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08/23/2004 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Data Integration Solution  
As data integration has gone from relatively primitive to a critical need of organizations, the factors influencing the success of such efforts have also evolved in number and complexity. Here, Sterling Commerce�s Terry Noreault highlights key points to ponder as you mull the solution your company needs:
07/26/2004 BAM Providers As Online Banking Fraud Preventers  
What a difference a little �IT Insight� stemming from advanced BAM could make for online banking -- providing a way to detect illegal online activities even as they happen or soon thereafter, according to IT guru, Stanford professor and ebizQ columnist David Luckham. He says the technology is evolving toward that point � and could get there with a push from bankers � in just one example of what IT awareness by enterprises could mean:
07/19/2004 Compliance Challenges Put Integration Heat On Bank CIOs  
Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley are just two of the stressors prompting them to seek increasingly agile and cost-effective integration platforms. How are they coping, and how might their approaches apply to other sectors? PolarLake CEO Ronan Bradley and Nigel Thomas of Lynton Research fill us in:
07/12/2004 Service-Driven Enterprises: Win-Win Propositions  
For both the business and IT sides of enterprises, as explained by BEA�s Mark Atherton and Peter Linkin in a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here. They show how service-driven enterprises can benefit your company, helping to align the very business and IT realms they help:
06/28/2004 Information Management For Adaptive Companies: Seeking A Holistic Answer Gold Club Protected
The need for access to the right integrated information by the right people at the right time has never been more pressing among enterprises but, asserts The Open Group�s Dr. Chris Harding, current technology isn�t quite able to provide it. What�s the solution? Dr. Harding proposes one here:
05/10/2004 Will Your Next Appointment Be A CPO? Gold Club Protected
As businesses become more process-oriented, and managing those processes becomes more critical, the need is arising for a new C-level executive, the Chief Process Officer. Here, Chris Phillips of Staffware argues that creating such a role makes compelling business sense.
04/12/2004 Stand Out, With BPM  
It�s easy to buy packaged solutions that lead to your company behaving much as its competitors do, even if those packages are later customized. But BPM expert John Hamilton of Computer Sciences Corporation says the key to your organization distinguishing itself lies in unique business processes, which are most readily achieved through BPM:
04/12/2004 'Simply Smart' BPM Gets Smarter  
Rules-based BPM helps make enterprises more agile, so they can adapt to change more readily. That rule-of-thumb was described in detail in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, in which Pegasytems strutted its newest BPM stuff:
03/15/2004 SOX Fits As Part Of Larger Compliance Efforts Gold Club Protected
For all the buzz around Sarbanes-Oxley, a recent Aberdeen Group survey found business managers more concerned about the bigger compliance picture. And Aberdeen has specific recommendations about making SOX a component of overall enterprise cost compliance initiatives:
02/02/2004 Business Process Automation For Financial Services Firms  
The impact of paper-laden business processes is no paper tiger for financial services firms. Indeed, it can be a real bear of a problem. But Mandy Chepeka of PureEdge Solutions says XML-based e-forms are providing such firms with the ticket to automated processes and their many effiencies:
01/26/2004 BPM With Business Rules: Now That's Progress!  
