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02/12/2008 What Is Web 2.0?  
A reprint of the Tim O’Reilly article which defines Web 2.0.
02/12/2008 Building an Unbeatable IT Team  
Using lessons from the Super Bowl to get your IT systems and personnel performing at their very best.
01/25/2008 The Document as Application  
The convergence of document publishing, processes and application development.
01/15/2008 Top Five Reasons to Use Appliances for Your Integration Projects  
Plug-and-play appliances are gaining popularity by bringing significant benefits to the most common integration challenges.
01/04/2008 Application Management: Consider the End User Gold Club Protected
David Kelly says applications have traditionally been designed from the perspective of the IT manager, not the end user.
01/02/2008 A Look Back at 2007: Cutting Complexity Out of the Agile Organization Gold Club Protected
ebizQ's Dave Kelly tells us what it takes for an organization to be agile and regulatory-compliant.
12/26/2007 ebizQ Interview: Is SaaS Going to Cost Us?  
Krissi Danielsson interviews David Rice, author of “Geekonomics: The Real Cost of Insecure Software.”
12/17/2007 How Do You Do QA for Perfomance Management?  
Dave Kelly gives a real world example of how difficult it is to assess the performance of performance management tools.
12/12/2007 The Art of War: Lessons for the Workplace  
Business can feel like a war sometimes, so it's no surprise that the ancient classic treatise "The Art of War," by Sun Tzu, has relevance to the corporate world.
11/26/2007 What's In It For Me?  
Peter Rhys Jenkins explores the linkage between SOA Governance and Realpolitik.
11/20/2007 Extreme Enterprise Makeover: Open Source Edition  
What was traditionally viewed as developer and infrastructure tools has quickly infiltrated the enterprise environment.
11/13/2007 The Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suite Gold Club Protected
In this ebizQ premium content, Forrester's Ken Vollmer talks about choosing a comprehensive SOA-based framework for BPM and integration.
10/24/2007 Best Practices for Strategic Alignment Gold Club Protected
Robert Frances Group says that alignment alone, without IT having effective processes and management, leads to increased IT expenditures and slower or negative growth.
10/17/2007 Making Customers Happy  
In the on-demand world, the pendulum swings all processes toward the goal of pleasing the customer.
09/24/2007 Streamlining Your Compliance Strategy  
Many organizations have started to look at the effectiveness of their compliance and auditing strategies, with an eye to streamlining and automating processes and simply making audits less painful and costly.
09/13/2007 Getting SOA Right the First Time  
David Linthicum warms us to consider business needs first, starting with core requirements, and think about technology needs after that.
08/29/2007 Anti-Fusion: The Open Solutions Alliance  
Dominic Sartorio says interoperability is a challenge best addressed collaboratively, with a practical bottom-up approach that encourages participation from developers worldwide.
08/13/2007 Top Ten Ways to Improve Your BI Initiative  
Dust off and maximize that business intelligence investment you've made!
07/23/2007 Seven Steps to More Secure Software  
A multi-level solution to make security a mindset that pervades the development group, as an internal best practice.
07/20/2007 Start Small and Think Big  
Any integration project that involves the whole enterprise is bound to seem overwhelming, but the results can actually be better if you start small.
05/10/2007 The Innovation Gap  
Tony Baer muses: Is consolidation killing innovation?
05/01/2007 Is IT Like Gardening?  
ebizQ is proud to share with our readers a new book excerpt from the geniuses over at Macehiter-Ward Dutton.
04/03/2007 The Greatest Innovation Since the Assembly Line  
A combination of processes that are coming to be collectively known as the 'real-time enterprise' will become the basis for our economy in the information age.
04/03/2007 451 Group Intel: Unisys on Open Source Path Toward Mission-Critical Computing Gold Club Protected
Unisys seeks to lead the way for nonproprietary software and standards in mission-critical computing.
03/28/2007 451 Group Intel: SWsoft and Parallels Gold Club Protected
SWsoft acknowledges majority ownership of hardware virtualization player Parallels.
02/27/2007 Evolution Beats Revolution  
The deployment of executive dashboards.
02/20/2007 Why IP Address Management is Critical for Corporate Compliance  
Regulatory compliance is now a business-critical requirement that extends to the management of corporate networks.
02/14/2007 The CIO's New Balancing Act  
How application development, process integration and connectivity to partners can drive growth while meeting compliance mandates.
02/12/2007 The Benefits of Logical Security  
A case for unified enterprise security management.
02/07/2007 Top Priorities in IT Today Gold Club Protected
RFG has been asked by its clients what CIOs are seeing as top priorities going into 2007.
02/07/2007 The Fight for Enterprise Search Dominance Gold Club Protected
Jim Murphy of AMR Research says the IBM-Yahoo! Deal sets the stage for the battle of enterprise search.
01/30/2007 2007 Enterprise Technology Trend: Enterprises Go Open Choice  
Leading IT suppliers complete open source software takeover; the channel and enterprises get open choice.
01/18/2007 Five Predictions for 2007 Gold Club Protected
Among other predictions, AMR's Bruce Richardson says SOA moves from “SOA what?” to small pilots in manufacturing and retail.
01/10/2007 Beyond Process Automation  
BPM enables organizations to enforce operations consistency, and also helps adhere to the ever-expanding body of compliance regulations and laws.
01/05/2007 Is Open Source Software Cheaper?  
Tony Baer discusses the financial efficacy of Open Source.
01/02/2007 Managing IT Risk  
ebizQ's Dave Kelly says there are a range of both internal and external risks to the IT organization, all of which can have direct and indirect impacts on a business.
12/24/2006 Bond, James Bond: Risk Management Consultant?  
Unlike 007’s special gadgets and cool tools department, most corporate IT groups have a limited budget for security and risk management.
12/20/2006 Rising Above Commoditization  
Customer service is the last remaining differentiator and the key to long-term business process success.
12/17/2006 The Patch Conundrum  
Revising security strategies in light of zero-day threats.
12/11/2006 Interoperable Instant Messaging  
In an age of universal, standards-based Internet connectivity, IM remains a bastion of proprietary technology.
11/22/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part IV of IV)  
The final article in Neil Macehiter’s identity management series.
11/07/2006 Best Practices: Do-it-Yourself Integration  
Ingraining the culture of in-house integration.
11/06/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part III of IV)  
Navigating the identity management standards jungle.
11/01/2006 RFG's Guide to BPM Solutions and Vendors Gold Club Protected
Robert Frances Group's executive guide to the BPM competitive landscape.
10/26/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part II of IV)  
Neil Macehiter says organizations will have to bring together a well- understood set of identity management capabilities if they are to respond effectively to current business trends.
10/25/2006 SOA on Steroids Gold Club Protected
AMR Research discusses the reality of manufacturing composite applications.
10/15/2006 Identity Management End-to-End (Part I of IV)  
Understanding the set of processes and supporting technologies that manage the electronic definition, storage and lifecycles of digital identities.
10/12/2006 SOA: Savior or Nemesis?  
The hype around SOA says it will make life easier, streamline business, and provide untold flexibility and responsiveness. But will it?
10/10/2006 Eyes Off the Prize  
While the consequences of the HP case may prove far more severe than a blown budget or project schedule, the scenario should still look rather familiar to any seasoned IT executive.
09/21/2006 Is Ajax a Victim of its own Success?  
OnStrategies' Tony Baer says trying to standardize Ajax tools and technologies is like trying to herd cats.
09/19/2006 Best Practices for IT Infrastructure Management and Business Alignment Gold Club Protected
RFG believes initiatives related to service-oriented architectures (SOAs), software as a service (SaaS), and other approaches to IT-empowered business enablement are proliferating faster than they are maturing.
09/12/2006 The Future of Storage Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group reports that IBM offers a sneak preview of some of the storage projects being developed at its Almaden research labs.
09/10/2006 Ensuring Business Continuity (Part II)  
What happens when everything you do is critical?
09/07/2006 Ensuring Business Continuity (Part I)  
Small, almost unnoticed computer viruses, hackers or even a simple inadvertent configuration change in a database or server setting can trigger an unexpected application or IT system failure.
09/05/2006 Business Rules Cafe  
How IT can stop worrying and love change.
08/24/2006 Virtualization: The Future of Computing? Gold Club Protected
Robert Frances Group says 2006 will be a watershed year for virtualization usage and technologies based on its abilities to leverage underutilized computing power and reduce data center costs and complexities.
08/23/2006 Opportunities in Basel II Technology  
More valuable than just compliance: Better reference data management can help optimize risk and improve capital efficiency.
