports: The founder of IDS-Scheer talked of the parallels between playing jazz with managing an organization and embedding robust business processes.
02/19/2008 Can OSS ERP Projects Meet User Demand? Gold Club Protected
At least a dozen OSS ERP projects want to compete with Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and other long-time software industry leaders. Is that as foolhardy an objective as it sounds? Where are the ERP market seams these Don Quixotes can exploit?
02/18/2008 Kalido's Info Engine Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's Krishna Roy analyzes the latest release by Kalido.
02/18/2008 How Not to Manage Access Like Societe Generale  
As the French bank proved, all it takes is a single person with the wrong access. Here's how to protect your enterprise.
02/14/2008 Analysis: SaaS Firm Workday Buys ESB-Maker Cape Clear  
ebizQ's Joe McKendrick wonders if ESB services can be moved to integration as a service, or on-demand, and if this is the shape of things to come.
02/13/2008 Open Source Software Takes Hold  
The appeal of OSS is no longer just about cost savings, but rather the flexibility to choose among vendors to implement support for their infrastructure products.
02/13/2008 What Microsoft Gains (and Faces) With Yahoo! Gold Club Protected
An AMR Research Alert that delivers the real deal regarding what's going on with Microsoft-Yahoo.
02/13/2008 A Web 2.0 Overview  
The following is an overview of the history, technology, and business applicability of Web 2.0.
02/12/2008 What Is Web 2.0?  
A reprint of the Tim OíReilly article which defines Web 2.0.
02/12/2008 Building an Unbeatable IT Team  
Using lessons from the Super Bowl to get your IT systems and personnel performing at their very best.
02/11/2008 Greenplum Bags $27 Million in Funding Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's Krisha Roy talks about Greenplum's hot new data warehouse.
02/11/2008 Managing IT Risk Effectively Gold Club Protected
While it's impossible to eliminate all security risks, here's how organizations can manage their risks proactively.
02/05/2008 SOA Talent Clearly LackingÖNow What? Gold Club Protected
Here are the steps your organization needs to take to make sure you have the right talent taking the right approach to SOA.
02/05/2008 Storage Area Networks  
David Kelly says that there is growth in the use of different data storage options to serve and ever-widening array of storage needs.
02/04/2008 Edging Towards Secure Application Development Gold Club Protected
Hackers want to infect your web pages and use your servers to launch attacks against your visitors. Here's how to stop them.
02/04/2008 The Latest Process-Centric BI Wares Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's Krishna Roy discusses InforSense's aim at TIBCO/Spotfire.
02/02/2008 Closeout Special: Microsoft Bids for Yahoo! Gold Club Protected
Tony Baer's analysis of Microsoft's $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo!
02/01/2008 Simplifying the complex--a look at complex event processing  
Dave Kelly discusses the need for and role of complex event processing.
01/31/2008 SOA and the 'Trough of Disillusionment' Gold Club Protected
Tony Baer's take on David Linthicum's recession-themed talk at the Open Group's Enterprise Architects Practitioners Conference.
01/29/2008 BPM Themes For 2008 Gold Club Protected
Part of ebizQ's coverage of trends for 2008: Jim Sinur says that the search for a high performing workplace is this year's common theme.
01/28/2008 Choosing the Right Virtualization Technology for Your Environment  
Here's how to focus your resources on choosing the right virtualization technology for your specific situation instead of trying to find the 'perfect' solution.
01/28/2008 Secure Endpoints Need More Than Just Device Protection  
Too many companies today have a false sense that their end-points are secure.
01/25/2008 The Document as Application  
The convergence of document publishing, processes and application development.
01/24/2008 Service-Oriented Customer Interaction Management  
Part of ebizQ's coverage of trends for 2008: With agile and flexible service, and systems that can help deliver them, customer interactions can become positive, memorable experiences at every touch point.
01/23/2008 The Silver Bullet of BPM  
Part of ebizQ's coverage of trends for 2008: Rules management systems can cost-effectively accelerate and optimize processes.
01/22/2008 The Dawn of the Explosion: Complex Event Processing  
A self-described skeptic advises us to ignore the hype, but to understand that CEP is going to be absolutely huge.
01/21/2008 Penetration of Open Source Software in the Software Market  
Who are the leaders in open source software market penetration and how should a term like 'leader' even be determined?
01/21/2008 Identity Management -- No Longer Just the Bouncer at the Door  
Identity management is still the bouncer guarding the door, but given the right tools, today's bouncer has as much brain power as brawn.
01/17/2008 Will 2008's IT Budgets Cut SOA?  
Tony Baer shares some perspectives on recent SOA doom-and-gloom chat.
01/16/2008 Breaking News: Oracle Buys BEA and Sun Buys MySQL Gold Club Protected
OnStrategies' Tony Baer delivers a quick take on today's breaking news items: Oracle's accepted purchase of BEA Systems and Sun's surprise acquisition of MySQL.
01/16/2008 Can OSS Integration Server Software Enable EAI/BPM? Gold Club Protected
Open source integration server software can be as important to external EAI/BPM as OSS application/web server software is to "internal" application integration.
01/15/2008 Top Five Reasons to Use Appliances for Your Integration Projects  
Plug-and-play appliances are gaining popularity by bringing significant benefits to the most common integration challenges.
01/14/2008 The Top Three Open Source Challenges for 2008 Gold Club Protected
These three OSS challenges analyzed help determine the technology choices IT management and staff will face in 2008 and beyond.
01/11/2008 How Does Your Organization Rate on Mobile Security Policy Enforcement?  
The proliferation of small and inexpensive mass storage devices has led to significant security and data issues that every organization needs to confront.
01/11/2008 What Did 2007 Teach Us About Open Source? Gold Club Protected
Dennis Byron looks back at last year and shares spectacular findings about what OSS tells us about the enterprise software industry as a whole. Coming on Monday is the look-ahead for 2008.
01/10/2008 Trends for 2008: SOA and Specialized Messaging Patterns Gold Club Protected
From Adobe: New trends in the computer industry rely upon SOA as the enabling foundation to build infrastructures for those with needs (consumers) and those with capabilities (providers) to interact via services across disparate domains of technology and ownership.
01/09/2008 Firing Your Enterprise Architect Gold Club Protected
David Linthicum: If your existing enterprise architect canít take you where you need to go, you have to either to give them the tools they need, or give them a pink slip.
01/08/2008 Dennis Byron's Open Source Series: Talking to... Curl  
In 2008, we continue with ebizQ's Open Source Software "Talking withÖ" series. These interviews are designed to provide insights into disruptive technology for other OSS suppliers and OSS investors as well as users.
01/07/2008 Securing Virtualization: A Primer Gold Club Protected
Virtualization is happening fast, and we are only starting to discuss it's security impact, but here are the most pressing security issues.
01/04/2008 Application Management: Consider the End User Gold Club Protected
David Kelly says applications have traditionally been designed from the perspective of the IT manager, not the end user.
01/03/2008 Podcast Transcript: BI Market Consolidation  
ebizQ's Gian Trotta speaks to Lyndsay Wise about this past year's consolidation in the Business Intelligence marketplace.
01/02/2008 A Look Back at 2007: Cutting Complexity Out of the Agile Organization Gold Club Protected
ebizQ's Dave Kelly tells us what it takes for an organization to be agile and regulatory-compliant.
01/02/2008 Data Quality: The First Metric That Matters for Performance Management Success  
Using Performance Management companies can align their operational and financial information, internal processes, and strategic goals to build a considerable competitive advantage.
12/31/2007 A Look Back at 2007: Are Consultants Dropping the Ball on SOA?  
Dave Linthicum says if your consultant has done his or her job, you should have an architecture where the volatility has been abstracted into a configurable domain. Do you have it?
12/28/2007 A Look Back at 2007: BPM and the Failure of IT Infrastructure  
Keith Harrison-Broninski says unrestricted use of BPM in its current form has the potential to lay waste to healthy workplaces worldwide.
12/27/2007 A Look Back at 2007: Where BI Has Fallen Short  
For most organizations, current BI and analytics solutions have yet to deliver real benefits and adequate returns on investment.
12/26/2007 ebizQ Interview: Is SaaS Going to Cost Us?  
Krissi Danielsson interviews David Rice, author of ďGeekonomics: The Real Cost of Insecure Software.Ē
12/26/2007 A Look Back at 2007: Making Leaps in Event Processing  
Events present the same problems, but we're coming up with new answers, says Oracle's Stephanie McReynolds.
12/24/2007 A Look Back at 2007: Open Source Software  
Dennis Byron reviews the enterprise OSS marketplace.
12/20/2007 What Do SOA and the Credit Crisis Have in Common?  
Dave Linthicum says those who buy into SOA just to go along with the crowd and donít do the 'real work' required to ensure that the solution is right for their problem domain will surely try to get out of their commitment in the future.
12/19/2007 Processes and Classical Architecture  
Keith Harrison-Broninski delves into the similiarities between business processes and Gaudi's architecture, while wishing happy holidays to all.
12/17/2007 Staying Secure in the Age of Consolidation  
In the age of security and data consolidation, it is as important as ever to choose your suppliers wisely.
12/17/2007 How Do You Do QA for Perfomance Management?  
Dave Kelly gives a real world example of how difficult it is to assess the performance of performance management tools.
12/13/2007 Mashups: Moving SOA Out of The Back Office  
Here's how to shift SOA from an IT-centric technology to a business accelerator solution.
12/12/2007 The Art of War: Lessons for the Workplace  
Business can feel like a war sometimes, so it's no surprise that the ancient classic treatise "The Art of War," by Sun Tzu, has relevance to the corporate world.
12/10/2007 Technology Trends for 2008: Data Management Predictions  
There are growing customer expectations for more powerful, highly scalable architectures that run across these new topologies and deliver more business volume and velocity.
12/10/2007 How Open Source Software Can Bring Structure to Unstructured Data  
It is conventional IT market wisdom that there is four to ten times as much unstructured data as structured data in enterprises and other organizations. OSS to the rescue?
12/07/2007 SOA Security: One Size Doesn't Fit All  
How to ensure the integrity of corporate data in an SOA-based world.
12/06/2007 A Look Back at 2007: Governance is Key to SOA Success  
Don't build what you can't manage. But that's precisely what many are doing today with SOA.
12/06/2007 Forrester: Embedded SOA Management Solutions Gold Club Protected
Randy Heffner says enterprise architects should understand and evaluate the embedded SOA management solution that they may already own, seven of which are highlighted here.
12/05/2007 Can Intel Be Separated From Process?  
The emergence of Complex Event Processing and the growing take-up of BPM and BAM calls into question whether we should treat BI as a standalone solution.
12/03/2007 Next-Generation Security  
Today's businesses need more comprehensive, proactive, and integrated security measures to protect against both internal and external threats
12/03/2007 Forrester: It's Time to Reinvent Your BI Strategy Gold Club Protected
Business intelligence is no longer just about reporting. It's about creating a competitive advantage.
11/28/2007 Key Requirements for Event-Driven BPM and SOA  
You've heard of object-based computing, SOA, BPM and BI, but what about event-driven computing?
11/28/2007 Integrating Open Source Into Your SOA Project  
The Open Source Software development model is becoming a more prevalent approach to developing many services quickly and cost effectively.
11/26/2007 What's In It For Me?  
Peter Rhys Jenkins explores the linkage between SOA Governance and Realpolitik.
11/26/2007 Defending Against the Unusual Suspect: the Modern Cyber Criminal  
Who are today's criminals? More importantly, what can we do to stop them?
11/20/2007 ebizQ's InfoWorld SOA Supplement  
ebizQís Beth Gold-Bernstein and Joe McKendrick interviewed the industryís top practitioners to reveal the best practices, customer case studies and industry surveys that you can use to transform you tactical SOA systems into the right strategic mix of governance, and integration with complementary technologies like BPM that will increase the depths and directions of your business agility.
11/20/2007 Extreme Enterprise Makeover: Open Source Edition  
What was traditionally viewed as developer and infrastructure tools has quickly infiltrated the enterprise environment.
11/19/2007 Roy Schulte's Webinar at SOA in Action  
Gartner's Roy Schulte talks about the four trends that you should know about SOA right now.
11/16/2007 PCI Compliance Thwarts Data Grinch  
These 5 steps will get you closer to PCI-DSS compliance.
11/14/2007 The Inside Scoop on IBM-Cognos Gold Club Protected
Beth Gold-Bernstein moderates an enlightening discussion with IBM's Mark Andrews, OnStrategies' Tony Baer and Aberdeen Group's Michael Dortch, all about IBM's acquisition of Cognos.
11/14/2007 Are You in SOA Project Hell?  
Never fear! David Linthicum is here to get you out.
11/13/2007 The Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suite Gold Club Protected
In this ebizQ premium content, Forrester's Ken Vollmer talks about choosing a comprehensive SOA-based framework for BPM and integration.
11/13/2007 Tony Baer on IBM-Cognos  
Barely a month after SAP announced it was buying Business Objects, and roughly eight months after Oracle announced same with Hyperion, IBM has closed the circle by announcing its intent to buy Cognos.
11/12/2007 Keys to Data Governance Success  
Teamwork and an iterative approach go a long way in assuring agility and flexibility with data governance.
11/12/2007 Manage and Secure Any Mobile Device Anywhere  
The greatly increased risks and vulnerabilities that come with mobile computing can be efficiently and effectively managed.
11/08/2007 Open Source at the Core  
From Dennis Byron: Application and Web server software helps drive stack commoditization. Here's a survey of the services provided by Red Hat Jboss, Covelent and IBM.
11/07/2007 BPM Land Grab  
Tony Baer has started to see more evidence of the growing reach of BPM vendors.
11/06/2007 ESBs in 2007: Taking the Open Source Bus to SOA (Part II of II)  
From Dennis Byron: This article is the second of two that digs deeper into the ESB/MOM portion of the mid-stack, from an open source perspective.
11/05/2007 Business Events Drive Enterprise SOA  
SAP's Harald Nehring says that by making correlations in real time, organizations can reduce their response times to critical business events significantly.
11/05/2007 7 Signs You May be Violating Security Compliance Regulations  
These 7 Signs Will Keep You Compliant and Help Head Off Future Security Issues
11/02/2007 How Do YOU Say SOA?  
ebizQ's Gian Trotta reports on our "How do you say SOA?" poll. You still have time to weigh in before Monday, and get your chance to win the iPhone!
10/31/2007 SOA, Web 2.0 and the Future of Business  
Speakers at ebizQís SOA in Action virtual conference considered the effects 2.0, SaaS and Collaboration on SOA in a panel discussion.
10/31/2007 Rules-Driven Lean BPM  
Tony Baer spoke to a Pegasystems customer about their 'lean BPM' implementation.
10/29/2007 The SOA Money Question  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says that aligning different business justifications with funding strategies is an important consideration for SOA projects.
10/29/2007 Open Source Business Intelligence Megatrends  
ebizQ's senior OSS analyst Dennis Byron identifies some interesting megatrends at work in the business intelligence marketplace.
10/29/2007 I Am Your Application and I'm Broken  
Enjoy 'Security Inciter' Mike Rothman's inaugural ebizQ column, in which he explains that 80 percent of attacks target applications directly.
10/26/2007 Open Source Table Scraps  
Tony Baer talks about the roles and prospects for open source.
10/25/2007 What Makes SOA Different?  
The Open Group's Chris Harding explores the differences between service-oriented and enterprise architecture.
10/24/2007 Best Practices for Strategic Alignment Gold Club Protected
Robert Frances Group says that alignment alone, without IT having effective processes and management, leads to increased IT expenditures and slower or negative growth.
10/19/2007 Network Behavior Analysis: A New Perspective on an Old Enemy  
Behavior analysis tools address the shortcomings of traditional security products.
10/19/2007 Dennis Byron's Open Source Series: Talking to... Talend  
ebizQ's Dennis Byron interviews Yves de Montcheuil of OSS data integrator Talend.
10/18/2007 Five Things All SOA Vendors Should Know  
Dave Linthicum is at it again, dispensing advice as only he can, about how to sell SOA.
10/17/2007 Making Customers Happy  
In the on-demand world, the pendulum swings all processes toward the goal of pleasing the customer.
10/15/2007 SOX Redux: A Chance to Realize Savings and Improve Processes  
Organizations have the opportunity to reap the benefits of Sarbanes-Oxley with far less pain.
10/12/2007 Oracle Bids for BEA  
Tony Baer's take on the $6.66 Billion acquisition offer for BEA Systems.
10/11/2007 SOA Case Study: Using an SI To Accelerate Your Initial SOA Project Gold Club Protected
AMR Research had the opportunity to follow an initial SOA project from start to finish for a $540M supplier and service provider to consumer product companies.
10/10/2007 SAP Direct Dials BPM  
Tony Baer describes SAP's plans for a BPM offering.
10/08/2007 A 360 Degree View of the Business  
An effective portfolio management solution distills the vast amounts of data to which one has access, so that people can get a complete picture when they need it.
10/08/2007 Securing Web 2.0  
With the emergence of Web 2.0, businesses must ensure that data, applications and customers' online transactions are fundamentally secure.
10/04/2007 Unified Communications with a Service-Oriented Network Architecture  
Service-oriented enterprise networks can help us achieve the vision of effortlessly exchanging information between employees along with partners and customers.
10/03/2007 BPM: Critical for ISVs  
Can the majority of challenges companies face be traced to process problems?
10/02/2007 OSS and the Power of Collective Intelligence  
Just as the Internet leveled the playing field in commerce and allowed businesses to reach millions of customers without the need for the same level of investment that traditional brick-and-mortar companies have made, open source software does the same for information technology (IT) professionals, especially in SMBs.
10/01/2007 The Growing Security Challenges of Mobility and Web 2.0  
If there is one certainty in the security business, it is that security threats will continue to multiply and mutate.
09/28/2007 Itís Hacker vs. Hacker in EU Anti-Trust Case  
Dennis Byron interviews two top OSS lawyers about the EU-Microsoft ruling.
09/27/2007 SOA Tricks and Treats  
A preview of Forrester's Randy Heffner's keynote presentation at SOA in Action.
09/24/2007 CPM Market Consolidation Continues: Exact Takes Longview Gold Club Protected
Corporate performance management (CPM) acquisitions just keep on coming.
09/24/2007 Streamlining Your Compliance Strategy  
Many organizations have started to look at the effectiveness of their compliance and auditing strategies, with an eye to streamlining and automating processes and simply making audits less painful and costly.
09/20/2007 ESBs in 2007: Taking the Open Source Bus to SOA (Part I of II)  
From Dennis Byron: This article is the first of two that digs deeper into the ESB portion of the mid-stack, highlighting the place of the up and coming OSS ESB crop.
09/19/2007 Lombardi Emerges as BPM Success Story Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's Dennis Callaghan: A growing European customer base, introduction of a SaaS offering and extensive partner relationships have Lombardi primed for growth as it ponders an IPO.
09/17/2007 The Evolution of Quality Assurance in OSS  
While ďbugsĒ have evolved from real bugs eating away on vacuum tubes to identifying typos and oversights in code, the need to identify and stamp out these bugs remains as important as ever.