Traditional BPM software was fine as far as it went, but didn�t go far enough, according to ebizQ columnist David A. Kelly. He notes that many BPM vendors have taken their wares to the next level by working business rules considerations into the decision-making mix:
12/22/2003 November Narrowly-Mixed For Software Makers  
Business-enabling software vendors tracked by investment banking firm TripleTree ended last month with their enterprise value-to-revenue ratios showing very little change from October. Most inched higher, some stayed put, and some crept southward. Content management moved most, losing ground:
11/17/2003 October Oh So Kind To Software Makers  
Business-enabling software makers had a stellar month in October. The integration software, business intelligence and ERP sectors had starring roles, seeing their enterprise value-to-revenue ratios leap. Most others also rose. Investment banking firm TripleTree gives, and looks behind the numbers:
10/20/2003 So-So September For Software Makers  
Business-enabling software makers couldnt carry the sizzle of August into fall, as most saw their enterprise value-to-revenue ratios move in a very narrow range. Security and telecom vendors fared best, and large platform makers pulled up the rear, according to investment banking firm TripleTree:
10/03/2003 Biz Process Integration: Key Financial Services Deal-Clincher  
The financial services industry is fiercely competitive, and The AlignIT Groups Stephen Ross observes that technology in general, and business process integration in particular, have emerged as ever-more pivotal differentiators as firms seek to win and retain customers:
09/29/2003 Staying a Step Ahead of SWIFT Gold Club Protected
Financial firms cant rest on their SWIFT implementation-related laurels, says Vitrias John Parker. He notes changes to the standard are coming swiftly, and says firms will have to be just as swift to stay up to speed. Parker also pans point-to-point implementations and lauds those based on BPM:
09/29/2003 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Calls for BPM Gold Club Protected
And that, explains AMR Researchs Eric Austvold, isnt just for known regulations related to passive process documentation, but for future active compliance, as AMR calls it. Austvold also suggests three ready sources of BPM software:
09/22/2003 Get A Grip, With Enterprise Nervous Systems  
Whats an Integration Competency Center, whats it got to do with an enterprise nervous system, how can it help your organizations integration efforts, and what benefits would result? Gartners Roy Schulte gave valuable insight on that and more in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here:
09/16/2003 Defining Business Integration Requirements  
You cant get the answer right if youre not clear on the question. ebizQs Beth Gold-Bernstein and integration guru Bill Ruh are writing a book on integration best practices, and early on they examine the prime movers for integration projects, how to define business requirements, and how to measure success.
09/15/2003 Robust August For Biz-Enabling Software Makers Gold Club Protected
Stocks were as hot as the weather for most of them, as enterprise value-to-revenue multiples climbed moderately to strongly. The supply chain, mobile, security and business intelligence sectors fared particularly well. Investment banking firm TripleTree looks beneath the numbers:
09/15/2003 Ten Critical Steps Toward a Real-Time Enterprise  
The benefits of becoming a real-time enterprise are many, and are becoming more and more apparent and widely acknowledged. In a recent ebizQ webinar, our own Beth Gold-Bernstein and CommerceQuest President and COO Lee White discussed a bunch of them:
08/18/2003 July Just Dandy For Biz-Enabling Software Makers Gold Club Protected
It was kind to the stock market as a whole, and business-enabling software makers were no exception. Most saw their enterprise value-to-revenue multiples rise, according to investment banking firm TripleTree. Companies in the mobile, healthcare, telecom and security sectors fared particularly well:
08/04/2003 Going Overboard On Sarbanes-Oxley? Gold Club Protected
The Robert Frances Group says vendor hype surrounding Sarbanes-Oxley is almost deafening. Yet, an RFG survey finds IT execs hear more noise than see products that truly help with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Indeed, RFG asserts that existing technologies can probably do most of the compliance trick, provided an enterprise is truly elastic:
07/21/2003 Narrowly-Mixed June For Biz-Enabling Software Makers Gold Club Protected
Despite the strong performance by the stock market as a whole last month, shares of business-enabling software providers were fairly flat, according to investment banking firm TripleTree. The biggest movers in terms of enterprise value-to-revenue multiples saw them fall: content management companies by four-tenths-of-a-point, and large platform vendors by three-tenths. Every other sector stayed the same or moved up or down by a tenth-of-a-point:
07/14/2003 Sarbanes-Oxley: Speeding The Melding Of Financial Operations and Analytics Gold Club Protected
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is compelling public companies to direct the focus of their financial analysis tools at the financial value chain sooner than they expected. Most of them cant handle these accelerated time frames on their own. And in this InSight report, Aberdeen Group analyst Alex Veytsel says choosing the right vendor to help them will be key to meeting the new federal disclosure standards:
07/07/2003 Sarbanes-Oxley: Financial Analytics And The Financial Value Chain Move Closer Gold Club Protected