08/02/2006 Tapping Into Your Enterprise Data  
Data accessibility and architecture improvements can have a positive impact on all functional groups - the front office, middle office and the back office – although for vastly different reasons.
07/31/2006 Bulletproofing Your SOA  
Five things you should know to deliver secure SOA and Web services.
07/27/2006 XML: The Speeding Bullet  
How a growing industry standard can help you get things done faster.
07/25/2006 Extranet Trends  
ebizQ’s Dave Kelly takes a look at some of the trends driving underlying changes in extranet technologies and infrastructure capabilities
07/19/2006 Feeding the Information-Hungry Enterprise  
Sensors, tags and embedded devices create the need for us to find new ways manage unprecedented volumes and disparate types of information.
07/18/2006 IT’s True Worth  
How to increase the worth that IT can contribute to the company.
07/11/2006 Portal Best Practices Gold Club Protected
An interview with Oracle's Jay Daugherty.
06/28/2006 Seven Identity Management Habits of Highly Effective CIOs  
This must-have list needs to be on your CIO’s desk.
06/22/2006 Portals and Your Business Gold Club Protected
An excerpt from the ebizQ Oracle Insider.
06/19/2006 The Difference Between IT and Business Enablement  
Phil Gilbert argues that BPM’s competitive advantage is realized through a more efficient environment for collaboration and the ability to drive requirements down into the SOA layer.
06/14/2006 Process Management: Beyond the Technology  
Establishing the right set of leadership behaviors is arguably the most critical factor in the sustainable deployment of process management.
06/12/2006 Extreme Competition  
An excerpt from Peter Fingar’s new book on innovation and the great 21st century business reformation.
06/01/2006 Best of Mainframe Job Scheduling for the Enterprise  
With enterprise-wide control of all jobs, job scheduling has become the most useful tool in managing the entire IT environment – that is, if it’s used correctly.
05/29/2006 From SOA to Business-Oriented Architectures Gold Club Protected
The Robert Frances Group says the support of effective, enterprise-wide business process management (BPM) represents a strong opportunity to evolve IT-business alignment and SOA efforts in ways that support BOAs.
05/25/2006 Making EA Work (Part II)  
How enterprise architecture enables business transformation.
05/21/2006 Blinded by the Light  
While JavaOne 2006 was all about the Web 2.0 client, OnStrategies' Tony Baer says that JavaOne 2007 will be about connectivity.
05/14/2006 Making EA Work (Part I)  
How enterprise architecture enables business transformation.
05/07/2006 Rethinking Retail Management  
John Stelzer says CIOs should employ within their stores the same level of inventory management sophistication that they use in their distribution centers.
05/02/2006 Optimizing the Program Management Office  
The effective management of large initiatives requires a unique set of tools and techniques.
04/27/2006 Enterprise Compliance Management Gold Club Protected
RFG believes a central IT risk compliance program is imperative to manage new and evolving regulations.
04/16/2006 The Secret is Out  
After an all too public courtship with Oracle, JBoss has finally decided to tie the knot, but with Red Hat.
04/16/2006 The Elephant at the Enterprise Risk Management Party  
For the past few years, it’s been a little lonely for the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) proponents of the world, but suddenly we seem to have lots of company at the party.
04/05/2006 One and One is Three  
The path to viability for software vendors and the IT profession is hardly obvious.
04/05/2006 A Simple Way to Evaluate Open Source  
Some criteria for judging which open souce tools should be brought into your enterprise.
04/02/2006 Top 10 Tips to Minimize Risk Gold Club Protected
RFG says IT executives should view ther risk challenges holistically; engaging those inside and outside of IT.
03/26/2006 The Service-Oriented Future  
Cape Clear’s Annrai O’Toole says themes emerging in SOA development involve simplicity, collaboration, open source and ‘subscription-based everything.’
03/19/2006 BEA Systems adds BPM to AquaLogic by acquiring Fuego Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group's take on BEA's purchase of Fuego.
03/19/2006 The World's Worst Kept Secret  
What's going on with the mating dance between Oracle and JBoss that's playing out in the media and blogs?
03/19/2006 Time to Change the ERP?  
Dave Kelly says that now is a great time for companies to re-evaluate their ERP, CRM, HR and other enterprise systems.
03/19/2006 Increase Your Agility With BPEL Gold Club Protected
An article excerpted from the ebizQ Oracle Newsletter.
03/19/2006 Wikis and Blogs: Make Room for Innovation Gold Club Protected
Wiki and blog use is already widespread in large enterprises, though companies rarely have a thoroughly refined plan for them.
03/14/2006 The Application is Dead  
Yesterday’s monolithic IT infrastructure is being deconstructed into a dynamic matrix of loosely coupled services.
03/13/2006 The Dos and Don’ts of Enterprise Risk Management  
Enterprise risk departments are being established at record speed, recognizing the business value of managing risk across the enterprise.
03/12/2006 Buzzword Alert: Governance  
ebizQ’s own Dave Kelly asks if we’re looking at too much of a good thing.
03/05/2006 Fueling the Innovation Ecosystem  
A united, dedicated effort from key players can fuel the development of open standards and technologies.
03/05/2006 What Enterprises Want From Mobile Devices and Vendors Gold Club Protected
IT executives should pressure and collaborate more closely with the triad of mobile solution vendors to effect the change required to deliver enterprise-level products and capabilities.
03/03/2006 Web Services in Retail Banking  
Stanley Young of HP says his company’s new product controls and eases SOA implementation.
03/01/2006 The Cost of an Ungoverned SOA  
Governance was a key theme at the kick-off session of the Web Services/SOA on Wall Street conference in New York last week.
02/26/2006 The 'On Demand' Concept Plays Heavily in Informatica's Future Plans Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group says a fire's been lit under the company.
02/19/2006 Perfect Compliance: Is it Possible? Gold Club Protected
Perfection may be elusive, but AMR says companies should use compliance as an opportunity to improve the processes of their business.
02/19/2006 Using Security to Enable Growth  
Security has transformed from IT nuisance to business critical.
02/14/2006 The Danger of Placebo Metrics  
Are you tracking the wrong measurements?
02/12/2006 The Security Conundrum  
It’s easy to be frozen by fear from security concerns, but these fears must be balanced, and tempered, with a wide range of business considerations.
02/12/2006 Six Myths of Rules and Business Process Management  
Despite the myths, rules-driven BPM is emerging as the leading BPM technology of choice for customers interested in solving real business problems.
02/07/2006 Protecting Corporate Data  
Ejectable disk backup keeps business systems accessible to employees, partners, and customers with the appropriate security controls.
02/07/2006 Managing and Measuring Security in the Enterprise Gold Club Protected
IT executives should proactively develop and foster the best practices required to monitor and manage enterprise security effectively.
02/05/2006 Business Assurance and the Changing Role of IT  
Technology is an enabler for more effectively managing the business, but it doesn’t solve problems unless it is tied directly to business and governance objectives.
01/29/2006 Achieving Business Agility through Model-Driven SOA  
Can model-driven architecture be made simpler and more accessible, to become a widely used enabling technology for SOA?
01/22/2006 Business Assurance and the Changing Role of IT  
Technology is an enabler for more effectively managing the business, but it doesn’t solve problems unless it is tied directly to business and governance objectives.
01/22/2006 Enterprise Risk Management  
How to expect the unexpected.
01/22/2006 Taking Your Business to the Next Level  
The game of business success is a journey along a path of ongoing business improvement.
01/15/2006 The Holy Grail of IT today  
How to generate Return on Sunk Investment.
01/15/2006 Automating the Data Center  
Organizations require business policies and service-level agreements to drive dynamic and automatic optimization of IT infrastructure.
01/15/2006 The Impact of Business Performance Management  
Embracing the benefits that effective process automation and management can bring to any organization.
01/15/2006 Disruptive Technology Alert: Wikis and Blogs Gold Club Protected
Wikis and blogs may seem hokey and faddish, but AMR Research says they're the next big factor in Knowledge Management for enterprises.
01/08/2006 Application Development: Challenges and Opportunities in 2006 Gold Club Protected
RFG believes 2006 will be a year of changes in enterprise application development.
01/08/2006 Top Ten Tips to Reduce IT Costs  
Practical tips for reducing software costs – ideas you just might want to take to your CFO.
12/25/2005 Five Themes for 2006 Gold Club Protected
AMR's Bruce Richardson says 2006 will be a strong year for the enterprise software and services market.