09/13/2007 Getting SOA Right the First Time  
David Linthicum warms us to consider business needs first, starting with core requirements, and think about technology needs after that.
09/12/2007 BPM: A Rules Approach  
Because business rules trigger critical decisions, and an organization's mission is achieved through the use of business processes, both need to be thoughtfully captured and preserved.
09/10/2007 Securing The Data Center: Bursting Your Security Balloon  
In this article we burst the bubble of some common yet risky misperceptions about data center security.
09/06/2007 SOA in the Real World  
Dave Kelly follows a company on its way to SOA adoption.
09/05/2007 The 451 Group: Banner Year for Savvion Gold Club Protected
Dennis Callaghan says that since this year was characterized by big companies buying up smaller process managers, it's a fair question to ask whether there's still a place for independent, stand-alone BPM vendors.
09/04/2007 Dennis Byron's Open Source Series: Talking to... MuleSource  
Dennis Byron talks to Dave Rosenberg about MuleSource's OSS 'Bus.
08/30/2007 The Best Laid (SOA) Plans  
SOA planners should use these enterprise architecture management best practices.
08/29/2007 Anti-Fusion: The Open Solutions Alliance  
Dominic Sartorio says interoperability is a challenge best addressed collaboratively, with a practical bottom-up approach that encourages participation from developers worldwide.
08/27/2007 Putting Trust Back Into Computing  
How enterprises can effectively secure systems and data.
08/27/2007 Book Excerpt: Smart (Enough) Systems  
James Taylor and Neil Raden tell us how to deliver competitive advantage by automating hidden systems.
08/23/2007 Dennis Byron's Open Source Series: Talking to... Alfresco  
Alfresco's John Newton says his company's products provide a low cost, cost-effective alternative to other ECM solutions.
08/23/2007 Service-Oriented Infrastructure Building  
Aligning IT infrastructure with the business needs.
08/22/2007 Back to BPM Basics  
Michael Dortch reminds us that effective IT decisions must be made within a context defined by effective business processes.
08/20/2007 Where Do Event Processing and BAM Tools Pay Off?  
In Roy Schulte's final article in our special event processing series, he says BAM tools and CEP engines are quite valuable and cost-effective when used in the right situations.
08/20/2007 Applying Event Processing Tools  
ebizQ's David Kelly believes that the use of complex event processing will continue to grow over the next few years, as organizations find ever-greater needs to process the growing volume of real-time data entering the enterprise.
08/17/2007 SaaS, or Appliance-Based Software Delivery?  
SaaS application delivery models first emerged in the late 90s, and now a spinoff of this, an appliance-based software delivery method, is described here.
08/16/2007 Tony Baer on Citrix's $500 Million XenSource Buy  
The question of the day: How on earth did XenSource get bought for $500 Million?
08/16/2007 SOA Quality Assurance  
Since todayís complex SOA and Web 2.0 applications are becoming increasingly difficult to test at the application level, leaving the burden of testing to QA is inefficient and ineffective. A new approach is needed.
08/15/2007 IBM Draws BPM and SOA Parallels Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group: IBM is throwing a lot of resources at bringing together BPM with SOA and also seeks to get IT to think more like business users in order to use technology more effectively.
08/14/2007 A Brief History of Open Source  
Akin to 'A Brief History of Time,' ebizQ's Dennis Byron journeys back to the roots of open source software, answering the burning question: How did we get here?
08/13/2007 Top Ten Ways to Improve Your BI Initiative  
Dust off and maximize that business intelligence investment you've made!
08/13/2007 Security Vulnerability-as-a-Service? Gold Club Protected
From The 451 Group: Vulnerability scanner-as-a-service firm Outpost24 says, "Trust us... we're Swedish."
08/10/2007 Dennis Byron's Open Source Series: Talking to... Loopfuse  
With some companies, open source is all about fun. Loopfuse is one of them, says ebizQ's Dennis Byron.
08/08/2007 Secrets to the Truly Agile Business Process Management Suite  
Many human-centric BPMS solutions have begun shifting the burden of process development away from IT and empowering business people to not only design, but manage their processes.
08/07/2007 Dennis Byron's Open Source Series: Talking to... WSO2  
WSO2 makes the case that open source is all about users, not coding.
08/06/2007 Tony Baer on IBM's Acquisition of Softech  
Tony Baer says IBM's latest buy readily complements IBM Softwareís Data Management groupís Master Data Management and Information Server offerings, as well as IBM Tivoli access control and security solutions.
08/06/2007 Master Data Management Systems: Build or Buy?  
Before deciding to build or buy, a company should answer specific questions about how it uses its data.
08/06/2007 Guarding Your Corporate Data Assets  
Widespread use of collaborative technologies in the workplace expose companies to high level data security risks.
08/03/2007 OSS Dominates Middle-of-the-Stack  
The real meaningful open source freedom is that OSS has brought flexibility to the middle of the IT stack.
08/02/2007 Building an SOA? What's Your Data Strategy?  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly believes that any organization considering or pursuing SOA should also be creating a data services strategy.
08/01/2007 Business Process Management: Vitamins Versus Aspirin Gold Club Protected
AMR Research's Bill Swanton says companies considering BPM need to think through how they are going to get started and how much they will embrace the concepts over time.
07/30/2007 Dennis Byron's Open Source Series: Talking to...The Linux Foundation  
Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, says open source software illustrates the movement's maturity and that OSS enables SaaS.
07/30/2007 Managing the Risk of Collaboration Tools  
Companies must not forget to address the security and compliance vulnerabilities raised by the admittedly new and exciting collaborative and virtualized environments.
07/30/2007 The Role of Event Processing in Modern Business  
Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte say the key to enabling near-real-time operational BI is event processing.
07/25/2007 ebizQ's OSS Taxonomy: Understanding Free vs. Open  
Our own Dennis Byron says that by its very nature, the structure of the open source community and its intertwined business model looks like a piece of pre-Y2K spaghetti code.
07/24/2007 Tony Baer on HP's Acquisition of Opsware  
HP Buys Opsware -- Or is it the other way around?
07/23/2007 Open Source in the Enterprise Gold Club Protected
RFG's Michael Dortch says the tools and techniques upon which open source developers rely can help IT decision-makers to engage and satisfy users more consistently.
07/23/2007 Complex Event Processing and Your SOA  
David Linthicum suspects that as we progress with SOA, as we become smarter on implementations, architecture, design, testing, and deployment, that event processing will become better defined and layered within many SOAs.
07/23/2007 Understanding Event-Driven Architecture  
Gartner's Roy Schulte and Cal Tech's Mani Chandy share how event processing has emerged as one of the most important issues in IT today.
07/23/2007 Seven Steps to More Secure Software  
A multi-level solution to make security a mindset that pervades the development group, as an internal best practice.
07/20/2007 Start Small and Think Big  
Any integration project that involves the whole enterprise is bound to seem overwhelming, but the results can actually be better if you start small.
07/19/2007 Integrated Information for Stronger SOAs  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly takes a look some of the reasons we need better information management, and explains how they play into an SOA strategy.
07/18/2007 BPM Sheriff Rolls Into Town  
We are in the middle of a Wild West rodeo over component-based computing that builds process-oriented solution functionality using standard Web services.
07/16/2007 Key Tips For Securing Your Storage Network  
The storage network is key to any enterprise, which makes it one of the primary targets for malicious attacks.
07/16/2007 Shifting to a Culture of Analysis  
In this book excerpt from 'Actionable Web Analytics,' the authors say you're going to have to change many things from the ground up and build a culture of analysis in your company.
07/13/2007 Dennis Byron's Open Source Series: Talking to... Apatar  
Open source BI startup Apatar seeks to deliver optimized application and integration functionality.
07/12/2007 Agility Principle: Service-Oriented Network Architecture  
IT architects can take a uniform approach to the network, which is the common denominator for all applications.
07/11/2007 Jon Pyke on BPEL4People  
People, who needs BPEL?
07/09/2007 Big Changes in PCI Compliance - Watch Out!  
With Visa updating its PCI reporting matrix in late 2006, many retailers that formerly did very little or no business online, and were as a result classified at the lowest two PCI compliance tiers, suddenly became level-2, necessitating change in compliance practices.
07/09/2007 Why Good Product Data Matters  
Dave Kelly says having the right product data in the right form at the right time is more important than ever before.
07/06/2007 The 411 on Open Source Development  
ebizQ's Dennis Byron says OSS development activity tends to clump around four products: Linux, the Apache web server, the MySQL database, and three development tools, Perl, Python and PHP; otherwise knowns as the LAMP stack.
07/05/2007 Supply Chains and SOA  
Dave Kelly says incomplete or unstructured data can prevent effective communication and reduce the effectiveness of SOA strategies.
07/03/2007 Keith Harrison-Broninski on BPEL4People  
Now that the BPEL4People specification has finally been released, it is important to clarify exactly what it covers, and what it doesn't cover.
07/02/2007 The Business Case for Intelligent Enterprise Content Management  
Is outsourcing no longer just a cost reduction tool, but a powerful way to re-engineer operations and accelerate strategic business transformation?
06/29/2007 Tony Baer on BPEL4People  
Are these people the luckiest people in the world?
06/28/2007 The Truth About SOA Governance  
Ungoverned SOA may be occurring right now in your enterprise and compromising all of your systems.
06/27/2007 It's the Global Economy, Stupid!  
Peter Fingar makes the economic and social case for business process management.
06/25/2007 Tony Baer on HP's Acquisition of SPI Dynamics  
Tony Baer's take on why HP chose SPI Dynamics, a security testing provider whose tools fit more squarely with Mercuryís test tools.
06/25/2007 Key Decisions Require Vision  
An argument for next-generation business intelligence through utilization of interactive visual analysis.
06/21/2007 Adopting SOA in RFID Deployments  
How the combination of RFID and SOA can provide immense business benefits to the enterprise.
06/20/2007 Forrester: Lufthansa Transforms With BPM  
Using business process management best practices such as incremental, iterative change and carefully built user interfaces, Lufthansaís success represents an example for BPM practitioners to study.
06/19/2007 Using EII to Fast-Track Your Way to SOA  
As modern-day technology navigators, SOA architects are finding that EII or data federation provides an excellent charter for their voyage from planning and design to implementation.
06/18/2007 Arming the Warfighter With Business Intelligence  
The defense intelligence community has had to change its information infrastructure from functional/geopolitical expertise toward rapidly gathering, analyzing, and disseminating relevant knowledge from a vast quantity of classified and open source information.
06/14/2007 Tony Baer on IBM-Telelogic  
Although at first glance it appears that IBM is simply buying market share, Telelogic has a few jewels that are notably missing from IBM.
06/13/2007 Leveraging BPM on an SOA Foundation  
How business process management and service-oriented architectures can reciprocally leverage the assets of one another.
06/12/2007 AMR Research: TIBCO, HP Make Formative Moves in BI Gold Club Protected
From AMR's John Hagarty: Market dynamics continue to swirl in the broad-based business intelligence and performance management market. Two large purveyors of IT-focused products and services have taken formative positions in the changing BI/PM world.
06/11/2007 Tony Baer on IBM-Watchfire  
Tony Baer says IBM is the first household name to show an interest in tooling that probes application security soft spots.
06/07/2007 Linthicum Zone: The Two Flavors of SOA Governance  
Starting in June 2007, we bring you David Linthicum's new ebizQ monthly SOA column. In this installment, Dave shows why you have to implement a mechanism thatís able to track and manage of the service assets within your organization.
06/06/2007 Dealing with Process Change  
ebizQ's IT Directions Blogger/Human Interaction Management pioneer, Keith Harrison-Broninski, gives us a taste of how to deal with the inevitable changes that inevitably occur in software and process development.
06/05/2007 Secure-Access Vendor AppGate Looks to US for Expansion Gold Club Protected
Stockholm-based AppGate Network Security's Secure Access Platform stands between users and the applications they wish to access, whether the user is inside or outside the firewall, and whether they are accessing using a PC or smartphone.
06/04/2007 Best Practices for SaaS  
How do you determine if Software as a Service is right for you?
05/31/2007 Why Reliable Data is the Key to Your SOA  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says that SOA is really about effective communication which, most importantly, requires consistent, reliable and accurate underlying data.
05/30/2007 Capturing and Documenting Business Processes  
RFG's Michael Dortch says that while many companies have BPM plans in place, many of these same companies have little to no accurate information about the business processes currently in use.
05/29/2007 Event-Driven Software Goes Mainstream  
Helping enterprises identify the unexpected requires a new software paradigm can process high-volume streams of diverse events. SOA provides this starting point.
05/24/2007 Building an SOA? Treat Your Data as a Corporate Asset  
By implementing an information management strategy that focuses on data quality and data integration, the benefits of SOA can be further realized.
05/23/2007 Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business  
Using BPM and a common IT service management solution to bridge the gap between IT and business.
05/21/2007 The Changing Dynamics of Business Intelligence  
ebizQ's Peter Schooff highlights a recent business intelligence podcast, moderated by Beth Gold-Bernstein, with vendors comments from HP, LogiXML, Hyperion (Oracle), Business Objects and SAS.
05/21/2007 IT Security, Reloaded  
New security solutions are more strategic since they unify information from many disparate silos of information to automatically connect the dots through end-to-end correlation and policy management.
05/18/2007 The Next Big Mess  
Virtualization offers immense opportunities for cost savings, with the proper up-front analysis and planning, but few have considered the potential pitfalls of large scale adoption.
05/17/2007 SaaS 2.0: It's All About SOA  
Should SaaS really stand for ĎSOA and Ajax as a Serviceí?
05/16/2007 Task Oriented Applications  
It's not your father's technology; it's a new breed of software that holds promise for helping managers focus on critical information without having to wade through all the distracting and irrelevant noise of daily office work.
05/14/2007 High-Performance CEP: Driving Next-Generation Business Intelligence  
Itís time to get serious about the data deluge, to transform data into intelligence.
05/14/2007 Sourcefire Lights Way to IPO Market for Security Companies Gold Club Protected
This is Debut IQ, a new report from The 451 Group that looks at companies that are about to go public.
05/11/2007 Report from JavaOne  
Tony Baer reports on the stunning lack of news coming out of this year's Sun JavaOne conference.
05/10/2007 The Innovation Gap  
Tony Baer muses: Is consolidation killing innovation?
05/09/2007 SAP Makes Performance Management Move Gold Club Protected
AMR Research's John Hagerty talks about SAP's acquisition of OutlookSoft in this ebizQ gold club analysis.
05/09/2007 Supersized BPM  
Dave Kelly asks, "Do you want fries with that?"
05/07/2007 The Continuing Evolution of Symantec Gold Club Protected
RFG's Michael Dortch says IT decision-makers should evaluate 'the new Symantec' with open eyes and minds, as the company will soon have offerings that promise business value far beyond its traditional anti-virus and security strengths.
05/07/2007 Five Common Questions About Complex Event Processing  
As the demand for new real-time and high-speed data applications have increased, these brittle solutions have reached their breaking points.
05/03/2007 A Better Way to SOA  
Without proper planning and an event-driven SOA approach, your success could take an unfortunate turn.
05/02/2007 Your BPM-Enabled SOA  
SOA needs the strengths of BPM to model, run, monitor, automate and more flexibly adapt your companyís business processes.
05/01/2007 Is IT Like Gardening?  
ebizQ is proud to share with our readers a new book excerpt from the geniuses over at Macehiter-Ward Dutton.
04/30/2007 Protecting Against Pharming Attacks Gold Club Protected
More than 65 financial institutions in the United States, Europe and Australia were shut down after a two-and-a-half day pharming attack that started on Feb. 19. Can it happen to you?
04/27/2007 Deal Analysis: Red Hat, JBoss ... and MetaMatrix?  
Tony Baer gives us the backstory behind Red Hat's JBoss and their spate of announcements this week.
04/26/2007 AMR Research: Bulking up for the SOA Fight Gold Club Protected
Software AG and webMethods have been midsized players fighting with global IT firms like IBM, TIBCO, BEA Systems, Oracle, and IBM in the SOA/BPM Arena. What's going to happen now that they've teamed up?
04/25/2007 The Promise of BPM Collaboration  
The more effectively the business, IT and project participants can 'play well with others,' the more likely the BPM solution will be effective and productive.
04/24/2007 Tony Baer: Oracle's 'X' Marks the Spot  
Oracleís Project X tries to accomplish what has so far eluded organizations: defining a set of common business objects so one enterprise system can exchange its customer object or process with another.
04/23/2007 Enabling the Event-Driven Enterprise  
Mike Lough of Covelight explains the role of events to enable the real-time intelligent enterprise.
04/23/2007 Data Mismanagement Invites Security Breaches  
Todayís headlines, with their disturbing accounts of identity theft and security breaches, underscore the dire consequences of electronic communications and electronic data sharing.
04/19/2007 Welcome to the Top Three, Software AG!  
ebizQ vice president Beth Gold-Bernstein utilizes her extensive background on Software AG and webMethods technology to explain why the acquisition is so compelling, and why Software AG is now positioned in the top three of SOA/BPM providers.
04/18/2007 The BPM Gap  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly explains the gap between BPM goals and implementation, highlighting the difference between what you want to do and what you're actually going to do.
04/17/2007 The Forgotten Master of Master Data Management  
Siperian's Anurag Wadehra argues that business has to be the master of master data management.
04/16/2007 Competitive Advantage: Secure Data  
Data is not only an essential part of doing business in the twenty first century it also has a black market street value, like a precious stone or a luxury car, but much more portable.
04/13/2007 451 Group Analysis: Software AG and webMethods Gold Club Protected
Dennis Callaghan of the 451 Group talks about Software AG's new plan to be an SOA-enabler.
04/12/2007 Passport to SOA  
Sandy Carter's whirlwind tour of leading markets deploying SOA solutions.
04/11/2007 Improving Processes With Automated SOA Governance  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says the more you can automate your SOA governance, the more effective and efficient it will be.
04/08/2007 Business Intelligence Goes Deep  
By combining business intelligence with process or workflow design tools, you can create and implement smarter business processes.
04/06/2007 Analysis: Software AG Acquisition of webMethods  
With an eye toward bulking up its emerging SOA business, Tony Baer explains why Software AG is offering roughly $550 million in cash to buy webMethods.
04/05/2007 SOA Repositories Come Of Age Gold Club Protected
Forrester Research says acquisitions bring SOA governance front and center.
04/04/2007 BPM and the Future of Programming  
If you have difficult decisions to make about technology implementation for an enterprise backbone, take a look into the future.
04/03/2007 The Greatest Innovation Since the Assembly Line  
A combination of processes that are coming to be collectively known as the 'real-time enterprise' will become the basis for our economy in the information age.
04/03/2007 451 Group Intel: Unisys on Open Source Path Toward Mission-Critical Computing Gold Club Protected
Unisys seeks to lead the way for nonproprietary software and standards in mission-critical computing.