Operational systems serving the financial value chain have traditionally worked separately from financial analytic software because their architectures and business functions have been different. But new federal rules governing corporate reporting and disclosure are demanding an analysis of many more details about a companys key transactions precisely those found in FVCM systems. So, says Aberdeen Group analyst Alex Veytsel in this InSight report, the time is ripe for a closer link between the transactional and the analytical:
07/07/2003 Sarbanes-Oxley: Transform as You Conform, With BPMS  
Publicly traded companies are dishing out significant dollars to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Acts strict reporting requirements. But complying with the new law could reap benefits for companies far beyond the Sarbanes-Oxley arena, as this ebizQ webinar summary illustrates:
06/23/2003 Ten Critical Success Factors For The Real-Time Enterprise Gold Club Protected
The real-time enterprise is not a trend that companies can afford to wait out. As the competition speeds up, companies will need to keep up or perish. So says ebizQs Vice President for Strategic Services, Beth Gold-Bernstein. With that in mind, she points to ten areas companies must carefully cultivate in order to flower into a real-time enterprise:
06/16/2003 Merry Merry May For Biz-Enabling Software Makers Gold Club Protected
Indeed it was! Every business-enabling software sector tracked by investment banking firm TripleTree saw its enterprise value-to-revenue multiple rise. Standouts included supply chain management, security, wireless, enterprise content management and financial services apps vendors. TripleTree says it appears that many of the leading companies have successfully realigned their business models to account for the current pace of IT spending:
05/19/2003 What Showers? April Sun For Biz-Enabling Software Makers Gold Club Protected
It was an up April for shares of business-enabling software vendors, according to investment banking firm TripleTree. All but the healthcare sector saw their enterprise value-to-revenue multiples rise. The supply chain management and telecomm sectors were standouts, and other strong gainers included customer relationship management, business intelligence, content management and financial services:
05/12/2003 Web Services For Straight-Through Processing  
With inter-enterprise integration a coveted next step for the financial services community, Web services may finally offer a viable STP mechanism thats both economically prudent and accessible to all. Here, Gary Maier of IONA explores how Web services could provide true service-level integration by leveraging popular standard Internet protocols:
04/21/2003 Mostly Cool March For Business-Enabling Software Vendors Gold Club Protected
March was much the same as February for business-enabling software makers, according to investment banking firm TripleTree. Most saw their enterprise value-to-revenue multiples dip ever-so-slightly or stay the same. Only security and wireless wares makers bucked the trend, with their ratios rising a touch. All in all, says TripleTree, Iraq took center stage and IT was on the back-burner for stock marketeers:
03/17/2003 Fairly Flat February For Software Maker Valuations Gold Club Protected
Business-enabling software providers had a somewhat dreary February, according to investment banking company TripleTree. Most enterprise value-to-revenue multiples in the space inched down or stayed the same. Here we present an in-depth review and analysis by TripleTree of Februarys trends, including a look at the building momentum surrounding off-shore services and development as IT firms seek to leverage global resources:
03/03/2003 Targeted Integration (A David Linthicum Book Excerpt) Gold Club Protected
In a forthcoming book, renowned integration expert and new ebizQ columnist David S. Linthicum puts integration in perspective, showing where it is and where its headed. One such direction, he says, clearly is solutions for specific verticals. In this chapter from "Next Generation Application IntegrationFrom Simple Information to Service-Oriented Models" (late 2003, Addison, Wesley, Longman), Linthicum explores integrations present and future penetration in Finance, Healthcare, and Manufacture, Retail, and Distribution (MRD):
02/18/2003 Software Vendors Mark Time To Start 03 Gold Club Protected
Business-enabling software providers began the year with a narrowly mixed month, according to investment banking company TripleTree. Most saw their enterprise value-to-revenue multiples move up or down by only one or two tenths of a point, or stay the same. Noteworthy exceptions included the business intelligence apps sector, whose ratio rose four-tenths of a point; ERP, which went up three-tenths; and financial services, which dropped by six-tenths. The integration software space stayed steady. Here we present TripleTree's in-depth review and analysis of Januarys trends:
02/10/2003 STP for the Securities Industry Gold Club Protected
Straight-through processing is a paradigm that goes far beyond a change in technology. An effective STP implementation will alter a firms organizational structure, daily business processes and technical architecture. This paper by Tom Shaw of IBM looks at the driving forces behind STP and its impact on the securities industry:
01/06/2003 SWIFT ISO 15022--Not Just Another Standard  
In November, the SWIFT network will require users to migrate from the legacy ISO 7775 standard to ISO 15022. This article, by Gert Raeves of HelioGraph, looks at the advantages of the new standard and discusses how to prepare for the transition. It also explores the risks and rewards that confront anyone who adopts this mother of all standards:
01/06/2003 Productivity Paradox Solution? Integration!  