12/25/2005 2005 Review of the Infrastructure Software Market Gold Club Protected
This year, the 451 Group says IT governance came to prominence as a way for CIOs to centrally manage their IT resources in much the same way that HR departments have done for years.
12/18/2005 Wireless Technologies: Disruptive, but 'Enterprise-Important' Gold Club Protected
Within five years, RFG says wireless communications will become an integral part of enterprise network architectures.
12/18/2005 How Innovation Can Save You from Overdosing on Sarbanes-Oxley  
Building preventive controls and rules directly into financial applications.
12/11/2005 Insurer Heal Thyself  
Employing the right SOA can help the insurance industry overcome its challenges.
12/11/2005 Moving Beyond EAI and B2Bi  
The next generation of business interaction requires a level of organizational cooperation and information use that has heretofore not been on the radar screen.
12/11/2005 The Business Drivers Behind IT Initiatives  
Developing a strategic framework for your enterprise.
12/04/2005 Identity Management Becomes Essential Gold Club Protected
As an IT function, the 451 Group says identity management is gaining in relevance.
11/28/2005 Three Simple Steps to Improve Performance  
AMR Research says that defining your measurement strategy will improve your company's ability to process performance indicator data.
11/27/2005 Ten Rules for Maximizing ERP System Impact  
Ten recommendations for improving business processes effectiveness, and maximizing IT spending during ERP implementations.
11/20/2005 Cultivating Leaders in a Lemming World (Part II of II)  
The most effective CIOs are in constant ‘mentor mode,' molding leaders who will help them make their vision a reality.
11/13/2005 The Future of SOA  
Understanding the business benefit of service-oriented architectures.
11/13/2005 Maximizing the Value of Business Process Management  
Rashid Khan describes a new approach aimed at capturing the inherent complexities and dynamic nature of business processes.
11/13/2005 Using Business Intelligence to Optimize SOX Compliance Gold Club Protected
RFG says enterprises are turning to BI solutions to facilitate compliance with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
11/06/2005 The Impact of Business Process Exceptions  
ebizQ’s own Dave Kelly says the strategic impact of process exceptions can be much greater than people think.
10/30/2005 The Technology Challenges of Global Trading  
In supply chains, global sourcing continues to operate outside the main stream business processes in multi-billion dollar businesses.
10/30/2005 The Vanilla Layer Cake Theory  
Brenda Michelson recommends using service-orientation for non-invasive application package customization.
10/30/2005 Integration on the Garden Path  
Ben Stewart of Corizon says IT integration in customer service situations needs to start with the agent and work down from there.
10/23/2005 Agility vs. Control  
Do you have to give up control for agility? Steve Minsky says a balanced scorecard alone is not enough.
10/16/2005 Building an Agile IT Infrastructure Gold Club Protected
RFG says IT executives need to be better prepared to address dynamic and constantly changing business environments.
10/16/2005 Cultivating Leaders in a Lemming World (Part I of II)  
The most effective CIOs are in constant ‘mentor mode,’ molding leaders who will help them make their visions a reality.
10/10/2005 Making SOA Happen  
Will SOA ever really fulfill its promise?
10/02/2005 SOX Compliance Partnering Gold Club Protected
AMR Research's take on the hot Sarbanes-Oxley compliance market.
10/02/2005 The Future of Business Process Management  
ebizQ’s David Kelly says we’ll see increased focus on process optimization and simulation capabilities offered by BPM technologies.
10/02/2005 The Enterprise Gateway  
Chip Wilson says leadership and vision in your enterprise investments will bring significant ROI.
10/02/2005 Enabling Collaboration  
An open, flexible, enterprise-wide infrastructure platform is key to achieving the benefits of collaboration.
09/25/2005 Oracle's New Retail Focus Gold Club Protected
The 451 Group says partnerships seem the brunt of the Oracle SMB strategy.
09/18/2005 Business Integration with Enterprise Business Architecture  
Why we need an architecture of the business, one that is representative of the enterprise, understood by the business designers and users, that enables business integration.
09/11/2005 The Price of Fraud  
Using enterprise risk management tools to stop rewarding crime.
09/04/2005 Shifting to Growth-Oriented Initiatives  
Collaborating with others in the supply ecosystem.
09/04/2005 Where Insight Meets Process  
How process portals can deliver real bottom-line value.
08/31/2005 Cutting the Cost of Transformation  
Restructuring data so that it makes sense to the receiving application.
08/28/2005 Practical Best Practices  
Benefits and recommendations from ebizQ’s Dave Kelly.
08/28/2005 A Guide to Software-as-a-Service and On Demand Gold Club Protected
Hint: AMR Research says they're not the same.
08/21/2005 The New Secret to Success in Bridging Business and IT  
Emerging tech boards are bridging the gap at innovative companies by helping to ease complex technical issues now facing many boards of directors.
08/21/2005 Reducing Risk and Increasing Productivity through Best Practices  
Accomplishing more with less.
08/21/2005 Implementing Process-Based Management Gold Club Protected
IT executives have a great opportunity to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and results of their organizations by implementing more formal processes.
08/07/2005 Following Directions  
When to consider best practices.
08/07/2005 Reaching Outside the Enterprise  
Making collaboration a reality in your organization.
07/31/2005 The Key to Success with SOA  
The growth of SOA reveals a need for sophisticated discovery mechanisms.
07/31/2005 Manage Risk, Don’t Suppress It  
Securities firms tend to be at the front of the adoption curve for new risk management ideas and technologies.
07/24/2005 Extending the Enterprise with BPM  
CRM, ERP and SCM effectiveness is influenced heavily by the performance of people who do not have those applications on their desktop.
07/17/2005 Sarbanes-Oxley: A Business Blessing in Disguise  
Compliance is a great business yardstick to employ in uncovering and improving upon your Enterprise Resource Planning.
07/17/2005 Dealing With Small Vendors in the Elastic Enterprise Gold Club Protected
RFG says IT executives seeking to use the most innovative technologies have little choice but to turn to smaller technology vendors.
07/10/2005 The ROI of Your SOA  
Making the business case for the movement to service-oriented architectures.
07/10/2005 Intra-Enterprise Collaboration  
The benefits of entities behaving like autonomous enterprises within a single company.
06/26/2005 Proving CIO Worth  
Roger Sippl says the value that CIOs are expected to deliver has shifted.
06/24/2005 Developing Risk Plans  
Using a risk plan can avert confusion, improve the business as well as help achieve compliance.
06/19/2005 The Path to Integrated Network Security (Part II of II)  
Part II in a series about how integrated, cooperative security technologies can leverage information and enforcement capabilities.
06/12/2005 The Path to Integrated Network Security (Part I of II)  
Integrated, cooperative security technologies that can leverage information and enforcement capabilities are on the forefront of innovation in the enterprise security marketplace.
06/12/2005 Moving Beyond Information Visibility  
Can organizations create an internal environment where consistent data becomes a possibility?
05/29/2005 IT Architecture Comes of Age  
Interoperability is essential, now more than ever.
05/29/2005 Addressing Storage Security Gold Club Protected
RFG advises IT executives to secure storage systems in order to ensure adequate data protection.
05/22/2005 The SMB Perspective  
Smaller companies face a challenge of having to adhere to the same technological demands as large businesses.
05/22/2005 The SMB Challenge  
What’s important in small to mid-sized enterprise business technology decisions?
05/15/2005 How Collaboration Leads to Sustainable Competitive Advantage  
Learn about significant changes in how technology is being leveraged to create sustainable competitive advantage.
05/08/2005 Service-Oriented Architectures and Software as a Service  
Large traditional enterprise software companies are encountering stiff competition from companies offering SaaS solutions.
05/08/2005 Assessing Operational Risk  
Driving out the ‘insidious errors’ in business rules.
05/08/2005 Innovation Problems? The Problem Is Leadership Gold Club Protected
Despite being unhappy with ROI in innovation, executives continue to pour money into it. When will they learn that the process needs a leader?
05/01/2005 ESB Fills Management Gaps for Web Services  
The Enterprise Service Bus is driving the need to manage connected services in today’s and tomorrow’s enterprise IT environment, says Don Laursen of Captaris.
05/01/2005 Can BPM Save Us From a Compliance Nightmare?  
Dave Kelly takes on the challenge of today's broad and complex compliance requirements.
05/01/2005 Supporting Collaborative Spaces Gold Club Protected
CIOs can now choose from a range of tools that help people to create and share information.
05/01/2005 Instant Communications: Business Tools or Business Risks? Gold Club Protected
RFG says that instant messaging, blogs and peer-to-peer communications are increasingly being explored as vehicles for business value.