04/02/2007 RFG: Spyware in the Enterprise Gold Club Protected
Spyware no longer poses problems focused solely on employee productivity and network bandwidth, but creates security risks that leave company assets and sensitive data in jeopardy.
03/29/2007 Policies, Processes, Metrics and People  
ebizQ columnist Dave Kelly says we can make processes more sensical with SOA governance.
03/28/2007 451 Group Intel: SWsoft and Parallels Gold Club Protected
SWsoft acknowledges majority ownership of hardware virtualization player Parallels.
03/27/2007 BI in BPM: Business Knowledge Management Gold Club Protected
RFG's Michael Dortch says analytics and intelligence (BI) are increasingly coalescing and integrating with the capture, discovery, mapping, and optimization of business activities, performance, and processes.
03/26/2007 Services-Oriented Business Continuity  
A dozen years ago, a nightmare used to make CIOs lose sleep: the terrible potential cost of system downtime on business.
03/22/2007 Leveraging Synergies: RTI and SOA Unite  
IT evolution is all about disruptive technologies and best-of-breed ideas merging together to lead to even better solutions for the enterprise. Two such that are coming together presently are Real-Time Infrastructure (RTI) and SOA.
03/21/2007 Is XPDL the Silent Workhorse of BPM?  
Jon Pyke of the Workflow Management Coalition says XPDL is a proven, stable format for process design interchange that has so far avoided standards hype.
03/20/2007 Data Storage: Serious Business for SMBs  
Small businesses should proactively develop a data storage plan Ė in addition to selecting storage platforms Ė to protect company data and provide options for accessing data at any time.
03/19/2007 Enterprise Security Best Practices Gold Club Protected
New threats are being found via cell phones, IP telephony, and personal digital assistants (PDAs), so here are some of the best practices RFG sees security managers taking to mitigate the effect of these new threats.
03/15/2007 SOA and Governance: Why It Matters  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says that unless SOA is done right, there's a risk that an SOA-based IT environment will actually be more inflexible and inadaptable than a traditional IT environment.
03/14/2007 Bruce Richardson on Oracle-Hyperion Gold Club Protected
AMRís premiere analyst on the consolidation that has finally come to the business intelligence/performance management market.
03/13/2007 Doing SOA Right: Why Is It So Hard?  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly asks if there is a secret sauce to ensure your SOA's success.
03/12/2007 Enabling Data-Centric Security  
Forget conventional wisdom. Modern encryption technology is ideal for privacy applications.
03/09/2007 From SaaS to IaaS  
Can Integration as a Service be expected for on-demand applications?
03/08/2007 The Top Five SOA Don'ts (Part II of II)  
Sandy Carter brings us the long-awaited conclusion to her discussion of common SOA pitfalls, sharing IBM's vision on how to drive your business toward flexibility through innovation.
03/07/2007 A Look at the 2007 BPM Market  
ebizQís Dave Kelly predicts that 2007 will be a significant year for the widespread adoption and use of BPM technologies.
03/06/2007 BPM: Impact Your Business  
Kiran Garimella says BPM is a sophisticated platform or framework that impacts the business in numerous ways.
03/05/2007 BI Squeeze: Oracle Buys Hyperion  
Tony Baer asks why IBM didn't buy Hyperion first.
03/05/2007 System Status: Permeated  
Why are all the spam filters clogged?
03/01/2007 The Top Five SOA Don'ts (Part I of II)  
IBM's Sandy Carter discusses common SOA pitfalls, and shares IBM's vision on how to drive your business toward flexibility and growth through innovation.
02/28/2007 The Forrester Wave: BPM Suites Gold Club Protected
Forrester's Ken Vollmer and Henry Peyret share their views on integration-centric BPM suites, for the 4th quarter of 2006.
02/27/2007 Evolution Beats Revolution  
The deployment of executive dashboards.
02/26/2007 Beyond Disaster Recovery  
Using change management to build a reliable business continuity plan.
02/22/2007 Isn't it About Time Someone Bought AmberPoint? Gold Club Protected
Actional, Systinet, Flashline, Infravio and Blue Titan have all been acquired by larger vendors, continuing a trend we have seen in recent years in the SOA space. One independent company that still remains, however, is AmberPoint.
02/21/2007 Taming the Minotaur  
Keith Harrison-Broninski discusses how to integrate organizational management with the IT backbone.
02/20/2007 Why IP Address Management is Critical for Corporate Compliance  
Regulatory compliance is now a business-critical requirement that extends to the management of corporate networks.
02/19/2007 2007: The Year of Rising Threats?  
What security threats are on the rise in 2007?
02/15/2007 Best Practices for SOA Governance (Part II)  
SOA governance is about supporting behavior that will help you achieve business goals. Part II of II.
02/14/2007 The CIO's New Balancing Act  
How application development, process integration and connectivity to partners can drive growth while meeting compliance mandates.
02/13/2007 Hyperion Snaps Up Decisioneering, Adds Risk Management to BI Arsenal Gold Club Protected
Decisioneering is the latest vendor to be acquired by the performance management and BI behemoth.
02/12/2007 The Benefits of Logical Security  
A case for unified enterprise security management.
02/09/2007 Software-as-a-Service: Flexibility is Key  
Value-added resellers experiencing losses within a niche market can turn to the SaaS delivery model, which is rapidly gaining popularity.
02/08/2007 Keys to Successful Governance with SOA  
Part I of II. SOA governance is about supporting behavior that will help you achieve business goals.
02/07/2007 Top Priorities in IT Today Gold Club Protected
RFG has been asked by its clients what CIOs are seeing as top priorities going into 2007.
02/07/2007 The Fight for Enterprise Search Dominance Gold Club Protected
Jim Murphy of AMR Research says the IBM-Yahoo! Deal sets the stage for the battle of enterprise search.
02/06/2007 Success Drivers for State-of-the-Art Data Migration  
80 percent of data migrations overrun or fail altogether. But there are now proven disciplines to keep you on the safe side.
02/05/2007 Keeping the Fox Out of the Hen House  
Eliminating insider threats as an essential security measure.
02/01/2007 My SOA is Not Your SOA  
Mulesource's Dave Rosenberg says one person's SOA may be someone else's Web Services, EAI, ESB or other acronym.
01/30/2007 2007 Enterprise Technology Trend: Enterprises Go Open Choice  
Leading IT suppliers complete open source software takeover; the channel and enterprises get open choice.
01/29/2007 Cisco Draws First Blood in 2007 Security Acquisitions Gold Club Protected
The acquisition by Cisco of anti-spam appliance vendor IronPort Systems is smart for several reasons.
01/26/2007 Business Knowledge Management (Part II of II) Gold Club Protected
RFG proposes the "Missing Link" for BPM, IPLM, and SOAs, and makes specific recommmendations for IT decision makers.
01/25/2007 ESB Buyers Beware  
Ronan Bradley's 2007 musings about the enterprise service bus and reusable services marketplace.
01/24/2007 A Faster BPM Return on Investment  
Every organization thatís considering business process management wants to know what they have to put in or spent on it, and what theyíll get back at the end of the year.
01/23/2007 Master Data Management for the Skeptic  
Arguments for even the most skeptical critic to learn the business value of customer-centric MDM.
01/22/2007 Cyber Crimeís Impact on Business  
Given the insidious nature of today's threats, placing IT security high on the risk management agenda is vital.
01/19/2007 Business Knowledge Management (Part I of II) Gold Club Protected
RFG proposes the "Missing Link" for BPM, IPLM, and SOAs.
01/18/2007 Five Predictions for 2007 Gold Club Protected
Among other predictions, AMR's Bruce Richardson says SOA moves from ďSOA what?Ē to small pilots in manufacturing and retail.
01/17/2007 What You Need, When You Need It  
Exploring process-enabled, content rich vertical applications.
01/16/2007 CDI Flavors: A Taste for Every Organization  
A CDI solution complements and extends existing systems and processes, allowing an organization to take advantage of its customer-facing interactions.
01/15/2007 Secure Authentification: Moving Beyond Passwords  
Widely recognized as the weakest link in IT security, itís clear that passwords are well past their sell-by date, and itís time to consider new approaches to authentification.
01/11/2007 SOA in Action: Integration-as-a-Service to Improve Customer Relationships  
Companies can exploit integration technology to drive big gains in top line revenue, improve operational efficiency, and differentiate themselves from competitors.
01/10/2007 Beyond Process Automation  
BPM enables organizations to enforce operations consistency, and also helps adhere to the ever-expanding body of compliance regulations and laws.
01/08/2007 Real-Time Web Channel Intelligence  
Companies know that securing their data, protecting their customers, and building trust while growing the business, is the best recipe for success.
01/08/2007 Protecting Personally Identifiable Information  
Organizations must detect identity information in outbound network traffic and prevent its unapproved distribution.
01/07/2007 What to Look For From Tibco/Spotfire  
451 Group: How has Tibco utilized their acquisition of Spotfire and how will the deal influence the company going forward?
01/05/2007 Is Open Source Software Cheaper?  
Tony Baer discusses the financial efficacy of Open Source.
01/04/2007 Ensuring the Business Outcomes of SOA Initiatives  
As companies make the shift to SOA, enterprise architects have to maximize adoption and reuse, while simultaneously retaining the quality, performance and governance of their SOA.
01/03/2007 Full Transcript: First Look Podcast with SAP's Mark Yolton  
Years of bridging the functional and cultural gap between the business and IT sides of organizations have sparked development of a new breed of professional. Business Process Experts combine a wide and ever-evolving array of business and technical skills that enable truly effective integration projects. They also face the challenge of the getting business and technical sides to appreciate and amplify each otherís skill sets. Back in May of 2006, SAP launched a specialized online community called the Business Process Expert Community. It provides an impressive combination of information, instruction, interaction designed help both business and IT professionals share best practices and become Business Process Experts -- and also help their companies evolve.
01/03/2007 BPM 2.0: Dynamic Business Process Management  
Todayís work environment isnít static, so why is your BPM solution?
01/02/2007 Managing IT Risk  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says there are a range of both internal and external risks to the IT organization, all of which can have direct and indirect impacts on a business.
12/24/2006 Bond, James Bond: Risk Management Consultant?  
Unlike 007ís special gadgets and cool tools department, most corporate IT groups have a limited budget for security and risk management.
12/21/2006 Here Comes the SONÖ  
Turns out service-oriented networks are intelligent as well as proactive.
12/20/2006 Rising Above Commoditization  
Customer service is the last remaining differentiator and the key to long-term business process success.
12/19/2006 Manage Your SOA: The Increasing Need for SOA Governance  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says recent shifts towards SOA have increased the need for a rational IT/applications/SOA governance strategy.
12/17/2006 The Patch Conundrum  
Revising security strategies in light of zero-day threats.
12/14/2006 Evolution of the Enterprise Service Bus (Part II of II)  
Dave Chappell says an ESB makes it easy to translate disparate application data from one format to another by providing a means for inserting data transformation engines as services on an as-needed basis into business processes.
12/13/2006 Keep the Information Flowing  
The case for business process management dashboards.
12/12/2006 Build Your SOA: Creating Reusable Service Patterns  
Beth Gold-Bernstein and Brenda Michelson propose an event-driven service design method to help business analysts, architects and developers design services optimized for agility and reuse.
12/11/2006 Encryption Keys A to Z  
The implications for business and law-enforcement authorities as a result of the Protection of Evidentiary Keys that forms part of the pending RIPA part III.
12/11/2006 Interoperable Instant Messaging  
In an age of universal, standards-based Internet connectivity, IM remains a bastion of proprietary technology.
12/08/2006 NetManage Rejects Buyout Offers Gold Club Protected
NetManage, which just released SOA Planner, has spent a lot of time lately resisting acquisition overtures from private investment firms.
12/05/2006 Building Intelligent Business Processes into SOA  
Most business processes today are not intelligent. Yet as leading organizations move to service-oriented architectures, they must build intelligence into processes in order to drive competitive advantage.
12/05/2006 Plan Your SOA: The SOA Strategic Services Blueprint  
Eric Roch says you have to think about SOA in terms of IT strategic alignment.
12/04/2006 New Approaches to Multi-Enterprise Application Integration  
An ebizQ-Gartner podcast with special guest Gartner Research Director Beniot Lheureux.
12/04/2006 Biometrics Ė the Security Panacea?  
Biometrics as an identity management tool is gaining prevalence.
12/03/2006 Choosing the Right Information Leak Protection  
Confidential information is leaving your company. If no access policies are violated, no alarms are sounded, and chances are you wonít find out about it until itís too late.
11/29/2006 Why Workflow Sucks  
Jon Pyke of the Process Factory separates the verities from the balderdash in today's BPM workflow products.
11/28/2006 Evolution of the Enteprise Service Bus (Part I of II)  
Dave Chappell says the key to success is to build an architecture that allows for each application to be decoupled from the rest of the SOA by using the ESB as a form of mediation.
11/27/2006 Oracle Buys Stellent, Closing Gaps in Data Management  
Jon Collins of Macehiter Ward-Dutton asks if the worldís largest software companies have only just "got" that organizations need a single source of information, whatever its underlying structure?
11/22/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part IV of IV)  
The final article in Neil Macehiterís identity management series.
11/21/2006 Simplify and Accelerate Your SOA Implementation  
Integration appliances can greatly reduce cost while simplifying implementation and ongoing maintenance.
11/20/2006 AMR Research's Business Intelligence/Performance Management Maturity Model Gold Club Protected
AMR Research talked with dozens of companies about how BI/PM implementations have progressed within their organizations.
11/16/2006 The End of Zero-Day?  
Only malware solutions that do not require updates or patches to provide protection can defend us against the unknown.
11/14/2006 Mature SOA Requires Governance  
As everyone shrieks about benefits of SOA, actually implementing an SOA infrastructure is proving to be very challenging. This is where governance comes in.
11/13/2006 Building a Better Back Office with BPM  
An ideal BPM solution will result in unparalleled collaboration between business and IT to automate and optimize business processes, drive up efficiency and agility while lowering costs and improving compliance and quality of service.
11/12/2006 'Reuse' as a Value Driver for SOA  
Experts and vendors say the reuse of SOA-enabled services can dramatically cut development costs and eliminate duplication of effort across the enterprise.
11/09/2006 Making the BPM-SOA Connection Gold Club Protected
Enterprise IT and business decision makers must ensure that BPM and SOA efforts are approached in integrated, coordinated ways.
11/08/2006 Base Processes on Business Objects Gold Club Protected
Keith Harrison-Broninski argues that non-technical business people feel that BPM/SOA tools bear no reality to the world they know.
11/07/2006 Best Practices: Do-it-Yourself Integration  
Ingraining the culture of in-house integration.
11/06/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part III of IV)  
Navigating the identity management standards jungle.
11/02/2006 Manage Your SOA  
Ronan Bradley says a properly managed SOA can facilitate the cost effective deployment of new business relationships, the efficient use of existing IT investments and can measure the real value to the organization of SOA itself.
11/01/2006 RFG's Guide to BPM Solutions and Vendors Gold Club Protected
Robert Frances Group's executive guide to the BPM competitive landscape.
10/31/2006 The ĎLonger Viewí on SOA Reuse  
ebizQís Dave Kelly says doing SOA right requires taking the longer view with an understanding of not just how services will be used, but how they will be re-used.
10/29/2006 Like McAfee, Symantec Will Address Anti-Data Leakage Through Acquisition Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's take on recent security acquisition news.
10/26/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part II of IV)  
Neil Macehiter says organizations will have to bring together a well- understood set of identity management capabilities if they are to respond effectively to current business trends.
10/25/2006 SOA on Steroids Gold Club Protected
AMR Research discusses the reality of manufacturing composite applications.
10/24/2006 Legacy Modernization Gets a Push From SOA  
The new generation of SOA technologies is making legacy modernization projects simpler and faster than ever before.
10/23/2006 Open Source Software Configuration Management  
Todayís businesses run on software, and as that software gets more complex, so must our configuration management mechanisms.
10/19/2006 Today's Options for Source Code Control  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says itís more important than ever to remember the fundamentals such as putting solid source code management capabilities in place.
10/18/2006 BPM, BPEL & SOA: A Comedy of Errors  
Lessons from the Bard's comedies in explaining our customers' relationships to process.
10/16/2006 Newly Private Serena Buys Pacific Edge Gold Club Protected
The deal unites two companies with a shared vision of improving overall IT governance, Serena through application change and lifecycle management, Pacific Edge through IT project and portfolio management.
10/15/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part I of IV)  
Understanding the set of processes and supporting technologies that manage the electronic definition, storage and lifecycles of digital identities.
10/12/2006 SOA: Savior or Nemesis?  
The hype around SOA says it will make life easier, streamline business, and provide untold flexibility and responsiveness. But will it?
10/11/2006 Reducing the Risk of Data Loss Gold Club Protected
The need to define a solid data management and protection strategy is obvious, but the adage about "the devil is in the details" clearly applies.
10/10/2006 Eyes Off the Prize  
While the consequences of the HP case may prove far more severe than a blown budget or project schedule, the scenario should still look rather familiar to any seasoned IT executive.
10/10/2006 SOA's Business Value (Part III of III)  
Neil Ward-Dutton says an IT architectís job is to work with a range of stakeholders to bring IT and business needs together in the development and implementation of IT solutions.
10/10/2006 The Role of Documents in Business Process Management  
The success story of the Kansas Department of Transportationís foray into intelligent content management.
10/05/2006 Selling SOA Architecture  
OnStrategies' Tony Baer says if you get serious about SOA, at some point you have to deal with architecture.
10/04/2006 Wagging the Long Tail of Rules-Based BPM  
How a new class of BPM software is mastering one-for-many and many-for-one.
10/02/2006 Who Supports Composite Apps?  
OnStrategiesí Tony Baer talks about vendors who are Ďtying it all togetherí with bits and pieces of disparate systems.
10/01/2006 SOAís Business Value (Part II of III)  
Neil Ward-Dutton says SOA should help IT organizations act in a systematic way which improves the overall quality of the service that they provide to customers.
09/28/2006 SOA Capacity Planning  
Eric Roch says capacity planning for SOA is complex, but not impossible.
09/27/2006 Five Reasons to Use an Appliance for Integration (Part II of II)  
Instead of custom code, Cast Ironís George Scott says appliances unveil significant advantages.
09/26/2006 The ROI of Customer-Centric Master Data Management  
Companies have come to realize they canít achieve cross-functional business imperatives without adopting customer-centricity throughout their business processes.
09/24/2006 Five Reasons to Use an Appliance for Integration (Part I of II)  
Instead of custom code, Cast Ironís George Scott says appliances unveil significant advantages.
09/21/2006 Is Ajax a Victim of its own Success?  
OnStrategies' Tony Baer says trying to standardize Ajax tools and technologies is like trying to herd cats.
09/20/2006 Lessons in B2B Security Gold Club Protected
As the number of B2B collaboration touch points grow, controlling user access is becomes exponentially more difficult, according to AMR Research.
