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Cyber-Ark and Courion partner

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Back in April I called out Cyber-Ark's privileged account management solution and its role in compliance. At the time I highlighted Cyber-Ark's partnership with IBM:

This is not something that is acknowledged, at least in my research, by current identity management players, and it's therefore no surprise that Cyber-Ark has established partnerships with the likes of IBM with Tivoli Identity Manager.

This partnership reflects the fact that privileged account management is really a specialised case of more general account management and so integration with provisioning solutions is an obvious step for Cyber-Ark. The company took a further step, announcing a partnership with specialist provisioning vendor Courion, which will see Courion offering Cyber-Ark's Enterprise Password Vault as an optional add-on to its provisioning solution. This should certainly help to extend the reach of Cyber-Ark and provide Courion with some differentiating capabilities. However, Cyber-Ark needs to make similar inroads with the likes of BMC, CA, HP and Oracle if it is to get on the enterprise identity management radar.

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Neil Ward-Dutton

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