05/01/2005 Is 'Rip and Replace' the Only Way to Deal with Legacy Systems?  
Relentless business imperatives are placing new demands on legacy systems. However, the rip and replace approach is rarely the right answer. Why?
04/24/2005 Building the Process-Managed Real-Time Enterprise  
How can we change the mental models of functionally-minded business leaders?
04/24/2005 Getting Better Business Value from IT  
Firms who get IT architecture and governance right are beneficiaries of IT business value, says Dr. Jeanne Ross of the Sloan School of Management’s Center for Information Systems Research at MIT.
04/17/2005 Solutions to the Challenge of Process Mapping  
Unlike traditional approaches that require processes to be defined in excruciating detail before any automation can occur, moving to a more dynamic model lets you choose when you want to deploy, letting experience and real world needs drive the timing and details of process definition, says Rashid Khan of Ultimus.
04/17/2005 Sarbanes-Oxley: Setting a Better Organization in Motion  
By embracing rather than merely complying with Sarbox, organizations of all sizes will reap rewards that extend far beyond meeting the conditions required by the law, says Sean Chou of Fieldglass.
04/10/2005 Leveraging Technology to Your Competitive Advantage  
John Stelzer discusses significant changes in how technology can be leveraged to create sustainable competitive advantage, by utilizing availability, analysis and application of information to generate worth.
04/10/2005 Human Interaction: The Missing Link in BPM (Part II)  
Most of today’s process implementations are not, in fact, contained neatly in their own top tiers of the enterprise architecture, providing a simple translation from business needs to process implementations. Rather, the current Business Process Management stack is scattered across different levels of infrastructure as its designers require. Part two of a two-part ebizQ series.
04/10/2005 The Three Faces of BPM  
As business process software packages have gained acceptance in the marketplace, it’s important for organizations to understand that there are actually three different kinds of BPM, each designed to solve a specific problem. Action Technology’s CEO, Bill Welty, educates us on the differences.
04/03/2005 Human Interaction: The Missing Link in BPM (Part I)  
Existing process languages, for all their power, do not in themselves capture the human issues crucial to such activities. Why is this? And what else do you need?
04/03/2005 Developing Industry Standards for Compliance  
Brian Sennett says businesses now have an opportunity to make improvements that go beyond mere compliance to increase the efficiency and predictability of operations.
04/03/2005 Can We Translate IT ‘Alphabet Soup’ into Business Benefits? Gold Club Protected
IT and business executives are posing questions related to BPM, BSM and SOAs these days. Many of these questions are focused on consistent definitions of the acronyms themselves. Herewith, some attempts to rationalize and simplify the confusion, courtesy of Robert Frances Group's Michael Dortch.
04/03/2005 Q&A with Matt Minetola, CIO of HP Financial Services Gold Club Protected
ebizQ’s editor-in-chief Elizabeth Book recently interviewed Matt Minetola, CIO of HP Financial Services, for ebizQ's special radio program, CIOaudio. Click here for a text of the Q&A, and at the bottom for a link to the Web-streaming radio interview.
03/27/2005 The Arrival of ERP for IT Gold Club Protected
CIOs need better visibility across their entire IT operations, but achieving it is difficult with the existing collection of unrelated point tools for IT. An emerging suite of technology, which AMR Research calls IT Resource Planning (ITRP), seeks to do for IT what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) did for the enterprise.
03/27/2005 The Business Imperative of SOA Governance (Part II)  
The move to SOA is inevitable. But the shift in technologies and paradigms is putting enterprise business operations and their ability to quickly adapt at risk. That’s why SOA requires governance from day one. Part two of a two-part special ebizQ series with WebLayers’ CEO Motti Vaknin.
03/27/2005 The Challenge of BPM Adoption  
On the surface, it appears that any organization worth its salt should be able to define and document the business requirements for a new technology initiation or the automation of an existing process. Logician Steve Minsky explains why it’s harder than it seems.
03/21/2005 The Business Imperative of SOA Governance (Part 1) Gold Club Protected
While the move to service-oriented architectures is inevitable, it requires watchful governance from day one. Part one of a two-part special ebizQ series with WebLayers’ CEO Motti Vaknin.
03/20/2005 Taking the Offensive on Identity Management  
With a spate of security breaches topping the headlines this month, identity theft is also topping the minds of CIOs as criminals hack into corporate networks to steal and use personal information that invades individuals’ privacy and costs companies and individuals billions of dollars each year. Jeff Currie, the senior strategist directing IBM Tivoli’s identity management solutions group, discusses how to prevent intrusions before they occur.
03/20/2005 Want BPM? The First Challenge is Your Process Map  
Technology infrastructure, process flow and business requirements all need to be discovered and translated into a process map to enable automation to occur. This effort, as well as adjusting the process map to keep pace with change, is the most significant challenge of BPM projects, according to Ultimus CEO Rashid Khan.
03/13/2005 Building Your SOA for the Human Race Gold Club Protected
The technology for augmenting human-driven processes with computers is now emerging, in a new generation of software frameworks for process support—such a software framework is termed a Human Interaction Management System (HIMS). In this article, Keith Harrison-Broninski considers the requirements that a HIMS places on Web services, and draw conclusions about the Web service technologies required.
03/13/2005 Running IT Like a Business Gold Club Protected
The Robert Frances Group believes running IT like the business to facilitate IT-business alignment and enterprise elasticity is key to the survival of CIOs.
03/06/2005 Multi-Enterprise Collaboration in Action  
John Stelzer's regular monthly column, CIO Edge, is dedicated to addressing the many issues CIOs are facing in today's rapidly changing world. We know that one of the greatest challenges CIOs have is how to find a way to regularly outdo what they just accomplished. After all, it can be argued that continually producing at the same level is stagnation. In this installment, John talks about how to properly analyze and apply information to produce value.
03/06/2005 SOA’s Information Access Layer Gold Club Protected
Information-centric Web services will provide only limited value if they are constrained by the need for separate services for each physical data source, says Rob Cardwell of MetaMatrix. Unless a service can span an organization’s existing data sources, Web services will just put another layer of silos on top of existing data assets.
02/27/2005 What’s In A Name? Gold Club Protected
Assigning meaningful identifiers is an annoyance for individuals, but for CIOs in major corporations, identity management is a big headache.
02/21/2005 Customer Data: The Lifeblood of an Organization Gold Club Protected
How much does it matter whether a corporation coordinates its customer relationships and customer information enterprise-wide?
02/21/2005 Is SOA the Answer for Our Customers?  
It’s still early in 2005 and service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the hottest buzzword of the year. SOAs slice and dice and they do anything you need them to do faster, cheaper and more efficient than anything else ever. But do our customers really need or want it?
02/13/2005 Invoking Enterprise Software Quality Standards  
Changes to software applications always carry business risks -- Risks such as unplanned downtime, poor performance, customer dissatisfaction, lost revenue and more. Therefore, the pressure is on IT organizations as never before to support business process change – this means delivering mission-critical software applications quickly while, at the same time, ensuring its reliability. To deliver software quickly, Software Quality Optimization (SQO) must be the centerpiece of software development and deployment.
02/13/2005 How Does Poor Customer Data Management Affect the Customer? Gold Club Protected
Dave Kelly says customer data should be the central focus of your organization, because, after all, you need customers to make money. In most cases, you also need to track and know about those customers to make more money. But a surprising number of companies simply don’t have customer data management policies or practices in place.
01/31/2005 Best Practices for Building an Innovative Work Culture Gold Club Protected
Executives who wish to create an innovative work culture must not only hire creative individuals, but must also support and embrace an environment that is conducive to innovation, says Michael Paust of PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
01/24/2005 Achieving Semantic Interoperability Gold Club Protected
Chris Harding of The Open Group says that today there is no argument that interoperability is a critical element for optimizing business performance and maintaining competitive advantage.
01/18/2005 The Transformational CIO  
Adopting transformational rather than traditional transactional leadership styles has become a cost-effective way for CIOs to reconcile the conflicting objectives of driving growth, increase agility and improve customer experiences while cutting back on expenses, says ebizQ’s managing editor Gian Trotta, reporting on the first of ebizQ’s executive Webinars.
01/17/2005 The Customer Hierarchy of Needs Gold Club Protected
Over the years, a variety of approaches have been used to extrapolate and evaluate information in an effort to understand and replicate what keeps customers satisfied. Promise Phelon, founding partner of the Phelon Group, encourages us to define and implement the customer hierarchy of needs in order to increase our business success.
