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Doug Mow

Watching television without a TV - Can ECM save content providers?

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Carl Frappaolo's excellent post last week (ECM Grows In Stature...), highlights one of those chaos/opportunity moments for IT professionals in today's fast paced world. There is so much good information in there that I fear I will not do it justice.

Yes, we are living through an age of disruption (gut wrenching for some). Advertising and tracking are evolving extremely rapidly. Not only are DVRs and alternate access points to content shifting viewing behaviors, Google is ripping the guts out of a traditional industry. As I read Carl's post I thought of Googled, the book by Ken Auletta. In it, Ken tells the story of Mel Karmazin telling Google execs "you're f'ing with the magic" as Google sought to make advertising tracking much more quantitative. Carl also mentioned his kids watching TV but not on televisions.

The social mobile posts I've written in the past converge with this trend to present a serious issue for content owners and their IT partners. How do they make their content available on iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, Hulu, their own websites, as well as their traditional means of delivery? How do they insure that their viewers have a consistent experience across all devices? What about the "traditional" website that can entice viewers, improve stickiness and provide a rich and meaningful viewer experience? How do you maintain your brand exposure so that it is consistent?

All these channels and outlets are the way of the future and offer significant opportunities to engage readers, viewers and subscribers. But preparing content for display on a dizzying array of devices and media can be an all consuming task. Tom's assertion that "...ECM is at the foundation..." would certainly hold true in this case. By adopting the right ECM solution with supporting processes and services, IT can more readily accommodate multiple viewing media.

But, enterprise content management systems cannot do it all alone. Business intelligence applications, ERP, CRM and business process management technologies can all lend a helping hand to seize today's opportunities. A blended, integrated approach can offer a comprehensive technology platform to support a wide variety of content and business requirements.

The role of the supporting technologies obviously changes from organization to organization and project to project. As is true of any IT initiative, the first step is to clearly state the business problem to be solved, the objective to be gained and the methods of measurement. Some projects will benefit most from proper context and content management. Others will see the greatest gain from BI feedback. Others require process guidance or governance structure.

Where does your organization derive the most benefit? Content management? Process management? BI?

Doug Mow blogs from a business executive's perspective about IT trends, tech news and life in the trenches of an Enterprise 2.0 transformation.

Doug Mow

#CMO of Courion Corporation responsible for all branding, communications, messaging, online and offline marketing. Courion is the leading provider of access management tools that provide maximum access to corporate IT assets with minimal risk.

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