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IBM threaten to flood the market with 90,000 new WebSphere products (humor!)

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I notice that IBM has announced the integration of the DataPower product line into the all encompassing WebSphere branding with the DataPower SOA Appliance now becoming (wait for it ) the WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance. It reminded me of the announcement back at the beginning of April of 31 Websphere branded products as well as the claim that IBM would have 90,000 business consultants SOA ready which I described the shock and awe approach to software marketing .

Then I read Vinnie “The Deal Architect? Mirchandani noting a claim from an IBM Consultant that they are expected to be billable for 93.5% of their time which must be close to a world record!

And then an idea struck me that I am happy to donate to IBM if they would like to take it up: Why not extend the WebSphere brand to the 90,000 business consultants…

IBM announces the addition of 90,000 business consultants to the WebSphere brand

IBM today announced that the 90,000 business consultants who have completed the extensive WebSphere SOA training will automatically be renamed inline with the WebSphere brand.

“I am delighted to announce this latest innovation from IBM, following as it does from our unique 24x7 consultant availability plan? said company spokesman WebSphere Michael Bourne, “Any business consultant who has successfully completed the WebSphere SOA training course automatically becomes part of the WebSphere family and as such will be renamed in line with the brand. For instance, John Doe will become WebSphere John Doe. This shows IBM’s commitment to SOA and WebSphere. Microsoft may provide certification that changes your resume, only IBM provides certification that changes your passport.?

The announcement has been greeted with mixed feeling by many staffers. SOA business consultant, WebSphere Brian Murphy commented: “In a way, it was quite a relief, the rumor was that we were going to be open sourced.?

Don’t worry, I will be back to the serious stuff next time....

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