01/10/2005 CIO Marginalization is Not Inevitable Gold Club Protected
Sara Braunstein of the Robert Frances Group says the movement of application development budgets back to the lines of business and the ongoing operational budget cuts have begun to erode and marginalize the role of the CIO. However, she argues, this need not occur and is not inevitable.
01/10/2005 The Next Big Thing  
John Stelzer's new regular monthly column, CIO Edge, is dedicated to addressing the many issues CIOs are facing in today's rapidly changing world. We know that one of the greatest challenges CIOs have is how to find a way to regularly outdo what they just accomplished. After all, it can be argued that continually producing at the same level is stagnation.
01/03/2005 How to Benefit From the Rapidly Changing Telecom Environment  
CEO Robert Weinger shares how to build an efficient and cost-effective telecommunications strategy.
01/03/2005 Your Pocket Guide to Semantics and Ontologies (Part Two)  
When we last discussed ontologies, we covered how they help the SOA architect prepare semantic generalizations that make the problem domain more understandable. This month, let’s take a deeper dive into the enabling standards.
12/14/2004 The Innovation Imperative Gold Club Protected
Product innovation and growth are some of today's top business issues and are major factors in strategic investment, yet research shows that among top companies, there is no common measure of success. IT departments, however, provide unbiased metrics and clues to organizational leadership that provide a critical thread of continuity that is critical to business success. The CIO would do well to harness the skills his IT department is trained to provide.
12/02/2004 Creating an Integration Competency Center and Keeping It Running  
The increasing complexity and number of integration projects can no longer be dealth with on a project-by-project basis. IT departments need to set up specialist units to cope with the growing number and complexity of application integration projects. Gartner's Paolo Malinvorno shares a gradual four-stage plan for the disciplined design, deployment day-to-day operations of an integration competency center.
11/29/2004 The Rewards and Pitfalls Of Identity Management  
If it’s so great, why doesn’t everybody implement it?
11/23/2004 Market Intelligence Based on Unstructured Data Starting to Prove its Viability Gold Club Protected
A clutch of companies have sprung up in the past few years attempting to derive insight from unstructured data and present it to business users in an actionable format. Nick Patience of the 451 Group explains which companies are gleaning relevant business intelligence from unstrucutured data. He also indicates which kinds of information from the vast gluts will prove viable to us in the future.
11/22/2004 Mobile Security: The Threats & Countermeasures  
Now that many of our business dealings are conducted through various wireless portals, it is important to turn our attention to mobile security, cognizant that entire enterprises can be placed at risk considering that viruses and worms are now trying to attack our hand-held devices. Matias Impivaara of F-Secure shares some of the threats we face, and provides some countermeasures to deal with them.
11/19/2004 Targeting Execs With Plain Language  
The CIO and the IT manager need to effectively find common ground between tech- and exec-speak, in order to communicates their goals and needs.
11/15/2004 Confessions of a CIO  
The top ten mistakes the IT department makes in dealing with their top executive.
11/15/2004 The New IT Executives  
They’re either aligned or maligned.
11/15/2004 A Fool With a Tool is Still a Fool  
Integration expert and visionary John L. Stelzer of Sterling Commerce shares how the CIO can better harness technology tools.
11/15/2004 Business First: IT Second  
The role of chief information officer has never been more demanding or less defined.
11/12/2004 The Case for Business Perfomance Management -- Why It's Imperative for On-Demand Business  
To IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, an on-demand business boasts business processes that are integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers. Here's how organization, action and infrastructure can be orchestrated toward such an objective. Access to information that aligns strategy to operations -- and enables action to be taken based on insights gained -- can help businesses thrive in a hypercompetitive market. Examples detailed include insurance companies lowering the cost of claims while improving customer service and retailer's attempts to optimize sales with minimal inventory.
11/10/2004 A Holistic Approach to Business Performance Management  
Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQ's Vice President of Strategic Services, interviews Kevin McAuliffe, Director of Strategy and CTO for IBM Business Performance Management about IBM’s Business Performance Management Solutions.
11/10/2004 Why Business Performance Management?  
Access to information that aligns strategy to operations -- and enables action to be taken based on insights gained -- can help businesses thrive in a hypercompetitive market. Examples detailed include insurance companies lowering the cost of claims while improving customer service and retailer's attempts to optimize sales with minimal inventory.
11/10/2004 Business Performance Management -- Delivering On-Demand Success  
To IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, an on-demand business boasts business processes that are integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers. Here's how organization, action and infrastructure can be orchestrated toward such an objective.
11/10/2004 Creating an Integration Competency Center and Keeping It Running  
The increasing complexity and number of integration projects can no longer be dealth with on a project-by-project basis. IT departments need to set up specialist units to cope with the growing number and complexity of application integration projects. Gartner's Paolo Malinvorno shares a gradual four-stage plan for the disciplined design, deployment day-to-day operations of an integration competency center.
11/10/2004 Evaluating Investments in Systematic Application Integration: Configuring Your Enterprise Framework To Improve Your Bottom Line  
Companies facing considerable -- and inescapable -- outlays for integration projects can ease the pain by choosing the proper style of integration to pursue. Gartner's Roy Schulte takes a look at some of the best choices.
11/01/2004 Is an ESB Critical To Your Future?  
Just as application servers started out by providing connection, transaction, instantiation and other programming services that freed the programmer from having to write the code for each application, an enterprise service bus provides common communication and integration services. ebizQ’s own Beth Gold-Bernstein discusses why companies building service-oriented architectures and loosely coupled event-driven applications need an ESB.
10/25/2004 Is Speed the Measure of Success?  
Real time means real fast, right? But hold on a second. In the business context of the real-time enterprise, speed isn’t always the correct measure. Author and visionary Peter Fingar explains what real time really means in business and why.
10/18/2004 Unifying Your Customer-Facing Application  
In recent years, companies have turned to three common technologies to create solutions for customer data integration. Data movement tools such as Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), data query and aggregation tools such as Enterprise Information Integration (EII) and Data Quality (DQ) tools deliver results for CRM to customers in a timely fashion. However, what the tool vendors aren’t telling you is that these tools are inadequate for developing a reliable Customer Data Integration (CDI) platform.
09/20/2004 Who is Master of Which Data? Gold Club Protected
In this enlightening article from AMR Research, enterprise application expert Bill Swinton discusses how to become the master of your data management universe. He emphasizes the need for data harmonization, highlighting the possibilities and perils of global data integration, and the importance of taking into consideration ERP, CRM, strategic sourcing and product lifecyle management.
09/06/2004 Battling ‘Balkanization’ With Internet Presence Management  
Bringing a company’s processes to the Web is an efficient way to get those processes working in concert, rather than isolation, suggests Red Door Interactive’s Kelly Abbott, especially when you throw in a healthy dose of what Abbott calls “The Internet Presence Management Manifesto”!:
08/30/2004 Does Your Company Know What It Knows? Gold Club Protected
Having complete, reliable, real-time information from and on all areas of the enterprise and its partners, adding up to the “big picture,” is critical for businesses. But they’re still not there, according to ebizQ columnist Dr. Chris Harding, of The Open Group. He says the obstacles are formidable but being tackled, in the hope of reaching information Nirvana, what The Open Group dubs “Boundaryless Information Flow”:
08/23/2004 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Data Integration Solution  
As data integration has gone from relatively primitive to a critical need of organizations, the factors influencing the success of such efforts have also evolved in number and complexity. Here, Sterling Commerce�s Terry Noreault highlights key points to ponder as you mull the solution your company needs:
08/16/2004 RFID Pool: Inviting, But Not Necessarily For Everyone Gold Club Protected
RFID has come a long way, and is likely to add even more value to enterprises down the road, but organizations shouldn�t just jump in head-first, according to the RFG�s Ken Landoline. He cautions that companies should first evaluate how RFID might meet their specific needs, since its benefits �can vary a great deal in various situations and by industry�:
07/26/2004 Information Quality: Your Decisions Are Only As Good As Your Information Gold Club Protected
And that applies to businesses, IT and in everyday life, observes The Open Group�s Dr. Chris Harding, an ebizQ columnist. He notes that high quality data is essential, but first agreement is needed on exactly what constitutes it and how to measure it. And Dr. Harding has a notion of how to go about achieving such a meeting of the minds:
07/26/2004 Integration Best Practices: Beyond The SOA, Composite Apps And Web Services Hype  
Done right, SOAs, Web services and composite applications can greatly enhance enterprise agility and hence, the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions, says ebizQ�s Beth Gold-Bernstein. But she cautions that the operative words there are done right, and that even then, those hot technologies and concepts aren�t magic bullets:
06/21/2004 The Beginnings of IT Insight: Business Activity Monitoring  
"IT blindness" can result in missed business opportunities on a large scale, according to the term's creator, David Luckham, a Stanford professor, IT guru and ebizQ columnist. But Luckham notes that technology leading to "IT Insight" is starting to emerge, solutions that could enable enterprises to seize those opportunities. And he calls BAM the "tip of the iceberg" of that emergence:
06/07/2004 Six Sigma And SLA: Useful Together Gold Club Protected
Keeping customers satisfied, and aligning business with IT, are usually key organizational goals. They�re also much more readily obtainable when enterprises use Six Sigma and Service Level Management, according to Proxima Technology�s Tim Young, who explains it all here:
05/31/2004 Integrating Legacy Systems Doesn�t Have To Be Painful Gold Club Protected
Integrating legacy systems is a task most enterprises don�t cherish. But it�s one that�s necessary, and that may go more smoothly if companies follow the best practices set forth here by Sanjay Raj of Infosys Technologies:
05/10/2004 Will Your Next Appointment Be A CPO? Gold Club Protected
As businesses become more process-oriented, and managing those processes becomes more critical, the need is arising for a new C-level executive, the Chief Process Officer. Here, Chris Phillips of Staffware argues that creating such a role makes compelling business sense.
