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I know I haven't posted here in a while but I just read three posts this past week that made my head spin - Should IT be unionized, Revealed: The jobs that will be wiped out by cloud computing, and... Read More..
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The tech world this year has been like many others; in fact better than most. The blistering pace of technology advancement continues despite the world's economic troubles. If we all think back to 2011 we will each recall a set... Read More..
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When the holidays come around it's always interesting to reflect back to see what's happened in our industry. New Year's is just another day but it comes around every twelve months and gives us a marker by which we... Read More..
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This past conference season I had the opportunity to attend two compelling presentations that addressed significant issues and trends in the world of IT.  The first examined current IT portfolios and compared many organizations' IT environments to closets full of... Read More..
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Baselinemag.com just put up an article How to be More Innovative , by Brian P Wilson. His assertion is innovation has been in hibernation since the economic fallout. He says companies have been highly focused on cutting costs and... Read More..
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With last week's news of Blockbuster declaring Chapter 11, let's take a moment to reflect on the agility of corporate dinosaurs. At one time, Blockbuster Video had it all. The company dominated the video rental market at a time... Read More..

Social BPM - Reality TV Ep 2

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How does one go about building a social BPM strategy and plan anyway? After all, amidst so much speculation about what it actually is, can you really design a viable program? The answer is yes, and here's one approach... Read More..
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We've debated and posted on social, BPM, enterprise 2.0, mobile, Google and the iPhone quite a bit lately. And, some of us have commented that all these technologies don't amount to much without an application that leverages the platforms. So,... Read More..
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Even the briefest hiatus has the world passing one by these days. It's been about a month since I last posted, spending part of that "off the grid" on vacation. Since then, iPhone is being outsold by Android phones and... Read More..
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The weekend before last, the New York Times published a short article on claims processing in the U.S. healthcare industry. It mentioned the fact that "real-time claims adjudication" is the formal name of the initiative, which is ironic given... Read More..
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