09/19/2006 Best Practices for IT Infrastructure Management and Business Alignment Gold Club Protected
RFG believes initiatives related to service-oriented architectures (SOAs), software as a service (SaaS), and other approaches to IT-empowered business enablement are proliferating faster than they are maturing.
09/18/2006 SOAís Business Value (Part I of III)  
SOA should help IT organizations act in a systematic way which improves the overall quality of the service that they provide to customers.
09/13/2006 SOA: IT's Strategic Inflection Point?  
Three guiding principles that can bring success to your SOA roadmap.
09/13/2006 Analysis of the webMethods-Infravio Deal Gold Club Protected
AMR Research's Dennis Gaughan analyzes the recent move by webMethods to purchase SOA governance tool maker Infravio.
09/12/2006 The Future of Storage Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group reports that IBM offers a sneak preview of some of the storage projects being developed at its Almaden research labs.
09/10/2006 Ensuring Business Continuity (Part II)  
What happens when everything you do is critical?
09/07/2006 Ensuring Business Continuity (Part I)  
Small, almost unnoticed computer viruses, hackers or even a simple inadvertent configuration change in a database or server setting can trigger an unexpected application or IT system failure.
09/06/2006 The Path to SOA (Part III of III): Planning and Execution  
A realistic business and technology view of what it takes for companies to successfully adopt service-oriented architectures.
09/05/2006 Business Rules Cafe  
How IT can stop worrying and love change.
09/03/2006 SOA Meets Business Rules  
How business rules can improve application integration and SOA implementation.
08/31/2006 SOA Antipatterns  
Since there are elements of SOA that are unusable, antipatterns should be recognized as early as possible and be avoided at all costs.
08/30/2006 Consolidating Data Integration Architectures With Metadata Acquisitions Gold Club Protected
AMR Research reports that vendors are starting to consolidate data integration and enterprise application integration (EAI) tools to build out their SOA frameworks.
08/29/2006 Feeling IMsecure?  
The competitive edge companies need to be safe.
08/27/2006 Registries vs. Repositories  
Tony Baer discusses the R words in light of last week's BEA-Flashline acquisition.
08/24/2006 Virtualization: The Future of Computing? Gold Club Protected
Robert Frances Group says 2006 will be a watershed year for virtualization usage and technologies based on its abilities to leverage underutilized computing power and reduce data center costs and complexities.
08/23/2006 The Path to SOA (Part II of III)  
A realistic business and technology view of what it takes for companies to successfully adopt service-oriented architectures.
08/23/2006 Opportunities in Basel II Technology  
More valuable than just compliance: Better reference data management can help optimize risk and improve capital efficiency.
08/22/2006 Fearing for the Safety of our Data  
A decade and a half after the Internet revolution, the only safe computer is one thatís not connected to anything, and we wonder if thatís even secure.
08/21/2006 SOA and Ajax  
A survey of opportunities for Web 2.0, the next generation enterprise.
08/17/2006 Database Security: The Insider Threat  
Organizations no longer need to just ensure that unauthorized external users canít get into their systems, they need to ensure that only the appropriate personnel gain access to systems.
08/16/2006 Enterprise Data Fabric: The Nucleus of an Information-Centric Business  
The company best able to quickly access and make use of the data stands to profit over its competitors.
08/15/2006 Using CEP to Address the Five Challenges of SOA  
Should Complex Event Processing be used as a way to address SOAís shortcomings?
08/14/2006 IBM Buys a Competitor, Not a Partner Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group reports that IBM and FileNet have been straight-ahead competitors for 20-plus years, and as such, the two have a lot of product overlap and a potentially difficult product integration process ahead.
08/11/2006 Analysis of the IBM FileNet Acquisition  
ebizQ columnist Tony Baer says content is king.
08/10/2006 Database Security: A Shifting Landscape  
Itís not just the protection of data thatís important these days, but the integrity of it.
08/09/2006 The Path to SOA (Part I of III)  
A realistic business and technology view of what it takes for companies to successfully adopt service-oriented architectures.
08/08/2006 Book Excerpt: Customer Data Integration  
Reaching a single version of the truth.
08/06/2006 Stellent Gets Security Blanket With Two Timely Acquisitions Gold Club Protected
From AMR Research: Enterprise content management (ECM) provider Stellent is buying two companies, SealedMedia and Bitform, to address security and privacy concerns throughout the content lifecycle.
08/03/2006 The Missing ďDiscoveryĒ Piece of Business Process Management  
Capturing and analyzing real business processes is considered the critical step in any business process initiative.
08/03/2006 Building the SOA Common Information Model  
A challenge for enterprise-wide SOA is establishing the enterprise semantics (meaning) of data and a canonical (common) format for business objects.
08/02/2006 Tapping Into Your Enterprise Data  
Data accessibility and architecture improvements can have a positive impact on all functional groups - the front office, middle office and the back office Ė although for vastly different reasons.
08/01/2006 SOA Governance and Rogue Services  
Avoiding the blind spots that will mess up your governance processes.
07/31/2006 Bulletproofing Your SOA  
Five things you should know to deliver secure SOA and Web services.
07/27/2006 XML: The Speeding Bullet  
How a growing industry standard can help you get things done faster.
07/26/2006 Governance Vendor, Merge Thyself  
OnStrategies' Tony Baer's extended commentary on HP's acquisition of Mercury Interactive.
07/26/2006 Leveraging SOA for Your SMB  
Small- to medium-sized businesses face unique integration challenges since business models are more likely to focus on straightforward business-to-business integration with partners and customers.
07/25/2006 Extranet Trends  
ebizQís Dave Kelly takes a look at some of the trends driving underlying changes in extranet technologies and infrastructure capabilities
07/24/2006 Understanding the Consolidating BPM Landscape (Part II) Gold Club Protected
The Robert Frances Group says IT and business executives must understand trends in the BPM marketplace, and use this as input into investment decisions targeting performance improvement.
07/20/2006 From Portals to Extranets  
ebizQís Dave Kelly explores the differences between building internal portals and externally oriented portals, or extranets.
07/19/2006 Feeding the Information-Hungry Enterprise  
Sensors, tags and embedded devices create the need for us to find new ways manage unprecedented volumes and disparate types of information.
07/18/2006 ITís True Worth  
How to increase the worth that IT can contribute to the company.
07/16/2006 SOA Software Integrates Blue Titan, Pushes ESB Federation Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's take on the news that shortly after announcing its acquisition of Blue Titan Software, SOA Software announced a new ESB federation product.
07/11/2006 Content Management Systems: Build or Buy?  
Is it better to model the business around the software or the software around the business?
07/11/2006 Portal Best Practices Gold Club Protected
An interview with Oracle's Jay Daugherty.
07/10/2006 Migrating Applications to Relational Databases  
Tsipora Cohen gives us a view of relational database management systems.
07/06/2006 The Rush to SaaS Gold Club Protected
AMR Research says Software-as-a-Service benefits are crystallizing, but chaos still abounds.
07/05/2006 An Overlooked Component of a Fully Functional SOA  
Data services may hold the answer to moving legacy systems forward into the SOA.
06/29/2006 Book Review: Integration and SOA  
OnStrategies' Tony Baer reviews a new book by Beth Gold-Bernstein and Gary So.
06/28/2006 Seven Identity Management Habits of Highly Effective CIOs  
This must-have list needs to be on your CIOís desk.
06/27/2006 Understanding the Consolidating BPM Landscape (Part I) Gold Club Protected
The Robert Frances Group says IT and business executives must understand trends in the BPM marketplace, and use this as input into investment decisions targeting performance improvement.
06/26/2006 SOA Transformation and IT Culture Shock  
For most IT organizations, SOA is a culture shift from a technology-driven application development style to a business-driven style.
06/22/2006 Portals and Your Business Gold Club Protected
An excerpt from the ebizQ Oracle Insider.
06/22/2006 Defeating Data Inconsistency  
Struggling to turn a multitude of inconsistent data sources into usable reference data? Youíre not alone.
06/21/2006 The Evolution of SOA Appliances  
From ebizQís Dave Kelly: A closer look at the potential range of SOA appliances that might come in useful for organizations implementing SOA.
06/20/2006 The Joy of SOX  
Why Sarbanes-Oxley and SOA may be the best thing that ever happened to you.
06/19/2006 The Difference Between IT and Business Enablement  
Phil Gilbert argues that BPMís competitive advantage is realized through a more efficient environment for collaboration and the ability to drive requirements down into the SOA layer.
06/15/2006 Is Rational Waking Up?  
Analysis from OnStrategiesí Tony Baer.
06/14/2006 Process Management: Beyond the Technology  
Establishing the right set of leadership behaviors is arguably the most critical factor in the sustainable deployment of process management.
06/13/2006 The Rise of SOA Appliances  
ebizQís own Dave Kelly recommends tying the three core aspects of the business ó its people, the business processes, and corporate information ó back to the IT initiatives that involve SOA technologies.
06/12/2006 Extreme Competition  
An excerpt from Peter Fingarís new book on innovation and the great 21st century business reformation.
06/07/2006 Dragging the Mayflower, Pilgrims and Kayaks: Big Versus Little SOA Gold Club Protected
AMR's Bruce Richardson ponders that anything we want to do in the future will be constrained by the support of a huge legacy foundation.
06/06/2006 The Five-Stage Approach to More Valuable Enterprise Data  
Businesses frequently ignore the quality of their underlying data, leading to suboptimal decisions, misdirected strategies and insufficient customer service.
06/06/2006 Open Standards and Portals: What You Need to Know Gold Club Protected
An excerpt from ebizQ's Oracle Insider.
06/05/2006 Bridging the IT-Business Gap With BPM and SOA (Part IV)  
Fourth and final in a commentary series from Zygmunt Jackowski.
06/01/2006 Shifting Your CPM Into Action  
James Taylor defines corporate performance management.
06/01/2006 Best of Mainframe Job Scheduling for the Enterprise  
With enterprise-wide control of all jobs, job scheduling has become the most useful tool in managing the entire IT environment Ė that is, if itís used correctly.
05/31/2006 The Missing Link in SOA  
CIOs and CTOs must be convinced that SOA provides the necessary means to facilitate fast and effective implementation of new business practices into the infrastructure beyond Web services methodologies.
05/30/2006 SOA Gets Sell-Side Religion  
CIOs and CTOs want a transformation of strategies based on building SOA frameworks that can synchronize market signals back to sales, production, fulfillment and service.
05/29/2006 From SOA to Business-Oriented Architectures Gold Club Protected
The Robert Frances Group says the support of effective, enterprise-wide business process management (BPM) represents a strong opportunity to evolve IT-business alignment and SOA efforts in ways that support BOAs.
05/25/2006 Making EA Work (Part II)  
How enterprise architecture enables business transformation.
05/24/2006 Strategic Portal Decisions Gold Club Protected
An excerpt from the ebizQ Oracle Newsletter.
05/23/2006 SAP Preaches SOA for all Market Segments Gold Club Protected
But, the 451 Group asks, will the midmarket convert?
05/22/2006 Mainframe Integration Patterns  
Eric Roch says the mainframe is an odd creature to integrate, but SOA holds the potential to make legacy systems more interoperable.
05/21/2006 Blinded by the Light  
While JavaOne 2006 was all about the Web 2.0 client, OnStrategies' Tony Baer says that JavaOne 2007 will be about connectivity.
05/17/2006 Planning and Conducting Enterprise Service Bus Rides (Part II)  
A PSG Group excerpt from new ebizQ blogger Brenda Michelson.
05/14/2006 Making EA Work (Part I)  
How enterprise architecture enables business transformation.
05/14/2006 The SOA Collaboration Challenge  
Whatís needed to support the entire SOA lifecycle is more than just tracking the technical aspects of servicesóit also requires that companies set up ways to track, communicate and collaborate on the definition, creation, deployment and management of services.
05/14/2006 The Enterprise Mashup  
Finding a way to mass-produce enterprise mashups encompassing business functionality has remained elusive.
05/11/2006 The Future of BPM  
In the next year or two, we can expect service- and human-oriented BPM to become as high-profile among business leaders as technical folk, to become as much a management methodology as an approach to IT.
05/10/2006 Recycling Your SOA  
ebizQ's own Dave Kelly says SOA requires a rededication and realignment of the traditional development lifecycle, especially when it comes to capturing the benefit of reuse.
05/07/2006 Rethinking Retail Management  
John Stelzer says CIOs should employ within their stores the same level of inventory management sophistication that they use in their distribution centers.
05/07/2006 Planning and Conducting Enterprise Service Bus Rides (Part I)  
A PSG Group excerpt from Brenda Michelson.
05/07/2006 Reaping Rewards from Wikis and Blogs Gold Club Protected
AMR says social networking mechanisms are not only working their way into your enterprise, they are becoming undeniable realities of Web 2.0.
05/03/2006 Bridging the IT-Business Gap With BPM and SOA (Part III)  
Third in a commentary series from Zygmunt Jackowski.
05/02/2006 Optimizing the Program Management Office  
The effective management of large initiatives requires a unique set of tools and techniques.
04/30/2006 RFG's Recommendations for SOA Initiatives Gold Club Protected
Some initial findings address some of the critical success factors for SOAs as discovered by early adopters.
04/27/2006 Enterprise Compliance Management Gold Club Protected
RFG believes a central IT risk compliance program is imperative to manage new and evolving regulations.
04/26/2006 Open Source SOA Building Blocks Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's take on Red Hat's acquisition of Jboss.
04/25/2006 Adaptive Data Management  
Creating unified customer views across conflicting, disparate data sources is the raison de Ítre for all CDI implementations.
04/24/2006 Bridging the IT-Business Gap With BPM and SOA (Part II)  
Second in a commentary series from Zygmunt Jackowski.
04/17/2006 Continuous Integrated Testing  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says organizations are starting to consider different approaches to integrating their development and testing processes.
04/16/2006 Bridging the IT-Business Gap With BPM and SOA (Part I)  
First in a commentary series from Zygmunt Jackowski.
04/16/2006 The Secret is Out  
After an all too public courtship with Oracle, JBoss has finally decided to tie the knot, but with Red Hat.
04/16/2006 The Elephant at the Enterprise Risk Management Party  
For the past few years, itís been a little lonely for the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) proponents of the world, but suddenly we seem to have lots of company at the party.
04/16/2006 Achieving Quality with SOA  
To ensure secure, reliable, compliant service-oriented architectures the quality process must morph towards the process we observe in real-time or embedded systems.
04/10/2006 IBM Ups SOA Ante Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group says IBM is working to solidify its position as a partner of choice in helping enterprises to understand and embrace SOA.
04/09/2006 The Integration Education Crisis  
Michael Kuhbock recommends curing the ails of the industry with common sense collaboration.
04/09/2006 SOA Changes Innovation for IT Gold Club Protected
Service-oriented architectures promise improved speed in bringing new abilities to market by increasing the reuse of existing assets.
04/09/2006 The Testing Challenge  
Most IT organizations donít have the luxury of having extended development periods for new or modified applications.
04/05/2006 One and One is Three  
The path to viability for software vendors and the IT profession is hardly obvious.
04/05/2006 A Simple Way to Evaluate Open Source  
Some criteria for judging which open souce tools should be brought into your enterprise.
04/02/2006 Top 10 Tips to Minimize Risk Gold Club Protected
RFG says IT executives should view ther risk challenges holistically; engaging those inside and outside of IT.
04/02/2006 LogicBlaze Broadens Offerings into SOA Platform Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's attention caught on LogicBlaze when it launched last year with an open source ESB offering.
03/30/2006 BEA is on Fuego! Gold Club Protected
AMR's Dennis Gaughan gives a super-short analysis on BEA's recent acquistion.
03/28/2006 The Blood Brain Barrier  
With services eroding the silos demarcating internal applications from one another, not to mention the outside world, it's difficult to delineate where the system admin's responsibility leaves off and the developer or process owner kicks in.
03/26/2006 The Service-Oriented Future  
Cape Clearís Annrai OíToole says themes emerging in SOA development involve simplicity, collaboration, open source and Ďsubscription-based everything.í
03/26/2006 Modeling SOA Implementation  
A how-to guide from the Open Groupís Chris Harding.
03/19/2006 BEA Systems adds BPM to AquaLogic by acquiring Fuego Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's take on BEA's purchase of Fuego.
03/19/2006 The World's Worst Kept Secret  
What's going on with the mating dance between Oracle and JBoss that's playing out in the media and blogs?
03/19/2006 Time to Change the ERP?  
Dave Kelly says that now is a great time for companies to re-evaluate their ERP, CRM, HR and other enterprise systems.
03/19/2006 Why Customer Data Integration Projects Fail  
There are two common culprits: Inadequate scalability and data model inflexibility.
03/19/2006 Increase Your Agility With BPEL Gold Club Protected
An article excerpted from the ebizQ Oracle Newsletter.
03/19/2006 Wikis and Blogs: Make Room for Innovation Gold Club Protected
Wiki and blog use is already widespread in large enterprises, though companies rarely have a thoroughly refined plan for them.
03/14/2006 The Application is Dead  
Yesterdayís monolithic IT infrastructure is being deconstructed into a dynamic matrix of loosely coupled services.
03/13/2006 The Dos and Doníts of Enterprise Risk Management  
Enterprise risk departments are being established at record speed, recognizing the business value of managing risk across the enterprise.
03/12/2006 Developing Evaluation Criteria for Open Source Solutions  
What to do now that open source has moved all the way up the enterprise stack.
03/12/2006 Buzzword Alert: Governance  
ebizQís own Dave Kelly asks if weíre looking at too much of a good thing.
03/05/2006 Fueling the Innovation Ecosystem  
A united, dedicated effort from key players can fuel the development of open standards and technologies.
03/05/2006 Emerging Best Practices for SOA Gold Club Protected
Oracle says more and more best practices are emerging as organizations make the move to SOA.
03/05/2006 What Enterprises Want From Mobile Devices and Vendors Gold Club Protected
IT executives should pressure and collaborate more closely with the triad of mobile solution vendors to effect the change required to deliver enterprise-level products and capabilities.
03/03/2006 Web Services in Retail Banking  
Stanley Young of HP says his companyís new product controls and eases SOA implementation.
03/01/2006 The Cost of an Ungoverned SOA  
Governance was a key theme at the kick-off session of the Web Services/SOA on Wall Street conference in New York last week.
02/26/2006 The 'On Demand' Concept Plays Heavily in Informatica's Future Plans Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group says a fire's been lit under the company.
02/26/2006 eBusiness Integration Accelerators Demystified  
Accelerators can be designed to improve productivity, reduce implementation time, reduce risk and generate reusable code.
02/26/2006 Semantic Interoperability with the Universal Data Element Framework  
Setting the context for data interoperability.
02/19/2006 When the Middle Becomes the Center Gold Club Protected
An interview with Oracle's Brian Dayton.
02/19/2006 Understanding Enterprise SOA (Part II of II)  
Building an ďintegration-centricĒ enterprise.
02/19/2006 Perfect Compliance: Is it Possible? Gold Club Protected
Perfection may be elusive, but AMR says companies should use compliance as an opportunity to improve the processes of their business.