02/02/2004 Wisest Approaches To Integration Projects Gold Club Protected
Being realistic, pragmatic and cautious is the most valuable way to approach your company's high-impact integration projects, says Peter Rhys-Jenkins.
11/10/2003 Managing Managed Care Integrations – What’s the Problem?  
It’s time for managed care organizations to put themselves and all providers on the same page by giving them a complete and unified view of the medical records of patients, suggests ebizQ’s David A. Kelly. But to do that, Kelly notes, such organizations need to play some integration catch-up:
07/21/2003 Upping The Ante On Compliance-- And Improving Your Business Performance  
Complying with the ever-growing mountain of new laws and regulations is a daunting task for businesses, but IBM executive Brett MacIntyre says compliance and the technology meant to assure it can have positive side effects, such as better-run businesses:
03/17/2003 Moving Away From XSLT? Gold Club Protected
ebizQ is happy to welcome a new columnist, renowned integration expert David Linthicum, CTO and Executive Vice President of R&D of Mercator Software. In his first column for us, Linthicum looks at XSLT and explains why the standard is appealing, where it falls short and, most importantly, the lessons it can teach us about applying standards in general, and technology in particular:
02/03/2003 Integration's Increasing Importance Gold Club Protected
Companies continue to turn to integration as they seek a competitive edge by becoming more flexible and efficient. They move toward real-time infrastructures so they can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and serve their customers better. Yet, integration has inherent challenges. All these trends and more are borne out in a recent survey by ebizQ and the analyst firm IDC. In this executive brief, IDC reviews the highlights of that survey, one that chronicles an ever-growing trend:

03/13/2008 Information Integrity in an SOA: Putting the Trust Back Into Information Gold Club Protected
Tune in to this web seminar to learn the critical role information integrity plays in SOA, then take an in-depth look at the issues essential to developing and maintaining information integrity.
01/30/2008 Roundtable: Technology Trends for 2008: BPM and SOA Gold Club Protected
One of questions we get asked most often from our members is: “What is the relationship between BPM and SOA?” There is a lot of confusion as to whether you can do one without the other. Should you? Should you start building services first or designing processes first? Experts and leading vendors will take part in this exciting event.
01/23/2008 Introducing a New Vision for SOA Governance Gold Club Protected
Companies that are successful with SOA have something in common – they have mastered the art of deploying SOA governance. Join this Webinar to learn what these companies know about SOA governance that helps them consistently meet their business objectives.
01/09/2008 The New Paradigm for Business Intelligence - Collaborative, User Centric, Process Embedded Gold Club Protected
Join this Webcast to learn how companies are shifting their BI deployments from a data-centric approach to a new and process-embedded paradigm that fosters informed, collaboration across and beyond corporate boundaries, empowering the business user within the context of daily business activities.
10/18/2007 Harness the Power of Content: Enterprise Report Management Gold Club Protected
Listen in to find out how to harness the power of content and make it work for you to make your business more agile, streamline business operations, execute on compliance initiatives and empower users with the right content, at the right time, in context.
10/02/2007 SOA Governance: The Inside Scoop from Ingram Micro and Forrester Research Gold Club Protected
Join us to hear why Forrester's Randy Hefner says that without integrated SOA governance, your most important business and IT initiatives will fail.
09/26/2007 Business Success Through Process Optimization Gold Club Protected
Successful implementation of BPM and BAM is a combination of the right tools, the right people and the right processes. Tune into this webinar to learn how to optimize all three.
09/24/2007 Overcoming the Funding Challenges of SOA Gold Club Protected
Join this webinar to learn how to avoid organizational roadblocks and implement effective funding models like charge backs, enterprise funding, and even project-based funding to implement your service oriented architecture.
09/18/2007 Rapid SOA Deployment: Provisioning Web Services from Existing Assets Gold Club Protected
Join us on this Webinar for a valuable education on how to build Web services for reuse.
07/18/2007 Navigating BPM Icebergs with Dynamic Business Applications Gold Club Protected
Joins us to discuss the role of dynamic business applications and how they will transform the way business process management (BPM) is implemented in companies of all sizes and all industries.
07/10/2007 Start Small; Think Big - Driving BPM ROI featuring Pratt & Whitney Gold Club Protected
Join us to hear the top five ways BEA customers are realizing a high Return on Investment on business process management technologies.
11/09/2006 The Voices of SOA Experience Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear a leading analyst, an end-user and a vendor discuss the vital role of SOA runtime governance.
11/02/2006 What is the value of BPM? Gold Club Protected
Tune into this Webinar to hear how organizations can accelerate the education of their workforces about business process management and grow their investments in BPM-enabling technologies.
10/31/2006 Web 2.0: SOA and Beyond Gold Club Protected
Web 2.0 has implications on business and technology that will transcend the current hype. Join this Webinar to find out how.
10/24/2006 Disciplined Investing: Maximizing Your Information Assets With Data Governance Gold Club Protected
Tune in and find out how a Data Governance program can benefit your organization by eliminating information "fiefdoms" and providing your leadership with visibility and control of the enterprise.
09/20/2006 ICC and Governance Gold Club Protected
Join us for last of a three-Webinar series on Beth Gold Bernstein and Gary So's new E-book, Integration and SOA: Concepts, Technologies and Best Practices. This webinar will discuss different models for an Integration or SOA Competency Center, including centralized, distributed and hybrid models.
09/14/2006 How a Healthcare Pioneer Has Embraced SOA to Drive Business Agility Gold Club Protected
In the latest of our SOA Leaders Webcast series, MedicAlert lead architect Jorge Mercado will duscuss how SOA has changed the way business teams work with IT, as well as sharing lessons learned along the SOA adoption path.
09/13/2006 The ROI of SOA Gold Club Protected
Join this webinar and take an in-depth look at how you can maximize your ROI from SOA. This webinar will provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions for your company's SOA initiative.
09/12/2006 Creating Advantage through BPM Gold Club Protected
Join internationally-recognized BPM industry expert Andrew Spanyi for a discussion of how a customer-centric, process-based view of business leads to customer value creation.
08/23/2006 Building the Business Case for Integration and SOA Gold Club Protected
Join us for the second of a three-Webinar series on Beth Gold Bernstein and Gary So's new E-book, Integration and SOA: Concepts, Technologies and Best Practices. This webinar discuss the benefits and costs to consider when making the business case for SOA.
08/09/2006 The Business Value of BPM - 2006 Update Gold Club Protected
Last year, over 500 hundred people viewed this webinar, so we're doing an update. Tune in for the 2006 update of how companies of all sizes can benefit from effective business process management.
07/18/2006 Beyond the Boundaries of BPM Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to learn how customers are securely connecting systems and business processes to employees, customers and partners across the enterprise, inside and outside the firewall, on and off line.
06/29/2006 Beyond the Hype: SOA and the Performance Management Challenge Gold Club Protected
Join us for this informative web seminar and learn how to effectively meet performance management challenges and better ensure the success of your SOA web applications.
06/28/2006 Where Data Meets SOA: Data Services Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar for a high-level exploration of the data challenges in SOA and the requirements for addressing those challenges.
