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In the Report Section you’ll find white papers and research on issues related to emerging computer technology, business communications management, in-depth TCO analysis of different technologies and strategies, open source systems, datacenter best practices, and virtualization solutions. The specific topics with their own dedicated Resource Centers include SOA solutions, IT offshoring benefits, SaaS, VoIP systems, and Sarbox compliance.

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Adapters Reports

Product Quicktake: InterSystems Ensemble

Almost every company has been stretching to do more with less -- to modernize legacy applications, to rapidly develop functionality to extend existing aplications or meet new business demands, and to integrate disparate applications and data into a cohesive platform that meets dynamic business requirements. Unfortunately, individual technical answers to these problems result in piecemeal solutions that are inflexible and difficult to maintain, while solutions based on traditional broad-based integration platforms are often complex, expensive to develop, and require months if not years to complete. What organizations need is a way to rapidly develop composite applications that integrate new business functionality with existing application logic or data.Ensemble, by InterSystems Corporation, is a comprehensive integration platform designed to meet this need.


Product Spotlight: WRQ Verastream

Verastream, by WRQ, is a host integration server that enables organizations to take legacy applications and reuse them in new business initiatives. It supports legacy extension or "Web-refacing" (where the legacy application still follows the original workflow and steps but the user interface is simplified), integration of legacy information with modern applications, and transformation of legacy applications through programmatic integration to create new composite applications (for situations where legacy access is needed, but is in the form of a new workflow or different order from the original workflow on the legacy application).


Product Quicktake: iWay 5.5 (Integration Suite)

The iWay 5.5 integration suite from iWay Software provides new support for rapid, incremental integration through the iWay XML Transformation Engine, extended adapter and B2B support, and new partnerships that provide organizations with a wide range of best-of-breed capabilities. iWay 5.5 is a significant upgrade from previous versions. It includes support for new vertical standards such as UCCnet and HIPAA 4010A and B2B standards such as AS2 and ebXML.


Product Quicktake: Attunity Connect

Attunity Connect is integration middleware for accessing the mainframe, enterprise data sources, and legacy applications. While it can access and connect to relational sources, its forte is non-relational legacy systems, where it can expose legacy data using standard SQL, and functions as XML-based Web services. It also provides connectivity among J2EE applications, .NET applications, leading integration brokers, and legacy systems. Key components of the product include a series of prebuilt adapters for such platforms as mainframes, HP NonStop, OpenVMS, and more, as well as the ability to take any legacy transaction and make it look like a standard Web service.


Product Quicktake: Software AG EntireX, Tamino

Software AG’s tag line is “The XML Company.” Its EntireX integration platform includes messaging, translation, transformation and routing, adapters and a development environment. Its SOAP, WSDL and XML capabilities provide a Web services platform when connecting to mainframe applications. Software AG’s Tamino is a native XML server with connectivity bridges and adapters to and from various external systems. The EntireX technology supports a wide range of applications and operating systems, and eliminates the need for developers to code at an XML layer.


Product Quicktake: iWay XML Transformation Engine

One of the most pressing needs for businesses today is the ability to communicate seamlessly, internally and externally. Enterprise integration promises to solve communication problems, but full-blown EAI platforms cost too much and take too long to implement. Today's business climate requires IT organizations to solve integration problems quickly and inexpensively. iWay Software offers an alternative, incremental path to integration with "brokerless" integration. Using the iWay XML Transformation Engine, iWay Adapters, and iWay Business Services (Web services), iWay estimates it can achieve 80 percent of a company's integration needs at a project-level cost rather than that of a capital expenditure--and in days or weeks instead of months.


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Product Quicktake:GT Software Ivory - Mainframe Web services

Business logic and mainframe application have remained critical business components that need to be integrated with, and opened up to, new J2EE or .NET application server-based applications. There's where Web Services and Ivory from GT Software Inc., come in. Using Ivory Web Services, companies can graphically generate Web services for mainframe applications and the data necessary for mainframe application to consume Web services.

Product Spotlight: Jacada

Product Spotlight: Jacada® Fusion

Jacada® Fusion is a first-of-its-kind offering that enables the delivery of composite applications, leveraging any Windows, Web, or host-based, custom or packaged application. Leveraging 14 years of experience in reusing mission-critical application functionality, Jacada® Fusion uses service-oriented architectures (SOA) as an underlying principle to quickly deliver the process flexibility that business demands – using safe, proven methods that deliver results in weeks or months. For more information on Jacada, please see www.jacada.com.

Product Spotlight: Sonic Software

While the urgent enterprise need to integrate applications and systems hasn’t changed much over the past few years, many of the surrounding technology standards and approaches have. Sonic ESB from Sonic Software is an enterprise service bus (ESB) that provides an alternative to the"big bang" integration solutions. Because of its distributed nature, Sonic ESB works well for a variety of integration requirements, from small pilot projects to large-scale deployments with high availability requirements.