02/19/2006 Using Security to Enable Growth  
Security has transformed from IT nuisance to business critical.
02/14/2006 The Danger of Placebo Metrics  
Are you tracking the wrong measurements?
02/12/2006 Understanding Enterprise SOA (Part II of II)  
Building an ďintegration-centricĒ enterprise.
02/12/2006 ISO 11179 Versus Ontologies  
Which approach is right for enterprise metadata management?
02/12/2006 The Security Conundrum  
Itís easy to be frozen by fear from security concerns, but these fears must be balanced, and tempered, with a wide range of business considerations.
02/12/2006 Six Myths of Rules and Business Process Management  
Despite the myths, rules-driven BPM is emerging as the leading BPM technology of choice for customers interested in solving real business problems.
02/07/2006 Protecting Corporate Data  
Ejectable disk backup keeps business systems accessible to employees, partners, and customers with the appropriate security controls.
02/07/2006 Managing and Measuring Security in the Enterprise Gold Club Protected
IT executives should proactively develop and foster the best practices required to monitor and manage enterprise security effectively.
02/06/2006 Progress Software Adds Web Services Management to Sonic With Actional Buy Gold Club Protected
Actional is the second major Web services management software vendor to be acquired this year, following Mercury Interactive's acquisition of Systinet earlier this month.
02/05/2006 Business Assurance and the Changing Role of IT  
Technology is an enabler for more effectively managing the business, but it doesnít solve problems unless it is tied directly to business and governance objectives.
02/05/2006 Getting the Most From Your SOA Investment Gold Club Protected
Organizations that take the time to plan for SOA development and deployment will help ensure that their transition will deliver direct business benefits.
02/05/2006 Understanding Enterprise SOA (Part I of II)  
Building an ďintegration-centricĒ enterprise.
01/29/2006 Speeding toward business visibility with BAM  
The state of the BAM market (at the time).
01/29/2006 Achieving Business Agility through Model-Driven SOA  
Can model-driven architecture be made simpler and more accessible, to become a widely used enabling technology for SOA?
01/29/2006 SOX Compliance for SMBs  
Is it the IT equivalent of an apocalypse?
01/29/2006 Increase Your ESBís IQ with Event Stream Processing  
Adding real time intelligence to an event-driven SOA.
01/22/2006 Business Assurance and the Changing Role of IT  
Technology is an enabler for more effectively managing the business, but it doesnít solve problems unless it is tied directly to business and governance objectives.
01/22/2006 Enterprise Risk Management  
How to expect the unexpected.
01/22/2006 Optimizing Application Quality with Testing  
Having the right type of testing processes in place are critical to being able to consistently deliver applications, services, and IT infrastructure components.
01/22/2006 Taking Your Business to the Next Level  
The game of business success is a journey along a path of ongoing business improvement.
01/15/2006 The Holy Grail of IT today  
How to generate Return on Sunk Investment.
01/15/2006 Automating the Data Center  
Organizations require business policies and service-level agreements to drive dynamic and automatic optimization of IT infrastructure.
01/15/2006 The Impact of Business Performance Management  
Embracing the benefits that effective process automation and management can bring to any organization.
01/15/2006 Disruptive Technology Alert: Wikis and Blogs Gold Club Protected
Wikis and blogs may seem hokey and faddish, but AMR Research says they're the next big factor in Knowledge Management for enterprises.
01/09/2006 SOA Delusions and How to Avoid Them  
In striking contrast to the prevailing SOA euphoria, survey results are suggesting that SOA reality is not delivering, at least not yet on a consistent basis.
01/08/2006 Review of ĎBusiness Process Management Systems Ė Strategy and Implementationí  
James Chang provides perceptive and clear-thinking analysis while envisioning a general-purpose BPM methodology in his new book, reviewed for ebizQ by Keith Harrison-Broninski.
01/08/2006 Application Development: Challenges and Opportunities in 2006 Gold Club Protected
RFG believes 2006 will be a year of changes in enterprise application development.
01/08/2006 Top Ten Tips to Reduce IT Costs  
Practical tips for reducing software costs Ė ideas you just might want to take to your CFO.
12/25/2005 Five Themes for 2006 Gold Club Protected
AMR's Bruce Richardson says 2006 will be a strong year for the enterprise software and services market.
12/25/2005 2005 Review of the Infrastructure Software Market Gold Club Protected
This year, the 451 Group says IT governance came to prominence as a way for CIOs to centrally manage their IT resources in much the same way that HR departments have done for years.
12/25/2005 Comparing ETL and EAI  
ETL and EAI serve fundamentally different purposes from an information management perspective.
12/25/2005 Business Activity Monitoring and Business Intelligence  
Powering event-driven, real-time business analytics.
12/18/2005 2005 -- The Rise of ESBs  
Dave Kelly says itís been an impressive year for enterprise service bus technology.
12/18/2005 Wireless Technologies: Disruptive, but 'Enterprise-Important' Gold Club Protected
Within five years, RFG says wireless communications will become an integral part of enterprise network architectures.
12/18/2005 Understanding Web Services in an ESB Environment  
IBM Master Inventor Stephen Todd defines the enterprise service bus.
12/18/2005 How Innovation Can Save You from Overdosing on Sarbanes-Oxley  
Building preventive controls and rules directly into financial applications.
12/11/2005 Security Patterns within a Service-Oriented Architecture (Part II of II)  
An argument to start identifying the points at which security decisions are made and the security control points where these decisions are enforced.
12/11/2005 Insurer Heal Thyself  
Employing the right SOA can help the insurance industry overcome its challenges.
12/11/2005 Can We Develop a Semantic Domain Name Service?  
Chris Harding provides thoughts on the development of a global service that can translate between applications, enabling interoperability at the semantic level.
12/11/2005 Moving Beyond EAI and B2Bi  
The next generation of business interaction requires a level of organizational cooperation and information use that has heretofore not been on the radar screen.
12/11/2005 The Business Drivers Behind IT Initiatives  
Developing a strategic framework for your enterprise.
12/04/2005 Identity Management Becomes Essential Gold Club Protected
As an IT function, the 451 Group says identity management is gaining in relevance.
12/04/2005 Bridging the Reporting Gaps in ERP Applications  
Leveraging ERP data to gain insightful information for decision support, process improvement and corporate efficiency.
12/04/2005 Security Patterns within a Service-Oriented Architecture (Part I of II)  
An argument to start identifying the points at which security decisions are made and the control points where these decisions are enforced.
12/04/2005 Changing Integration Requirements and ESBs  
ebizQís Dave Kelly talks about how to achieve more connectivity among disparate data sources, applications and processes.
11/28/2005 Three Simple Steps to Improve Performance  
AMR Research says that defining your measurement strategy will improve your company's ability to process performance indicator data.
11/27/2005 Book Review: Human Interaction Management  
Keith Harrison-Broninskiís new book explains how people really work and how they can be helped to work better.
11/27/2005 Ten Rules for Maximizing ERP System Impact  
Ten recommendations for improving business processes effectiveness, and maximizing IT spending during ERP implementations.
11/24/2005 Getting the Most Out of Integration Testing  
With the appropriate integration testing strategy, SOA projects can more reliably deliver on their promise of creating value for the business.
11/20/2005 Cultivating Leaders in a Lemming World (Part II of II)  
The most effective CIOs are in constant Ďmentor mode,' molding leaders who will help them make their vision a reality.
11/20/2005 Integration of On-Demand Applications (Service Providers)  
Part IV of a complete guide by David Linthicum.
11/20/2005 Putting the SOA Infrastructure Together  
A piece by the SOA Leaders Council on maximizing the value and success of service-oriented architectures.
11/13/2005 The Future of SOA  
Understanding the business benefit of service-oriented architectures.
11/13/2005 Why Agile Business Rules Solutions Matter  
Dave Kelly takes on rules process optimization.
11/13/2005 Maximizing the Value of Business Process Management  
Rashid Khan describes a new approach aimed at capturing the inherent complexities and dynamic nature of business processes.
11/13/2005 Using Business Intelligence to Optimize SOX Compliance Gold Club Protected
RFG says enterprises are turning to BI solutions to facilitate compliance with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
11/06/2005 Three New Trends in IT Governance Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group talks up identity, Web services and source.
11/06/2005 Goldilocks and the three ESBs  
Ronan Bradley of PolarLake says Goldilocks has known for quite a while that she has to change the way her integration projects are currently designed.
11/06/2005 The Impact of Business Process Exceptions  
ebizQís own Dave Kelly says the strategic impact of process exceptions can be much greater than people think.
11/06/2005 What is the Service Integration Maturity Model?  
IBMís Ali Arsanjani and Kerrie Holley take us on a tour of the new Service Integration Maturity Model (SIMM).
10/30/2005 The Technology Challenges of Global Trading  
In supply chains, global sourcing continues to operate outside the main stream business processes in multi-billion dollar businesses.
10/30/2005 The Vanilla Layer Cake Theory  
Brenda Michelson recommends using service-orientation for non-invasive application package customization.
10/30/2005 Integration on the Garden Path  
Ben Stewart of Corizon says IT integration in customer service situations needs to start with the agent and work down from there.
10/23/2005 SOA in the Field (Part III of III)  
The very real experience of building a service layer.
10/23/2005 The Shifting Sands of the CRM Landscape Gold Club Protected
AMR gives us the skinny on the customer relationship management market.
10/23/2005 Agility vs. Control  
Do you have to give up control for agility? Steve Minsky says a balanced scorecard alone is not enough.
10/23/2005 Web Services Distributed Management Passes Test Gold Club Protected
But the 451 Group says hurdles remain.
10/16/2005 Building an Agile IT Infrastructure Gold Club Protected
RFG says IT executives need to be better prepared to address dynamic and constantly changing business environments.
10/16/2005 SOA in the Field (Part II of III)  
The very real experience of building a service layer.
10/16/2005 Cultivating Leaders in a Lemming World (Part I of II)  
The most effective CIOs are in constant Ďmentor mode,í molding leaders who will help them make their visions a reality.
10/16/2005 Where Do Business Process Exceptions Come From?  
Dave Kelly tells us what happens when every process doesnít go smoothly.
10/16/2005 Integration of On-Demand Applications (Part III)  
Part III in a complete guide by Dave Linthicum.
10/12/2005 The Omnipotent Extensible ESB  
Does the Enterprise Service Bus end integration as we know it?
10/10/2005 SOA in the Field (Part I of III)  
The very real experience of building a service layer.
10/10/2005 Making SOA Happen  
Will SOA ever really fulfill its promise?
10/10/2005 Why Business Process Exceptions are Important  
For organizations attempting to streamline their business processes, figuring out what to do with exceptions can be an important part of the solution.
10/02/2005 SOX Compliance Partnering Gold Club Protected
AMR Research's take on the hot Sarbanes-Oxley compliance market.
10/02/2005 The Future of Business Process Management  
ebizQís David Kelly says weíll see increased focus on process optimization and simulation capabilities offered by BPM technologies.
10/02/2005 The Enterprise Gateway  
Chip Wilson says leadership and vision in your enterprise investments will bring significant ROI.
10/02/2005 Enabling Collaboration  
An open, flexible, enterprise-wide infrastructure platform is key to achieving the benefits of collaboration.
09/26/2005 Six Principles of SOA Success  
Ronan Bradley of PolarLake says bridging the divide between theory and practice is essential in order to deliver truly successful SOAs.
09/26/2005 Toward a Pattern Language for Service-Oriented Architecture and Integration (Part III of III)  
SOA solutions should be tailored to the approach and level of maturity of the organization to ensure a smoother path to adoption and success.
09/25/2005 The Always-Available Business  
How mobile technologies can help employees drive your competitive edge.
09/25/2005 The Convergence of Wi-Fi and RFID  
RFID is now allowing end users to capitalize on existing infrastructure for wireless data networks.
09/25/2005 Oracle's New Retail Focus Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group says partnerships seem the brunt of the Oracle SMB strategy.
09/18/2005 Implications of the Oracle-Siebel Deal Gold Club Protected
RFG asks if its the end of an era.
09/18/2005 Business Process Management Primer  
ebizQís own Dave Kelly sets us straight on BPM.
09/18/2005 The Challenges of Integration in an SOA Environment  
Finding our way through the highly diverse and varied IT landscape.
09/18/2005 Business Integration with Enterprise Business Architecture  
Why we need an architecture of the business, one that is representative of the enterprise, understood by the business designers and users, that enables business integration.
09/11/2005 The Price of Fraud  
Using enterprise risk management tools to stop rewarding crime.
09/11/2005 Integration of On-Demand Applications (Part II)  
Part II in a complete guide by David Linthicum.
09/11/2005 Toward a Pattern Language for Service-Oriented Architecture and Integration (Part II)  
IBMís chief SOA architect says SOA solutions should be tailored to ensure a smoother path to adoption and success.
09/04/2005 SOA Fundamentals  
With service-oriented architectures entering large-scale deployment, ebizQís own Beth Gold-Bernstein takes us back to the basics.
09/04/2005 Shifting to Growth-Oriented Initiatives  
Collaborating with others in the supply ecosystem.
09/04/2005 Viva La BAM!  
Is it really possible to monitor business processes and make corrections in real time?
09/04/2005 Where Insight Meets Process  
How process portals can deliver real bottom-line value.
09/04/2005 Identity and Human Interaction Management  
"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog."
08/31/2005 Cutting the Cost of Transformation  
Restructuring data so that it makes sense to the receiving application.
08/28/2005 Practical Best Practices  
Benefits and recommendations from ebizQís Dave Kelly.
08/28/2005 A Guide to Software-as-a-Service and On Demand Gold Club Protected
Hint: AMR Research says they're not the same.
08/28/2005 Toward a Pattern Language for Service-Oriented Architecture and Integration (Part I)  
SOA solutions should be tailored to the approach and level of maturity of the organization to ensure a smoother path to adoption and success.
08/21/2005 The New Secret to Success in Bridging Business and IT  
Emerging tech boards are bridging the gap at innovative companies by helping to ease complex technical issues now facing many boards of directors.
08/21/2005 Reducing Risk and Increasing Productivity through Best Practices  
Accomplishing more with less.
08/21/2005 Implementing Process-Based Management Gold Club Protected
IT executives have a great opportunity to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and results of their organizations by implementing more formal processes.
08/21/2005 Maintaining Data Quality  
In the long run, bad data can lead to low customer satisfaction and decreased customer retention.
08/15/2005 Integration of On-Demand Applications (Part I)  
A complete guide by David Linthicum.
08/15/2005 Java Business Integration Gains Industry Support  
A look at the JBI specification and what it means.
08/14/2005 IBM Jumps into the CDI game Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's take on IBM acquisition of DWL.
08/14/2005 Realizing the Promise of RFID (Part II of II)  
From EAI Technologies, insights from RFID early adopters and the future potential.
08/07/2005 Following Directions  
When to consider best practices.
08/07/2005 Realizing the Promise of RFID (Part I of II)  
From EAI Technologies, insights from RFID early adopters and a discussion of the future potential.
08/07/2005 Reaching Outside the Enterprise  
Making collaboration a reality in your organization.
08/07/2005 Protecting Your Data  
Security measures to consider when outsourcing to a third party.
07/31/2005 Compliance Software Sector Heats Up Gold Club Protected
Compliance comes in many flavors, and software products that address specific business requirements within the compliance arena are as varied as well.
07/31/2005 Using BPM and Business Rules  
Tools to make sure youíre doing what you say youíre doing.
07/31/2005 The Key to Success with SOA  
The growth of SOA reveals a need for sophisticated discovery mechanisms.
07/31/2005 Manage Risk, Donít Suppress It  
Securities firms tend to be at the front of the adoption curve for new risk management ideas and technologies.
07/24/2005 Extending the Enterprise with BPM  
CRM, ERP and SCM effectiveness is influenced heavily by the performance of people who do not have those applications on their desktop.
07/24/2005 Customer Data Integration Primer  
Why all implementation styles are not created equal.
07/24/2005 Enterprise Service Bus Q&A (Part II of II)  
Considering the ESB as a backbone candidate for the networked integration environment.
07/24/2005 Results of ebizQ EAI and EII Buyer's Choice Awards  
An in-depth look at our Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Buyer's Choice Awards.
07/17/2005 Sarbanes-Oxley: A Business Blessing in Disguise  
Compliance is a great business yardstick to employ in uncovering and improving upon your Enterprise Resource Planning.
07/17/2005 Enterprise Service Bus Q&A (Part I of II)  
Considering the ESB as a backbone candidate for the networked integration environment.
07/17/2005 Dealing With Small Vendors in the Elastic Enterprise Gold Club Protected
RFG says IT executives seeking to use the most innovative technologies have little choice but to turn to smaller technology vendors.
07/10/2005 The ROI of Your SOA  
Making the business case for the movement to service-oriented architectures.
07/10/2005 Cementing the IT Building Blocks  
Should insurance companies use Remote Infrastructure Management to lay the foundations for future growth and development?
07/10/2005 Intra-Enterprise Collaboration  
The benefits of entities behaving like autonomous enterprises within a single company.
07/10/2005 Analysis of Sun's Purchase of SeeBeyond Gold Club Protected
A premium report from the 451 Group about Sun's most recent acquisition announcement.
07/03/2005 The Value of the Enterprise Architect Gold Club Protected
AMR advises not to embark on transforming your supply chain without an enterprise architect setting strategy.
07/03/2005 Information Technology for Government Services  
Where is IT for government services comparable to commercial IT, and where is it different?
07/03/2005 Process Improvement -- Do As I Say, Not As I Do  
ebizQ analyst Dave Kelly says far too many companies have business processes where fidelity between stated policies and actual processes doesnít exist.
07/03/2005 ebizQ Blog Watch ÔŅĹ Week of July 4, 2005  
Our special weekly roundup of integration blogs and other notable Web activities.
06/28/2005 ebizQ Blog Watch Ė Week of June 27, 2005  
Our special weekly roundup of integration blogs and other notable Web activities.
06/26/2005 Proving CIO Worth  
Roger Sippl says the value that CIOs are expected to deliver has shifted.
06/26/2005 Aligning the Business With the End User Experience  
The metric of end-user experience must be considered when creating and measuring IT and business alignment.
06/24/2005 Developing Risk Plans  
Using a risk plan can avert confusion, improve the business as well as help achieve compliance.
06/19/2005 The Path to Integrated Network Security (Part II of II)  
Part II in a series about how integrated, cooperative security technologies can leverage information and enforcement capabilities.
06/19/2005 Eliminating the Execution Gap  
How can we get rid of the time lag between whatís needed now and what the IT systems and automated business processes can deliver?
06/19/2005 Bringing Order to the Business Activity Monitoring Space  
The market for BAM tools to aid in enterprise management has exploded into a chaotic marketplace.
06/19/2005 ebizQ Blog Watch Ė Week of June 20, 2005  
Our special weekly roundup of integration blogs and other notable Web activities.
06/12/2005 The Path to Integrated Network Security (Part I of II)  
Integrated, cooperative security technologies that can leverage information and enforcement capabilities are on the forefront of innovation in the enterprise security marketplace.