Tight times demand efficiency. Many companies must produce more goods and services, make their customers happier and improve their bottom lines, all with smaller staffs and shrinking budgets. How can you hope to do all that? Integration can be a big help. Here ebizQ analyst Dave Kelly uses Intel as an example of a company maximizing integrations potential:
12/30/2002 Tackling PATRIOT Act's Daunting Tasks  
The clock is ticking as IT departments of financial institutions rush to implement solutions to comply with the ever-changing and multiplying rules stemming from the new anti-terrorism law. Here Billy Ho, a Sybase senior vice president, outlines the urgency and complexity of getting up to PATRIOT Act speed:
12/30/2002 Corporate Actions: In the STP Spotlight Gold Club Protected
Once considered too complex and too low-volume for automation, corporate actions processing is being reevaluated by financial services firms, according to John Wilson, director of the CityIQ consultancy. Wilson discusses the drivers and the technologies behind this trend:
12/21/2002 Back to the Future: Payments and T+1 Gold Club Protected
The move to a trade-date-plus-one-day settlement cycle is being planned for June 2005. Here, John Bertrand of Misys discusses the difficulties in making the move:
12/21/2002 Software Shares Fare Well In November Gold Club Protected
Business-enabling software providers generally saw their stock-price-to-revenue ratios rise. Integration apps providers, as well as CRM, SCM and ERP companies fell into that category. So did business intelligence, security, software development, portal development and systems management companies. Only procurement and wireless/mobile Internet firms failed to gain ground:
12/02/2002 Achieving Operational Visibility in Financial Services Firms  
Over the next year or so, the focus of IT spending in the financial services industry will be on three key areas, says Mercators Thracy Varvoglis. With T+1 compliance currently on the back burner, he believes financial service firms will direct their IT dollars toward risk management, CRM technology and improving straight-through-processing capabilities:
09/16/2002 The e-Commerce Challenge: Protecting Online Privacy  
Customers are more concerned than ever about how well businesses are safeguarding their personal information, and savvy e-commerce companies are working to improve their privacy policies and technologies. Here, Arvind Krishna of IBMs Tivoli Software offers guidelines for developing a better privacy strategy, and he looks at some emerging technologies that can help make your customers feel safe:
09/01/2002 Four Key Lessons for Integrating the Financial Services Supply Chain  
In the financial services industry, supply chain integration is a critical and ongoing challenge. Here, Michael Jackman of Interlinq explains how financial services organizations can successfully accomplish supply chain integration--advice that can easily apply to any supply chain integration effort:
08/12/2002 CRM in Financial Services: Moving Toward Total Stakeholder Management  
Perhaps nowhere is CRM more critical to business success than in the financial services industry. The latest trends in this area, says PeopleSofts Chris Yaldezian, are more analytical capabilities and a holistic view of all products, channels and customers. In this article, he explains the evolution of CRM in financial services:
04/08/2002 T+1: Just Another Automation Project Gold Club Protected
Required implementation of trade-day-plus-one capability for processing financial transactions is just around the corner for brokerages and other financial services companies. In this paper, Ray Nissan of Cybermation outlines the requirements and challenges involved in implementing T+1 systems:
03/04/2002 Ensuring e-Business Continuity for Financial Services Gold Club Protected
Even the best business continuity plan is of little value if it can't be successfully managed during an actual emergency. e-Business operations management demands its own strategy, particularly for high-risk, mission-critical operations such as financial services. Here, InterOPS Management Solutions explains the key requirements for such a strategy:
02/04/2002 A Perspective on Authentication within e-Commerce Gold Club Protected
Authentication is a critical factor in the success of online transactions. In this paper, Garrett Macey of the Financial Services Technology Consortium examines the key attributes of any e-commerce security solution and the requirements for developing a common authentication framework for online financial services:
01/14/2002 TIBCO Acquisition Solidifies Financial Services Market Share  
