Lombardi Software Releases TeamWorks 4 For Business Process Management


Lombardi Software announced today the release of TeamWorks 4, the latest version of its business process management software. The company says its performance tracking, reporting and improvement capabilities, now available out-of-the-box, will enable enterprises to move beyond process automation and into active process management.

According to Lombardi, TeamWorks 4 continuously monitors for critical business events, collects data and transforms that information into a meaningful context, enabling senior executives and managers to make informed, real-time decisions that drive process efficiencies and operational responsiveness.

"Business process management wins the 'triple crown' of saving money, saving time and adding value," said Jim Sinur, Gartner, Inc. vice president. "Continuing product innovations will drive even more benefits, while enabling BPM to drive the evolution of the real-time enterprise."

Lombardi feels TeamWorks 4 extends its lead in delivering a comprehensive solution for Continuous Process Improvement, a unique approach to BPM that focuses on managing processes and easily adapting to business changes, enabling companies to continuously derive value from their operational and financial processes over time.

Lombardi says key TeamWorks 4 additions include:

  • Zero-Code ScoreBoards: Corporate dashboards that provide enterprise-wide visibility into every aspect of end-to-end processes, at levels appropriate to individual users from executive management to business managers.

  • Zero-Code Process Performance and Business Data Tracking: Patent-pending technology for the collecting, tracking and correlating of business and process metrics, between managed and external systems inside the firewall or through external participants such as customers and partners.

  • Exposed Process Values: Easily-exposed process rules and values that drive the behavior of the TeamWorks 4 process rules engine, enabling business users to make process or reporting changes in real-time without the need to recompile code, restart servers, or interrupt ongoing processes in any way.

  • Global Calendaring: Intelligent global calendaring capabilities feature built-in support for diverse calendars and business rules. Orchestration and collaboration features enable multiple process participants to work on single process instances, regardless of location or schedule, effectively bringing all human participants into real-time business processes.

"Already recognized as a BPM technology leader with a 2002 Product of the Year Award by Transform Magazine and recent inclusion in the "visionary" quadrant in Gartner, Inc.'s first pure-play BPM Magic Quadrant," Lombardi Software said it is focused on delivering a sophisticated, out-of-the-box BPM solution for CPI that enables active process management.

"Until now, BPM systems have focused on process automation, not process management. TeamWorks 4 takes that next step in BPM, from automation to real-time process visibility and management," said Phil Gilbert, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Lombardi Software. "Using breakthrough technologies, TeamWorks 4 immediately exposes process events and provides access to process-specific information using industry-standard Web Services, XML and SQL. No other BPM vendor can support that claim."

TeamWorks 4 equips organizations to manage numerous, end-to-end processes across the enterprise. Product innovations now enable organizations to:

  • Continuously capture and view key performance metrics.

  • Monitor business level thresholds.

  • Dynamically change processes through exposed process values.

  • Support business and IT collaboration with an enhanced process authoring interface.

  • Centrally manage business data for maximum flexibility.

  • Access the most comprehensive set of process data available.

"Lombardi Software developed TeamWorks 4 based on best practices gathered from industry-leading organizations, resulting in an application that drives process change from the top down to ensure maximum efficiency and increase the velocity with which organizations can respond to mission-critical events," said Rod Favaron, president and chief executive officer of Lombardi Software. "BPM is not just about automating business processes; it's about continuously improving them based on enhanced process visibility into how a business is performing."

Lombardi says that, through a standards-based architecture that leverages investments in existing systems with an open platform that supports J2EE and .NET architectures, TeamWorks 4 is a flexible and scalable system that supports mission-critical processes, from those that are high-volume transactional to human-intensive operational.

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