06/12/2005 Moving Beyond Information Visibility  
Can organizations create an internal environment where consistent data becomes a possibility?
06/12/2005 ebizQ Blog Watch Ė Week of June 13, 2005  
Our special weekly roundup of integration blogs and other notable Web activities in the integration space.
06/05/2005 Supply Chain Visibility Gold Club Protected
AMR Research says that what businesses need and what vendors offer don't always match.
06/05/2005 Where Are We With Federated Identity?  
As Web services become more pervasive, standardized identity management is getting more attention.
06/05/2005 ebizQ Blog Watch Ė Week of June 6, 2005  
A weekly roundup of integration blogs and other notable Web activities.
06/05/2005 Sun Re-Brands on Storage Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's premium analysis of Sun's newest foray into the storage space.
05/29/2005 ebizQ Blog Watch -- Week of May 30, 2005  
Our special weekly roundup of integration blogs and other notable Web activities.
05/29/2005 IT Architecture Comes of Age  
Interoperability is essential, now more than ever.
05/29/2005 Lights, Camera, Integration!  
A fully functioning business is like a Hollywood movie; many players must come together in order to achieve a polished, professional enterprise.
05/29/2005 Addressing Storage Security Gold Club Protected
RFG advises IT executives to secure storage systems in order to ensure adequate data protection.
05/22/2005 ebizQ Blog Watch -- Week of May 23, 2005  
Enjoy the first edition of our weekly roundup of blogs and notable Web activities in the business integration space.
05/22/2005 Is Data Somebody Else's Problem?  
Successful business intelligence implementations can be a real drag.
05/22/2005 The SMB Perspective  
Smaller companies face a challenge of having to adhere to the same technological demands as large businesses.
05/22/2005 The SMB Challenge  
Whatís important in small to mid-sized enterprise business technology decisions?
05/15/2005 ESB and BPEL: Changing the Rules of Integration  
The Enterprise Service Bus and Business Process Executive Language make it easier to deploy Web services, making the promise of SOA a reality.
05/15/2005 Donít Hide Your Customer Service Issues in the Attic  
Tips to ensure that your data warehousing tools are up to date and ready to go.
05/15/2005 The 451 Group's View on IBM's Ascential Acquisition Gold Club Protected
451 analyzes how the Ascential purchase by IBM will affect the marketplace.
05/15/2005 The Role of Model-Driven Development Gold Club Protected
A peek at ebizQ's May WebSphere Insider, which discusses increasing technology leverage with the appropriate development tools.
05/15/2005 How Collaboration Leads to Sustainable Competitive Advantage  
Learn about significant changes in how technology is being leveraged to create sustainable competitive advantage.
05/08/2005 Can Compliance Create ROI?  
Understanding the difference between a tactical compliance solution and a strategic business process solution may contribute significantly to a companyís long-term success.
05/08/2005 Service-Oriented Architectures and Software as a Service  
Large traditional enterprise software companies are encountering stiff competition from companies offering SaaS solutions.
05/08/2005 Eight Pervasive Myths About SOA Gold Club Protected
Dave Linthicum takes pity on us and debunks common perceptions about service-oriented architectures.
05/08/2005 Assessing Operational Risk  
Driving out the Ďinsidious errorsí in business rules.
05/08/2005 Innovation Problems? The Problem Is Leadership Gold Club Protected
Despite being unhappy with ROI in innovation, executives continue to pour money into it. When will they learn that the process needs a leader?
05/01/2005 ESB Fills Management Gaps for Web Services  
The Enterprise Service Bus is driving the need to manage connected services in todayís and tomorrowís enterprise IT environment, says Don Laursen of Captaris.
05/01/2005 Can BPM Save Us From a Compliance Nightmare?  
Dave Kelly takes on the challenge of today's broad and complex compliance requirements.
05/01/2005 Supporting Collaborative Spaces Gold Club Protected
CIOs can now choose from a range of tools that help people to create and share information.
05/01/2005 Instant Communications: Business Tools or Business Risks? Gold Club Protected
RFG says that instant messaging, blogs and peer-to-peer communications are increasingly being explored as vehicles for business value.
05/01/2005 Is 'Rip and Replace' the Only Way to Deal with Legacy Systems?  
Relentless business imperatives are placing new demands on legacy systems. However, the rip and replace approach is rarely the right answer. Why?
04/24/2005 You Canít Implement BPM With (Just) BPM  
Well, itís certainly non-intuitive and itís undeniably controversial. But itís also true. You canít implement BPM with BPM. Or, more precisely, you canít implement BPM with just BPM, says Ross Altman of SeeBeyond.
04/24/2005 Building the Process-Managed Real-Time Enterprise  
How can we change the mental models of functionally-minded business leaders?
04/24/2005 Is SOA a Fad or Silver Bullet?  
The proponents of SOA claim that it brings great benefits to the enterprise: More resource sharing, fewer information silos and simpler structure. But is SOA the next big thing, or just a trend?
04/24/2005 Blazing the Path to Business Process Productivity (Part II) Gold Club Protected
Business Process Productivity enables a level of business transformation that companies could only previously imagine, making it possible to adapt swiftly to new market challenges but within an environment of control, efficiency and continuous improvement. Approaches to enact this method are explored in this part two of a two-part special ebizQ series with WebMethods.
04/24/2005 Getting Better Business Value from IT  
Firms who get IT architecture and governance right are beneficiaries of IT business value, says Dr. Jeanne Ross of the Sloan School of Managementís Center for Information Systems Research at MIT.
04/17/2005 Solutions to the Challenge of Process Mapping  
Unlike traditional approaches that require processes to be defined in excruciating detail before any automation can occur, moving to a more dynamic model lets you choose when you want to deploy, letting experience and real world needs drive the timing and details of process definition, says Rashid Khan of Ultimus.
04/17/2005 Removing Bottlenecks From Your Database  
A new class of tools measures wait-time for hundreds of specific delay points inside the database, and quantifies exactly what response time boost you can achieve by resolving the bottleneck. By looking inside the database and watching the wait-time created by specific transactions, you can make major performance gains without adding new hardware capacity.
04/17/2005 Blazing the Path to Business Process Productivity Gold Club Protected
Companies utilizing the concept of business process productivity are better able to leverage existing IT assets quickly and effectively in support of strategic business initiatives, while quickly implementing the processes that these initiatives depend on. The need for a change in business processes to increase agility is discussed in this part one of a two-part special ebizQ series with webMethods.
04/17/2005 Sarbanes-Oxley: Setting a Better Organization in Motion  
By embracing rather than merely complying with Sarbox, organizations of all sizes will reap rewards that extend far beyond meeting the conditions required by the law, says Sean Chou of Fieldglass.
04/11/2005 Explanation of ebizQ's Buyer's Choice Awards!  
Click here for an explanation of the Buyer's Choice Award criteria, developed with ebizQ reader input by Vice President of Strategic Services Beth Gold-Bernstein.
04/10/2005 The Future: Where Web Services Meet Mobile Devices Gold Club Protected
Get ready for some visionary thoughts: Dave Linthicum foresees a future in which the number of applications that are delivered over wireless networks exceeds those delivered via more traditional means.
04/10/2005 Leveraging Technology to Your Competitive Advantage  
John Stelzer discusses significant changes in how technology can be leveraged to create sustainable competitive advantage, by utilizing availability, analysis and application of information to generate worth.
04/10/2005 Designing Agile Business Services (Part II) Gold Club Protected
Companies will achieve a greater ROI from their SOA initiatives if they build adaptable and reusable systems, says Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQís own Vice President for Strategic Services, in this premium content on event-driven service design methods. Part two of a two-part series.
04/10/2005 Human Interaction: The Missing Link in BPM (Part II)  
Most of todayís process implementations are not, in fact, contained neatly in their own top tiers of the enterprise architecture, providing a simple translation from business needs to process implementations. Rather, the current Business Process Management stack is scattered across different levels of infrastructure as its designers require. Part two of a two-part ebizQ series.
04/10/2005 The Three Faces of BPM  
As business process software packages have gained acceptance in the marketplace, itís important for organizations to understand that there are actually three different kinds of BPM, each designed to solve a specific problem. Action Technologyís CEO, Bill Welty, educates us on the differences.
04/03/2005 Designing Agile Business Services (Part I)  
Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQís own Vice President for Strategic Services, presents an event-driven approach to designing adaptable and reusable business services.
04/03/2005 Human Interaction: The Missing Link in BPM (Part I)  
Existing process languages, for all their power, do not in themselves capture the human issues crucial to such activities. Why is this? And what else do you need?
04/03/2005 Developing Industry Standards for Compliance  
Brian Sennett says businesses now have an opportunity to make improvements that go beyond mere compliance to increase the efficiency and predictability of operations.
04/03/2005 Can We Translate IT ĎAlphabet Soupí into Business Benefits? Gold Club Protected
IT and business executives are posing questions related to BPM, BSM and SOAs these days. Many of these questions are focused on consistent definitions of the acronyms themselves. Herewith, some attempts to rationalize and simplify the confusion, courtesy of Robert Frances Group's Michael Dortch.
04/03/2005 Q&A with Matt Minetola, CIO of HP Financial Services Gold Club Protected
ebizQís editor-in-chief Elizabeth Book recently interviewed Matt Minetola, CIO of HP Financial Services, for ebizQ's special radio program, CIOaudio. Click here for a text of the Q&A, and at the bottom for a link to the Web-streaming radio interview.
03/27/2005 The Arrival of ERP for IT Gold Club Protected
CIOs need better visibility across their entire IT operations, but achieving it is difficult with the existing collection of unrelated point tools for IT. An emerging suite of technology, which AMR Research calls IT Resource Planning (ITRP), seeks to do for IT what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) did for the enterprise.
03/27/2005 The Business Imperative of SOA Governance (Part II)  
The move to SOA is inevitable. But the shift in technologies and paradigms is putting enterprise business operations and their ability to quickly adapt at risk. Thatís why SOA requires governance from day one. Part two of a two-part special ebizQ series with WebLayersí CEO Motti Vaknin.
03/27/2005 The Challenge of BPM Adoption  
On the surface, it appears that any organization worth its salt should be able to define and document the business requirements for a new technology initiation or the automation of an existing process. Logician Steve Minsky explains why itís harder than it seems.
03/27/2005 The Information Architecture of Content Management Gold Club Protected
Ann Rockley says that information architecture can make a significant contribution to the success of your content management solution.
03/21/2005 The Business Imperative of SOA Governance (Part 1) Gold Club Protected
While the move to service-oriented architectures is inevitable, it requires watchful governance from day one. Part one of a two-part special ebizQ series with WebLayersí CEO Motti Vaknin.
03/20/2005 Service-Oriented Architectures and RFID  
Over the next few years, SOA will become intricately linked with RFID and will be a key part of how organizations leverage the inherent power of RFID-based solutions, says ebizQ analyst Dave Kelly.
03/20/2005 Taking the Offensive on Identity Management  
With a spate of security breaches topping the headlines this month, identity theft is also topping the minds of CIOs as criminals hack into corporate networks to steal and use personal information that invades individualsí privacy and costs companies and individuals billions of dollars each year. Jeff Currie, the senior strategist directing IBM Tivoliís identity management solutions group, discusses how to prevent intrusions before they occur.
03/20/2005 Will Vertical Acquisitions Lead to Ultimate CRM Dominance in the Enterprise Sector? Gold Club Protected
The enterprise CRM space has room for movement in terms of which company will dominate the space for the long haul. The 451 Group's Martin Schneider gives an informative review of the companies in play.
03/20/2005 Want BPM? The First Challenge is Your Process Map  
Technology infrastructure, process flow and business requirements all need to be discovered and translated into a process map to enable automation to occur. This effort, as well as adjusting the process map to keep pace with change, is the most significant challenge of BPM projects, according to Ultimus CEO Rashid Khan.
03/13/2005 Is Your SOA Durable?  
Those who are standing up SOAs today need to understand the value of the system holistically. You need to consider all of the angles including security, service management, orchestration, etc. Forgot something, and youíll have to go back and add it later, but thatís a bit like adding a basement after you already built the house.
03/13/2005 Building Your SOA for the Human Race Gold Club Protected
The technology for augmenting human-driven processes with computers is now emerging, in a new generation of software frameworks for process supportósuch a software framework is termed a Human Interaction Management System (HIMS). In this article, Keith Harrison-Broninski considers the requirements that a HIMS places on Web services, and draw conclusions about the Web service technologies required.
03/13/2005 Running IT Like a Business Gold Club Protected
The Robert Frances Group believes running IT like the business to facilitate IT-business alignment and enterprise elasticity is key to the survival of CIOs.
03/13/2005 How to Strategically Invest in Customer Data Integration  
Current CDI solutions tend to lack the flexibility to become an enterprise-wide platform that delivers unified customer views across diverse set of application systems and data repositories to multiple users, says Anurag Wadehra of Siperian.
03/06/2005 Realizing the ROI of BPM  
Business process management allows you to model, automate, manage, measure and optimize the flow of business process steps that span your organizationís systems, people, devices, customers and partners within and beyond your corporate boundaries. In a recent ebizQ Webinar, SeeBeyondís Ross Altman said that the BPMís return on investment is significant.
03/06/2005 Planning, Controlling and Anticipating Change During IT Modernization  
In order for an IT modernization project to be successful from a business integration perspective, the effort must anticipate and address the changes that must occur across the organization, not simply those in IT. Ed Olmstead of BluePhoenix Solutions gives this and other simple yet valuable gems of advice in part one of this two-part ebizQ series.
03/06/2005 Multi-Enterprise Collaboration in Action  
John Stelzer's regular monthly column, CIO Edge, is dedicated to addressing the many issues CIOs are facing in today's rapidly changing world. We know that one of the greatest challenges CIOs have is how to find a way to regularly outdo what they just accomplished. After all, it can be argued that continually producing at the same level is stagnation. In this installment, John talks about how to properly analyze and apply information to produce value.
03/06/2005 SOAís Information Access Layer Gold Club Protected
Information-centric Web services will provide only limited value if they are constrained by the need for separate services for each physical data source, says Rob Cardwell of MetaMatrix. Unless a service can span an organizationís existing data sources, Web services will just put another layer of silos on top of existing data assets.
02/27/2005 The Top Seven Risks of SOA Without a Business Service Registry  
Service-oriented architectures (SOA) are gaining widespread acceptance as a way to map business processes and tie together enterprise applications using Web services, but without a standards-based Business Service Registry to act as the unifying mechanism, SOA cannot fulfill its promise, says Luc Clťment. Hereís his guide to avoiding the seven dangers of implementing SOA without a Business Service Registry.
02/27/2005 How to Identify, Specify, and Realize Services for your SOA (Part III)  
SOA is about bridging the gap between business and IT through a set of business-aligned IT services using a set of design principles, patterns and techniques, says Ali Arsanjani, chief architect at IBMís SOA and Web Services Center of Excellence. In this final portion of a three-part ebizQ series, Arsanjani discusses the attributes of top-down, bottom-up and cross-sectional goal-model analyses for service identification.
02/27/2005 Stretching for Customer Data Management Nirvana Gold Club Protected
Try as they might to move all customer-related data to a single, vertically integrated packaged application, most organizations have not yet been able to reach customer data nirvana. ebizQís own Dave Kelly looks at approaches to get us there.
02/27/2005 Whatís In A Name? Gold Club Protected
Assigning meaningful identifiers is an annoyance for individuals, but for CIOs in major corporations, identity management is a big headache.
02/21/2005 Customer Data: The Lifeblood of an Organization Gold Club Protected
How much does it matter whether a corporation coordinates its customer relationships and customer information enterprise-wide?
02/21/2005 How to Identify, Specify, and Realize Services for your SOA (Part II)  
SOA is about bridging the gap between business and IT through a set of business-aligned IT services using a set of design principles, patterns and techniques, says Ali Arsanjani, chief architect at IBMís SOA and Web Services Center of Excellence. In this part two of a three-part ebizQ series, Arsanjani provides an architectural template for an SOA.
02/21/2005 Storage Area Networking Grows Up Gold Club Protected
In the past five years, we've seen a huge amount of startup and M&A activity in the storage networking market. In this premium ebizQ content, The 451 Group's Simon Robinson tells us what it means.
02/21/2005 Building an SOA to Your Companyís Specifications  
In a recent ebizQ Webinar, ďYou Canít Implement an SOA with Web Services,Ē experts discussed the prospects of strategically utilizing service-oriented architectures to reuse applications and rationalize disparate systems resulting from M&A, instead of adhering to the ďrip-and-replaceĒ approach.
02/21/2005 Is SOA the Answer for Our Customers?  
Itís still early in 2005 and service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the hottest buzzword of the year. SOAs slice and dice and they do anything you need them to do faster, cheaper and more efficient than anything else ever. But do our customers really need or want it?
02/13/2005 Invoking Enterprise Software Quality Standards  
Changes to software applications always carry business risks -- Risks such as unplanned downtime, poor performance, customer dissatisfaction, lost revenue and more. Therefore, the pressure is on IT organizations as never before to support business process change Ė this means delivering mission-critical software applications quickly while, at the same time, ensuring its reliability. To deliver software quickly, Software Quality Optimization (SQO) must be the centerpiece of software development and deployment.
02/13/2005 Simplifying Your Integration Choices  
While there are now many integration solutions on the market, deciding which integration technology is right for each integration problem is no easy decision. ebizQís own Beth Gold-Bernstein, citing poll results from a recent Webinar, highlights the opinions of the ebizQ community in how they choose integration tools.
02/13/2005 How to Identify, Specify and Realize Services for Your SOA (Part I) Gold Club Protected
Analysts have predicted, pundits have professed, professors have lectured, companies have scurried to sell what they had, as SOA products -- often missing the point that SOA is not a product. Itís about bridging the gap between business and IT through a set of business-aligned IT services using a set of design principles, patterns and techniques, says Ali Arsanjani, chief architect at IBMís SOA and Web Services Center of Excellence. Part one of a three-part ebizQ series.
02/13/2005 How Does Poor Customer Data Management Affect the Customer? Gold Club Protected
Dave Kelly says customer data should be the central focus of your organization, because, after all, you need customers to make money. In most cases, you also need to track and know about those customers to make more money. But a surprising number of companies simply donít have customer data management policies or practices in place.
02/06/2005 All SOAs Are Not Created Equal Gold Club Protected
As services, and the architectures that support them, become more of an asset within the enterprise, we need to begin learn how to categorize the patterns of the architectures, thus creating SOA levels. Dave Linthicum not only provides us with a better understanding of what is a true SOA, but also allows us the ability to pick the right level to meet our business needs.
02/06/2005 The Need for Customer-Oriented Software Development (Part II)  
Dr. Sofia Passova explores approaches such as capability maturity model integration (CMMI) and agile development while providing an in-depth theoretical foundation for the necessity of a major paradigm shift in software development tools. In part two of a two-part ebizQ series, Passova makes the case for developers to switch to Customer-Oriented Software Development (COSD).
