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08/23/2004 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Data Integration Solution  
As data integration has gone from relatively primitive to a critical need of organizations, the factors influencing the success of such efforts have also evolved in number and complexity. Here, Sterling Commerce�s Terry Noreault highlights key points to ponder as you mull the solution your company needs:
08/16/2004 RFID Pool: Inviting, But Not Necessarily For Everyone Gold Club Protected
RFID has come a long way, and is likely to add even more value to enterprises down the road, but organizations shouldn�t just jump in head-first, according to the RFG�s Ken Landoline. He cautions that companies should first evaluate how RFID might meet their specific needs, since its benefits �can vary a great deal in various situations and by industry�:
08/02/2004 Modernizing EDI Gold Club Protected
EDI is a true survivor, evolving with changing IT times to continue to meet changing enterprise needs, says , EXTOL International�s Stephen Rosen. He explains that the latest trends involve real-time data synching, empowering end-users, and EDI as part of complete enterprise views:
04/12/2004 'Simply Smart' BPM Gets Smarter  
Rules-based BPM helps make enterprises more agile, so they can adapt to change more readily. That rule-of-thumb was described in detail in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here, in which Pegasytems strutted its newest BPM stuff:
01/26/2004 Global Trade Compliance: Complicating the Supply Chain Gold Club Protected
Complying with the multiplying rules and regulations involved in global trade can be perplexing on its best days. And RFG�s Sara Braunstein cautions that there�s no quick-fix: None of the solutions from ERP, supply chain management, and niche vendors do it all in the realm of trade logistics:
12/01/2003 Managed Care Integrations Whats the Solution? Gold Club Protected
Disconnected systems used by managed care providers hinder efforts to give doctors complete views of their patients records and hence, to get the best possible care for patients. But ebizQs David A. Kelly looks at efforts by two of the companies seeking to change that: Microsoft and MEDecision:
11/10/2003 Managing Managed Care Integrations Whats the Problem?  
Its time for managed care organizations to put themselves and all providers on the same page by giving them a complete and unified view of the medical records of patients, suggests ebizQs David A. Kelly. But to do that, Kelly notes, such organizations need to play some integration catch-up:
09/22/2003 Get A Grip, With Enterprise Nervous Systems  
Whats an Integration Competency Center, whats it got to do with an enterprise nervous system, how can it help your organizations integration efforts, and what benefits would result? Gartners Roy Schulte gave valuable insight on that and more in a recent ebizQ webinar, summarized here:
09/22/2003 CPOs and Black Belts: Process Improvement Missing Links?  
AMR Researchs Eric Austvold would likely answer, Yes. In a recent ebizQ webinar, outlined here, Austvold explained why he thinks Chief Process Officers and black belts are among the emerging trends companies can get in on to extend their ERP systems and become process-oriented and agile:
09/16/2003 Defining Business Integration Requirements  
You cant get the answer right if youre not clear on the question. ebizQs Beth Gold-Bernstein and integration guru Bill Ruh are writing a book on integration best practices, and early on they examine the prime movers for integration projects, how to define business requirements, and how to measure success.
09/01/2003 BPM: Way More Than Just Compliance Benefits  
Using BPM to stay in line with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other statutes can not only keep you on the right side of the law, it can give a significant boost to your bottom line. Viewers of a recent ebizQ webinar got the lowdown:
07/21/2003 Narrowly-Mixed June For Biz-Enabling Software Makers Gold Club Protected
Despite the strong performance by the stock market as a whole last month, shares of business-enabling software providers were fairly flat, according to investment banking firm TripleTree. The biggest movers in terms of enterprise value-to-revenue multiples saw them fall: content management companies by four-tenths-of-a-point, and large platform vendors by three-tenths. Every other sector stayed the same or moved up or down by a tenth-of-a-point:
06/23/2003 Ten Critical Success Factors For The Real-Time Enterprise Gold Club Protected
The real-time enterprise is not a trend that companies can afford to wait out. As the competition speeds up, companies will need to keep up or perish. So says ebizQs Vice President for Strategic Services, Beth Gold-Bernstein. With that in mind, she points to ten areas companies must carefully cultivate in order to flower into a real-time enterprise:
05/19/2003 What Showers? April Sun For Biz-Enabling Software Makers Gold Club Protected
It was an up April for shares of business-enabling software vendors, according to investment banking firm TripleTree. All but the healthcare sector saw their enterprise value-to-revenue multiples rise. The supply chain management and telecomm sectors were standouts, and other strong gainers included customer relationship management, business intelligence, content management and financial services:
04/21/2003 Mostly Cool March For Business-Enabling Software Vendors Gold Club Protected
March was much the same as February for business-enabling software makers, according to investment banking firm TripleTree. Most saw their enterprise value-to-revenue multiples dip ever-so-slightly or stay the same. Only security and wireless wares makers bucked the trend, with their ratios rising a touch. All in all, says TripleTree, Iraq took center stage and IT was on the back-burner for stock marketeers:
03/17/2003 Fairly Flat February For Software Maker Valuations Gold Club Protected
Business-enabling software providers had a somewhat dreary February, according to investment banking company TripleTree. Most enterprise value-to-revenue multiples in the space inched down or stayed the same. Here we present an in-depth review and analysis by TripleTree of Februarys trends, including a look at the building momentum surrounding off-shore services and development as IT firms seek to leverage global resources:
03/03/2003 Targeted Integration (A David Linthicum Book Excerpt) Gold Club Protected
In a forthcoming book, renowned integration expert and new ebizQ columnist David S. Linthicum puts integration in perspective, showing where it is and where its headed. One such direction, he says, clearly is solutions for specific verticals. In this chapter from "Next Generation Application IntegrationFrom Simple Information to Service-Oriented Models" (late 2003, Addison, Wesley, Longman), Linthicum explores integrations present and future penetration in Finance, Healthcare, and Manufacture, Retail, and Distribution (MRD):
02/18/2003 Software Vendors Mark Time To Start 03 Gold Club Protected
Business-enabling software providers began the year with a narrowly mixed month, according to investment banking company TripleTree. Most saw their enterprise value-to-revenue multiples move up or down by only one or two tenths of a point, or stay the same. Noteworthy exceptions included the business intelligence apps sector, whose ratio rose four-tenths of a point; ERP, which went up three-tenths; and financial services, which dropped by six-tenths. The integration software space stayed steady. Here we present TripleTree's in-depth review and analysis of Januarys trends:
01/13/2003 The Possibilities of Wireless Healthcare Gold Club Protected
What do healthcare organizations stand to gain from wireless technologies? Considerable improvements in efficiency, revenue generation and patient care, to name a few benefits. This white paper from Air2Web describes the numerous opportunities that wireless access to critical data and applications provides healthcare professionals:
12/16/2002 HIPAA Security Requirements Gold Club Protected
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act emphasizes the need for standardized transactions when transferring personal health information, and that brings with it a need for heightened privacy and security. This Gotham Technology Group paper focuses on HIPAA-mandated security requirements and the potential risks of not meeting them:
12/09/2002 The Critical Role of Strong Authentication in HIPAA Gold Club Protected
As HIPAA deadlines continue to be phased in, healthcare organizations must learn how to adapt their IT systems to the new regulations. This white paper by Jam Kahn of Rainbow Technologies focuses on patient privacy and authentication requirements as well as the technologies available to assist in achieving HIPAA objectives:
10/20/2002 How HIPAA Transaction and Code Set Compliance Helps Achieve Administrative Simplification  
This article from business integration products provider Quovadx focuses on how healthcare organizations can prepare for HIPAA transaction and code set compliance and, in the process, achieve simpler and more cost-effective administration procedures:
10/07/2002 HIPAA: A Healthy Change for the Healthcare Industry Gold Club Protected
The phase-in of HIPAA requirements is beginning this month. And despite the advance warning, many healthcare provides arent prepared. This paper from IT consulting firm Syntel looks at the benefits that HIPAA will convey upon the industry and provides an action plan for getting up to speed on the new requirements:
09/16/2002 The e-Commerce Challenge: Protecting Online Privacy  
Customers are more concerned than ever about how well businesses are safeguarding their personal information, and savvy e-commerce companies are working to improve their privacy policies and technologies. Here, Arvind Krishna of IBMs Tivoli Software offers guidelines for developing a better privacy strategy, and he looks at some emerging technologies that can help make your customers feel safe:
09/01/2002 Architecting for HIPAA Compliance with J2EE and Web Services Gold Club Protected
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is having a major impact on the architectural designs of medical systems across the U.S. In this article, DerShung Yang of Cysive and Chih-Hung Chang at Northeastern University explain why Web services are the preferred architectural approach for complying with HIPAA:
04/15/2002 Getting Ready for HIPAA: An Impact Analysis  
For healthcare organizations across the U.S., the deadline for complying with the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act looms larger every month. Among other things, HIPAA requires companies to adopt national e-business standards for all internal systems. This excerpt from a white paper by Extol International looks at the key requirements and common myths of HIPAA compliance:
11/05/2001 Wireless and Mobile Business: Healthcare Industry @ Risk Gold Club Protected
Healthcare is one of the industries likely to benefit most from wireless technology. The ability to input or retrieve data via handheld devices could reduce prescription errors, cut down on time-consuming paperwork and speed visiting nurses' access to critical patient data. This paper by Niraj Jetly of Breakaway Solutions presents healthcare's challenges and explains how wireless can help:
05/29/2001 Getting Vertical: The Benefits of Developing Industry-Specific e-Business Software and Services Gold Club Protected
The e-business software and services markets need to get vertical, according to high-tech investment banking firm Cherry Tree & Co. Its latest report looks at several key industries--from finance to healthcare to telecommunications--and explores the opportunities available to enterprise software vendors and systems integrators that invest in developing industry-specific vertical applications and consulting services:
02/05/2001 Keeping Pace at Premera Blue Cross: A Case Study Gold Club Protected
It's a dangerous world out there, full of viruses and malicious code and destructive e-mail. This white paper from Baltimore Technologies looks at how one healthcare company, Premera Blue Cross, used security tools to keep its networks safer:
06/05/2000 When Stand-alones Can't: Why e-Health Must Hold on to Its Legacy (Systems)  
Healthcare is an industry like any other, but from an IT perspective it has some unusual features. It is "information-intensive." But that, says Robert Murrie, CEO of Healthcare.com, makes it uniquely suited for the new middleware-based frontier of the Internetso long as basic healthcare values aren't lost in the process:
03/27/2000 B2B Technologies Are a Stabilizing Force in Healthcare  
Heathcare is an industry in rapid transition. Costs, new technology, ever-fluid insurance regulations are all reshaping the industry, and reshaping it quickly. HIE's Robert Murrie takes a look at what B2B technology adds to the mixand how it may actually be making things a bit more stable:

10/20/2004 Examples of Compliance and Industry Solutions Gold Club Protected
Learn how your compliance or industry solution can help your enterprise's overall integration architecture, and vice versa, and best practices for getting the most out of your implementations.
05/20/2004 Essential XML Integration for the Real Time Enterprise Gold Club Protected
Learn about the business benefits of XML integration, and the transformational effects of XML. Find out how the power of choice between real-time, near real-time and asynchronous processing can help your business.
03/09/2004 Empowering the Enterprise with Simply Smart BPM Gold Club Protected
Learn how Pegasystems new rules-based BPM system can streamline processes, ease BPM app development, and enhance the customer experience across enterprises.
02/12/2004 Beyond HIPAA: Leveraging Compliance Solutions in Data Integration to Optimize Your Business Gold Club Protected
Tune into this webinar to learn how to take advantage of HIPAA compliance solutions to make your business more efficient and agile, and serve your customers better.
05/29/2003 Reaping Rewards Through Compliance Gold Club Protected
Compliance usually implies cost to an organization. It has no choice but to invest in changing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with such federal mandates as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley. However, by implementing a BPM solution to achieve compliance, companies can actually achieve ROI and gain competitive advantage. Tune into this webinar to find out how you can realize ROI through your compliance solutions.
09/17/2002 Benefits of Business Process Management in Healthcare Gold Club Protected
Rising medical costs, industry consolidation, changes in the social culture and government legislation are driving the need for changes in the delivery, administration and management of healthcare. This webinar explains how a BPM solution can drive these changes.

04/09/2004 Product Quicktake: Tmax Soft, Inc. WebInOne Platform  
Today's competitive environment means organizations must ensure that their applications meet the widely varying performance and availability requirements of today's dynamic business cycles, and future expansion. Application reliability is crucial. While a tall order, that's what Tmax Soft's WebInOne Platform suite was developed to accomplish. Consisting of a transaction processing monitor, an application server, a Web server, and an integrated development environment, the WebInOne Platform suite enables organizations to create highly scalable J2EE applications more efficiently and effectively than traditional Web development suites.
07/24/2003 Product Quicktake: Quovadx QDX Platform  
Quovadx, formerly XCare.net Inc., is best known for Cloverleaf, its integration platform for the healthcare industry. In June 2001, XCare acquired Confer Software, a developer of application development, process management and workflow applications, and Healthcare.com, a provider of EAI tools. In September 2001, these entities were renamed Quovadx. The acquisitions resulted in a full development and integration platform that provides application development, application integration, business process automation and workflow.

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