06/22/2006 SOA Breakthrough - The XML Enabled Network Gold Club Protected
Featured Speaker L. Frank Kenny from Gartner will be joined by Andrew Nash, CTO for Reactivity and Sean Kline, Director of Product Management for Systinet, for the unveiling of the industry's first Gateways that automatically discover, provision and protect the growing landslide of XML services throughout the enterprise.
05/23/2006 Taking Off With SOA: SOA Leaders Case Study Webinar Gold Club Protected
In the latest in our SOA Leaders webcast series, Shawn Furgason from Rockwell Collins will share his experiences and insights on how the company accelerated their deployment of reliable SOA while ensuring security and performance.
05/10/2006 Integrated Multi-Channel Operations: From SOA to Agility Gold Club Protected
Hear a high-level discussion of several different types of multi-channel integration challenges that have been overcome by retailers applying a pragmatic approach to implementing Service-Oriented Architecture principles.
05/09/2006 From SOA to SOA 2.0 - The Payback Curve Will Follow the Maturity Curve Gold Club Protected
Attend this Webinar and listen to Gartner's distinguished analyst, Yefim Natis, share some key new findings and the best advice Gartner has for its clients in this promising and challenging area of SOA.
04/05/2006 How to Bulletproof Your SOA: The Five Things You Need for Secure SOA and Web Services Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar for a high-level discussion of how bulletproofing your SOA from design to development, to testing to deployment, will result in a shorter services development cycle, and faster time to market.
03/28/2006 Service Oriented Integration, Applying SOA Principles for Business Integration Gold Club Protected
This informative Webinar will dispel a few myths regarding SOA and web services, discuss the benefits of SOI, and highlight applicable solutions and open source technologies to deliver a right-sized integration solution leveraging SOA.
12/01/2005 Best Practices of Supply Chain Integration Gold Club Protected
Listen in to this enlightening Webinar on how to avoid the myths, misgivings and mistakes that plague many companies who believe mere compliance is enough to gain business advantage.
11/29/2005 Integration Trends 2006 - 
New Approaches Delivering Productivity, Agility and Value In Integration Projects
Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear experts address real world challenges on a sometimes bewildering range of emerging integration architecture technologies.
11/17/2005 Best Practices in Portal Deployment and Identity Management Gold Club Protected
Join us and hear firsthand how identity management solutions power tailored views for your customers and hear real world examples of what works and what doesn't when deploying business portals.
10/06/2005 Six Principles Of SOA Success Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear about six principles developed by PolarLake that seek to bridge the divide between theory and practice and deliver truly successful SOAs.
09/29/2005 A Smarter Way to Manage Exceptions in Business Processes Gold Club Protected
Tune in to hear how specialized business exception management solutions have recently become available to address the challenges presented by process exceptions.
09/27/2005 An Incremental Approach to SOA; the Economic Case for ESBs
Start Small, Think Big, Ramp Fast
Gold Club Protected
Tune in to this Webinar to hear how companies are introducing SOA in an incremental fashion - one step at a time.
09/13/2005 Integration Best Practices Roundtable Gold Club Protected
Listen in to hear best practices for establishing Integration Competency Centers, which can promote the value of integration throughout your organization.
08/11/2005 How Enterprises Can Leverage SOA to Share Information Securely Gold Club Protected
Listen in to this special Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI) presentation on why government agencies in particular face increasing challenges to more effectively leverage, integrate and share information. Hear success stories from companies working in this exciting marketplace.
06/29/2005 ebizQ Buyers Choice Awards - EII & EAI Award Winners Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear the announcements of the winners of the ebizQ Buyer's Choice Awards, in the categories of Application Integration and Enterprise Information Integration.
06/28/2005 Business Performance Management and Optimization Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear experts discuss the potential for new levels of pro-active management capabilities enabled by integration, powered by BPM and BPO.
06/21/2005 Intelligent Documents ? Redefining Human-Centric BPM Gold Club Protected
Join us for this exciting Webinar to learn how adopting human-centric BPM can yield impressive bottom line results.
06/08/2005 The Business Value of Creating a Single View of the Customer Gold Club Protected
Tune into this Webinar to find out how creating a single view of the customer can help optimize your business success.
05/17/2005 A Guide to Building Composite Applications Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to hear analysis from Forrester Research of leading organizations that are building composite applications. The Webinar will also highlight important guidelines for successful composite application implementation.
04/19/2005 Delivering Greater Business Flexibility through IT Integration Gold Club Protected
Tune in to this Webinar to find strategies to unite your business via integration platforms and Service-Oriented Architectures, which will allow your organization to make informed and timely decisions, thereby optimizing business and maximizing profits.
04/06/2005 The Business Value of Process Standards Gold Club Protected
Learn how your company can be a beneficiary of effective business process management, and get an expert perspective on recent standards organizations' decisions on the conceptualization of BPM standards.
03/30/2005 Enterprise Information Integration - Delivering the Next Level of Business Agility Gold Club Protected
Find out during the Webinar about the new breed of Enterprise Information Integration (EII) tools that are designed to provide a platform for aggregating enterprise information for easy access. Experts share why flexible management of enterprise metadata is providing the next giant leap forward in making integration easier, faster and cheaper to implement.
03/23/2005 What IT Needs to Get Right: Governance and Architecture Gold Club Protected
This Webinar will help IT executives understand the relationship between enterprise architecture and IT success, and will also address the role of architecture and governance as critical success factors in business. All webinar attendees will receive a free copy of the article, “Six Decisions IT People Shouldn't Make.”
03/03/2005 A Shared Language for Business and IT Gold Club Protected
Listen in to learn how Business Process Management bridges the gap between business-management requirements and their IT implementation. Learn how business process integration can benefit your business, and how to leverage process know-how in SAP business applications through SAP NetWeaver and ARIS for NetWeaver.
02/10/2005 Multichannel Commerce for Retailers Gold Club Protected
Join this Webcast, which is designed to help you understand how your company can reach the next level of efficiency and effectiveness in Multi-Channel selling, and to help you gain control over product information that is scattered across your value network.
02/07/2005 ebizQ Buyers Choice Awards - SOA Award Winners Gold Club Protected
Tune in to hear the announcement of the winners of the ebizQ Buyer's Choice Award for SOA.
01/13/2005 Innovation and the CIO: Transformation and Change in Business Processes Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar for an enlightening discussion of the impact of transformational leadership on business today, with a particular focus on the impact on innovation and the role of the CIO. Dr. Jim Chambers, founder and CEO of the Institute for Organizational Leadership, will share insights that propel the C-Level technology executive toward business success.
12/14/2004 Optimizing Business Performance with SOA
(USA EST Time Zone)
Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to find out how to improve quality of service levels and optimize business performance using business activity monitoring, one of the biggest benefits of adopting a service-oriented architecture.
11/30/2004 Reducing Costs & Risk through Total Business Visibility Gold Club Protected
At this Webinar, IBM and Bristol Technology join Stanford University's David Luckham, the inventor of Complex Event Processing (CEP), who will discuss not only the concepts behind CEP, but also will dive into real customer examples of how IBM’s CEP technology is being used in many Financial Services organizations, today. And, how using technology such as TransactionVision®, can address the key issues of reducing risks and costs associated with monitoring business processes
11/18/2004 Adopting SOA: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
(USA EST Time Zone)
Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to learn what is required for complete lifecycle management of SOA, to hear real-world best practices used by companies to implement SOA and how to evaluate vendors for SOA.
11/04/2004 Integrated Business Ecosystem: The Key to Margin Advantage Gold Club Protected
Tune into this Webinar to find out how real-time business ecosystems as an effective partner collaboration tool are becoming a strategic business asset. Creating a business ecosystem with real-time information sharing is no small feat, requiring the integration and collaboration of information and processes from hundreds and even thousands of business partners. Learn more about what companies are also faced with in terms of implementing and maintaining supply chain software, technology and services to manage their integrated ecosystem on an ongoing basis.
11/02/2004 Sync Before the Flood: Maximizing RFID in the Agile Supply Chain Gold Club Protected
This Webinar is uniquely designed to help prep you for RFID, which is coming soon, bringing with it a flood of information likely to overwhelm your existing IT infrastructure. But there is still time to prepare and beat back the storm, if you begin now.
10/28/2004 The Next Generation of Global Data Synchronization Solutions Gold Club Protected
Join this Webinar to learn why out-of-the-box functionality that supports multiple business processes and complex data models is required to execute global data synchronization that conforms to global standards and industry-leading data pool standards.