TIBCO's acquisition of Talarian, its leading real-time messaging competitor in the financial services industry, seems to be geared more at expanding its customer base than its technology base:
12/30/2001 MOM for Money: A Profile of HelioGraph  
Sometimes message-oriented middleware goes beyond general purpose. HelioGraph is one company that has made its living providing specialized MOMs--in this case, MOM for the financial services market:
12/16/2001 Internet Banking Readiness Assessment Gold Club Protected
The ability to conduct financial transactions electronically has led to the evolution of the concept of "virtual" banking via the Web. But Internet banking, for both consumers and corporate clients, still has a few obstacles to overcome. Jai Ganesh of the Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore examines the general technologies and legal structures supporting Internet banking:
12/10/2001 Straight-through Processing for Competitive Advantage Gold Club Protected
U.S. financial services firms face a 2004 deadline to move to a trade-day-plus-one (T+1) cycle for processing trades. To meet this requirement, the industry will invest some $8 billion in IT infrastructure, applications, training, development and delivery services--much of it related to straight-through processing (STP) technology. Here, Accenture's Stanley Young and John Moran discuss the need for STP in the securities industry:
11/19/2001 New Liquidity Mechanisms for the Buy-side Gold Club Protected
Time is critical in financial trading. In an effort to speed purchases and, in some cases, cut out the middleman broker, buy-side securities traders have sought electronic methods for making investments. Brian Scott-Quinn, director of the International Securities Market Association Centre, explains the issues facing buy-side securities traders and examines some of the online systems that have emerged to serve buyers:
10/15/2001 Wells Fargo's Business Object Services: A Case Study in Model Driven Architecture  
Earlier this year, the Object Management Group announced a new distributed systems architecture, dubbed the Model Driven Architecture (MDA). To give developers and IT managers a better idea of what it is and how it can be applied in actual development environments, veteran editor and software analyst Paul Harmon looks at how the Wells Fargo financial services company is implementing the MDA:
05/29/2001 Getting Vertical: The Benefits of Developing Industry-Specific e-Business Software and Services Gold Club Protected
The e-business software and services markets need to get vertical, according to high-tech investment banking firm Cherry Tree & Co. Its latest report looks at several key industries--from finance to healthcare to telecommunications--and explores the opportunities available to enterprise software vendors and systems integrators that invest in developing industry-specific vertical applications and consulting services:
04/23/2001 Chatting in XML Financial Messages Gold Club Protected
IT people are still striving to bring their organizations to the promised land of straight-through processing. But, according to this white paper from SunGard Systems, real-time chatting takes this idea one step beyond:
04/02/2001 Leveraging Structured and Unstructured Information: The Key to CRM in Financial Services Gold Club Protected
Financial services institutions that want to realize the full value of CRM must alter the processes by which customer knowledge is captured and distributed in their organizations, says LeadingSide's Stephen Offsey. In this article, he explains how analyzing both structured data (e.g., data in a customer record) and unstructured information (e.g., complaint letters, opinion surveys, e-mails) can provide business insights more valuable than those obtained from either data type alone:
07/31/2000 When Every Trading Second Counts, SmartSockets RIDE Speeds Development of Philadelphia Stock Exchange Quote Feed System  
Real-time processing used to be the province of a few embedded hardware gurus. In the modern age, however, it's the stuff of day-to-day business. In this white paper, pub/sub middleware vendor Talarian looks at how one financial IT group brought real-time speed to mission-critical processing.[Editor's Note: This vintage contributed content remains available to readers, but it has not been updated.]
05/15/2000 Banks See Gold in CRM  
To stay competitive, financial services companies are scrambling to integrate, and understand, their customer information:

10/20/2004 Examples of Compliance and Industry Solutions Gold Club Protected
Learn how your compliance or industry solution can help your enterprise's overall integration architecture, and vice versa, and best practices for getting the most out of your implementations.