02/06/2005 The Need for Multi-Enterprise Collaboration  
John Stelzer's regular monthly column, CIOedge, is dedicated to addressing the many issues CIOs are facing in today's rapidly changing world. We know that one of the greatest challenges CIOs have is how to find a way to regularly outdo what they just accomplished. After all, it can be argued that continually producing at the same level is stagnation. In this installment, learn about significant changes in how technology is being leveraged to create sustainable competitive advantage.
02/06/2005 Taking the Fear out of Complex Event Processing  
Inventor of Complex Event Processing David Luckham starts with a basic question, is life simple? Most people will truthfully answer no. Events happen in life that are neither simple in how they happen, nor in the effects they have on others. However, Luckhamís latest ebizQ article seeks to simplify Complex Event Processing, so we can remove the fear the word 'complex' might imply, and instead utilize it best to manage events as they come our way.
02/06/2005 The Flexibility of XML-Based Rich Clients Gold Club Protected
In a large, complex and fast-paced online environment, the fundamental concept of modularization becomes necessary. By removing dependencies, the business decision-making processes and technology platforms can react fast enough to deliver a flexible, efficient and scalable system.
01/31/2005 Keeping an Eye on Your Data (Part II)  
Data is one of your firmís most valuable assets as it contains critical customer information while safeguarding the intellectual capital of the company, says Howard Goldberg of Merrill Lynch. In part two of this two-part article, Goldberg provides several more excellent descriptions of analytical tools that can be used to protect your companyís data, and provides practical examples as well as sample reports for the benefit of the data-conscious ebizQ reader.
01/31/2005 Solving IT Problems with Model-Driven Development and SOA Enablement Gold Club Protected
With all the pressure on IT departments to do more with less and increasingly deliver new business functionality faster, ebizQ analyst and visionary Dave Kelly makes the case that that through the rest of 2005 and into 2006, weíll see even more adoption of, and advances in, model-driven development tools and tools that provide support for SOA and SOA transitions.
01/31/2005 The Need for Customer-Oriented Software Development  
Software development is a time-consuming, expensive process often yielding results of disappointing quality. Todayís projects are typically plagued with time and cost overruns, producing deliverables that fall short of customer needs. Sofia Passova asks us to focus on the customer when developing software.
01/31/2005 SOA Applications: Getting Rid of 'Glue' Code  
In an ideal world, we would be able to build all our applications from scratch, being completely in control of all the different architectures and how they work together, said Oracleís Ted Farrell in a recent ebizQ Webinar. But in the real world, we need SOAs to prevent us from having to write ďglueĒ code to piece all our applications together, he said.
01/31/2005 Best Practices for Building an Innovative Work Culture Gold Club Protected
Executives who wish to create an innovative work culture must not only hire creative individuals, but must also support and embrace an environment that is conducive to innovation, says Michael Paust of PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
01/24/2005 Software IP IndemnificationóDo You Need a Plan?  
ebizQ analyst Dave Kelly must have been a Boy Scout, because his motto is to always be prepared, especially when in comes to reducing risks associated with the intellectual property on the software your company is using.
01/24/2005 Keeping an Eye on Your Data  
Data is one of your firmís most valuable assets as it contains critical customer information while safeguarding the intellectual capital of the company, says Howard Goldberg of Merrill Lynch. In part one of this two-part article, he explains that this data must be monitored, controlled and protected for the organization to thrive and grow.
01/24/2005 Achieving Semantic Interoperability Gold Club Protected
Chris Harding of The Open Group says that today there is no argument that interoperability is a critical element for optimizing business performance and maintaining competitive advantage.
01/24/2005 Integration Decisions for 2005 Gold Club Protected
Eric Austvold of AMR Research enumerates his firm's 2005 decisions, which include reducing IT complexity by standardizing processes and simplifying corporate data, as well as enabling innovation by creating reusable services.
01/18/2005 The Transformational CIO  
Adopting transformational rather than traditional transactional leadership styles has become a cost-effective way for CIOs to reconcile the conflicting objectives of driving growth, increase agility and improve customer experiences while cutting back on expenses, says ebizQís managing editor Gian Trotta, reporting on the first of ebizQís executive Webinars.
01/17/2005 Leveraging a Data Layer  
Data abstraction layers, and the technology that provides this mechanism, could indeed become one of the most important integration tools in the arsenal, making the use of many heterogeneous data stores and databases much easier to deal with, and thus making the data and the databases a more valuable and more strategic resource for the enterprise.
01/17/2005 An Ounce of Prevention Saves Pounds of Pain in the Data Center  
IT executives moving to transform operations to an elastic enterprise will benefit from rethinking their approach to managing data centers, says Ed Broderick of Robert Frances Group. With the need for on-demand services, it is no longer sufficient to manage and react to events; instead, IT executives need to prevent those events from occurring in the first place.
01/17/2005 The Customer Hierarchy of Needs Gold Club Protected
Over the years, a variety of approaches have been used to extrapolate and evaluate information in an effort to understand and replicate what keeps customers satisfied. Promise Phelon, founding partner of the Phelon Group, encourages us to define and implement the customer hierarchy of needs in order to increase our business success.
01/17/2005 Taking Another Look at XML Hardware Gold Club Protected
XML hardware marks the point at which open networks intersect with increasingly mission-critical applications and with the increasingly strict and granular security policies imposed to control access to those mission-critical applications. As networking and security - and, indeed, application management - begin to converge, it is therefore a key battleground.
01/10/2005 CIO Marginalization is Not Inevitable Gold Club Protected
Sara Braunstein of the Robert Frances Group says the movement of application development budgets back to the lines of business and the ongoing operational budget cuts have begun to erode and marginalize the role of the CIO. However, she argues, this need not occur and is not inevitable.
01/10/2005 The Next Big Thing  
John Stelzer's new regular monthly column, CIO Edge, is dedicated to addressing the many issues CIOs are facing in today's rapidly changing world. We know that one of the greatest challenges CIOs have is how to find a way to regularly outdo what they just accomplished. After all, it can be argued that continually producing at the same level is stagnation.
01/10/2005 Your Software Intellectual Property Rights Gold Club Protected
How and when should organizations worry about intellectual property rights and their software? More specifically, when should companies worry about (if ever!) the risk of legal action against them based on claims of IP infringement? ebizQ analyst Dave Kelly shares his view.
01/10/2005 Inside RosettaNetís Automated Enablement  
Many trading partners today cannot manage the cost or complexity of implementing RosettaNet-based B2B integration technologies. Among the challenges faced by smaller suppliers are lack of information, limited network infrastructure, the high-cost and complexity of traditional B2B integration technology, unreliable Internet connectivity and the requirement to deal with many different data formats. Mark Schenecker weighs in.
01/07/2005 Delivering Highly Scalable, Reliable J2EE Web Infrastructure  
In this Webinar recap, Gian Trotta recounts the best ways to develop, deploy and optimize J2EE-based applications to increase business agility.
01/03/2005 How to Benefit From the Rapidly Changing Telecom Environment  
CEO Robert Weinger shares how to build an efficient and cost-effective telecommunications strategy.
01/03/2005 Your Pocket Guide to Semantics and Ontologies (Part Two)  
When we last discussed ontologies, we covered how they help the SOA architect prepare semantic generalizations that make the problem domain more understandable. This month, letís take a deeper dive into the enabling standards.
01/03/2005 The Transitory iSCSI Market Gold Club Protected
In this premium content by John Abbott of The 451 Group, we launch into iSCSI (Internet small computer systems interface) - an obscure name for an interesting technology that has not yet realized its full potential. It offers the promise of building networks of storage arrays using standard networking infrastructure, and therefore of opening up storage to the kind of revolution that local area networks brought to PCs and small servers during the 1980s.
01/03/2005 The Role of Software Assets in SOA Implementation  
Lior Amar says a well-articulated asset management strategy provides the framework for organizations to closely monitor their migration path, to communicate ideas on new and existing Web services and to guarantee that both enhancements and new services are delivered in response to real organizational needs.
12/27/2004 Lean Thinking and Strategic Asset Management  
The principles of lean thinking, or removing waste from the value chain, are applied in manufacturing companies around the world with great success because of their impact on company performance. However, if not executed with the appropriate support systems and infrastructure, says Johan Arts of MRO Software, an improvement project based on lean thinking can adversely impact the companyís risk and lead to serious business disruption. Thatís why companies should consider strategic asset management.
12/27/2004 Speeding Up Business Benefits with SOA Gold Club Protected
In today's highly dynamic marketplace, organizations are looking for a fast return on new and existing investments. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a framework that enables businesses to speed the delivery of IT projects cost-effectively and easily. SOA is an ideal framework to leverage functionality in old and new systems, allowing the organization to respond faster to new opportunities.
12/20/2004 Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Designing a Flexible Service-Oriented Architecture  
In a recent Webinar on the principles of developing flexible service-oriented architectures, Bob Knauss, a business integration solution specialist at IBM, recommended building as much visibility and transparency as possible into all systems that house components, so everyone will immediately ďknow whatís going on and get it all into a business context.Ē
12/19/2004 Taking a Look Back at Your Year Gold Club Protected
End of year personnel reviews, budget cycles and endless strategic planning sessions make the bowl season the perfect time for IT professionals like us to employ a standard ďSWOTĒ analysis: IBMís Douglas W. Allen tells us how to assess our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
12/19/2004 Ten Principles for Successfully Web-Enabling Your Enterprise  
If youíre trying to convince your peers to move to Web-based systems for all crucial business operations, youíll not soon win easy converts. Why? Because, as Kelly Abbott of Red Door Interactive says, youíre throwing caution to the wind, like a ďBohemian living in Kansas City.Ē In time, he argues, others will come to understand that your independent thinking is not just a fashion statement, but a core system of values rooted in the belief that the Web will make the company more money and save time.
12/15/2004 Trust is the Only Constant Currency Gold Club Protected
Buell Duncan says that one thing C-Level IT executives often forget about customer relationship management is the relationship portion of it. He advocates giving more attention to the relationship rather than on the individual sale, so you can therefore develop the in-depth knowledge of your customer and your customer's enterprise to give you the insight to anticipate, and not just respond, to their changing needs.
12/14/2004 The Innovation Imperative Gold Club Protected
Product innovation and growth are some of today's top business issues and are major factors in strategic investment, yet research shows that among top companies, there is no common measure of success. IT departments, however, provide unbiased metrics and clues to organizational leadership that provide a critical thread of continuity that is critical to business success. The CIO would do well to harness the skills his IT department is trained to provide.
12/13/2004 Know Your Business Impact Analyzer Before You Buy It Gold Club Protected
Business activity monitoring tools are now predicting how your business will be affected by the performance of your IT. Instead of simply alerting you when certain events happen in your enterprise IT layers, they go a step further and predict how those events will impact your high-level business processes. This goes well beyond the basic dashboard model for the current generation of BAM tools. Itís a direction that tries to anticipate what you, the consumer of BAM, will ask for next.
12/13/2004 Achieving One Version of the Data Sync Truth (Part II)  
By synchronizing data before enganging in electronic business-to-business transactions, businesses can significantly reduce error, but complete and accurate source data must first be present on the supply side, says James O'Leary of EXTOL International. In this second in a two-part series, he discusses how to develop an integration strategy for data synchronization architectures.
12/13/2004 The Feasibility of the Virtual Personal Assistant  
In the second part of our series on the Virtual Personal Assistant, Bonifacio Braganza of Wipro Technologies says the conceived VPA will reduce the need for and the traffic to manned help desks in online businesses. A VPA is described as a non-intrusive, helpful, knowledgeable and almost human-like conversationalist. Seamless integration of VPA with existing systems will ensure that investing in VPA will not disrupt existing customer relationship management technologies.
12/07/2004 Survey: Define -- and Refine -- Business Performance Management  
Business Performance Management is being recognized as a way to align and optimize sales, marketing, customer service, IT, compliance, finance and HR departments across an enterprise. Taking our latest survey will help you to define specific benefits - or refine your current implementation - of this promising new method to meet business challenges.
12/07/2004 Webinar Recap: Critical Issues in J2EE Application Management  
In a recent Webinar, ďCritical Issues in J2EE Application Management Ė Manage What Matters,Ē ebizQís Beth Gold-Bernstein and Robert Anderson from BMC Software discuss the wide range of sources for performance problems in Java enterprise applications, and provide concrete ideas for how to combat those problems.
12/05/2004 Bringing a Virtual Personal Assistant to Online Retailing  
In this first in a two-part feature by Wipro Technologiesí Bonifacio Braganza, he argues that a non-intrusive and helpful virtual personal assistant (VPA) has the potential to re-engineer the CRM industry, by not only recognizing the customer, but by remembering all the trends of purchases and interests of that customer. Ideally, the customer converses with the VPA in ordinary language and the VPA responds accordingly. In the second part, conceptual design and implementation will be discussed.
12/05/2004 The Business Value of Identity Management  
Skip Slone and The Open Group Identity Management Work Area provide a comprehensive analysis of identity management, with a wide-ranging discussion from the business, security, personal and technical perspectives. Promoting the resolution of industry-wide impediments to interoperable identity management solutions, the short piece provides a link to the full-length Open Group white paper.
12/05/2004 Your Pocket Guide to Semantics, Ontologies, and Application to SOA Gold Club Protected
Itís no secret that developing service-oriented architectures are among the most complex and difficult projects for the enterprise integration professional. With thousands of data elements to track, whatís an architect to do? David Linthicum says ontologies will make problems more manageable.
12/05/2004 Achieving One Version of the Data Sync Truth (Part I)  
By synchronizing data before enganging in electronic business-to-business transactions, businesses can significantly reduce error, but complete and accurate source data must first be present on the supply side, says James O'Leary of EXTOL International. In this first in a two-part series, he discusses the fundamentals of data synchronization architectures.
12/02/2004 Creating an Integration Competency Center and Keeping It Running  
The increasing complexity and number of integration projects can no longer be dealth with on a project-by-project basis. IT departments need to set up specialist units to cope with the growing number and complexity of application integration projects. Gartner's Paolo Malinvorno shares a gradual four-stage plan for the disciplined design, deployment day-to-day operations of an integration competency center.
11/29/2004 The Rewards and Pitfalls Of Identity Management  
If itís so great, why doesnít everybody implement it?
11/29/2004 Unleashing the Business Value of SOA  
Some corporations have begun to tap into the power of service-oriented architectures (SOA) to solve business problems using industry standard software. Because everyone follows the same set of standards, enterprises can be responsive, flexible and competitive, potentially realizing the dream of an on-demand business.
11/28/2004 Building Software for Sarbanes-Oxley Gold Club Protected
What kind of value can IT companies add in this new world of compliance development? In this third in a special ebizQ series with our association partner, the Integration Consortium, author Rob Smith provides five suggestions for what you should include and what you need to think about when building tools for compliance.
11/23/2004 Market Intelligence Based on Unstructured Data Starting to Prove its Viability Gold Club Protected
A clutch of companies have sprung up in the past few years attempting to derive insight from unstructured data and present it to business users in an actionable format. Nick Patience of the 451 Group explains which companies are gleaning relevant business intelligence from unstrucutured data. He also indicates which kinds of information from the vast gluts will prove viable to us in the future.
11/22/2004 There's No 'I' in SOX Team  
Is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act a rigged game in which you play against the regulators, and will your failure in the game result in very personal repercussions? In this second in a special ebizQ series with our association partner, the Integration Consortium, Rob Smith, chair of the association's Industry Solutions/SOX committee, answers this questions and many others, focusing on the importance of IT involvement in SOX compliance.
11/22/2004 Mobile Security: The Threats & Countermeasures  
Now that many of our business dealings are conducted through various wireless portals, it is important to turn our attention to mobile security, cognizant that entire enterprises can be placed at risk considering that viruses and worms are now trying to attack our hand-held devices. Matias Impivaara of F-Secure shares some of the threats we face, and provides some countermeasures to deal with them.
11/19/2004 Targeting Execs With Plain Language  
The CIO and the IT manager need to effectively find common ground between tech- and exec-speak, in order to communicates their goals and needs.
11/15/2004 Confessions of a CIO  
The top ten mistakes the IT department makes in dealing with their top executive.
11/15/2004 The New IT Executives  
Theyíre either aligned or maligned.
11/15/2004 A Fool With a Tool is Still a Fool  
Integration expert and visionary John L. Stelzer of Sterling Commerce shares how the CIO can better harness technology tools.
11/15/2004 Business First: IT Second  
The role of chief information officer has never been more demanding or less defined.
11/15/2004 Identity Rights Management Ė A Requirement for SOAs?  
Service-oriented architectures are giving organizations a more flexible, adaptable, and ultimately more manageable way to create business logic and applications that can be used to address changing business needs. But simply creating flexible and dynamic services for data and applications isnít always enough, says ebizQís own Dave Kelly, especially if you need to provide those services in a secure or controlled way across a dynamic user population. Thatís where the idea of identity rights management comes in.
11/15/2004 Supply Chain Network Creates an Ecosystem Edge  
Companies such as Wal-Mart and Cisco, which have developed real-time networked supply chains, integrating processes and information with their business partners, have realized that this business ecosystem is not just an effective partner collaboration tool: Itís a strategic asset that shows its decisive benefits in the companyís margin advantage. Hollis Bischoff of META Group and Fadi Chehadť, chairman and CEO of Viacore, Inc. explain what companies should think about when developing their own networked business ecosystem.
11/15/2004 Taking a Holistic Approach to Business Performance Management  
Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQ's Vice President of Strategic Services, interviews Kevin McAuliffe, Director of Strategy and CTO for IBM Business Performance Management about IBMís Business Performance Management Solutions.
11/15/2004 Seven Things You Need to Know About SOX IT Controls Gold Club Protected
Groups that have been performing the internal compliance work in organizations adhering to the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 have quickly realized that failures in the underlying processes within organizations provide the biggest risks for corporate catastrophe. In this first of a special ebizQ series with our association partner, the Integration Consortium, Rob Smith, chair of the association's Industry Solutions/SOX committee, addresses seven of the most important things you need to know about IT Controls and SOX.
11/12/2004 The Case for Business Perfomance Management -- Why It's Imperative for On-Demand Business  
To IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, an on-demand business boasts business processes that are integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers. Here's how organization, action and infrastructure can be orchestrated toward such an objective. Access to information that aligns strategy to operations -- and enables action to be taken based on insights gained -- can help businesses thrive in a hypercompetitive market. Examples detailed include insurance companies lowering the cost of claims while improving customer service and retailer's attempts to optimize sales with minimal inventory.
11/10/2004 A Holistic Approach to Business Performance Management  
Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQ's Vice President of Strategic Services, interviews Kevin McAuliffe, Director of Strategy and CTO for IBM Business Performance Management about IBMís Business Performance Management Solutions.
11/10/2004 Why Business Performance Management?  
Access to information that aligns strategy to operations -- and enables action to be taken based on insights gained -- can help businesses thrive in a hypercompetitive market. Examples detailed include insurance companies lowering the cost of claims while improving customer service and retailer's attempts to optimize sales with minimal inventory.