10/26/2004 Product Information Management Solutions for Commerce Gold Club Protected
How you can gain control of e-commerce information that is scattered across the value chain is just one of many important questions to be answered at this Webinar. The stakes are higher in this new wave of e-commerce, because we all know how much we can lose, so it's important this time to leverage our assets and get it right.
10/20/2004 Examples of Compliance and Industry Solutions Gold Club Protected
Learn how your compliance or industry solution can help your enterprise's overall integration architecture, and vice versa, and best practices for getting the most out of your implementations.
10/19/2004 Improving Your Company's Business Flexibility Could Be Key To Survival! Gold Club Protected
Tune into this Webinar to discuss how to best align your business models, processes and IT infrastructure. By using integration to connect people, processes and information across the value chain, you will reap the benefits of business flexibility.
10/05/2004 Business Process Integration - Moving Closer to an On Demand Model Gold Club Protected
This webcast will address how to align your integration projects with business processes and how IBM tools have helped customers build flexible architectures that can keep pace with change, innovation and competitive environments.
09/08/2004 Implementing Business Process Monitoring and Management Solutions Gold Club Protected
This webinar discusses the different types of process integration technologies, different ways to architect and implement them, and best practices for maximizing their benefits for your organization.
08/10/2004 Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency With RFID Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to learn why RFID is all the rage these days, and how your company can be prepared to take advantage of it to drive supply chain efficiencies and boost the bottom line.
07/15/2004 The Power of Business Process Collaboration Gold Club Protected
Attend this webinar to learn how to take networking and collaboration with your trading partners to the next level. Hear best practices for targeting, managing and leveraging the technologies to do so.
06/24/2004 Distributing Integration Capabilities to the Edges of the Network Gold Club Protected
This webinar will examine tactics and strategies for embedding a single multi-middleware touchpoint into ISV and OEM products to save on overall development and maintenance costs.
06/15/2004 The Value of Service-Driven Solutions Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to better understand the design and organizational principles of SOA, and why service-driven solutions can be implemented faster and at a lower-cost.
06/08/2004 Integrating Business Partners Using Accelerated EDI Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to learn strategies for implementing EDI solutions in midsized enterprises, and how to avoid costly EDI mistakes.
06/02/2004 Developing an Application Integration Architecture Gold Club Protected
Tune in as ebizQ reviews all types of technolgies to integrate disparate applications, inside the firewall and out. You'll also get guidance on picking and implementing the right solution for your company.
04/27/2004 Bridging the IT/Business Divide: Aligning Goals to Achieve Performance Gold Club Protected
This webinar will present strategies for creating an application and performance management plan to align your e-business systems with your business objectives.
04/15/2004 Turning Up Business Velocity: Competing On Time With BPM Gold Club Protected
BPM expert Peter Fingar delivers a "plain English" presentation on what Business Process Management is, and how it can help your business increase velocity.
03/09/2004 Empowering the Enterprise with Simply Smart BPM Gold Club Protected
Learn how Pegasystems new rules-based BPM system can streamline processes, ease BPM app development, and enhance the customer experience across enterprises.
02/12/2004 Beyond HIPAA: Leveraging Compliance Solutions in Data Integration to Optimize Your Business Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to learn how to take advantage of HIPAA compliance solutions to make your business more efficient and agile, and serve your customers better.
11/12/2003 EAI Success Stories: Avoiding the Pitfalls of an Integration Project Gold Club Protected
Learn how to avoid “EAI bear traps” -- the most common causes for budget overruns, missed deadlines and poor service quality.
06/19/2003 Extreme ROI: How to Maximize the Value of your BPM Projects Gold Club Protected
BPM is a very promising technology that can add a substantial amount of value to organizations by increasing the efficiency of business processes. But the value seen from individual BPM projects varies significantly, with first-year payback ranging from 10% to over 300%. This webinar looks at what it takes to deliver a project with "extreme ROI" of 300% or more, and explains the best strategies for deploying BPM solutions.
05/29/2003 Reaping Rewards Through Compliance Gold Club Protected
Compliance usually implies cost to an organization. It has no choice but to invest in changing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with such federal mandates as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley. However, by implementing a BPM solution to achieve compliance, companies can actually achieve ROI and gain competitive advantage. Tune into this webinar to find out how you can realize ROI through your compliance solutions.
05/05/2003 How to Measure Business Success Gold Club Protected
This presentation will cover the most popular methods for optimizing business performance, including Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard. It will also show methods for monitoring performance for real-time business optimization and creating an executive dashboard for real-time visibility into business processes.
04/29/2003 Using BPM To Limit Exposure Under Sarbanes-Oxley Gold Club Protected
This webinar will teach you how Supervisory Control Applications implemented through a Business Process Management platform can help reduce your exposure under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
04/08/2003 Integration Improves Relationship Management in the Insurance Industry Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to find out how better data and content integration can lead to better customer and agent relationships, and increased revenue. Learn how insurance companies can deploy interactive and customized content delivery for proactive benefits management and cross-selling.
04/01/2003 Getting Executive Buy-In For Integration Initiatives Gold Club Protected
This webinar is dedicated to providing tools and approaches that will dramatically increase the likelihood that your integration initiatives will be met with the understanding, appreciation, and approval that they deserve from senior decision makers.
03/27/2003 Using BPM to Reduce Enterprise Risk Gold Club Protected
Recent legislative requirements laid out by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act mean that CFOs, CEOs, and Boards will come under significant pressure, including the threat of fines and criminal penalties to certify the accuracy of their financial reporting, regulatory compliance, and operational processes. This webinar explains how BPM technologies can help you reduce your exposure to these new regulations.
03/25/2003 The ROI of Leveraging EDI for Enterprise Integration Gold Club Protected
Learn how leveraging software and business relationships already in place, companies can save significant time and money when integrating enterprise applications and extending B2B transactions over the Web.
03/20/2003 Customer Integration: The Future Of Real-Time Customer Management Gold Club Protected
This webinar will highlight new approaches to leveraging existing data and systems to interact with customers, deliver better service, increase customer loyalty and decrease operational costs.
12/10/2002 Achieving ROI Through B2B Integration Gold Club Protected
This webinar will demonstrate how real companies have achieved significant ROI through B2B integration.
12/05/2002 Optimizing the Value of a Customer Gold Club Protected
This webinar will demonstrate how companies in the financial services, telecommunications and retail industries are successfully accessing strategic information and integrating their business processes through the use of process management technology, enabling them to dramatically improve lifecycle management and customer satisfaction.
10/31/2002 Technology Solutions for the Transformation of Corporate Finance Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to find out how legislative and market changes are forcing finance reform, and how business process management technology delivers a compelling solution.
09/17/2002 Benefits of Business Process Management in Healthcare Gold Club Protected
Rising medical costs, industry consolidation, changes in the social culture and government legislation are driving the need for changes in the delivery, administration and management of healthcare. This webinar explains how a BPM solution can drive these changes.
05/15/2002 The ROI of EAI Gold Club Protected
Business and IT managers are increasingly faced with the mandate to define the ROI of a project, but it can be particularly challenging to determine the direct business value of infrastructure projects. This webinar shows areas where you might expect to achieve ROI.

11/09/2006 Fostering People's Interaction and Collaboration Gold Club Protected
To encourage efficiency and innovation, companies are looking for new ways to empower people using technology such as SOA. People are an integral part of the services delivered through SOA, because they interact with those services to execute business results. Businesses can provide personalized, streamlined environments for employees to interact with other people and targeted information using SOA and encourage greater collaboration among employees, business partners and customers. This executive brief explores in greater detail the people entry point for an SOA that enables real time views of key business processes and organization of information to help people interact effectively, make better decisions and collaborate more freely.
09/11/2006 Data Mash-ups Trigger Innovation and Productivity Gold Club Protected
What are Data Mash-ups? It is certainly not a familiar term in enterprise software and might even send a shiver down the spine of a datablase administrator. Yet some large corporations and government agencies are using this concept to get closer to their customers, have a better pulse on their business, monitor and understand external threats and opportunities, or simply get access to information that cannot be obtained any other way. Download this white paper and learn more!
03/31/2005 Business Integration ROI Gold Club Protected
Integration is becoming an increasing priority for organizations today with the benefits it offers to streamline and improve all aspects of a company's operations. Consequently, the business case for an integration software investment should go beyond looking only at cost savings. It is important to also consider the tremendous gains that result from increased corporate agility-by narrowing the gap between strategy and execution-and in company brand value, where integration can enable modern, consumer- and partner-oriented solutions and a higher-degree of service quality. This white paper provides a blueprint for assessing both the tangible and intangible benefits that integration provides.

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