03/09/2004 Empowering the Enterprise with Simply Smart BPM Gold Club Protected
Learn how Pegasystems new rules-based BPM system can streamline processes, ease BPM app development, and enhance the customer experience across enterprises.
05/29/2003 Reaping Rewards Through Compliance Gold Club Protected
Compliance usually implies cost to an organization. It has no choice but to invest in changing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with such federal mandates as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley. However, by implementing a BPM solution to achieve compliance, companies can actually achieve ROI and gain competitive advantage. Tune into this webinar to find out how you can realize ROI through your compliance solutions.
04/29/2003 Using BPM To Limit Exposure Under Sarbanes-Oxley Gold Club Protected
This webinar will teach you how Supervisory Control Applications implemented through a Business Process Management platform can help reduce your exposure under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
03/27/2003 Using BPM to Reduce Enterprise Risk Gold Club Protected
Recent legislative requirements laid out by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act mean that CFOs, CEOs, and Boards will come under significant pressure, including the threat of fines and criminal penalties to certify the accuracy of their financial reporting, regulatory compliance, and operational processes. This webinar explains how BPM technologies can help you reduce your exposure to these new regulations.
12/05/2002 Optimizing the Value of a Customer Gold Club Protected
This webinar will demonstrate how companies in the financial services, telecommunications and retail industries are successfully accessing strategic information and integrating their business processes through the use of process management technology, enabling them to dramatically improve lifecycle management and customer satisfaction.
11/21/2002 Automating Corporate Actions for Financial Services Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar and find out how EAI technology can be deployed to automate corporate actions and help businesses achieve crucial service-level agreements and comply with federal securities laws.
10/31/2002 Technology Solutions for the Transformation of Corporate Finance Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to find out how legislative and market changes are forcing finance reform, and how business process management technology delivers a compelling solution.

04/09/2004 Product Quicktake: Tmax Soft, Inc. WebInOne Platform  
Today's competitive environment means organizations must ensure that their applications meet the widely varying performance and availability requirements of today's dynamic business cycles, and future expansion. Application reliability is crucial. While a tall order, that's what Tmax Soft's WebInOne Platform suite was developed to accomplish. Consisting of a transaction processing monitor, an application server, a Web server, and an integrated development environment, the WebInOne Platform suite enables organizations to create highly scalable J2EE applications more efficiently and effectively than traditional Web development suites.
09/03/2003 Product Quicktake: PolarLake  
PolarLake provides products designed to provide a complete integration platform for organizations that have decided to use XML or Web services to integrate applications or move data within their organization. The products are targeted at organizations (including financial services, telecommunications, and government agencies) or IT architecture groups within these organizations attempting to solve a range of integration problems via XML or Web services.

04/12/2004 Real-time Monitoring for Healthy Business Gold Club Protected
The Real Time Enterprise demands real-time solutions. The competitive pressures of global delivery of business services in a 24/7 world means you cant be without a real-time monitoring platform. Learn about MQSoftwares robust real-time monitoring platform and products, which give visibility of your entire business transaction flow and all the associated technologies. Using Q Nami! and Q Pasa! solutions from MQSoftware, this level of functionality can be delivered to the right person, in the right way, at the right time, in real-time to ensure healthy business is flowing and delivering what you need to deliver improved customer experiences.
06/24/2003 The Challenges and Benefits of Straight Through Processing Gold Club Protected
In order to remain competitive in the financial marketplace, today's organizations must reduce costs and operations errors as well as speed up transaction handling. Straight through processing (STP), the automated end-to-end processing of transactions from trade inception to settlement, has become a business imperative for financial institutions. STP promises to streamline legacy systems and applications as well as inter- and back-office applications. Ideally, STP will result in faster, more efficient transactions, saving enterprises of all sizes valuable time and money. But wide discrepancies remain in the cost and effectiveness of STP solutions touted by technology vendors. This article explores some of the issues confronting organizations that implement STP.
06/23/2003 XML & Web Services in Financial Services Gold Club Protected
This white paper discusses the use of XML and Web services in the financial services Industry. This includes a survey of the emerging XML-related standards and the types of projects for which XML and Web services are best suited.

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