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Jayaprakash Kannoth

IBM Updates Mashup Center

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IBM will soon release a new version of Mashup Center called Mashup Center 2.0 . This new release will help to speed up Mashup creation with any existing enterprise software
installations like Microsoft Sharepoint, WebSphere MQ, Filenet P8, IBM Content Manager and any other Web services. Two major features in this release are the new transformation/customization functions and Cognos 8 Mashup Service . The new transformation functions will help to speed creation of data mashups, manipulation of data and ability to generate JSON feeds. Cognos 8 Mashup service IBM Cognos 8 Mashup Service is an API that automatically exposes content from IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence as a Web Service for use in operational applications, business process management (BPM) processes and mashups. Visit IBM Mashup Center to learn more.

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Are you giving free publicity to IBM? Every one here knows that IBM bought Lombardi...wats up?

I didnt understand from the above para of your msg doesnt makes sense for me.

Nothing is great in that.it is just a copy paste para from some where?

please post some useful content..I am regular user for this site.

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Jayaprakash Kannoth

Jayaprakash Kannoth is Software Engineer at TechTarget. His areas of interest include business process management, enterprise architecture, business intelligence , cloud/infrastructure computing and technology in business.
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