11/10/2004 Business Performance Management -- Delivering On-Demand Success  
To IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, an on-demand business boasts business processes that are integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers. Here's how organization, action and infrastructure can be orchestrated toward such an objective.
11/10/2004 Creating an Integration Competency Center and Keeping It Running  
The increasing complexity and number of integration projects can no longer be dealth with on a project-by-project basis. IT departments need to set up specialist units to cope with the growing number and complexity of application integration projects. Gartner's Paolo Malinvorno shares a gradual four-stage plan for the disciplined design, deployment day-to-day operations of an integration competency center.
11/10/2004 Evaluating Investments in Systematic Application Integration: Configuring Your Enterprise Framework To Improve Your Bottom Line  
Companies facing considerable -- and inescapable -- outlays for integration projects can ease the pain by choosing the proper style of integration to pursue. Gartner's Roy Schulte takes a look at some of the best choices.
11/08/2004 Selecting a Document Management System Gold Club Protected
The potential for a document management system implementation to fail is high when system attributes and user requirements are not properly defined. Christie Hangey of the Robert Frances Group says that IT executives will need to clearly define what their filing requirements are before undertaking vendor selection. She also notes that IT executives also need to evaluate each vendor offering based on factors such as cost and system flexibility, to ensure that the system will be able to grow as the enterprise expands.
11/08/2004 Are we Ready for Ontologies?  
The use of the ontologies concept within modern application integration techniques and technologies seems to be a good match, says Dave Linthicum of Grand Central Communications. Indeed, today we are already leveraging certain aspects of ontologies within most application integration projects, whether we understand the concept or not. The value here is to recognize ontologies as a concept that formalizes the management and integration of information, services, and processes -- formalizing something we are already doing informally.
11/08/2004 Structured Content Management with XML Gold Club Protected
How to define and use information structure when managing content is the question asked by Scott Abel and Kay Ethier as they discuss a wide variety of issues related to unified content management. They argue that as you continue to analyze the content your company creates, you will likely discover that many information types are reusable, and itís important to know that XML can play a valuable role in helping you to reuse it.
11/08/2004 The Multiple Dimensions of Business Process Modeling and Standardization  
While substantial progress has been made in business process standardization, the industry requires more that a single compacted standard, says Antoine Lonjon of Mega International. This feature presents the current status of business process standardization and the need to embrace the multiple dimensions of business process approaches.
11/01/2004 We Hold These Rights Ė Identity Management Isnít Just for People  
Dave Kelly says that identity management in enterprise security can be used to control not only who has access to what applications or data, but can also control access to a group or groups of people. More importantly, it can also establish what applications or application components have access to what other applications and data. Identity rights management extends that idea to help manage not just individual identities, but the relationship of those identities to specific applications or data sources, across application, corporate and geographic boundaries.
11/01/2004 Is an ESB Critical To Your Future?  
Just as application servers started out by providing connection, transaction, instantiation and other programming services that freed the programmer from having to write the code for each application, an enterprise service bus provides common communication and integration services. ebizQís own Beth Gold-Bernstein discusses why companies building service-oriented architectures and loosely coupled event-driven applications need an ESB.
11/01/2004 An Introduction to Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy (Part 4 of 4) Gold Club Protected
In the fourth and final installment of ebizQ's unified content management feature series, Ann Rockley, Pamela Kostur and Steve Manning discuss the role of XML in the context of structured content and metadata. Also included is a discussion of other enterprise content management technologies and a summary of all of the ideas discussed over the previous three installments. The last pages include an appendix with recommendations for further reading and research.
11/01/2004 Making Sense Of Todayís Information Glut Gold Club Protected
More information arrives to us every day: Our email mailbox gets filled with business and personal messages mixed with promotions, merchant updates, a variety of newsletters and more, all vying for our attention. Add an online messenger providing us instantly with short notes, shared files and photos. And finally there is information created by us - ranging from simple letters and memos to complex spreadsheets and graphic files. A lot of this information ends up stored on our computers. The question is, how should one manage todayís information glut? Chris Harding discusses the need for appropriate data storage systems with open standards.
10/25/2004 Is Speed the Measure of Success?  
Real time means real fast, right? But hold on a second. In the business context of the real-time enterprise, speed isnít always the correct measure. Author and visionary Peter Fingar explains what real time really means in business and why.
10/25/2004 Leveraging the Value of Process Automation  
When a process executes well, everyone is happy. Customers like the results, workers appreciate not wasting time and energy and nothing falls through the cracks. At the same time, many processes arenít optimized, and thatís where business process management comes in. With major phases of BPM efforts including process definition and mapping, process automation, and process improvement and optimization, Rashid Khan says that the greatest order-of-magnitude benefits can be derived from process automation.
10/25/2004 An Introduction to Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy (Part 3 of 4) Gold Club Protected
In part three of ebizQ's unified content management feature series, Ann Rockley, Pamela Kostur and Steve Manning discuss the structure of content management, and the imperative for changes in process, as well as to changes in the the specific roles and skill sets necessary to adopt a unified content management strategy. The authors, in the next edition, continue to discuss the importance of defining metadata, and add to that the importance of considering dynamic content and workflow as part of your unified content management strategy.
10/25/2004 Have You Checked the Security of Your Custom Applications Lately? Gold Club Protected
A chilling statistic: Approximately three quarters of hacking attacks exploit application flaws instead of infrastructure flaws. Organizations need to proactively identify potential security risks within their applications and work to ensure that their data, their systems, and their organization are protected, so says ebizQís own Dave Kelly. Without such an effort, security ďbugsĒ within an organizationís software applications wonít readily be apparent, and unlike traditional functional bugs that might make the shopping cart component fail during an on-line purchase or the wrong data print out in a report, without proactive analysis security bugs will be found not by customers, but by hackersóexposing the organization to much higher risks.
10/18/2004 Demand-Driven Supply Networks: Rethinking Supply Chain Concepts Gold Club Protected
Creating a demand-driven supply network (DDSN) requires a shift in traditional supply chain management, by changing the focus from internal issues to the needs and wants of the customer. In this article from AMR Research, the authors promote a supply chain philosophy that encourages companies to use all available organizational resources as a weapon to improve market competitiveness.
10/18/2004 Unifying Your Customer-Facing Application  
In recent years, companies have turned to three common technologies to create solutions for customer data integration. Data movement tools such as Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), data query and aggregation tools such as Enterprise Information Integration (EII) and Data Quality (DQ) tools deliver results for CRM to customers in a timely fashion. However, what the tool vendors arenít telling you is that these tools are inadequate for developing a reliable Customer Data Integration (CDI) platform.
10/18/2004 Something Old, Something New: Integrating Legacy Systems  
There are both cost and competitive challenges in maintaining legacy systems. Large deployments can be costly and investment for new or replacement solutions can be expensive as well. From a business and competitive perspective, Dr. Bob Sutor of IBM says the requirement can be summed up in one word: speed. Businesses need to respond rapidly to market opportunities and be first to market. At the same time, businesses need scalable, reliable and secure production applications.
10/18/2004 An Introduction to Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy (Part 2 of 4) Gold Club Protected
In part two of ebizQ's unified content management feature series, Ann Rockley, Pamela Kostur and Steve Manning discuss recent changes in the business environment to make the case for having your company adopt a unified content strategy. In this part, the authors discuss the influence that the Web and metadata have had on content management. As web information and e-commerce initiatives have grown, the authors say, Web content management has become an important part of corporations' content management strategy. However, corporate content spans the entire enterprise, so merging Web content management into your company's other data management initiatives is key.
10/11/2004 Enterprise Portal Deployments: A View from the Field Gold Club Protected
RFG's Michael Dortch believes that portal deployments are continuing to gain ground, especially in larger enterprises and especially for internal use. However, recent survey findings indicate significant inconsistencies in deployment of portals for lines of business (LOBs) and external constituents. IT executives should focus efforts on achieving consistency in portal deployments across their enterprises, and greater inclusion of input and support from senior executives and LOB managers. These efforts can lead to faster, less costly, more broadly supported, and more successful portal deployments at any enterprise.
10/11/2004 An Introduction to Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy (Part 1 of 4) Gold Club Protected
If youíre looking for ways to shave unnecessary expense and boost your bottom line, take a look at the way you create, manage and deliver content. If your organization is like most, you probably have no idea how much your content creation, management and delivery costs you. And, itís pretty likely you donít have a unified content management strategy to help you control those processes either, but you should.
10/11/2004 You Canít Secure Your Data Without Securing Applications  
With signs everywhere of the business communityís new focus on security, ebizQ analyst David Kelly says that application development organizations must start to think proactively about the security implications of the applications theyíre developing in order to fully secure their data.
10/04/2004 The Ins and Outs of Transformation Gold Club Protected
David Linthicum says that application integration architects need to understand that the process of accounting for differences in application semantics must occur dynamically within the integration server. He says that although most integration servers can map any schema to any other schema, it is prudent to try to anticipate extraordinary circumstances in order to get the most seamless transformation possible.
10/04/2004 The Challenge of Making Real-Time Business Decisions  
Making the right business decisions means either having the right information when you need it or simply being very lucky all the time. For most companies, the former strategy is difficult and expensive, and the latter is exciting but extremely unlikely, says ebizQís own analyst David Kelly. In this enlightening article, Kelly discusses the risks of gambling on your companyís event-driven solutions.
10/04/2004 Advanced Content Integration at the POS Gold Club Protected
In this article, adapted from a winning white paper from a recent Society for Information Management (SIM) conference, Gerd Wolfram and Claudia Loebbecke discuss the value of harnessing content integration technology and ďsmartĒ devices for the benefit of both the consumer and the retailer. They argue that advanced content integration at the POS allows the retail industry to profitably face a new reality, one in which consumers are in charge, where they enjoy more choices, and have more information upon which to base their buying decisions.
10/04/2004 Is Business Agility an Oxymoron?  
Those who are equipped with an agile business rules-driven enterprise will have greater ability to focus on strategic business decisions rather than be constricted by regulatory compliance headaches.
09/27/2004 The Elastic Enterprise in Action Gold Club Protected
Michael Dortch of the Robert Frances Group explains that the value of business application profiles (BAPs) and related repositories of information about IT and network infrastructures and business resources can be clearly and relatively quickly demonstrated at most enterprises. However, paths toward effective creation and management of BAPs and similar repositories can be far less clear. Fortunately, he argues, IT executives and their teams can aid the enterprise by identifying incumbent resources that can help with BAP creation, maintenance, and use, and helping to bring those resources to bear on these critical challenges.
09/27/2004 Semantic Integration: The Next Quantum Leap Toward Business Agility Gold Club Protected
Semantic integration requires knowledge of the meaning of data within the systems, including integrity rules and the relationships across systems. ebizQís own vice president for strategic services, Beth Gold-Bernstein, says business agility will be greatly enhanced when the semantic meaning of data is managed and reused. "Companies that view integration only as a task on a tactical project, will not be able to leverage the discovery and coding of semantic meanings across systems," she says. "In contrast, companies that blaze the trail of semantic integration will reap the rewards of increasing business agility."
09/27/2004 Building vs. Buying Systems Management Tools: Should Companies Build Their Own IT Management Platform?  
The challenge of managing and monitoring IT infrastructure continues to concern top executives and IT managers alike. An ever-present question is whether a company should invest in the manpower to build a unique management platform, or to buy a packaged solution from a vendor. Dan Choquette weighs the pros and cons.
09/20/2004 The Key to Success with Enterprise Portals  
In this comprehensive guide, Amlan Debnath and Marco Tilli of Oracle highlight how integration technologiesóspecifically BPM and the emerging BPEL standardóenable enterprise portal solutions to more effectively provide organizations with not only timely access to relevant information, but also the ability to view and manage end-to-end business processes
09/20/2004 Event-Driven Applications: Isolation Isnít A Viable Solution  
Sharing lessons from his own frenetic life, ebizQ analyst David A. Kelly provides his unique take on the real world implications of technology and workflow, explaining how it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to continue to define and build applications and business processes from the top-down. Instead, moving to business event-driven applications and business process management solutions can give companies the freedom to alter and modify when business conditions warrant, thus producing a more peaceful business environment.
09/20/2004 Who is Master of Which Data? Gold Club Protected
In this enlightening article from AMR Research, enterprise application expert Bill Swinton discusses how to become the master of your data management universe. He emphasizes the need for data harmonization, highlighting the possibilities and perils of global data integration, and the importance of taking into consideration ERP, CRM, strategic sourcing and product lifecyle management.
09/13/2004 Slow But Steady is the Key to Consumer Data Integration  
CRM experts will enjoy the down-to-earth advice provided by new contributor Anurag Wadehra of Siperian, Inc., who discusses the importance of accuracy over speed in integrating customer information across todayís wide range of data sources, especially in terms of developing and keeping customer trust. In his own words, ďcompanies need to first learn to walk before they run when it comes to implementing successful customer data integration efforts.Ē
09/13/2004 Linux Grows Up Gold Club Protected
From the participants of the recent ebizQ webinar, "The Linux Explosion -- How Linux is Changing the Landscape of IT and Business," LinuxWorld Magazine Editor in chief Kevin Bedell and IBM Advisory Product Manager Mark Verplaeste answer questions related to obstacles Linux is facing in terms of being adopted for the desktop, highlighting challenges presented in terms of Linux's maturity and its readiness and stability for corporate use.
09/06/2004 Battling ĎBalkanizationí With Internet Presence Management  
Bringing a companyís processes to the Web is an efficient way to get those processes working in concert, rather than isolation, suggests Red Door Interactiveís Kelly Abbott, especially when you throw in a healthy dose of what Abbott calls ďThe Internet Presence Management ManifestoĒ!:
09/06/2004 Three Steps to Successful Identity Management  
Tight security begins with knowing whoís accessing your system, and leveraging that knowledge throughout your overall IT infrastructure. Here, IBMís Jeff Curie spells out how to go about rolling out an integrated identity management system for your company:
09/06/2004 The Evolution of the Business Integration Architect Gold Club Protected
As enterprises shift their focus beyond mere application integration to getting processes to work and play well together, they need specialists who can see the big picture to assure they get things right, says IBMís Douglas W. Allen. What makes a good business integration architect, and why are they so important? Allen knows:
09/06/2004 Secure Data Sharing Via Virtual Directories Gold Club Protected
When you give data to trading partners, do you know whoís really looking at it? Would you like a way to control who sees it, and when? OctetString Founder and CTO Clayton Donley touts virtual directories to shore up your B2B interactions:
09/06/2004 SOAs Coming of Age Gold Club Protected
The widespread move toward service oriented architectures is undeniable, and as they mature, theyíre bringing more and more benefits to enterprises, according to Sonic Software CTO Gordon van Huizen. But he cautions that adopting SOAs is hardly simple or quick, and he advises enterprises not to allow themselves to become dependent on just one vendor:
08/30/2004 Event-Driven Business Processes: Coming To A Company Near You  
The trend toward enterprises that are driven more and more by real-time data spawned by events is unmistakable, according to ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly, who says the impact will reach all the way from the corporate boardroom to the cell phone or PDA in your pocket. As Kelly puts it: ÔŅĹOver time, being able to easily and efficiently generate, receive, and consume real-time data within your company and from business partners or customers is going to be a critical component of almost all IT and business plansÔŅĹ:
08/30/2004 Does Your Company Know What It Knows? Gold Club Protected
Having complete, reliable, real-time information from and on all areas of the enterprise and its partners, adding up to the ďbig picture,Ē is critical for businesses. But theyíre still not there, according to ebizQ columnist Dr. Chris Harding, of The Open Group. He says the obstacles are formidable but being tackled, in the hope of reaching information Nirvana, what The Open Group dubs ďBoundaryless Information FlowĒ:
08/30/2004 We Still Need To Focus On Connectivity Gold Club Protected
That reminder from integration guru, Grand Central Communicatons CTO and ebizQ columnist David S. Linthicum. He points out that, ďWhile the focus lately has been on how you manage information flows, service invocation, and processes between systems,Ē itís important to keep our eye on the ball, namely, connectivity, even though itís the ďuglierĒ part of app integration:
08/30/2004 The Growing Imperative For Business Process Monitoring and Management  
Business process monitoring and management are ďbecoming prerequisites for business competitiveness. Companies who ignore this trend may be doing so at their own peril,Ē stresses ebizQís Beth Gold-Bernstein. No wonder then, that she sees them as evolving into enterprise essentials. ďThe good news is that there are a large number of solutions on the market. The bad news is that the shake-out has not yet occurred, and there is also a great deal of confusion.Ē All the more reason to read on:
08/23/2004 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Data Integration Solution  
As data integration has gone from relatively primitive to a critical need of organizations, the factors influencing the success of such efforts have also evolved in number and complexity. Here, Sterling CommerceÔŅĹs Terry Noreault highlights key points to ponder as you mull the solution your company needs:
08/23/2004 Systems Thinking: The "Core" Core Competency For BPM  
Becoming a truly process-propelled enterprise means much more than just buying software. It means changing the way of thinking of your entire organization. BPM experts and ebizQ columnists Howard Smith and Peter Fingar have said that before, and here they not only say it again, they explain the kinds of thinking that are needed, and why. It could be a real eye-opener for you:
08/23/2004 Choosing A Document Management Solution For A Compliant Environment Gold Club Protected
Before your organization can comply with the myriad of new and approaching laws and government regulations, it needs to select a document management system that enables, rather than hinders compliance. And LaserficheÔŅĹs Jeffrey Green is at the ready, to help you separate the compliance-supporting software wheat from the chaff:
08/23/2004 DDSNs: 21st-Century Supply-On-Demand Gold Club Protected
Demand-driven supply networks are replacing factory-based push supply chains of the 20th century as companies learn how customer-centered businesses operate differently, say AMR ResearchÔŅĹs Kevin O'Marah and Joe Souza. In this report, they explain what, exactly, is different about DDSNs, and how you can design and build one, ÔŅĹstarting nowÔŅĹ:
08/16/2004 SOA Meets Compliance: Compliance Oriented Architectures  
Compliance requirements are increasingly driving business agendas, to the point of dominating many information technology budgets. Leveraging IT to enhance business processes with transactional transparency is a necessary response to corporate governance needs. Building the ÔŅĹreal-time enterpriseÔŅĹ is fast becoming the preferred method for reducing fraud and, in more and more cases, a mandated one. In this report, research and advisory services firm RedMonk delves into the implications for enterprises of the current compliance landscape, as it relates to the hot SOA trend:
08/16/2004 Learning To Become a Process-Managed Enterprise, Or: Why All-Star Teams Are Clumsy  
Making Business Process Management a true enterprise aid requires much more than just buying technology. It means company-wide culture changes and entire enterprises learning a whole new way of thinking and approaching daily business. And the learning process is hardly painless, as we learn in this piece from BPM experts and ebizQ columnists Howard Smith and Peter Fingar:
08/16/2004 Reactivity Predicts Web Services 'Big Bang' Any Day Now Gold Club Protected