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Software Test Management and Metrics

Software Testing - When and how early to do? If you are familiar with the dilemma faced by every project manager about when to spend $ to test a particular piece of code, you know what this blog is about.... Read More..
This blog provides a glimpse of techniques used in enhancing test coverage of an application under test (AUT). The AUT was an application that had evolved from legacy perspective and came with very little documentation. The AUT was being used... Read More..
Software Testing - Metrics Software Testing has become more and more complex. There are many reasons attributed to this complexity; one of the main reasons is that software applications today have a variety of technology needs and user interfaces. The... Read More..
Software Testing - Metrics - What is the dichotomy and why is it a challenge? Software testing and development today have a myriad of metrics associated with them. Every aspect of testing has a metric related to it and pundits... Read More..
Traditional testing approaches are based on specific requirements. The testing cycle begins with the review of requirement specifications in a typical software development life cycle. The use cases are the basic inputs to this chain of tasks. The use cases... Read More..
In almost all testing contexts, the term test case is very commonly used to mean a basic unit of testing. Especially in situations where the effort for testing has to be estimated, it is a general practice to express the... Read More..

Software Testing is an important aspect in software development and maintenance. Irrespective of the models deployed for the development of systems, there is always a need for measurement and management of testing.This blog attempts demystify the testing challenges and guides you to measure the required testing efforts.

Vishi Viswanath

Vishi is a managing partner in Intellisys Technology, LLC. He has been in the information technology field for over 29 years.Progressively grown from a programming position to the executive level.

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